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Official 4chon® UFC 251: Usman vs Masvidal Thread

Roster and Event Page: https://www.ufc.com/event/ufc-251

Watch Here: http://crackstreams.com/mmastreams/watch-ufc-251-usman-vs-masvidal/

Who ya got!?
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Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI on charges related to Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite and close friend of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, has been arrested, an FBI spokesperson has said.

Maxwell was accused by many women of recruiting them to give Epstein massages, during which they were pressured into sex. Those accusations, until now, never resulted in criminal charges.

Maxwell had kept a low profile, and her location was unknown since Epstein’s arrest last July on charges that he abused and trafficked in women and girls in Manhattan and Florida between 2002 and 2005. The search for Maxwell has been the subject of intense speculation, with reported sightings and rumors of her whereabouts popping up across the US and even abroad.

She was arrested in the small town of Bradford, New Hampshire at 8.30am.

Epstein, who pleaded not guilty, killed himself in his Manhattan jail cell in August last year.

The 17-page, six-count indictment filed by the Manhattan US attorney charges Maxwell with a host of crimes, including conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and perjury.

The indictment described Maxwell’s relationship to Epstein as “personal and professional” – and that she was “in an intimate relationship” with him from about 1994 to 1997.

Epstein paid Maxwell “to manage their various properties”, the document says.

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>childrens' networks promoting tranny shit

What the fuck is wrong with these K*KES, huh?
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Fresh nu tuccer fellow germanics
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Nu Coronibber General

Brazil prez Bolsonaro has COVID, new test shows

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the chinks are doing an amazing job of covering up the disaster currently unraveling on the yangtze river, there is virtually no news of it leaking out.
back around 1960 in china about 50 million people starved to death and the western press didn't find out what had happened until 1979, china has some real fine media and information control, very strong stuff.
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Texas A&M police say student who reported racist notes placed them there himself
COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - In a report released to KBTX on Thursday, police at Texas A&M University said a student who reported finding racist notes on his car’s windshield last month may have placed the papers there himself. However, the 21-year-old at the center of the case strongly denies those claims.

Isaih Martin, a senior at A&M, called police on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 24, to report finding three handwritten notes on his car that said “All lives matter” and “You don’t belong here.” The third note contained the N-word.

According to the report, Martin parked his car at his apartment complex on George Bush Drive just after 11:00 a.m. and walked into a nearby apartment. Roughly 90 minutes later Martin returned to his car where he claims he then found the papers.

Police said in their report there was no nearby camera to clearly show what happened, but there was surveillance video from a nearby pool camera that showed a couple of people walking near Martin’s car during that time frame, but they were only near the car for a few seconds each.

Around 12:55 p.m., Martin is seen on video walking back to his car.
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Bugman says...

>You WILL "stay home" for a year or longer
>You WILL embrace permanent social distancing
>You WILL wear a mask at all times
>You WILL eat the bugs
>You WILL consume estrogen
>You WILL work and live in a sealed pod
>You WILL only trust government and government approved officials
>You WILL only trust fact checker approved media
>You will NOT care about small businesses
>You WILL embrace HR6666
>You WILL embrace the cashless system
>You WILL take the vaccine
>You WILL get the digital tattoo
>You WILL protest and riot in defense of criminals
>You WILL embrace identity politics
>You WILL NOT look up any statistics or manipulation
>You WILL support erasing history
>You WILL NOT ask questions
>You WILL accept the new normal
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Kek what insane headlines just from today

The jews really did a number on the white race 75 years ago
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Most hated Kmart in America gets most hated mural in town

Last week, a (hopefully) well-intentioned white artist tried to aid in healing tensions between police and Black people with a mural. It did not go well.

“I did a thing…” the artist’s Instagram post starts off.

And a thing it was. The mural, painted on the much-maligned Kmart at Nicollet and Lake Street, featured a Black civilian and white police officer hugging it out, all while a Black person captures the moment on their camera phone.

The artist, Christina Marie (@christina.marie.g), posted an image of her work, which has been both referred to as titled Reconciliation or Love Your Enemy, on Instagram. It was not well received.

“This is despicable and is degrading to the Black community,” one commenter responded. “This mural literally is for you only and everyone else with white guilt being told that your beloved police force does nothing for no one. Take it down.”

“Whew chile please take this down you look silly,” said another.

