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Turkey ready to invade northern Syria 'today or tomorrow’ as setting up safe zone with US became ‘fairytale’ – Erdogan



>turkey still trying to be ottoman2.0 even though they'll get their shit absolutely pushed in if they even tried



I just want to see sandnigger countries going to war w/each other and killing themselfs



thats what started the migrant crisis dumbass



File: 1570324181297.gif (1.09 MB, 200x270, 1513792842568.gif)

Accelerationism is GOOD redart



File: 1570324320802.jpg (111.89 KB, 655x983, 1570316376012.jpg)



File: 1570345432404.jpg (81.78 KB, 1024x656, wypipo faec.jpg)

Turkish troops & armored vehicles amass at Syrian border after Erdogan announces IMMINENT assrapery (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)




I hope Assad f*cks Turkdrogan's sh*t up tbh



I remember articles that exposed how Turkey was basically providing a base of operations for terrorists iirc



who dis qt?



Wish i knew lad



File: 1570472623617.jpg (32.88 KB, 700x513, solver.jpg)

its fucking retarded that the internet unironically thinks that i care about whatever the shit is that happens to sandpeople on the sand planet lightyears distant from home and that i'm supposed to take sides and care about the fortunes of one stinking race of garlic scented middle eastern nigger versus the other.
move this mudppl thread to nairaland



File: 1570473382985.jpg (44.64 KB, 331x403, asspained kike.jpg)

LOL middul east hurt



What does turksperg make of this?



It's okay, not everyone is smart enough for geopolitics.



File: 1570483912811.jpg (36.3 KB, 550x548, 1570441846921.jpg)

Turkey ‘launches Ragnarök airstrike’ against Kurds on Syria-Iraq border – reports




File: 1570484020059.png (285.88 KB, 536x400, epic lulz.png)

>I follow zog's internet news channels 24/7 because i'm smart



File: 1570484059148.jpg (340.31 KB, 838x671, 1535028954485.jpg)

Erdogan's Syria Invasion Begins: Turkish Jets Filmed Bombing Kurdish Targets

>This despite the Pentagon claiming to have effectively shut down Northern Syria airspace to Turkey.




God i hope there will be more gopro footage of patrol ambushes

That one kurdish video is kino af, you can literally see them unloading right up close. It's the best pov combat footage ever filmed objectively speaking



>zoomer forgets books exist



got a link, fella



File: 1570486279554.jpg (61.37 KB, 700x709, 1569673519152.jpg)



File: 1570486902415.jpg (353.95 KB, 1024x768, gamestop 1998.jpg)



File: 1570653147274.jpg (67.82 KB, 694x960, 171f72294c1ff1b5d74a2beea7….jpg)

The operation began on 9 October 2019, with Turkish airstrikes and howitzers targeting the SDF held towns of Tell Abyad, Ras al-Ayn where thousands of people were reported to have fled the town,[26] Ain Issa and Qamishli. The date is the anniversary of the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan's expulsion from Syria in 1998.[27][28][29] On the same day, ISIS cells launched a suicide attack in its former capital of Raqqa, marking a potential attempt to take advantage of the offensive.[30][31][32] The Kurds announced that they were halting all operations against Isil in order to face the Turkish assault.[33]

In response to the cross-border shelling, SDF's spokesman claimed that Turkey was targeting civilians.[34] Six rockets were later launched at the Turkish city of Nusaybin as a response by the PKK, and two reportedly hit the Turkish town Ceynalipinar.[35][36][37] SDF also announced in response to the start of the Turkish operation they would be halting anti-ISIL operations,[38] and that two civilians had been killed.[39]

Around 22:20 (GMT+3), the Turkish military announced that the ground phase of the operation had begun.[40]



What I want to see are the Kurds, ISIS, Syria, Hesballah unite to kick Turkey out. Would be laff.



No kino combat footage yet smdh



File: 1570669060491.jpg (34.32 KB, 800x507, 2019.10.09turkey.jpg)




File: 1570748168620.jpg (64.17 KB, 498x400, 1570746235823.jpg)



K*rds should go too.



Serves that Nazi right heh. You'd get arrested in the UK for that salute. Heh



>muh white man's burden
if its the white man's burden to insure peace and tranquility in sandniggerland then how come i'm not allowed to have slaves? if it's my job to make sure that every mud and/or shit skin leads a happy comfortable life then i don't see how i can possibly succeed without having them living on my property in cages.
how am i supposed to protect them if they're just running around wild?



File: 1570831100158.jpg (85.21 KB, 960x949, 1570811040134.jpg)



File: 1571123879555.jpg (472.95 KB, 1125x1590, 1571082576711.jpg)

Mkay dis b epik



File: 1571286022768.jpg (70.98 KB, 818x428, 1514303579563.jpg)




File: 1571371130968.png (452.09 KB, 732x774, 5848585.PNG)

top heh



Russian dood scourin thru abandoned US base in Syria





Fuckin kurds are flying MLPD (marxist-leninist party of germany, basically hardcore commie boomer LARPists) banners in cologne right now



File: 1571493395819.jpg (60.46 KB, 640x606, 1571465355574.jpg)

Why The Turkish invasion of Syria turns Germany into a powder keg




nice link you fucking tard



File: 1571536608906.jpg (38.11 KB, 718x670, el creatura obscuridad....jpg)

>nice link you fucking tard

LOL ur too stupid to figure out what to do with this link

Ur retarded and butthurt! LOL!



