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owned lol
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Gays are Infested By Extraterrestrial Worms

Do you believe in the wormpill? Are homosexuals and libtards the unwitting victims of a genocidal alien wormoid species? Is Ivermectin an existential threat to these wormoids and will it put a stop to their depopulation agenda?
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MOSCOW, March 17. / TASS /. The State Duma on Wednesday adopted in the third - final - reading bills on strengthening administrative and criminal liability for the rehabilitation of Nazism, which also provide for imprisonment for up to five years and a fine of up to 5 million rubles for publicly insulting the memory of defenders of the Fatherland, humiliating the honor and dignity of veterans of the Great Patriotic War. The Criminal Code (CC) will stipulate that a public disrespect for the days of military glory associated with the defense of the country memorable dates, "insulting the memory of the defenders of the Fatherland, as well as humiliation of the honor and dignity of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War" will entail a fine of up to 3 million rubles or in the amount of the convicted person's income for the last three years, or compulsory labor for up to 360 hours, corrective labor for up to a year, or forced labor for up to three years, or imprisonment for the same period. It also provides for the deprivation of the right to hold certain positions for up to three years. If the crime was committed by a group of persons, including by prior conspiracy, or through the media and the Internet, then the fine will be from 2 million to 5 million rubles, and the term of imprisonment - up to five years. Also, the term of forced labor and the term of deprivation of the right to occupy a number of positions are increased to five years.
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There is literally nothing wrong with being jewish
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Evolution is rea-
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Oh no that sucks

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Man Baby Nazi Kills Himself at Covid-19 Protest Because He Can't Put Food On Table; Bill Shorten Upset on Twitter

"It just got out of control. Then they were consuming a whole heap of alcohol. Thanks to these morons, 300,000 Victorians are sitting at home for at least the next couple of weeks. It could drag out even longer."

Mr Setka said the government hadn't consulted him about its shutdown of the sector but he didn't think "they had much of an alternative but to do what they've done".

"It's unfortunate, because families rely on a pay packet every week. And the problem with it is, I think it's going to be longer than two weeks," he said.

"They can thank all the drunk morons yesterday. This lays squarely on their shoulders."

Federal Labor frontbencher Bill Shorten, the former opposition leader, went even further in his condemnation of the protesters.

>"There is a network of hard-right man-baby Nazis, just people who want to cause trouble. These man-babies, they want to complain about vaccinations," Mr Shorten said earlier in the program.

>"They deserve to get the full force of everything that's coming their way."

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>When the troubled Chinese property giant Evergrande was starved for cash earlier this year, it turned to its own employees with a strong-arm pitch: Those who wanted to keep their bonuses would have to give Evergrande a short-term loan.

>Some workers tapped their friends and family for money to lend to the company. Others borrowed from the bank. Then, this month, Evergrande suddenly stopped paying back the loans, which had been packaged as high-interest investments.

>Now, hundreds of employees have joined panicked home buyers in demanding their money back from Evergrande, gathering outside the company’s offices across China to protest last week.

Not even in America's Jew-controlled, ruthless, capitalist system do Companies force their employees to give them loans in order to get paid and then default on them and never actually pay ( while the execs cash out early ).

Chinks are now getting violent and holding one of the Evergrande execs hostage at his apartment.

Shit is spiraling out of control and the worker protests are looking more and more like riots. The government is losing control. Tiananmen square 2.0 is coming.
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Covid live: UK records 36,100 new cases; Pfizer vaccine safe for children aged 5-11, company says

Pfizer and BioNTech said trial results showed their coronavirus vaccine is safe and produces a robust immune response in children aged five to 11, adding that they would seek regulatory approval shortly.

The vaccine would be administered at a lower dosage than for people over 12, they said. “In participants five to 11 years of age, the vaccine was safe, well-tolerated, and showed robust neutralising antibody responses,” US giant Pfizer and its German partner said in a joint statement.

They plan to submit their data to regulatory bodies in the European Union, the United States, and around the world “as soon as possible”.

Ashish Jha, dean of Brown University School of Public Health and a leading Covid expert in the US, called it the “good news” many parents had been waiting for.