“How are you about to say ‘love your enemies?’” asked another. “You are not the one dealing with oppression. You’re here to amplify voices, not tell people “love your enemy” and paint a mural and then proceed to your privileged life.”

So, how did this white nonsense happen? The mural was created as part of the #lakestreetprayerwall, a project organized by Pastor Peter Wohler, who is executive director of the Source MN, a faith-based nonprofit that works with at-risk youth and sponsors the Fallout Arts Initiative, which hosts a variety of events and showcases urban artists.

The mural was short-lived. Parts of the piece were damaged over two nights. On the third night a group showed up to destroy it once and for all.

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Reddit bans r/The_Donald and r/ChapoTrapHouse as part of a major expansion of its rules



some anon last week on /pol/ said he had inside information there would be mass banning of subs on monday and he was right holy shit
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(…)I think it will be at the balkans

Serbian defense minister says protests are ‘COUP ATTEMPT’, aim to spark CIVIL WAR

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Germanic Scientists propose plan to determine if Planet Nine is a primordial black hole

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Sperglin proven wrong

Cops Side With Armed St. Louis Homeowners, Investigate Commie Nigger Mob For 'Assault By Intimidation

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Apple’s lenses for new AR headset/glasses move to trial production, slightly thicker than normal glasses

Apple has allegedly seen some notable progress recently with its AR headset and Apple Glasses efforts. A new report from The Information says that the company’s semitransparent lenses, one of the most important components of the upcoming wearable devices have passed the prototyping stage and moved into trial production. Additionally, the report includes new details on the thickness of the lenses, integrated technology, and more.

The report is careful to note that the lenses are for Apple’s upcoming “AR devices” meaning it’s unclear if they will be for the AR headset that’s expected to launch first (likely in 2022) or the eventual AR Apple Glasses that could arrive by 2023.

The Information reports its sources say Apple has been working on the semitransparent lenses with its major manufacturing partner Foxconn since 2018. That timing also lines up with when Apple purchased Akonia Holographics — a company that specializes in liquid crystal on silicon displays to project images on special lenses.

The anonymous source says that the AR headset/glasses lens development is happening at the Chengdu Foxconn factory in the southwestern part of China, which is also where a majority of iPad production is located.

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Turkey ready to invade northern Syria 'today or tomorrow’ as setting up safe zone with US became ‘fairytale’ – Erdogan

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Jewmp cucks out again

In a Friday interview with Telemundo, President Trump revealed that he will be signing an executive order on immigration which would include a "road to citizenship" for recipients of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

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coronavirus memes

LOL heh
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New Bubonic Plague Cases Send Mongolian Region Along Russian Border On Lockdown

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Coronavirus Ragnarök Preparedness

In light of recent developments i thought it prudent to have a thread like this aswell just in case - Share the preps you've already done and the ones you're planning still in this here ITT w/your fellow chonners

It can be anything ranging from buying a few canned goods more than usual to planting seeds/planning a hydroponic setup - As long as it helps you to survive Ragnarök it belongs in this here thread

Member goys; We're all in this ride together heh
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State-mandated turdpushery

West Vancouver Police accused a man of carrying out a “gesture of hate” for ‘defacing’ a rainbow-colored gay pride crosswalk after he left tire marks on the road.
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"Human females cannot have conversations. All they know is McDonald’s, charge their phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip & lie."

- Andrew Anglin, 2020

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==Macron urges Israel to nix West Bank annexation amid growing international outcry==

>French President Emmanuel Macron has called on Israel to abandon its plans to annex Palestinian territories in the West Bank, describing the move as a violation of international law and damaging to regional peace.

>In a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Macron warned that Israel's stated intention of absorbing the territories would "compromise the possibility of a two-state solution" and undermines the goal of "lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians." He also reminded the Israeli leader that annexation would be "contrary to international law," according to a statement released by the Elysee.
>Netanyahu originally wanted to begin annexation at the start of July, but his plans have been put on hold after facing internal and external pressure.
The proposed annexation, part of US President Donald Trump's peace plan for the region, would absorb around 30 percent of the West Bank.

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Turkish court paves way to turn Instanbul’s Hagia Sofia into mosque
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California to release up to 8,000 prisoners to curb spread of coronavirus

Prison officials have announced California will release up to 8,000 people from state prisons to curb the spread of Covid-19 throughout the institutions.

Officials on Friday announced three separate efforts, approved by the governor, Gavin Newsom, that they say will decrease the prison population by 8,ooo by the end of August. The measures mark the largest release efforts the state administration has taken since Covid-19 began to circulate among prison staff and incarcerated people.