File: 1571549905624.jpg (8.63 KB, 221x228, 1567824520409.jpg)


Based seething boomer skitzo retard



File: 1571582112707.jpg (312.25 KB, 1528x1920, conan.jpg)

Erdogan Vows To 'Crush Heads' Of Kurds If They Don't Withdraw




File: 1571584724157.jpg (471.42 KB, 900x702, Link_spanked.jpg)

LOL retardedLinkhurt!

*hyrulian slap smack!*



time GET heh!



‘America is running away’: Asspained Kurdoids pelt withdrawing US forces with vegetables (VIDEO)




File: 1571670303715.png (32.81 KB, 110x169, 1507702057667.png)

"We Have Hours Left": Turkish Ceasefire On Edge Of Collapse As Erdogan Gives Kurds Hours To Flee Territory





I noticed Jewropean Jewnion and JEW N and non-US NATO countries aren't exactly tripping over themselves to fill in the gap we're leaving. Let Russia go broke (again) peacekeeping the sand pit heh



File: 1571671277266.jpg (92.79 KB, 1023x558, Tabaqa-Air-base-Russian-19….jpg)

>The cries of hate against US President Donald Trump have already been deafening, because he has initiated with the transfer of Syria to President Putin the final blow against the enemies of humanity. In order to shatter globalism, its foundation, the military support pillar in the form of NATO, must be shattered. And Trump does that in line with Putin. Remember, shortly before taking office Trump declared: "NATO has become obsolete." Trump has worked to that end and has now made the annihilation of NATO irreversible, so to speak, with Syria. This will give the world the chance to be healthy and live again as people in a de-globalized world. Based on how Trump changes the world (with the Syrian decision he fights not only against global Jewry, but also explicitly against Israel), one is inclined to compare him with Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen - the "converter of the world" (…)



File: 1571671395727.png (201.3 KB, 636x773, 1571652326053.png)

There barely was an US presence in syria to begin with though, and the US is bascially the only NATO country that matters militarily

Anyways it's a good thing the russians control most of it now. You can't compare syria to iraq, there won't be a guerilla war against the russians. The FSA is basically dead at this point, lol



File: 1571685285620.jpg (67.11 KB, 625x532, spongeberg.jpg)

>i care about the muddle east
>my life revolves around jizzrael and their garlic reeking shitskin neighbors
you're playing their game, you spend more time worrying about the fate their region than you do about your own



File: 1571688502551.jpg (35.36 KB, 500x500, 1571009795164.jpg)





File: 1571752832945.jpg (31.4 KB, 400x400, 1522520468416.jpg)

Roachoid Realm to resume assault on Kurds in Syria with ‘more determination’ if US doesn’t keep its promises – Erdogan




File: 1571772977648.png (225.12 KB, 341x426, 1512354858762.png)

Turkey's Erdogan says deal reached with Russia for Kurdish fighters to move out of Syrian border area within 150 hours establishing a "safe zone" inside Syria.




File: 1571845747375.jpg (186.44 KB, 980x551, 5db0517685f54023822b9985.jpg)

Turks appeased, Kurds saved, US gets breathing space: ‘Russia takes on job that US failed at’ in Syria




File: 1571845994345.png (96.2 KB, 398x400, 1536868124281.png)

Trump to lift Turkey sanctions as he claims ALL credit for Syria border de-escalation (WATCH LIVE)




File: 1571846079349.jpg (786.64 KB, 1509x4053, JUSTED.jpg)

I like how spending trillions of dollars babysitting sand n-words and protecting the foreign state-owned oil interests of China and Russia is suddenly being promoted by the media (in this specific case a Russian state owned enterprise itself but certainly not the only one) as some desirable vocation now that Blumpf is dialing things down like Obama should have been 8 years ago.



File: 1571855595315.jpg (369.09 KB, 1920x1080, 1571824249260.jpg)

It just b de whey of de kike-owned klown world heh



File: 1571864896881.png (55.77 KB, 225x225, 1527397048272.png)

>Jewmp's plan could see a tiny contingent of US special forces stationed in the heart of a sovereign state, specifically in oil fields, with little practical logistical support and access, and surrounded by hostile powers.



Nu Southfront video

>Russia Deploys Large Number Of Troops, Equipment In Northern Syria

276 more Russian Military Police officers and 33 additional equipment pieces will be deployed in Syria, Russia’s state media reported. These forces will likely participate in security operations along the Syrian-Turkish border to the east of the Euphrates River.



File: 1572152804909.png (507.76 KB, 731x989, 1572145591894.png)

Can't wait for the CoD DLC that reenacts this



File: 1572288046646.jpg (76.47 KB, 873x950, Alois Pepemaier.jpg)

Syrian oil: US troops being deployed will strike at ANY force challenging occupation – SecDef




File: 1572360688861.jpg (80.18 KB, 500x626, c9b0d958c27e94eedcaa5aafb2….jpg)






ISIS leader al-Baghdadi’s underwear stolen by Kurdish spy for DNA test before raid, official says




Mkay dis b epik



File: 1572463401717.jpg (142.81 KB, 987x832, 1572407174192.jpg)

Putin, Turks Agree to Patrol Syrian Border, Disarm Kurds. But Will Damascus Get Its Oil Back?

