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Andrew Yang drops out of 2020 presidential race

Andrew Yang is dropping out of the 2020 Democratic race for the White House on the same day primary voters in New Hampshire are casting their ballots.

The 45-year-old entrepreneur and first time presidential candidate had hoped his signature idea of giving every American adult a universal basic income of $1,000 a month would help lift him to the White House. However, while campaigning in the second state to vote in the presidential contest, Yang decided it was time to officially call it quits.

“By the numbers, the decision was pretty clear,” Zach Graumann, Yang’s campaign manager told the NewsHour on Tuesday. “It doesn’t feel honest to keep taking money and enthusiasm from our supporters, but also from the Democratic Party. It’s obviously a difficult decision, but we believe the right one.”

Graumann said Yang no longer saw a “real chance to win the nomination” but hopes to have a future in politics.



Yang as President and Jonny Kim as Vice President 2024

would be based as heck



If only he embraced vaporwave and wasn't a boring faggot IRL heh.



That whipped cream shit was honestly hilarious but you can tell charisma was his dump stat, he's just kind of an awkward GOOK. In a lot of ways that makes him relatable to people like us to an extent but normies and boomers will never vote for a person like that. I also think UBI would be a huge failure (to say nothing of its potential to be more or less be used as ideological ransom even if you assume it functioned as he intends and the USD retains 130% of its current value despite being given away like candy to spic and n-word households with dozens of tenants) but that's besides the point.



I always thought he was easily the most charismatic dem during the debates
problem with him is that most people are too redarted to understand his talks on automation



>I always thought he was easily the most charismatic dem during the debates
Not exactly difficult, but he doesn't have what it takes to attract a mass of disenfranchised independents like BLUMPF did.



One thing I don't like about the automation argument is that it so often ignores the fact that there are literally tens if not hundreds of millions of jobs being done right now by un-automated mexicans, chinese and others who're nonetheless primarily serving american consumers and american companies. Asserting that "the age of man is over" when the current status quo is sustained, as always, by a horde of grugs-this time ones that just happen to be hiding out of sight several thousands miles away-seems either disingenuous or ignorant, and furthermore willfully ignores the ways superior technology has also created jobs that had never existed before in recent history. I'm not saying automation isn't "real" or whatever mind you, but I hate to think of so many people "opting out" in the same way I did when I too was convinced the sky was figuratively falling but should have been riding the tiger instead.



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It's amazing how the Democrats seem to be going out of their way to lose to Trump. Really, truly amazing.

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