The first initiative expands a previous effort to expedite the release of people with 180 or fewer days left on their sentences to include people serving time for serious felonies.

The second measure is an immediate review of cases of people with less than a year left to serve in eight prisons that have large populations at high risk of developing Covid-19 complications.

The state will also launch a one-time program under which those incarcerated in state prisons, including people serving time for violent felonies, will receive a credit shortening their sentences by three months. People with recent rule violations and those who are sentenced to death or life without parole are excluded from the program. Prison officials say the program will affect roughly 108,000 people, or about 95% of the state prison population. For 3,100 people, the credit will allow their release when the program begins on 1 August.

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*ring ring ring ring* Based Department

Goya Foods CEO reacts to backlash over praising Trump
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Amazon Backtracks From Demand That Employees Delete TikTok

Amazon on Friday asked its employees to delete the Chinese-owned video app TikTok from their cellphones, putting the tech giant at the center of growing suspicion and paranoia about the app.

Almost five hours later, Amazon reversed course, saying the email to workers was sent in error.

In the initial email, which was obtained by The New York Times, Amazon officials said that because of “security risks,” employees must delete the app from any devices that “access Amazon email.” Employees had to remove the app by Friday to remain able to obtain mobile access to their Amazon email, the note said.

In a statement sent later on Friday, company spokeswoman Kristin Brown said, “There is no change to our policies right now with regard to TikTok.”

But by then, the initial email had already added to the storm surrounding TikTok, which has been popular with young audiences in the United States for its short, fun videos and is owned by the Chinese tech company ByteDance. Because of its Chinese ownership and heightened tensions between the United States and China over issues such as trade and technology dominance, TikTok has come under increasing scrutiny in Washington over its security.

Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, said on Monday that the Trump administration was considering blocking some Chinese apps, which he has called a threat to national security. Many users who have built community and business on TikTok are fearful of a broad ban. Some Amazon employees publicly shared dismay at not being able to use the app.

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Bolshevist WaPo editor deletes tweet claiming ‘white germanic women’ are lucky ‘we are just calling them KARENS and not calling for REVENGE’

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Why tf do demoturds insist on putting unhealthy decrepit oldass boomers like shillary or joe "the child sniffer" biden on the ballot


What is their endgame here
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Orwell Cancelled? Jewish Journalist On Twatter Says "Vile" Author Aided Nazis By Writing Anti-Communist Books

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Canada: Female Cop Convicted of Repeatedly Grabbing Genitals of Male Officer Against His Will Gets Fined

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Peaceful Protesters Targeted By Wave Of Vehicle-Ramming Attacks

ISIS has used vehicles to to intimidate, harm and kill for years. The tactic is being adopted by the far-right as well.

Protesters ran for their lives early Saturday as a man drove past a police barricade and barreled toward them in the wrong direction on a closed stretch of a Seattle freeway, where they had been peacefully demonstrating against police brutality. His car struck 32-year-old Diaz Love and 24-year-old Summer Taylor, sending them flying into the air as people screamed. Love was hospitalized in serious condition. Taylor died that night.

Hours later, in Mishawaka, Indiana, a man in an SUV swerved around police barriers and into a crowd of protesters on a bridge, hitting and dragging 23-year-old Trevor Davis, who was hospitalized. Two days after that, on Monday night, a driver plowed into protesters in front of a courthouse in Bloomington, Indiana, before speeding away with two people desperately clinging to the roof of the car, causing them to fly off.

Protesters have been the target of a startling wave of vehicle-ramming assaults amid the nationwide Black Lives Matter demonstrations sparked by the police killing of George Floyd. In several cases, including the Seattle case mentioned above, authorities are still working to determine a motive, although many are reminiscent of the infamous, hate-fueled attack that killed anti-racism activist Heather Heyer three years ago at white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Of at least 50 vehicle-ramming incidents since Floyd’s death on May 25, 18 or more are categorized as deliberate assaults, researcher Ari Weil told NPR in late June. A number of the alleged assailants are accused of demonstrating openly hateful behavior, including a man who screamed “I will kill you” before trying to mow down protesters in Queens, New York, according to District Attorney Melinda Katz. (It was the community’s first of two vehicle-ramming incidents in a single week.) Days later, a man reportedly made a U-turn to get behind a group of protesters near Richmond, Virginia, revved the engine of his truck and then slammed it into them. Police later reported that he is a self-described state leader of the Virginia Ku Klux Klan.