Death Toll Mounts As Syrian Army & Turkey Engage In Heavy Clashes On Border

Russian Defense Ministry Publishes Evidence of US Oil-Smuggling From Syria

Lebanon’s plunge into civil warfare shakes Iran, Hizballah as Mid East powerhouses



File: 1572558275725.jpg (104.54 KB, 960x600, 1572460578249.jpg)

Take any words from US politicians with a grain of salt, Syria’s Bashar Assad has urged, as he cast doubt on the story of the Islamic State leader being killed in US a raid, and compared it to the shady killing of Osama Bin Laden.




File: 1572670314291.jpg (87.93 KB, 400x300, 1572576162219.jpg)




File: 1572763846232.jpg (53.32 KB, 800x450, k24oil.jpg)

First Images Of ZOG US Troops Occupying Syria's Oil Fields Stir Outrage





Jewish US kike ZOGbots smuggle crude worth $30mn per month from occupied Syrian oil fields, violating its own sanctions – Russian Foreign Ministry




File: 1572811839251.jpg (77.25 KB, 968x1024, 1572762807040.jpg)

Multiple armoured vehicles flying US flags were filmed on Sunday driving between Rmelan and al-Qahtania and near Saida oil station in Syria's north-eastern al-Hasakah Governorate as part of the US plan to reinforce its positions around Syria's oil fields.

Footage also shows groups of YPG militants [Kurdish People's Protection Units] guarding Saida oil station.

The US military made an announcement in October that it would strengthen its military presence in eastern Syria to protect oil fields from potentially falling into the hands of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL).




File: 1572820934429.jpg (499.8 KB, 2113x3063, 1572806609152.jpg)

US military convoy comes under fire of Turkey-backed militants in Syria, no casualties – Russian MoD



File: 1572825237295.jpg (786.64 KB, 1509x4053, JUSTED.jpg)

Wish we could put the oil meme to rest because it's actually worse than that, they literally did it for nothing; foreign state-owned enterprises in Russia, China, Norway (Equinor/Statoil) and others got the oil and we didn't. Our politicians destroyed our economy for who knows what reason, to mog the major players in the middle east for Israel and Europe's benefit, maybe.



to initiate the migrant crisis, obviously



Based Kalergiposter. I'd like to believe that we didn't murk like a million ostensibly innocent sand people and spend 8 trillion dollars overseas for that singular reason because the economic benefits to certain geopolitical entities have been self-evident, but it really makes one think; any oil benefits, at least to those companies in western Europe, have likely been quashed by this reverse colonization. It's been kind of hard for me to find if non-European immigration into Europe itself indeed spiked during the Iraq war years or if that was a more recent phenomenon with Syria, the death of Gadaffi etc.; from what I recall mass immigration to the UK at least began in earnest around the early 2000s.

I still remember this article about the subject well even ten years later: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/6418456/Labour-wanted-mass-immigration-to-make-UK-more-multicultural-says-former-adviser.html it doesn't really allude to the conflict itself playing any major roll though, rather a deliberate policy to import loyal voters.



there is a crisis in your panties, sissy



Tldr adderall faggot takakaka on your keyboard all day whatever helps you sleep at night



File: 1572831580581.jpg (184.72 KB, 1200x1600, (You) in chamber.jpg)

Uh oh, somebody's cranky! Sounds like you could use something that helps you sleep at night you creepy fat retarded lesbian (nice dubs tho)



The revenue obtained from the oil facilities in north-eastern Syria will not go to the US, but to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), as chief Pentagon spokesman, Jonathan Rath Hoffman said during the briefing in Washington DC on Thursday.

Hoffman stressed the importance of cutting out access to the oil fields for the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL).

"Our efforts in the region in preventing ISIS from taking the oil, keeping the oil fields in a place where the SDF is able to use them for funding for their ISIS efforts is part of that mission," he added.



File: 1573338860258.jpg (98.27 KB, 777x704, 1525900690462.jpg)







File: 1573888303297.jpg (79.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

LOL turkhurt!

*slap slap!*



GET heh!



File: 1574476444848.png (21.28 KB, 1196x752, 1574371925171.png)

Iraq invasion ‘Godfather’ berates Trump for not thinking of NEXT ZOG WAR in Syria




File: 1574479658367.png (418.02 KB, 865x623, Luca_whacked.png)

LOL godfatherhurt! can't appreciate good movies hurt!

*whack whack!*



File: 1575075952008.jpg (109.25 KB, 720x960, 1497578746333.jpg)




File: 1575080131805.jpg (105.98 KB, 552x700, lol edgarhurt.jpg)



File: 1575161560005.jpg (122.3 KB, 960x639, 1556067826229.jpg)




File: 1575234428932.jpg (117.95 KB, 900x1200, foky.jpg)



>taco shells, lettuce and soda
they won't stay pretty long



you're not invited.



lol nice pic of chubby cucky, I'll make sure to use it, heh



GET heh!



File: 1576298316161.jpg (172.15 KB, 1080x1080, 1539667359099.jpg)




File: 1576342517675.png (418.02 KB, 865x623, Luca_whacked.png)

LOL turkhurt! no responsehurt! is slapped into silent submission by a superior alpha MAN hurt!

