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File: 1586098903282.png (151.87 KB, 479x360, Sick bart eyes half closed.png)


Simpsons characters with eyes half closed thread





File: 1586122609466.jpg (296.37 KB, 1500x1322, matt_groening_cartoon.jpg)



classic bread heh



God, I wish I was Epstein's friend.



File: 1586125021433.jpg (101.99 KB, 459x345, 1300072666353.jpg)



File: 1586128126801.jpeg (87.71 KB, 640x1136, homere.jpeg)




File: 1586129154400.jpg (80.54 KB, 512x384, mill3.jpg)

threehouse is a new meme from few months ago when bernie was still relevant



dubble dubs prove milhause was always a meme



I know 4chon is kinda like 4chan but you don't have to post memes from other websites, then we have no originality, at least 'emcelskitsodwarfcunty' poster is posting something original to 4chon.



File: 1586148623262.jpg (92.02 KB, 615x826, hope and change.jpg)



File: 1587957990531.png (106.74 KB, 291x224, denle plen.png)



File: 1588004875065.jpg (231.96 KB, 1100x1500, 4684849-latest.jpg)



File: 1588881148984.png (1.85 MB, 601x806, f145d98561f13acb7776a5c434….png)



>emcelskitsodwarfcunty' poster
how nu can u b



File: 1590097987916.jpg (10.59 KB, 255x191, 0c67c90671ed24ae4133d0f234….jpg)

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