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Please come check out my tiny imageboard.
Tor: http://tinyib3eidonezb5loyenqdio63xopxlafify43o3iknh4emuuad5hqd.onion/
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New York City paints Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower in Manhattan

New York City is painting a Black Lives Matter mural on the street directly outside of Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan.

City employees began painting a stretch of Fifth Avenue, just in front of the Trump Organization's headquarters, on Thursday morning. Mayor Bill de Blasio authorized the stark yellow mural earlier this month.

The New York mayor rolled up his sleeves and painted a bit of the mural, too, clad in a mask and flanked by civil rights leader, the Rev. Al Sharpton.
"President Trump said we would be denigrating the luxury of Fifth Avenue. Let me tell you: we're not denigrating anything, we are liberating Fifth Avenue, we are uplifting Fifth Avenue," de Blasio said on Thursday in response to Trump's tweet last week criticizing de Blasio for "denigrating" the area.

He added, "Who built this city, who built this nation, and never got the acknowledgement, the recognition…"

"When we say 'Black Lives Matter' there is no more American statement, there's no more patriotic statement, because there is no America without Black America. We are acknowledging the truth in ourselves and in America. By saying 'Black lives matter' we are righting a wrong," de Blasio said.

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You Won't See Trump's Taxes Before Election Day, But He Could Face Bigger Problems

Supreme Court cases are complicated, and their implications can be muddy.

But a few things are clear from what the court decided Thursday about the president's financial records. Presidents do not have absolute immunity from having to release financial records, and more specifically to President Trump, we likely won't see his taxes until after the presidential election.

That, though, may be beside the point, because allowing a New York grand jury — and motivated district attorney — to mine his records could jeopardize his brand, the fortune he built and even possibly his children, who work for the Trump Organization.

Here are some key questions answered about what the court decided and what it means politically, Will I see Trump's taxes?

Maybe eventually, but not before the November presidential election. That's for a couple of reasons. Take the congressional case — the Supreme Court said that the case has to go back to the lower courts and that Congress has to better define what it is looking for from the president.

That could mean more hearings and appeals and the case eventually finding its way back to the Supreme Court. That would certainly not happen before November.

The other case involves a New York grand jury that is seeking Trump's financial records, including his taxes, from third parties, like banks and accountants, and not from the president directly.

Little is known about that New York investigation, led by New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance. The only way Trump's taxes or other financial records would be made known to the public is if people were indicted, the case went to trial and the financial records were used as evidence. That would take months, if not longer.

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Playgoy puts first man on cover (spic tranny)

The west is so deeply pozzed it's unreal

This cultural rot is permeating and festing in every niche and crevache of society


I love it, this is the kind of doomed world the allies fought for coming to fruition. Natsocs are being proven right + vindicated in realtime
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Facebook Folds: Will Now Police Speech After Advertiser Exodus
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Sperglin: Tulsa rally signals the beginning of the end for Drumpf

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>Hurrr the social credit system over there in china is so bad
>Btw we need to cancel this shitlord's bank and paypal account and demonetize/un-person him for doubleplusungood wrongthink
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Fresh nu historical Infographic Show video

Was Unlucky Titanic Survivor Cursed To Sink Ships?

You would think surviving the sinking of the Titanic you would never step foot on another boat for the rest of your life, but that was not the case for Violet Jessop, who would go on to sail across the sea a number of times, but did the same fate of the Titanic doom her other voyages across the sea? Watch today's video about Violet and you decide if she was cursed to sink any ship she boarded.

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Jewbook-owned Shitstagram removes half-palestinian, half-germanic supermodel Bella Hadid's post stating that she's proud to be of partial palestinian heritage
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Police in Netherlands Find Storage Warehouse Turned into Torture Chamber

On Monday, June 22, we arrested six men for their involvement in a discovered underworld prison in Wouwse Plantage. The prison was discussed in messages sent through cryptocommunication provider Encrochat. This prevented possible kidnappings, hostage-taking and other serious violent crimes.

Criminals wrongly think they can stay out of the sight of the police. But no one is untouchable. We continue unabated to track down, break down and prosecute criminal organizations.