*i am ur god! whack!!!!*



File: 1577019033522.jpg (127.27 KB, 1080x1080, 1576961025619.jpg)




File: 1577021957470.jpg (101.75 KB, 1024x1004, 1576912051386.jpg)




File: 1577143197692.jpg (32 KB, 960x540, maritimeborder.jpg)

The Irlmaier prophecy is cumin tru



File: 1577304555652.jpg (142.29 KB, 1080x1080, 1512672606474.jpg)

Russia’s Top General Warns World War 3 Is Coming in Chilling Prediction


Vladimir Putin’s top commander Valery Gerasimov has said he believes the West are preparing for a “large-scale military conflict” amid a renewed NATO buildup in Europe

Russia’ s top general has warned a big war is coming in a chilling prediction amid ongoing tensions with NATO.

Valery Gerasimov, the chief Vladimir Putin’s general staff, has said he believes the West are preparing for a “large-scale military conflict”.

He was speaking at a senior briefing for the military – saying that the West has assigned “adversary status” to Russia.

And the general pointed out NATO’s summit in London wanted faster deployment to the “eastern flank”.

NATO and Russia both have shipped tonnes of military hardware to the their frontier in eastern Europe.

Both regularly accuse the other of aggression over the build-up, and General Gerasimov warned this could accidentally spiral into conflict between Russia and NATO – World War 3.



File: 1577304717968.png (24.78 KB, 236x253, le hat man.png)

Roachdogan Claims Turkey Still Ready to Send Troops to Libya Amid Surprise Visit to Tunisia






File: 1577601109408.jpg (47.86 KB, 583x692, 1574535033239.jpg)




File: 1577666540307.jpg (2.36 KB, 125x117, 1517503934442s.jpg)

BREAKING: Trump briefed on ‘successful strikes & OTHER OPTIONS’ after US raid kills dozens of ‘Iran-backed’ militias in Iraq, Syria




File: 1577734116666.png (170.11 KB, 310x457, 1577682008628.png)

>I think it will be at the balkans



stfu + kys



File: 1577836409888.png (66.89 KB, 376x490, 1577832408133.png)

ZOG Apache Gunships Attempt To Disperse Iraqi Mob As Kataib Hezbollah Flags Erected Over Embassy Walls




File: 1577930907538.jpg (95.89 KB, 704x655, 1346307678991.jpg)

>The empire’s overall strategy toward Iran seems to be to crowd the area with an increasingly intrusive military presence, then react disproportionately in “self defense” when anything happens. It’s like an older sibling’s “I’m not touching you” car ride teasing, but with an entire region.




File: 1578023139585.jpg (47.82 KB, 245x300, dey dont think it be liek ….jpg)

The absolute mad potato just assassinated the Quds force chief




File: 1578023217930.jpg (130.1 KB, 980x551, 5e0e9c0985f5400f81772884.jpg)

he's feasting in valhalla w/de Alfather rn

F my nigga



File: 1578023445911.jpg (6.93 KB, 250x150, 1578019460620s.jpg)

>defeat ISIS
>bring peace and stability to Iraq
>get schwacked in a US drone strike

heh clown world

Also i hope hdv and the others will be able to dodge the upcoming ZOG draft heh



File: 1578024574040.png (457.34 KB, 518x558, 1578023949649.png)




File: 1578099948083.jpg (76.47 KB, 873x950, Alois Pepemaier.jpg)

Libyan National Army head Haftar declares JIHAD to ‘confront & expel’ Turkish troops




File: 1578100369492.jpg (479.16 KB, 2560x1707, US_Embassy_attack_in_Iraq_….jpg)



File: 1578184865096.jpg (24.69 KB, 209x203, 1343302977350.jpg)

Trump says US to strike 52 Iranian sites 'VERY FAST and VERY HARD’ if Tehran moves to avenge general's death



File: 1578186158194.png (1.04 MB, 903x821, presstv.PNG)

God i love how this shit spirals outta control

Give me WW3



That's more people than what was at dup's inauguration lol rofl btfo



File: 1578187651819.png (439.02 KB, 787x632, 1578177063000.png)

Shut it the FUCK down the goyim are noticing



File: 1578360976076.png (877.53 KB, 760x700, 1426450369259.png)




File: 1578391451874.jpg (364 KB, 1430x2639, adolf-hitler-oil-painting.jpg)

Iranian MPs declare all of US military ‘terrorist entity’ after General Soleimani killing




FoKy will die in ww3. It is known.



These are the final hours of your pathetic life, FoKy.



dwarfcunty sucks nigger dick. It is known



take your meds, schizo



stfu + kys





Third day of funeral procession and burial for Iran’s Qasem Soleimani | LIVE



Syria: Putin holds talks with Assad at new Russian command centre

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin at the new command centre of Russian military forces in Syria, in Damascus on Tuesday.

Putin arrived to the facility straight from the Damascus airport alongside Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. The delegation was welcomed and shown around the new facility. Then the two presidents listened to a report by the head of Russian military forces in Syria, Aleksander Chaiko.