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Is she, dare I say it, /ourgirl/
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RIP aryan girl
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ZOG's servants get put in their place
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is this satire?
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Spotemgottem shot dead

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>be me
>in the grocery store
>looking at fresh fruit
>oh no gotta sneeze
>don't wanna sneeze in muh gay fake virus mask cause it gross
>pull my mask down and sneeze massively all over the raspberries
>immediately loose interest in the prospect of purchasing fresh fruit
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Clown world is getting even clownier. Nicki Minaj is pissing people off and causing a huge amount of asshurt on kikes and kike puppets: https://archive.is/KhXki#selection-1453.0-1465.219

>the vaccine damaged my cousin's testicles

>ayo wat wat why ain't there no free speech
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World Economic Forum Tells US Colleges To "Re-Educate The Racists Among Us"
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if trips foky gay
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Fence goes up around US Capitol, as law enforcement braces for Sept. 18 protest

Fencing outside the U.S. Capitol was reinstalled late Wednesday ahead of the "Justice for J6" rally this weekend.

The fencing erected after the Jan. 6 riot was removed in July.

"Justice for J6" is being billed by organizers as a protest for defendants who are being detained by the government in connection to the January insurrection at the Capitol.

The fencing is just the latest security measure for a rally that has some in law enforcement on high alert.

Federal law enforcement agencies have become concerned that far-right extremists, including the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys could come to Washington for the protest.

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collectible rare kfc buckets
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Five Extremely Simple Reasons Why Biden Made the Right Call Mandating Vaccines

Conservatives have collectively gone wild with rage and indignation over President Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandate for private businesses, which will require large employers to make sure their workers have either been inoculated or get tested weekly. So it seems like a good moment to point out the very simple reasons why Biden’s move is in fact entirely sensible, especially since parts of the media seem intent on framing the whole thing as just another round in America’s culture war rather than an actual matter of life and death.

Let’s start with the most obvious and work from there.

Reason No. 1: People Are Dying

You really can’t emphasize this one enough. The United States has experienced a staggering 650,000 casualties from COVID-19, with about 1,500 Americans still succumbing to the disease every day.

Reason No. 2: The Economy Is Still Struggling

In August, America’s economic recovery appeared to hit a wall, with employers adding a piddly 235,000 jobs. The badly battered leisure and hospitality industry added precisely zero, according to the government. This screeching halt occurred despite the fact that many states had already cut off the extra unemployment benefits that many business owners were convinced had kept Americans from looking for work.

Reason No. 3: We’ve Given People Enough Time

It’s possible that, over time, more unvaccinated Americans will decide that, actually, they aren’t worried about being microchipped by Bill Gates. Moreover, delta—which already seems to be cresting in some states—could wane on its own thanks to a combo of vaccinations and natural immunity. But at some point, having patience for the holdouts means trading away others’ health, lives […]

Reason No. 4: Businesses Want Their Employees Vaccinated but Have Been Too Scared to Mandate It

Big businesses have clearly wanted their workers to get vaccinated, both because nobody likes it when employees get sick and can’t show up for work, but also because severe COVID cases drive up the cost of health insurance.

Reason No. 5: Most Americans Support Vaccine Mandates

Biden’s move makes sense on the merits. But for all the caterwauling on the right, it may make sense politically. Multiple polls have found that a majority of Americans support requiring people be vaccinated if they want to be in certain public spaces. In a survey by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, about half of Americans backed mandates for people working in-person at their office, while only 23 percent were opposed.

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Japan could elect its first female prime minister after Yoshihide Suga steps down

Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, who succeeded the country’s longest-serving leader in history, is stepping down after just one year at the helm of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. The wildly unpopular Suga said last week that he would not seek reelection, clearing the path for a new premier to take charge of the world’s third-largest economy.

In the wake of Suga’s decision, two officially declared candidates and a handful of undeclared hopefuls have emerged as possible replacements. Notably, among the declared candidates is Sanae Takaichi, who is the party’s second-ever female contender for the top spot, and who would likely become the country’s first female prime minister if elected. Although frontrunners are still in flux, Takaichi—who served as head of internal affairs and communications in former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet—has won the endorsement of the influential previous leader, who sits on Japan’s parliament and whose hand could tip the scales in the vote.

However, a victory for Takaichi in the deeply patriarchal society of Japan may not be as progressive as it seems. Takaichi’s views and policies closely mirror those of her former superior Abe: Both are staunch conservatives. Both are members of far-right ultranationalists Nippon Kaigi—a group of monarchists that seeks to restore the emperor to divine power; denies the brutality of Japanese troops during World War II’s Nanjing Massacre; and opposes feminism and gender equality. Controversially, both Abe and Takaichi have visited the Yasukuni Shrine, a landmark where more than 1,000 convicted war criminals are honored alongside those who died in battle. Over the years, the shrine has been politicized as a glorification of Japanese militarism and its past wartime aggressions. Takaichi has also favored punishing media outlets that criticize the government, and imprisoning people who damage the Japanese flag.