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List of apps that the curry-nigger military is banned from using apparently.
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AHAHAH zoomies BTFO by ZOG

US ‘certainly looking’ at banning TikTok & other Chinese social media apps, says Pompeo

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Boiling Point - A blogger's thoughts on Ragnarök/the unfolding Irlmaier scenario


Our second Civil War is underway, except only one side is fighting. At first, it seemed like the initial protests against police brutality were spontaneous, but it became immediately obvious political operatives used this incident as an opportunity to inflict their Marxist ideology upon the nation, with the support of left wing media outlets and opportunistic Democrat politicians, who saw this as another opportunity to undermine the Trump presidency.

A decade’s worth of history has happened in the first six months of this year. The next four months are likely to be even more eventful. An election taking place during a civil war has only occurred once in history – 1864. The right has not taken the bait thus far. Whether this is a wise choice is to be determined. If the left continue to purposely destroy cities, ruin the economy, while utilizing mail ballot fraud in winning the presidency and Senate in November, the right will be angry they allowed that to happen.

I don’t see either side accepting the result on November 4. The real violence will get going before the inauguration in January. Martial law and blood being shed in large quantities is now more likely than not. Throw in a resumption of the stock market crash and this Fourth Turning will really intensify. We’ve reached the boiling point and those controlling the temperature are still turning it up.

The resolution is uncertain, but it isn’t looking positive. Defeating the forces of darkness will require courage, strength, hardness, love of liberty, and a certain amount of luck. If you aren’t prepared for what’s coming, then start preparing now.
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Molymeem Banned from ((Twatter)), Days After Jewtube Ban – Now Totally Banned From The Kosher Internet

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It was in August of 1944 that a Polish-Soviet investigation committee announced the existence of homicidal gas chambers in the Lublin concentration camp known as “Majdanek”. The Polish historians who were responsible for giving credence to ‘findings’ of that committee were confronted with some highly perplexing difficulties; for one thing, the gas chambers which are mentioned in the remaining documentation of the Central Construction Administration of the Majdanek concentration camp are invariably designated as “Delousing Chambers” or “Disinfestation Chambers”, and secondly, for all practical purposes, there are no eyewitness reports of human beings being homicidally gassed. Polish historiography ‘solved’ the first problem by presupposing the use of ‘camouflage’ language, which means that documents referring to delousing and disinfestation were said to be referring to homicidal gassings of human beings. Deliveries of Zyklon to the camp were interpreted in the same way.

As for the another problem, although it was not able to offer even one eyewitness to describe the alleged homicidal gassing process in a reasonably concrete manner, Polish historiography managed to cook up an atmosphere of homicidal mass gassings by means of short and extremely vague descriptions of (alleged) homicidal gassings. In this manner, a refined system of argument was created in which the decisive proof of the existence of homicidal gas chambers at Majdanek consisted of merely the existence of locations which are alleged to have been gas chambers. This principal item of material proof is supported by two auxiliary proofs: eyewitness testimonies (in the sense mentioned above) and deliveries of Zyklon.

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How the fuck is this not sedition/high treason

Ilhan Omar Calls For The ‘Dismantling’ Of US Economy, Political System
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How “Starship Troopers” Aligns with Our Moment of American Defeat


Where “RoboCop” and “Total Recall” exist in grimy, crowded, dangerous futures that look and feel like degraded versions of the already degrading present, Verhoeven’s bizarre masterwork “Starship Troopers,” from 1997, is set in the more distant days of the twenty-third century—and, it quickly emerges, long after the end of history. “This year, we explored the failure of democracy, how the social scientists brought our world to the brink of chaos,” Rasczak, a history teacher (played by the Verhoeven favorite Michael Ironside), barks at his high-school students in an early scene. “We talked about the veterans and how they took control, and imposed the stability that has lasted for generations since.” Rasczak himself is a disfigured war veteran, as are all of his fellow-teachers, and their job is to steer their students toward enlisting in a galaxy-wide war against a species of giant, lethal bug. In this universe, humankind is divided into “civilians” and “citizens”; only citizens have the right to vote, and citizenship can be won only through “federal service” in the military. “Something given has no value,” Rasczak explains. “When you vote, you are exercising political authority. You are using force. And force, my friends, is violence—the supreme authority from which all other authorities derive.” Daily life in the Federation may be cleaner and brighter than in any of Verhoeven’s other futures, but every ambiguity has been displaced by the certitudes, coercions, and doublespeak of endless, totalizing conflict.