Assad and Putin then discussed the situation in northern Syria and in the capital. The Russian president highlighted the “signs of a recovering peaceful life” on the streets of Damascus. Assad and Putin discussed the Idlib situation as well as the developments in northern Syria and Turkey’s actions there, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reports.

Shortly after the negotiations with Assad, Putin headed to Istanbul where he is scheduled to meet with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday.



Russian and syrian militaries open 3 new humanitarian corridors around Idlib



File: 1579111092816.jpg (49.68 KB, 640x400, putinandassad damascus.jpg)

Watch: Putin Playfully Urges Syria's Assad To Host Trump Visit While Touring Biblical Site




Turkish troops are being sent to Libya 'to ensure the survival and stability of the legitimate government,' as the two countries prepare to grant licensing for drilling in the maritime area between the two, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced in Ankara on Thursday.



File: 1579204732393.jpg (30.41 KB, 640x480, 1578989877838.jpg)

Pentagon Confirms ISIS Resurgent In Libya At Moment Turkey Transfers 2,000 Syrian Fighters




A column of Russian Airborne Forces passes a US military checkpoint in northern Syria.

This is symbolic of what is taking place all over the Middle-East, really.



Dont die yet



File: 1580617219445.png (195.61 KB, 686x526, 1580612390294.png)

2016 Redux: Kremlin Warns 'Chemical Provocation' Coming As New Fighting Erupts In Aleppo




File: 1580618321832.jpg (786.64 KB, 1509x4053, USA Iraq Oil.jpg)

>Russia fronting the money and manpower to protect the oil they and Europe are extracting from Iraq et al

It's about time.



File: 1580621159410.jpg (77.84 KB, 904x735, 1577053517638.jpg)

Y-yes goy i-it's all totes becuz of the oil, not to fullfill some ancient thousand year old demonic talmudic prophecy of total jewish world domination and conquering new lands in the name of Moloch



File: 1580621602246.jpg (440.77 KB, 1324x2048, 1580617613330.jpg)

*4k yo acshually heh



File: 1581175811326.png (1.31 MB, 998x1154, 54 (3).png)




File: 1581349138991.jpg (121.91 KB, 604x604, 1576515244468.jpg)

TurKIKES strike Syrian Army positions after ‘5 troops killed in shelling



File: 1581717685901.jpg (18.01 KB, 531x438, 1581521757709.jpg)

So turkey will be going to war w/syria ovah idlib soonish xD




File: 1581816874284.jpg (108.22 KB, 416x447, 1581812647344.jpg)




File: 1582324221449.jpg (32.64 KB, 400x400, 1582140746097.jpg)




Syria: SAA convoy seen heading towards Idlib for reinforcements

>In other related news, heavyass clashes continue between SAA and Turkish-backed militants in Idlib countryside




File: 1582428221186.jpg (49.86 KB, 700x875, 1582395590030.jpg)

Erdogan really should have listened. Turks are getting rekt in Syria




Look how they're hollering after the manpad's fired, like a bunch of niggers chimping kek

Even calling these monkeys "militants" is just an overstatement, they are roving bandit partisans



Were they expecting to hit something with that? I can respect the spirit of resistance individual sand soldiers represent (the Afghans remaining relatively self-governing despite hosting the invading armies of multiple world powers several times in recent history being one example) but as a conventional fighting force they always appear to be nothing more than boomer fuds who've been given weapons they have no real experience or capability with.



File: 1582495493002.png (232.97 KB, 500x334, Elsa-and-Anna-in-new-hairs….png)

BREAKING: Syria air defense are responding to 'hostile targets' over Damascus - state TV




File: 1582599829411.jpg (173.4 KB, 1136x1600, 1582571412670.jpg)

Russo-Syrian Idlib Ragnarök Offensive: More Turkish Troop Deaths In Idlib Bring Russia & Turkey To Breaking Point

>After on Monday there were new unconfirmed reports of several Turkish Army soldiers killed or wounded in a Russian air strike on a Turkish convoy, already tense relations between Moscow and Ankara are at a breaking point.




File: 1582599994385.png (518.19 KB, 540x898, Maarat_Al-Numan_Offensive_….png)

Frontline situation in Northwestern Syria as of 24 February 2020. Locations of Turkish, Russian, and Iranian outposts are pictured.



File: 1583100682009.png (464.11 KB, 1279x720, Ragnarök.png)

US Carrier Strike Group Enters Mediterranean As Syria & Turkey Move To State Of War

>Fresh off a major Atlantic military exercise, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower heads near hot spots of Syria & Libya.




File: 1583519104497.png (596.22 KB, 999x1228, 1583425782344.png)

WW3 averted as Russia & Turkey reach deal on Idlib… but is peace on horizon?




File: 1583718112786.jpg (143.52 KB, 980x551, mordor army in front of go….jpg)

On Friday a video was shared on social media showing that Turkish security forces used an armored vehicle with a rope to pull down the fence at the Greek border and allow migrants to pass.

The vehicle, according to Greek media is one of the “HIZIR/ATES” type vehicles with daytime and nighttime border surveillance vehicles, which Turkey received from May to August 2019, financed by a program - ironically enough - mostly paid for by the EU.