Her recent campaign pledges to revitalize Japan’s pandemic-battered economy with a policy dubbed “Sanaenomics”—an homage to Abe’s signature “Abenomics,” which called for robust fiscal stimulus and monetary easing. She is also a proponent of nuclear power, rather than renewables such as solar or wind energy. In the foreign policy space, she has promised a tough stance against China.

Takaichi appears to be tough in other ways, too: According to media reports, she is a heavy metal music fan who played drums as a teenager, and drove motorcycles before giving up the hobby as a politician.

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qiui introduces an electroshock chastity cage

all i can find is links to the cellmate, can anyone shed some light on the new model.
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Brazil rn

Is it happening lads?
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Taliban throws victory parade with US military equipment

The Taliban are now brazenly showing off the US military equipment — including Black Hawk helicopters, dozens of armored vehicles and weapons — abandoned by US troops amid President Biden’s chaotic final exit from Afghanistan.

Islamist fighters staged victory parades Wednesday in Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second-biggest city, as they showed off the US military hardware they’ve seized.

Videos showed heavily armed Taliban fighters standing on top of a long line of captured Humvees and other tactical vehicles as they drive along a highway.

In embarrassing scenes for the US, a Black Hawk helicopter even flies circles overhead.

Many Taliban militants could also be seen cradling American M16 rifles and other weapons used by US, NATO and Afghan forces during the 20-year war.

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seems to be fundamentally impossible to build software that can recognize the difference between niggers and monkeys
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A lot of people dying from "sudden illness" and "cause unknown" this year it seems. Makes me wonder how many faceless "nobodies" are croaking under mysterious circumstances as well.
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Does this count as 111 & 112?
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School shooting in Winston, Salem
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Chip Shortage Could Slow Electric Vehicle Rollouts

An automotive chip shortage has led to production cuts around the globe, just as many carmakers are gearing up to expand their fleets of electric vehicles.

The shortage is a result of pandemic-related constraints on supply chains and other factors. And it could prolong the world's sluggish transition to electric vehicles if chips remain scarce in the coming months, experts say.

"If we've got an ongoing chip shortage for an extended period of time, that means those [electric] vehicles can't get built, and they can't get sold, and we continue to have more older vehicles staying on the road longer," said Sam Abuelsamid, an analyst at the market research firm Guidehouse Insights. "So that's definitely a problem."

That would delay the decarbonization of the emissions-intensive transportation sector, an effort most scientists believe is necessary to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

The transportation sector accounted for 29 percent of the roughly 6.6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions produced by the United States in 2019, according to EPA data. And personal vehicles — cars, pickup trucks, SUVs and minivans — produced over half of the sector's emissions.

The Biden administration is working to cut emissions from personal vehicles. Electric vehicles, which last year made up 2 percent of U.S. auto sales, are central to that plan.

The chip shortage is a key issue for Vice President Kamala Harris as she visit's Singapore, where U.S.-headquartered manufacturer GlobalFoundries is building a chip fabrication plant.

"And if we’re not producing enough semiconductors as a world, as a globe, our automobile factories in the United States will be impacted as they've been," she said today in a press conference with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. "You just ask anybody who's thinking about trying to buy a new car or a used car, and it is more difficult than it has been in a long time because, of course, supply chain issues impact production lines and impact goods getting to market."

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20 years undone by a nation of tards
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Disgusting Urbanite Attention Whore Story no. 9001

I Tested a 'Smart' Vibrator That Uses AI to Gather Orgasm Data

My days are measured in dildos. My bedroom is basically a self-contained ecosystem of clitoral stimulators, standing rabbit vibrators, and whatever lubed-up toys slip in between—no Vajankles though, PLS. (Va-just kidding. No kink shaming here.) Anyways. In all my time spent slinging sex toys, never have I ever seen a schlong like the alien life force that is the newest Lioness rabbit vibrator—probably because I’ve never met a vibe that’s “smarter” than me.

“Wait, so how’s it a ‘smart’ vibrator?” a friend asked when I started describing the Lioness 2.0, despite not fully understanding how it worked myself. “It’s supposed to give you biofeedback with this app,” I said. They squinted. “It’s like a Fitbit for your clit.” Ohhhhhhhh. A Clitbit. Tight.