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>no views
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Lil zoomie nibber gets hit by lightning in Moscow during soccer game, survives this shit somehow

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China Rolls Out Computer with Chinese CPU and Operating System
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NFL Player Attacked for Posting Redpilled Fake Hitler Quote
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Is Male Fertility Linked To The Size Of Your Testicles?

Small testicles could mean three things: Low testosterone levels, low sperm count and even high estrogen levels. In fact, it could also indicate unhealthy lifestyle and advancing age too.

Fact #8 When testosterone levels dip in men, estrogen levels may dominate. Men who have high estrogen in levels may also develop breasts.

Fact #9 Men who had to take estrogen (for medical reasons) experienced shrinkage of their testicles over a period of time. This clearly showed the link between high estrogen levels and small testicles.

Fact #10 Small testicles could cause infertility, erectile issues, obesity, man boobs and even prostate issues. But wait; not all men with small testicles are infertile. Only a doctor can test you and tell you whether your T-Levels are low and the size of your testicles is small.

R: 6 / I: 5
Bolshevist Twatter engineers BAN whole range of terms in fight for 'more inclusive language', Including "Whitelist", "Man Hours" And "He, Him, His"

R: 3 / I: 2
Would hanging nutsacks be welcome in a White nationalist society? Would there be regulations on scrotum length? Are scrotumlets just inferior?
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Fashy meems thread

Dump your heccin dankass meems in here
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I have a confession to make

I find alex jones entertaining
R: 0 / I: 0

AHAHA loonix cucks btfo

Linux Devs Propose Using “Inclusive” Words and Banning Offensive Terms

R: 1 / I: 0
R: 0 / I: 0
The vice president of Research and Innovation at Michigan State University, physicist Stephen Hsu, has been forced out of his position at the university after daring to show actual facts from a 2019 study that show there to be no racial bias in incidents of police shootings.

R: 12 / I: 9
‘Mind virus for fools’: Germanic Billionaire Elon Musk unloads on Noam Chomsky and bashes bolshevism on Twitter

R: 6 / I: 3

Western Supermarkets Drop Coconut Goods Picked By Slave Monkeys In Thailand After PETA report emerges

R: 4 / I: 1


Infuckity Ward Removes "OK" Hand Gesture From Call Of Duty, Citing Racism

R: 135 / I: 103

id2020 bill gates


>Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.

he's saying Microsoft and MIT developed "tatoo markers" that show whether you have recieved a vaccine or not. This will be coupled with Gate's new invention, ID2020, which is a digital ID microchip implanted under the skin.



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Roasties Everywhere In Panic As "Concept Incubator" Envisages Babies Being Grown At Home In A Pod, Relegating women to the role of mere egg donor

R: 1 / I: 1
Moon Mining Could Begin As Early As 2025, New Resource Study Shows

R: 3 / I: 2
Breakthrough in dark matter mystery as neutral hydrogen from other galaxies detected for first time thanks to FAST telescope in China (world's biggest)

R: 6 / I: 4

Kanye West says he's running for president, Elon Musk voices support

What the FUCK lel

This literally made me laff just now

If this nigger is just meming around he's a master memer indeed heh

What a fuckin timeline fellers
R: 6 / I: 4
2 People Injured After Vehicle Careens Into Protesters In Seattle

Two women have been hospitalized, one with life-threatening injuries, after a vehicle barreled past a police barrier and into protesters on a freeway overnight in Seattle.

Washington State Patrol said Saturday that the driver of the white Jaguar sedan, a 27-year-old man, is in custody. At this point, officers have not offered a motive, though Capt. Ron Mead said officers believe the suspect was not impaired.

At a news conference early Saturday, Mead did not offer further details on how authorities believe the man bypassed a police closure to reach the victims. But he warned that the incident offers a stark lesson for protesters.

"My hope is, as a result of this tragedy, protesters will reconsider their desire to be on the interstate," he said, "because I cannot guarantee their safety, plain and simple."

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The jewish Cultural Looting and Plundering of Germany After its Defeat

R: 21 / I: 6
Trump LIVE at Mount Rushmore

Get the heck in here, fellow 'pedes!
R: 5 / I: 1
Italy: Illegal shitskin nigger asylum seeker roasts a cat in broad daylight on the street
R: 2 / I: 1
white people see two people hitting sticks together and grunting and be like "wow their culture is so beautiful we have much to learn from these people"
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Gun Boomer on CNN
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Abandoned Malls Are Now Being Turned Into Hybrid Apartment Housing

As brick and mortar unceremoniously gives way to e-commerce, one shopping mall after the next has been left for dead, with some even starting to be reclaimed by the Earth, complete with flora and fauna.

