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Imageboards are amongst the filthiest, dirtiest places on the web right now. If it isn't clear, it's not the ideology (fascism etc) but the kind of comments being made - "BBC" comments, dumb ass comments about pedophilia whenever children are mentioned, anti-White hate (including defeatism and pessimism), stupid, asinine memes like the new one "debunked". I used to think that the defeatist "sad frog" memes were dumb (it's supposed to be an exaggeration, not what your life is actually like) but the new stuff is way more retarded. And a bunch of people talking about stuff that doesn't matter like drugs or Netflix shows or Tinder whores.

Note that this stuff is the opposite of our apparent ideology. Any strong people make defeatism verboten (enforced either through law or by peoples own attitudes). If I had my way all of you would get the rope before the Marxists. I'm sure to some extent this is kike infiltration and subversion of our memes and culture, but I don't know to what extent.


imageboards, like every other significant media operation and trend, were foisted on the rest of humanity by the kikes



File: 1602977977980.jpg (199.95 KB, 706x900, schizophrenia.jpg)

Y u keep runnin out of ur medz LOL



Are you a kike or a retard?



File: 1602989815428.jpg (101.09 KB, 716x768, 1558508895286.jpg)

I know what ur mum is but what am i LOL



He's a narcissist who's been insulting people on this website like this for years and years relentlessly. Does the lowlife have a name? I'm not sure.



most nu-channers actually are tranny marxists from twitter & discord



the /u/maxwellhill soience coomer is named so for three reasons:
reason ① - the reddit soience
reason ② - the /u/maxwellhill soience coomer is an employee of the jidf who works in the same division that ghislaine maxwell does, but at a much lower level
reason ③ - the coooooooom



File: 1603042998645.jpg (59.47 KB, 331x402, lol-elsahurt.jpg)



You are just as butthurt as you are non-white and sexless



File: 1603058463587.jpeg (153.7 KB, 750x753, 71D65965-7898-4272-B33D-D….jpeg)


When the mods are crass coomers, it’s time to head for greener pastures.
And yes, its been confirmed that many blackpillers are feds and bbc posters are trannies.

My advice? Buy a tiny plot next to a state wilderness area and network with /azg/ & /duck/ frens.

A bunch of the 4chon old guard who did those webcam chat things were/are leftists, “lgbt”, mentally ill drug addicts, mutts and/or in interracial relationships.






funfriend died of cardiac arrest while fapping to old japanese women in lingerie.
he's arteries were more than 90% clogged from all the burger king take out.

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