Initially called SmartBod, the Lioness origin story takes us to UC Berkeley, where alumni Liz Klinger and James first started toying with the idea of bringing better tech into sexual wellness products. “Klinger and Wang figure that the urge to quantify, measure and explore one’s body should logically extend to female excitement,” reported the university’s alumni magazine in 2015 (which, dur). “We help women learn more about their own bodies and about themselves [by] using sensors inside the vibrator that can capture unique arousal and orgasm characteristics,” Klinger said, explaining that the data gathered from those sensors on the vibrator, which measure everything from heat to contractions, is then visualized on a computer or phone so that you can lock eyes with your own orgasm and go, OK. So that’s what did and didn’t work for me.

Fast forward a few years, and the first Lioness was born. Fast forward to now, and the vibrator’s second iteration—which even offers a live view of your spank sesh—has hit les shelves.

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4 lessons from the early pandemic that no longer apply

Back in the blissfully naive days of early 2020, when you heard about the emerging pandemic and the coming lockdowns, you might have thought to yourself: I really don’t want to get Covid-19, so I’ll just be extremely careful for a while and wait till the virus goes away — then I’ll go back to normal!

The public health messaging seemed to support this wait-it-out strategy. People were told to stay home as much as possible, “flatten the curve” so as not to overwhelm our local hospitals, and hang tight until the vaccines arrived.

Now, the vaccines have arrived (for those of us fortunate enough to be in a rich country, at least). But the reality is bleaker than we’d hoped. “Covid is not going away,” said Krutika Kuppalli, an infectious disease expert at the Medical University of South Carolina. “It’s going to be endemic.” That means the virus will keep circulating in parts of the global population for years, but it’ll come down to relatively manageable levels, so it becomes more like the flu than a world-stopping disease.

It’s important to note that for an infectious disease to be classed in the endemic phase, the rate of infections has to more or less stabilize across years (though occasional increases, say, in the winter, are expected).

The delta variant, however, has been causing infections to surge in a massive way. And most of the global population doesn’t yet have immunity, whether through vaccination or infection, so susceptibility is still high.

“We have to remember that we are still in a pandemic with this virus,” said Jen Kates, director of global health and HIV policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation. “We’re not yet at a point where we’re living with endemic Covid. When we get to that point some of this will be much easier, but we’re not there. We’re not totally on a clear path here.”

This is partly why many people are confused as to how they should be thinking about the virus these days. America is past the early phase of the pandemic — and the messaging of the early phase has not set us up well to deal with the current phase. But we’re also not yet in the endemic phase, so we can’t quite act as if Covid-19 is an everyday virus, like a bad cold or flu.

The truth is we’re in a radically different place than we were in the first half of 2020.

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CVS: Not Even Once

Off-duty New Orleans detective killed in Houston had been in city only a few hours, friend says

The friend of an off-duty New Orleans police detective killed last weekend in a brazen robbery outside a popular Houston restaurant that left another person injured said they were in the city for only a few hours before he was gunned down.

Detective Everett Briscoe, a 13-year veteran of the New Orleans Police Department, was visiting Houston on Saturday with members of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, a New Orleans group that puts on a Mardi Gras parade.

Club President Elroy James told Fox News he, Briscoe and other members were visiting friends from the club who lived in Houston. Some had moved to the city following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he said.

"We got there around 2:30 p.m. and put our belongings in the hotel and went across the street to a restaurant," James said.

They dropped off their bags at the Hotel Derek near The Galleria mall and walked to the Grotto Ristorante to smoke cigars, James said. The group was seated on the outdoor patio and ordered a few drinks.

At some point, James left to walk over to a CVS pharmacy to purchase some pain medication. Minutes later, two suspects approached the group around 5 p.m. and demanded their property, authorities said.

Witnesses said they complied and one of the suspects opened fire and struck two people, including Briscoe, police said.

James said he received a call from a fellow Zulu member informing him of the shooting.

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Ex-CIA director compares Trump supporters to the Taliban

Former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden was widely panned for a retweet that signaled he equated President Trump’s supporters in the United States with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

On Thursday, Hayden retweeted a split image. The top showed black-clad Islamic militants waving guns and flags from a line of cars with a caption reading: "Their Taliban." Beneath that was a line of pickup trucks hoisting American flags and "Trump 2020" flags with the caption: "Our Taliban"

Hayden is a retired U.S. Air Force four-star general who at various points was the Director of the National Security Agency, the Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, in addition to being the Director of the CIA.