File: 1583943208392.png (374.38 KB, 700x364, 1568453028750.png)




File: 1584130764028.png (999.11 KB, 714x1321, 14172c3ae1c17f4be8aac575ba….png)







File: 1584955407720.jpg (179.61 KB, 1022x1024, 7afb653038ca28885bddb1a245….jpg)




Where is your Irlmaier schizo prophecies when we actually could need them? Huh? Shit like Russia turning Soviet and invading Europe is absolute bullshit and you know it.



Freili ko ma si aa irrn. I konn mi aa irrn - I bin aa bloß a Mensch



File: 1584963574180.jpg (58.31 KB, 331x402, irlmaierhurt-faggot.jpg)

Irlmaier is a symbolic figure indicative of the larger trends and developments on a macroscopic scale - It doesn't matter if his "prophecies" are not 100% accurate, they prolly never were meant to be anyways

Plus he's become a meme now (in no small part thanks to me) so keep getting triggered by harmless memes faggot LOL






File: 1585256878839.jpg (63.74 KB, 550x364, ratnik3.jpg)

Oh and you can bet your ass Russia is going to embark on a little peacekeeping mission if europe becums engulfed in chaos and government start breaking down here

We're literally russia's frontyard and they're not going to have it all on fire right in front of their doorstep



Good. I hope the BASED Russians bully the heck out of you.



File: 1585339984010.jpg (361.21 KB, 1154x834, irlmaier knew dis.jpg)

>"I think it will be at the balkans…"




how did high heeled cowboy boots get to be part of chinese military uniform?



File: 1586041901641.jpg (88.16 KB, 640x480, d5fxbus-a52ee4be-879f-4ce3….jpg)

ur mum put it there LOL



those comrade ladyboys are based stunning and brave
how can the west's trannies possibly compete?



File: 1586359172953.jpg (8.26 KB, 235x178, 1586347852262.jpg)

>: I don’t know if this hoax was on purpose or if these government retards simply freaked out when the Imperial College of London showed them their lunatic graphs. But what I do know is that either way, there is no way out of this economic collapse other than a massive war, and the only potential for a war massive enough to get things running again is a war against China/Russia.
>It is basically the same thing, because Russia is going to side with China and vise [sic] versa. But the narrative forming is to blame China for this flu, thereby blaming them for the collapsed economy. Then they’ll just sink a boat like they do virtually every single time to start a war.



File: 1586503524697.jpg (155.77 KB, 1200x1141, 1586500160792.jpg)

US navy ships deployed to carribean as tensions w/Venezuela mount




File: 1587071364842.jpg (126 KB, 980x551, 5e98859a85f54055b1720c9a.jpg)

Iranian Navy chief considers construction of NUCLEAR-powered submarines after new flare-up in Persian Gulf



File: 1587417043765.jpg (21.08 KB, 400x400, bogdanoff just called.jpg)

Yfw the rising anti-sinoid sentiment will very likely be used by ZOG to start WW3 w/china in a couple months



File: 1587417149985.jpg (24.32 KB, 900x472, breaking.jpg)

Syrian air defense were activated late on Monday to engage ‘hostile targets’ above Palmyra and Homs, the local media reported, calling the incident an act of ‘Israeli aggression.’

Several enemy missiles have been shot down, the state news agency SANA reported. Witnesses spoke of multiple explosions heard in the Palmyra area in central Syria.

Anna Ahronheim, military correspondent for the Jerusalem Post newspaper, tweeted that the attack was targeting the Syrian T-4 airbase in the Homs province.T-4, also known as Althias, is about halfway between the city of Homs and Palmyra.

Earlier tonight #Israeli PM Netanyahu warned that #Iran's threats have not disappeared during #Corona
— Anna Ahronheim (@AAhronheim) April 20, 2020

Ahronheim noted that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu had said earlier in the day that the threat of Iran did not disappear during the coronavirus pandemic and that Israel was “now working more carefully than ever maintaining our security competence, even if our soldiers are busy with other things.”

Syrian media are blaming the Israeli Defense Force for the strike. Israel has been frequently carrying out air raids against the Syrian military facilities, saying that they’re aimed curbing Iran’s military presence in the country. Such strikes usually involve Israeli jets firing missiles into Syria from Lebanese airspace.



File: 1587524471048.jpg (235.41 KB, 820x820, 1586921524899.jpg)

US Forces Are Still Securing What In Syria?

Monday's historic oil-price crash which witnessed prices dropping below zero for the first time in history - some still hovering in negative territory through Tuesday morning - provides yet another astounding reminder and demonstration of the absurdity of America's ongoing presence in the Middle East.




File: 1587611176271.jpg (48.19 KB, 438x408, 1569565171599.jpg)




File: 1587643214055.jpg (257.71 KB, 1973x1945, 1587632028020.jpg)

US warships will be DESTROYED if they threaten ANY Iranian vessel – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards chief

Brent crude recovers as military spat between US and Iran overshadows investors’ fears over storage exhaustion



File: 1587873100588.png (766.09 KB, 934x1024, 1587716871293.png)

What War Between The US & Iran Could Look Like

>The US-Iranian standoff in the Persian Gulf has once again entered an acute phase…




File: 1587958818058.jpg (106.98 KB, 980x551, 5ea64e772030275650286435.jpg)

Redpilled Syrian air defenses repel ‘Israeli aggression’, down several 'hostile' missiles over Damascus - state media




File: 1588089070798.png (169.46 KB, 528x849, 1510785291964.png)




File: 1588455653368.png (8.93 KB, 417x526, 1566865013874.png)

Sperglin, high on his own farts, claims the US will attack China and start WW3 before the electshun in November




File: 1588467183375.jpg (9.07 KB, 220x276, watt.jpg)

why would they throw down their weapons if they wanted to fight with the germans? shouldn't they hold on to their weapons if they want to fight? or did they already have inside information that the germans had a surplus of weapons which were going to be offered to them if they switched sides or something like that?



