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What are some features that other imageboards or social media software have that you wish 4chon had (besides the bug limitations like file types and size restrictions obviously)-or how about something completely new, huh? I'll start:

Editing: I tend to make grammatical errors a lot in my haste to shit out a post, it's not something I'm proud of but it is something a short period of time to edit a recently created post couldn't fix.

Images: I like how you can just mouse over images on many other sites and it automatically maximizes the image thoughtfully centered in your browser window without interfering with the layout of the page and posts surrounding it.

I also like being able to upload multiple images but would prefer they don't interfere with the flow and layout of the page-I think tw*tter actually does this really well by posting multiple images in a segmented fashion (something like this: https://twitter.com/jmw327/status/1294058496565170176)

Text: I think constraining lines of text from going all the way across the screen wouldn't be a bad idea. I don't think it should be too narrow, but admittedly it seems more comfortable to read something like the text as one writes in the comment input field than that same text is read in the posts themselves, when you have a large, modern American monitor and not the 20 year old Japanese CRTs that the legacy imageboard layout was created for.

In-post pagination is an idea I had which could help with the problem of needing to spam multiple posts to contain your word salad essays. I'm not sure of how I'd want to do this. Literal pages embedded into a post would probably have a high chance of not being read anyway. Maybe large posts could be scrolled through either vertically or horizontally? I don't know, something I'd just thought about in the past.

Content retention: I like how Telegram and facebook have a repository of previously submitted images (in facebook's case I believe it's only cringe animated .gifs that normies use) that can all be summoned more or less at will without the need to upload anything to the server. On an imageboard a feature like that would have to be carefully curated though, and it would necessitate vast storage requirements.

I think that users should be able to have access to a sort of informal user account based on their (pre-hashed) ip-or perhaps a (no email required) username and password that simply adds a few functions to normal posting behaviors. By selecting a checkbox a user can add a post to a repository that is easily viewable to others. Think of R*ddit's (gay) post history function but in which participation is entirely voluntary, so only the posts you're proud of having made will be available to others. Like if some you-know-what is posting something that's been discredited six million ways from sunday you can just defer to that earlier post you made).
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Having a fast reply system






File: 1599181809540.png (60.82 KB, 636x436, 1599172772593.png)

HDfeller u know what to do heh





File: 1599295362940.png (822.54 KB, 900x627, 1599293554498.png)



File: 1599310504320.jpg (279.66 KB, 1024x1024, 1599215884024.jpg)

How can we recover bruhs



File: 1599312385697.jpg (502.87 KB, 2048x1253, DKS3-yBXoAE-TaL.jpg large.jpg)



File: 1599380897292.jpg (457.38 KB, 2480x3425, 5-min.jpg)



File: 1599380912407.jpg (544.03 KB, 2480x3425, 4-min.jpg)



File: 1599380925570.jpg (810.13 KB, 2480x3425, 3-min.jpg)



File: 1599380943508.jpg (614.02 KB, 2480x3425, 2-min.jpg)



File: 1599380983807.jpg (758.7 KB, 2480x3425, 1-min.jpg)

uploaded in reverse because you'll read this panel first anyway



File: 1599399932655.jpg (34.4 KB, 500x601, 1534214232002.jpg)



File: 1599413320515.jpg (12.65 KB, 280x210, 1497931595397.jpg)



File: 1599627492440.jpg (1.85 MB, 2265x1548, 1599536158265.jpg)



I don't think that woman's last name would be "De Angelino.



File: 1599764930834.png (433.49 KB, 406x505, 1415049032231.png)

add a [ - ] so i can hide foky threads



File: 1599791530387.png (326.69 KB, 406x505, 1599764930834.png)

add a [ - ] so i can hide dwarfcunty threads



File: 1599876540518.png (384.88 KB, 1260x1260, le-axolotl.png)

just posting to get that fugly twat off the front.



ur gay tho

also checked















File: 1600494969649.png (59.82 KB, 190x260, logo911.png)



File: 1600502644577.jpg (14.13 KB, 640x319, 1600457242127.jpg)





File: 1600562164406.jpg (59.05 KB, 229x308, 1450179991223.jpg)

The late 2000s and very early 2010s really were the golden era of youtube

Google fucked it over starting right with the forced mobile design/cosmic panda shit in late 2011/early 2012 that got rolled out on all channels and shit just got worse over tiem





if u read this ur gay



File: 1600647386382.jpg (192.72 KB, 600x800, 1600611378394.jpg)



File: 1600990631792.png (918.48 KB, 706x856, 1600959448698.png)



File: 1601003851075.jpg (26.51 KB, 355x356, face.JPG)

flag previews.






File: 1601098292123.jpg (67.37 KB, 758x802, thinkgen bout staff.jpg)

Imagine if Elsa made you undress and then made the room really cold so your peepee shrank and then she laughed at you ha ha





Truly, God has abandoned us, these are the end of days, and what follows is only void.



Need some nazi officer fursona banners to complete the comedic theme



File: 1601670823416.jpg (83.12 KB, 633x950, e83bcc339512bd9216a051ed29….jpg)

Ur momma need my dicc in her ass pucci LOL



me in the middle



File: 1601799982149.png (374.4 KB, 998x642, 1601774456878.png)



Kek imagine if he had warrior skull-type facial and chin structure and an alpha beard

He would look like a Chad even with the balding head

It's amazing how much difference a couple centimeters of bone make, lookists are rite heh





File: 1602288657105.png (41.69 KB, 1381x770, 1602170758400.png)



It's up.



Catboi fella streamin rn



File: 1603057869856.png (320.6 KB, 1080x630, 1581284640381.png)

>replace western w/germanic



It would be completely wrong if you did that though.

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