While some of the replies seemed to concur with Hayden’s sentiment – that Trump supporters and the Taliban are essentially the same – the vast majority were critical.

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'She was robbed of her whole life': ICU nurse shares heartbreaking story of a 14-YEAR-OLD girl who died of COVID-19 after her anti-vaxxer parents forbid doctors from intubating her

A frontline nurse [an adult female who happens to have joined twitter only four years ago and is a serious political activist making several posts a day on the platform] has shared her heartbreak over losing a 14-year-old patient who died of COVID-19 after her anti-vaxxer parents forbid doctors from intubating her.

Twitter user @Jessicam6946, who is a nurse practitioner in the intensive care unit, revealed in a recent thread that they had four patients die of COVID in one shift, saying each of their deaths could have been prevented if they had been vaccinated.

'Tonight I helplessly held the hand of and stroked the hair of a beautiful 14-year-old girl as she exited this world. She was looking forward to starting high school and eventually becoming a veterinarian. It was so senseless!' she tweeted on Saturday.

'I truly believe she could have been saved if her parents had not forbidden us from intubating her. A free vaccination would have prevented it all! This little girl was robbed of her whole life and of fulfilling all of her dreams.'

Jessica said the girl had been with them for nine days and had been able to communicate with the hospital staff until she took a 'turn for the worse' the day before.

'About two hours later we were unable to save a 25-year-old mother of one who was 15 weeks pregnant,' the nurse continued. 'She had refused the vaccines because of the lies about them causing infertility and harming her baby.

'Liars killed her, her baby, and robbed a two-year-old little boy of his mommy and sibling. Not to mention robbing a husband of his wife and child.'

Jessica said those were just two of the four deaths they had that night, noting the oldest person was only 45 years old.

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google has almost completely disappeared the qui meme
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This fuckers spends 18 hours a day napping and still manages to dismantle and undermine our country and her allies.
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redditor is challenged to fight congressman clay higgins, accepts.

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FINAL BOW Comedian Trevor Moore to be laid to rest in private funeral after death at 41, as initial autopsy ruled inconclusive

A source familiar with the arrangements exclusively told The Sun that Trevor will be laid to rest in a private service.

Fans have been asked to donate to NEXT for Autism in lieu of sending flowers.

The Sun has also learned that the sketch comedian's initial autopsy has been completed and that his body was released to his family earlier this week.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner's office tells The Sun that the “cause of death at this time is deferred which means that after an autopsy, a cause of death has not been determined and the medical examiner is requesting more investigation into the death, including additional studies.”

It will be some time before an official cause of death will be determined, as the Medical Examiner explained: “Once the test and studies come back, the doctor evaluates the case again, and then makes the cause of death determination."

Trevor was tragically found dead by his wife, Aimee Carlson, in the yard of his Los Angeles mansion in the early morning hours of August 7th according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

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the jews did this
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Farewell sweet prince

May you be transported to Valhalla by angels
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Rand Paul: "They Can’t Arrest All of Us"
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Baka! is online again!

Come have fun and act retarded.
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rust in water look see
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good news everyone
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come have fun!
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New Biomaterial Vaccines Aim to Ward Off Future Pandemic Threats

Aug. 6, 2021 – Find it. Kill it. This is the simple premise behind new biomaterial-based vaccines that experts are designing to fend off future pathogens, or germs that could threaten human health.

As they plan next-generation vaccines, scientists are banking on the idea that the structure of a future pandemic-scale pathogen will be like the ones they already know about.

The new class of vaccines are being developed to supercharge the immune system to help the body quickly respond to a range of pathogens.

The new biomaterial-based vaccines are also shelf-stable, meaning they wouldn’t have to be refrigerated like some the COVID-19 shots. This is encouraging news for faster vaccine rollouts, and it will help poorer countries that lack refrigeration for supplies.

New biomaterial vaccines tap into the body's natural immune response, explains Michael Super, PhD, from the Wyss Institute at Harvard University in Boston, who is first author on a new study exploring what the vaccines can do.

Previous research has shown that scientists can create a depository under the skin that acts like a protective lymph node, or a small bean-shaped structure that works as part of the body's immune system to help fight infection and disease.