File: 1588510618454.jpg (410.21 KB, 791x1024, cartoon-porn-tangled-disne….jpg)

its a meem ya dip



File: 1589033426474.jpg (624.31 KB, 1080x1247, 1589025352188.jpg)

China Warns Of Possible Armed Conflict With US Over Coronavirus Backlash, Incursions into South China Sea


US Blasts Russia & Assad For Sending Mercenaries Into Libya To Support Haftar




File: 1589167722868.jpg (9.68 KB, 250x229, 1589148655325.jpg)

US Deploys B-1Bs, Warships In South China Sea As China Nationalists Call For Invasion Of Taiwan




File: 1589636523660.jpg (1.53 MB, 4956x3301, 158961222252874468.jpg)

Jordan's King Warns "Massive Conflict" Coming If Israel Moves To Annex West Bank




File: 1590266105919.png (1.33 MB, 1520x1520, 1574459321216.png)

Iranian Tankers To Reach Venezuela In Next 24 Hours Amid "Threat Of Imminent Military Force By US"

Rouhani issues last minute warning that Iran will respond if tankers' movement thwarted…





File: 1590283585926.png (939.85 KB, 1536x945, Irlmaier and Elsa during R….png)

First Iranian tanker crosses into Venezuela’s economic zone as US ships spotted nearby - tracking data




nothing will happen you morons



File: 1590329400949.jpg (385.68 KB, 750x590, 1549245397879.jpg)

t. didn't saw the corona SHTF coming either

Something will have to give at some point. We've been heading straight for WW3 ever since russia annexed crimea 6 years ago. I think future historians will probably view the arab spring and shit as precursors to WW3 aswell



File: 1590409850449.png (25.22 KB, 979x973, 2080fa004a8ec5fa542e0a885b….png)

Greece Charges Turkey With 'Land Invasion' After Troops Cross River, Raise Turkish Flag




File: 1590414262539.png (457.63 KB, 643x466, J8a7o_vOVJvEs_y_NhTSvManyq….png)

> I think future historians will probably view the arab spring and shit as precursors to WW3 aswell
contemporary historians view the holocaust as having happened at the same time that they see the death of a quarter of a billion goyims at the hands of jewish communists in russia and china as not worth mentioning or even thinking about.
why do you think that future historians will decided to honestly assess the past and record history honestly while seeing things your way? future historians will probably view the arab spring in whatever way that advances their personal agenda in their present the best. future historians will lie about everything the same way the present historians do, they'll say the past was filled with injustice for niggers, kikes, women & cripples and all the other inferior creatures because they're jealous of the kind of real men who don't end up as faggoty historians and instead turn out to be chad as fuck cool dudes



File: 1590635573901.png (993.61 KB, 1080x1298, 1576413322185.png)

Satellite Images Confirm Rapid Chinese Military Expansion Inside Disputed Indian Territory





China Claims It "Expelled" A "Trespassing" US Warship In Latest Dangerous S.China Sea Incident


The Washington-Beijing tit-for-tat is growing on a number of fronts, but has the potential for direct conflict in the South China Sea, where both countries are busy flexing, also on the heels of accusations and counter charges over the COVID-19 pandemic's origins and cover-up.

Fox's Lucas Tomlinson reports Thursday, "One month after U.S. guided-missile destroyer Mustin harassed by Chinese warship from a carrier strike group, the Mustin cruises by contested islands in move likely to irk China."

Specifically the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer sailed near the Paracel Islands in a contested area of the South China Sea.



File: 1591052063531.jpg (5.71 KB, 250x233, 1567452611088.jpg)




File: 1591271879731.png (471.97 KB, 720x715, ac69f9669b451908a6b9f23b9b….png)

Nuclear Brinkmanship Is Back: Putin OKs Using Nukes In Response To Conventional Attacks




File: 1591420130949.png (346.95 KB, 1180x628, 10034ec790f2c12a933ee75587….png)

Shots Fired On Turkish Police Boat From Greek Border As Athens 'Readies' Military Options

When asked this week if Greece was ready for a military solution to the dispute with Turkey, the Greek Defense Minister replied: “Exactly so.




