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U.S. ready to sign peace deal if Taliban abide by promise to reduce violence

The United States and the Taliban are poised to clinch a deal that would see the withdrawal of U.S. troops and the start of peace talks between the insurgents and the Afghan government. But the agreement will go ahead only if the Taliban abide by a pledge to reduce violence over a seven-day period, according to a Western official, an Afghan official and two former U.S. officials briefed on the talks.

The two sides have revived the same draft agreement that came close to being signed in September, which calls for a timeline for a U.S. troop pullout in exchange for the Taliban agreeing to cut ties with terrorist groups and entering into peace talks with their foes in the Afghan government.

If the agreement goes ahead, it would potentially bring an end to America’s longest war by launching direct peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government for the first time.

A deal would give President Donald Trump a talking point in his bid for re-election, allowing him to argue he fulfilled a campaign promise to extricate America from "endless" wars abroad.



America defeated by sandniggers LOL



The US is such a massive joke.



Gonna laugh when gasoline goes to $15 a "litre" in Europe and they can't afford their already bogus healthcare apparatus because they'll need to increase their military presence in the middle east to protect their oil distribution network



because "europe" is a country… amerifats…



How the fuck do both the USSR and USA + allies chicken out of Afghanistan?
What in the actual fuck?






File: 1581531108762.jpg (437.17 KB, 1346x1381, balance2.jpg)

The US parts with like 4% of its GDP in military spending, much of which goes towards occupying or otherwise mogging these central asian countries, all to safeguard the oil exports that are primarily going to Europe and Asia. Then in the EU's case they impose like a 50% or more VAT on this oil they spend nothing to defend and little to procure and force the consumers in the EU to pick up the tab so they can pay more money to homeless refugees, slags and chavs etc.

The USSR had already economically peaked with their retarded and completely oil-dependent system (https://carnegieendowment.org/2017/03/29/formation-and-evolution-of-soviet-union-s-oil-and-gas-dependence/) by the time they invaded Afghanistan and they were already struggling to keep dissident Eastern European countries under their thumb militarily so their failure to subdue the tribal camel jockeys was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back.



File: 1581531291411.jpg (53.67 KB, 846x960, le skinhead face.jpg)

I can't wait for us to get out while Russia and China move in and all the hypocrites and liars that have virtue-signaled for decades will rage hard as if there would have been no consequences heh




>taliban agrees to work as part of the afghanistan based illegal drug business instead of shutting it down like they did last time



I look forward to the day I as an american can safely tour afghanistan for their sweet hash



Afghanistan has so many local customs that can be turned into tourist hotspots. Aside from the drugs there's the bacha bazi dancers which I'm sure many western tourists will love because it shows how progressive their society truly is. And if they'd legalize gambling they could fit so many casinos in the desert, the whole country would become Las Vegas! And you know what else people do in Vegas right? They like to get married there because there's no hassle. Well. What if in Afghanistan you could get divorced without any hassle? Just bring the wife for a nice "surprise", accuse her of adultery and have her stoned to death by the local population! Tourist hotspot. I'm telling you. It's a shame we are leaving really.



>Well. What if in Afghanistan you could get divorced without any hassle? Just bring the wife for a nice "surprise", accuse her of adultery and have her stoned to death by the local population! Tourist hotspot. I'm telling you. It's a shame we are leaving really.
Damn, BLUMPF should be hiring you as a consultant.





beautiful, isn't it? especially when they start cooking that fresh lamb over the open coals. I can't believe they let the bowl flame up so much though, I guess they were just trying to keep it cherried






The human body literally produces DMT



as it should be. drugs disrupt the natural balance.



Does daddy's dick disrupt Dwarf's natural balance?

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