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Germania: Over 10k Protesters condemn coronavirus lockdown measures in Stuttgart

>Anti-lockdown protesters, including those against future COVID-19 compulsory vaccines and those fearing permanent restrictions on fundamental rights, rallied in Stuttgart on Saturday.







File: 1589109911072.jpg (15.58 KB, 310x165, Screen-Shot-2020-05-10-at-….jpg)

Germanic Anti-Lockdown Protesters Chant “We are the People!” and Clash with Riot Police in Berlin!






File: 1589155052826.jpg (592.7 KB, 1565x2048, 1588868721470.jpg)



File: 1589156898555.jpg (204.14 KB, 675x1200, 1589110943219.jpg)




File: 1589156906419.jpg (60.73 KB, 541x800, Querdenken-Demo-Stuttgart-….jpg)



There's something to admire that even in the dying cucked nation of Germany, there are still people with some measure of sense and balls. If only they started to kill their politicians and all the shitskins around them.



There's a difference between dying and being tranquilized by the kikes

Germanics are tranquilized because of wealth and material abundance, COVID lockdowns threaten to take both of these away so the sheeple are awakening en masse as has been predicted for years

>"If only they started to kill their politicians and all the shitskins around them"

also FBI pls go






File: 1589159116737.jpg (23.8 KB, 540x540, 68c895d34c62d5357acd29bd8c….jpg)



>foky goes outside for once
>hitler exits a portal and tells him he's come to start the fourth reich
>foky calls him fbi and goes back inside to jack off to fat whore feet



File: 1589159862894.jpg (147.03 KB, 1280x879, 1589147111188.jpg)

Jaccin ur schwong to fat whore feet is GUD redart



So is making Zionist tools cry out for mercy but showing none.



If ur savage liek dis ur not better den de kikes imo



Take the Machiavellian pill, pussy!



File: 1589163484109.png (27.99 KB, 128x128, 1588992045839.png)

>take the jail pill, goy!

Not today officer
Not today



>Not making other retards go to jail for you instead
IDIOT! Organized, constant terrorism is extremely effective, but unfortunately nobody wants to sacrifice themselves, and honestly this is indicative of a weak cause. Thus, even if you think it's stupid, you should still say it's BASED, and hopefully it'll encourage other people to do it. People who think feds encourage violent acts are actually retards. It's very boomer-tier thinking to believe it's necessary to frame you, when they already have all the nigger-cattle by the balls. If directed at actual places of power such members of the media it would be a catastrophic blow to ZOG. They aren't sacred of activism, but they will be too scared to speak at all if you're an actual threat.



As a good example of what you're saying anon think of how white gun owners are framed as dickless losers while black gang n-words who actually use guns to kill people and commit other violent crimes are unironically venerated and excused lmao.



File: 1589165596805.jpg (167.46 KB, 1024x1123, frozen_anna_by_xiaohuanggu….jpg)

No ur gay and wrong



Sorry, as a GERM-MAN I know it's actually illegal for you to say something like KILLING KIKE JOURNALISTS IS BASED!



File: 1589166003276.jpg (52.26 KB, 331x402, butthurt-faggot.jpg)

*schmäccs ur kike ass*



Even if a cop rightfully shoots a nigger it's a travesty, even if some 'activists' like the proud boys defend themselves then they're violent White supremacists. If you accidentally run over a fat bitch because people are surrounding your car getting ready to attack you, then you're a murder. The nigger-cattle are already perfectly docile, and there is no longer any law for White people. If you are target, you are fucked.

Violence isn't the end all be all, but even if you don't advocate for violence, if you vocally disavow it because it's not optical or something, you're just a toothless sissy boi. If that's what you think is making or breaking your political success, then you never had a chance to begin with. I've been interested in fringe politics for over 12 years, and while everyone agrees that nothing is achieved by just whining online, nothing has changed. "Don't do anything illegal", "Don't meet anyone IRL", so I guess the only thing left to do is wait for a slow death while donating super chats to Ecelebs, so they can continue preaching to the choir. Realizing how ineffectual 'the movement' is really changed my perspective on things.





File: 1589187240397.png (175.56 KB, 1665x370, muscovite rumble.PNG)




File: 1589231888097.jpg (89.62 KB, 700x390, covididioten.jpg)

Mfw the local ZOG press has openly lifted that newspeak "covidiot" term from the anglo twattersphere, what cringe lel





This is fuckin awesome

A SPIEGEL journalist (basically the local equivalent to Wapo/Huffpo/the guardian) tries to bait one demonstrator by asking him what he thinks of the Volkslehrer's presence at the demonstration and goes like "he's a holocaust denier" and the guy is like "I don't give a fuck we're all humans here protesting whether left or right-wing, they can't divide us anymore like in the past"

The guy has no retort to this naturally save for "WTF so you love nazis" kek



This guy is a vulgar bydlo-tier rapper and he's coming out about pizzagate-tier stuff aswell now, one of the people i wouldn't have expected this from at all

Says that there's very powerful people who among other cities are abducting children in Frankfurt (aka rothschild central on the continent) and drinking their blood etc, they own the press too



Antifa against anti-lockdown protestors

They really are soros shills thru and thru kek



File: 1589343304568.jpg (47.25 KB, 640x480, 1589257468247.jpg)




Deez nu age nibbers doin a haka dance lmao




Kek the FRG's regime media is calling protestors "corona deniers" now after they came up with "climate deniers" earlier

It has an obvious connotation to "holocaust denier" too



File: 1589413694549.jpg (1014.52 KB, 1920x1080, DemosWE2.jpg)


Heh there's protests in my city too inna coming days

I'd wager it's full of Q-tier boomers though



>what do you mean you want to stop wearing masks?
>what are you, a bunch of NAZIS?