File: 1591646391671.jpg (96.39 KB, 980x551, 5ede717a85f54039097fc3cf.JPG)

Iran’s supreme leader praises ‘TANKER JIHAD’ after oil shipments to Venezuela



File: 1591890422697.jpg (61.66 KB, 960x935, 1591822081550.jpg)

Sperglin weighs in on WW3 with China




File: 1592094225248.png (690.38 KB, 1000x1149, 1338208 - Anna Elsa Frozen.png)

Syria & Russia Thwart US Oil Blockade With Massive Redpilled Fuel Convoy To Northeast Syria

US Signs Commitment For Mass Troop Exit From Iraq, Vows "No Permanent Bases

Kim Jong-Un's Powerful Sister Threatens Military Action Against South, Cuts Deescalation Hotline After Defector Row



File: 1592260662340.jpg (6.23 KB, 226x225, 670ea6fa2874a30c53aa1676f0….jpg)

North Korean Army "Fully Ready" To Enter DMZ, "Throw Garbage In The Trash"




File: 1592626520179.jpg (339.84 KB, 1434x1112, 1592363961705.jpg)

China is eyeing high-tech ‘surprise PEARL HARBOR’ attack on US electric grid… using ‘stolen’ American technology, kike report claims




File: 1592762707111.png (619.83 KB, 736x920, 1583704190523.png)

Atomic Oversight Group Says Iran May Be Holding "Undeclared Nuclear Material And Activities"

Egypt's Sisi Visits Airbase Near Libyan Border, Threatens Intervention Backing Haftar

Turkey now active on three middle east fronts



File: 1593192717169.jpg (898.5 KB, 1197x1488, 1582557228498.jpg)

Big explosion at Parchin military base outside Tehran, another at Shiraz



File: 1593363843024.jpg (55.73 KB, 900x600, saudipatrol.jpg)

Saudi Arabia Forced 3 Iranian Boats From Its Territorial Waters




File: 1593493356017.jpg (37.95 KB, 710x400, akash.jpg)

India Deploys 'Quick Reaction' Anti-Air Missiles To Border While China Warns Of "Prolonged Standoff"

Six pro-Iranian militiamen killed in airstrike near Syrian-Iraq border

Pepe Escobar: Why Iran Won’t Be Broken

Palestinians Reportedly Ready to Resume Talks With Israel, Negotiate 'Minor' Territorial Concessions



File: 1593575626423.jpg (95.28 KB, 725x450, t-90-tanksindia.jpg)

India Sends Tanks Along Border To Prevent China "Redefining" Line Of Actual Control



‘If they annex the Jordan Valley, it’s World War III’: Hundreds march in New York to protest Israel's West Bank annexation scheme

Israeli Leaders Say West Bank Annexation Must Wait Due To COVID-19

Taiwan Navy Holds Live-Fire Drills With F-16s Dropping Bomb Nicknamed "The Hammer"



File: 1593851240809.png (617.4 KB, 650x520, 1569626099512.png)

Syria Prepares For Irlmaierian Military Confrontation With Turkey In Northeast




File: 1593920391417.jpg (376.95 KB, 931x1462, 0a52d12431b8582389022cc32a….jpg)

Jewnited Snakes Moves To Seize Iran Petroleum On New Tanker Group Bound For Venezuela




File: 1594100937460.jpg (47.11 KB, 446x459, Elsa hfw.jpg)

China Touts "Aircraft Carrier Killer" Missiles As US Supercarriers Operate In South China Sea

Behind China's Takeover Of Hong Kong: The Pearl River Delta Megacity

China Has Already Declared Cold War On US



File: 1594183556682.jpg (108.96 KB, 630x630, 1562051521999.jpg)




File: 1594384227325.jpg (93.25 KB, 1000x568, egyptianarmy.jpg)

War Footing: Egypt Answers Turkish Naval Drills With Own Large Exercise On Libyan Border




File: 1594479974723.jpg (900.67 KB, 2316x3088, 1585836337477.jpg)

Watch US Armored Convoy Retreat As Syrian Army Threatens Fire In Tense Standoff




File: 1594924888794.png (6.31 KB, 280x180, 1594659736664.png)

Mike Pompeo’s statement that Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea are unlawful was seen by some as a dramatic step toward war




File: 1594925401127.jpg (51.41 KB, 720x965, 1565631990369.jpg)

Turkish Proxies In Syria Went Out Of Control, Attack Joint Turkish-Russian Patrol




File: 1594976116953.png (630.53 KB, 1113x719, ragnarök2.png)

Azerbaijan Threatens To Strike Armenian Atomic Plant Amid Worst Border Fighting In Years




File: 1595042029450.png (10.34 KB, 500x500, 1547924690909.png)

Is Israel Hoping To Start A War With Iran Before US Elections?

US Spy Planes & Drones Observed Stepping Up Operations Over South China Sea

Billionaire Dalio Warns US-China Tensions "Could Evolve Into Shooting War", Sees Parallels To '30s Lead Up To World War II



File: 1595613450962.jpg (363.43 KB, 1444x1444, 1595474595372.jpg)

Tehran vows international probe into US ‘terrorist’ interception of Mahan Air plane over Syria which lead to multiple injured passengers






File: 1596318934100.jpg (55.56 KB, 990x640, su27intercept.jpg)

In 3rd Intercept This Week, Russia Scrambles Fighter Jet Against US Spy Plane Over Black Sea



Very kino



File: 1596500332417.jpg (77.81 KB, 980x551, 5f287b1d20302748fa733c88.jpg)

Pissrahell once again strikes Syrian military targets near Damascus, IDF calls it ‘response’ to failed border attack



File: 1596520851917.png (877.53 KB, 760x700, 1426450369259.png)

Dry-run for World War III? Covid-19 is practice for future biological warfare, says top Russian doctor



Gud vid apart from the kike spins on world affairs

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