As the malls try to cling to whatever life they have left, different ideas have emerged with how to deal with the empty spaces (…) And then there's newer ideas, like trying to turn malls into hybrid-apartment buildings. This is exactly what's happening at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, a suburb north of Seattle. The idea is to merge living spaces and commerce to move people closer to shops and lower the mall's reliance on people traveling to get there.

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Winnie the pooh Signs National Security Law For Hong Kong, Secessionists BTFO

R: 151 / I: 88
Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone thread

apparently one of the leaders is a teenage girl lmfao

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Russia Unblocks World's Largest Free-Speech Messaging and Social Media Platform (Telegram)

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'Golden State Killer' Pleads Guilty In Deal To Avoid Death Penalty
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Fresh nu Red Ice on recent jewtube ban wave fuckers

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Thailand Monkey Wars Escalate As Rival Gangs Force Locals To Flee Homes
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Fresh nu Bro Nathanael


also rate my OC heh
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Netflix Hires Racists And Pulls Any Episodes They Laugh At (Satire that's about to becum reality)

LOS GATOS, CA—Netflix has hired three racist men to watch old TV shows so that the streaming service can remove any old TV shows that they find funny. The racists, Bubba, Brett, and Buddy, are all avowed racists and white supremacists. Each day, Netflix has them marathon old episodes of classic TV shows and monitors whatever they think is really funny.

"Hey, take a look at this here Dwight fella – he shore is hilarious!" said one of the racists as Dwight Schrute appeared in an old episode of The Office, nearly bringing in a friend to appear in blackface. "Let's watch more of The Office! The writers of this show really get me, ya hear?"

They also loved one episode of Community where a character was covered in dark paint in order to cosplay as a dark elf from Dungeons & Dragons' Forgotten Realms setting. "Yes! Racism! We love this stuff!" they cried, rolling with laughter. A Netflix representative took some notes down and the episode was quickly pulled.

The racists did not laugh at any of Netflix's original content, which they said had too many diverse characters and way too much LGBT representation. "Not funny at all – would not watch again," they said of Queer Eye. "Way too much diversity! Boo! Boo!"

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America's First All-PPE Retail Store Opens In Maryland

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Study Says Saturn's Moon Titan Has Volcano-like Features In Its Polar Regions
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"F*ck That Driving Shit": Nigger Amazon Driver Quits, Tweets Location Of Abandoned Delivery Van

Fuck that driving sheit," Lancaster tweeted, alongside the location of his apparently abandoned delivery van. "It's full of gas with the keys in the ignition," he said.

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Zuckerberg said to say of Facebook ad boycott: ‘All these advertisers will be back’ soon enough

CEO says no policy changes coming, according to report citing transcript of employee meeting

Hundreds of companies around the world have joined a temporary ad boycott against Facebook Inc., but Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg says he’s not worried and has no intention of changing its policies, according to a new report.

Zuckerberg said the boycott is more of a PR issue than one that will hurt the social-media giant’s bottom line, according to a report Wednesday by The Information, which cited a transcript of remarks Zuckerberg gave at an employees-only virtual town hall Friday.

“We’re not gonna change our policies or approach on anything because of a threat to a small percent of our revenue, or to any percent of our revenue,” he said, according to The Information.

While generating headlines, the boycott involves only a tiny fraction of Facebook’s roughly 8 million advertisers. The company generates almost all of its revenue from ads.

The #StopHateForProfit campaign was started by civil rights groups last month, calling for major companies to stop their Facebook ad spending for July to protest the company’s inability to rein in hate speech, threats of violence and misinformation on its platform.

A portion of Friday’s virtual town hall was streamed to the public from Zuckerberg’s Facebook page, where he announced some policy changes to crack down on hateful content and voting misinformation. But he was reportedly more blunt in private remarks to employees, saying Facebook would not cave to pressure.

“You know, we don’t technically set our policies because of any pressure that people apply to us,” he said, according to The Information. “And, in fact, usually I tend to think that if someone goes out there and threatens you to do something, that actually kind of puts you in a box where in some ways it’s even harder to do what they want because now it looks like you’re capitulating, and that sets up bad long-term incentives for others to do that [to you] as well.”