File: 1589429810606.jpg (15.48 KB, 322x375, 1587758448659.jpg)

Just FYI, the head of the robert koch institute (basically the local equivalent to the CDC) is just as incompetent as ((Fauci)) and has a similarily dubious background - The guy was a failed veteriniarian before being appointed as head of the institute shit you not kek, and he's probably bought and paid for by gates aswell

There's a clear pattern beginning to emerge here




Dayum it still early





Shud b an interdastan weekend

God i hope the FRG regime collapses soon and gets replaced w/the rightful Reich authorities





File: 1589541373924.jpg (38.65 KB, 640x360, ydHy7qjnzKUd_640x360.jpg)




Kek the boomer thought the interview concluced already but the camera wuz still rollan



File: 1589631089364.jpg (71.7 KB, 1027x658, eD5-KA7.jpg)

Bolshevist pro-lockdown antifa just blew up the demonstration organizer's truck with literal explosives




File: 1589668167139.png (478.25 KB, 609x514, asfsaafsf.PNG)

5k-ish people in Stuttgart yesterday

A lot of people seemed to have pissed themselves after the regime media's campaign and stayed home

Also for some reason they let that guy from the volkslehrer video speak on stage kek







File: 1589722253235.jpg (112.43 KB, 699x390, Querdenken711-16.5.209d.jpg)

Antifa bolshevists brutally attack demonstrators








File: 1589899565720.jpg (1.19 MB, 1242x1203, 1589427817534.jpg)




File: 1590064735120.jpg (108.08 KB, 770x510, 1589982189848.jpg)






File: 1590091341768.png (1 MB, 1031x673, 1590090913181.png)

me inna bg



This woman is a prominent veteran civil rights activist who helped cause the fall of the bolshevist GDR regime during the 1989 revolution

Merkel's henchmen are literally dragging her across the floor for having observed an antifa congregation from afar despite the fact she's had her knee operated on mere days before

God i love how the regime is showing its true ugly grimace now and people are forcibly confronted with it and have to chose the sides they stand on, been waiting for them to massively slip up like this for a good long while



It's her own fault for playing that music so loud.



You cannot make this up

Ferkel literally instated one of her fellow bolshevist GDR boomer comrade cunts inna regional constitutional court


Bitch is transforming the FRG into an openly bolshevist state construct and no one except for pro-white AfD voters is batting an eye



File: 1590194060755.jpg (26.14 KB, 324x235, merkel_diktatorin-324x235.jpg)

"(…) In Cologne, the young blogger Lisa Licentia was initially surrounded by left-wing extremists during the gathering and then beaten by several perpetrators. Instead of rushing to help her, the police threw the young woman on the floor and led her away with cable ties. Even in the presence of the police, attempts were made to steal her tripod and cell phone, as can be seen on videos. Licentia was injured both by the left attack and by police action, not to mention the scandal of perpetrator-victim distortion. In Gera, Thuringia, the first casualty of the Corona protests might even have been a hair's breadth, a second Benno Ohnesorg: police officers stop a completely peaceful walk by the citizens, with a young policewoman shouting to a demonstrator to go back, or she would “use the weapon "."







File: 1590195314176.jpg (111.01 KB, 843x701, 1544556216726.jpg)

8m50s for the hysterical cunt threatening to shoot the protestor

Bitch must b on her period and almost caused a second 1989 revolushen there heh





File: 1590283703752.jpg (71.7 KB, 1027x658, eD5-KA7.jpg)

What a fuckin clown world setup

soros-sponsored ZOG globohomo antifa literally congregating against anti-lockdown protestors


I love the fact that the normo NPC's now have no other choice than to chose the side they stand on due to their jerbs being threatened by deez ZOG microchip agenda measures



Pacifists keep getting OWNed by Antifa. More proof that they're huge losers. Make sure not to beat up those trannies or you're a fed according to the alleged 'reactionary right' LOL!








… Here's another example of a prominent dissident being deliberately picked out by the ZOGbots and incarcerated for no actual reason

They prolly have gotten some new orders from the top to directly pick out prominent dissidents and make an example ouf of them to browbeat the soyim into submission

The regime is fucking desperate kek



Heh volkslehrer inna frame at 0m24s
Cant wait for his nu video on dis



And here's the next escalation stage as foretold by Irlmaier

ZOGbot coppers try to incarcerate a pub owner for having violated the microchip agenda lockdown restrictions but a whole flock of people turns against the police openly heh

This shit gets me rock hard seriously

I want to see this brutal crypto-bolshevist germanophobic regime on the ground and cowering in front of the people



Yfw this is what a dying impotent regime looks like





good video, but it was cucked when he let the roastie cop out of the choke hold.



How do I get a job microchipping nigger-cattle?



Send that there applicashen of urs to gates@who.org, goy :^)





File: 1590449483987.jpg (45.7 KB, 696x385, visier-696x385.jpg)

Orwellian bolshevist FRG regime forces germanic pupils to wear plastic visors inna skool




File: 1590488387419.jpg (83.29 KB, 1080x1080, 1590458749437.jpg)

"The secure make home office and take part in digital conferences or teach online, but admonish the others to leave their masks and stay at home.

And then there is a growing political caste, that is, the untouchables, the defamed, the marginalized and demonized, which the media thrash and stamp as conspiracy theorists for criticizing the Chancellor and the Corona measures and to go out on the street. These socially and politically marginalized people are very popular because not only are they running out of patience, but their social concerns are growing and their financial resources are being depleted.

A classic powder keg is being created here, which has grown with social tensions and is now receiving additional explosive power due to an increasing ideological split. Even faster easing of COVID restrictions will not change that. At best, it will reduce the pressure in the boiler at short notice. "

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