Experts told MarketWatch on Wednesday that companies joining the boycott may see a bigger boost to their brands than Facebook ads would have generated in the first place.

“By pulling ads, they save money and make a low-risk statement that results in positive publicity and marketing for their brands among constituents,” Gerard Francis Corbett, a communications strategy consultant based in Silicon Valley, told MarketWatch. “The Facebook boycott is a lower-risk way for CEOs to make a [political] statement.”

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Herman Cain is receiving treatment for coronavirus at an Atlanta hospital

Former 2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is receiving treatment for coronavirus at an Atlanta-area hospital, according to a statement posted to his Twitter account.

Cain, a contributor for conservative media outlet Newsmax, was hospitalized Wednesday "after he had development symptoms serious enough that he required hospitalization" and was informed Monday that he tested positive for the virus.

"Mr. Cain did not require a respirator, and he is awake and alert," according to the statement released Thursday.
Cain, as a co-chair of Black Voices for Trump, was one of the surrogates at President Donald Trump's June 20 rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"We honestly have no idea where he contracted it. I realize people will speculate about the Tulsa rally, but Herman did a lot of traveling the past week, including to Arizona where cases are spiking. I don't think there's any way to trace this to the one specific contact that caused him to be infected. We'll never know," Dan Calabrese, who has been editor of HermanCain.com since 2012, said Thursday in a post on Cain's website.

At least eight Trump advance team staffers who attended the Tulsa rally tested positive for coronavirus.

After interacting with several colleagues who later tested positive, all of Trump's campaign staffers who attended his Tulsa rally quarantined the following week, CNN previously reported.

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh told CNN that Cain did not meet with Trump at the Tulsa rally.

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AHAHA i told you faggots this was going to happen

Pedophiles Now Call Themselves “Minor-Attracted Persons” On Social Media, Have Own “Pride” Flag

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No More of Jared’s Woke Shit” – Trump Allegedly Fed Up with Evil Jew, Regrets Taking His Stupid Advice

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Over the next few years, all the comfy diversity hires and filler positions that white women occupy in major corporations will be given to non-whites, in particular black women.

White women naively think they're immune to this intersectionalism stuff and that their diversity hire gibs will always be ensured to them, and two years ago I would've said they were right. But public opinion against whites is now extending past white men and is hitting white women too, the "Karen' meme morphing into an umbrella term to cover any white woman that doesn't accept the intersectionalism and anti-white rhetoric.

These corporations don't give a fuck who these diversity hires go to, they gave them to mostly white women because that was all that was required to get a diversity pass. But now, the Overton window is rapidly shifting, each corporation will be looking to stay ahead and at the same time remain profitable. The solution is to chuck white women out of HR type positions and fill the quota with women of color.
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California Coronavirus Update: Gov. Gavin Newsom Orders L.A. Restaurants, Movie Theaters To Shut Down Indoor Operations, Deploys Enforcement “Strike Team”

At his noon coronavirus press conference, Gov. Gavin Newsom made good on his promise to “toggle back” reopenings in California by ordering restaurants once again to shut down dine-in service. This applies to all locales on the “county monitoring list” for at least three consecutive days. There are 19 counties on that list, and Los Angeles in one of them.

Restaurants still will be allowed to offer food for pickup or delivery.

The guideline to cease indoor operations for three weeks also includes movie theaters, restaurants, indoor family entertainment businesses, card rooms and zoos. Over the weekend, the governor ordered bars and nightclubs closed.

The state’s hospitals went from slightly more than 3,000 coronavirus patients in mid-June to more than 5,000 as of the most recent update. That’s a 52% increase in 14 days.

Newsom said he is hoping that people will comply with the guidelines voluntarily. If they do not, the governor said he is deploying a “strike team” of government agencies to ensure compliance, especially where it concerns workplaces. Alcoholic Beverage Control, CalOSHA, the Department of Business Oversight, the Department of Consumer Affairs and the California Highway Patrol are among the agencies that will be enforcing the guidelines.

“We will have these agencies use their regulatory authority in six regions of the state,” a state official said at the press conference, “This will begin today.”

“We have a duty,” the governor said, to “go after” those who are not complying.

The state is not closing beaches, but is “modifying” parking operations at state beaches — meaning he’s closing them. Newsom reiterated that beaches in L.A. and Ventura will be closed this weekend.

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AfD gains expected during Sunday electshuns in battle for political heart of Germany