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File: 1599925364343.jpg (43.49 KB, 554x369, ehang-photo-1.jpg)

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Ambulance Drones: EHang Joins Ambular

EHang Holdings has announced that it has been selected to join Ambular, an international project to design the ultimate emergency vehicles: ambulance drones. “Supported by the International Civil Aviation Organization (“ICAO”), the project also seeks to inspire the global aviation community to unleash the potential of eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft,” says an EHang press release.





File: 1599926012274.jpg (27.9 KB, 625x417, origin_1.jpg)

Very kino



File: 1599926024459.jpg (130.27 KB, 2200x1080, ambular.jpg)



File: 1599933807209.jpg (45.75 KB, 800x466, walmart drone.jpg)







File: 1599939666998.jpg (44.64 KB, 331x403, asspained kike.jpg)

Fuck off, KIKE



File: 1600014711650.jpg (5.95 KB, 187x250, 1576235924159s.jpg)

How the FUCK can brick and mortar storefronts recover




When these drones start getting shot down/stolen in large numbers things will swing back. Many people don't have a "back yard" so to speak either.



The ((market)) always finds a solution heh

Maybe they'll be escorted by swarms of armed small police drones or smth down the road heh



File: 1600318958639.jpg (520.64 KB, 750x737, 059a5698aefe96c1c470e967ca….jpg)

Feds worried drones might AIRLIFT prisoners over walls, says new DOJ report seeking permission to SHOOT THEM DOWN



File: 1600376476697.png (279.71 KB, 439x532, punk_elsa_by_badxwolff-d7k….png)

GM Considers Expanding Into Electric-Flying Air-Taxis



File: 1600563068715.jpg (96.19 KB, 1600x1062, 58510.jpg)

Turkish drone magnate Baykar successfully tests flying car



File: 1600563108732.png (1.01 MB, 822x690, kino.PNG)

The SD-03 flying “car” has completed its first public flight demonstration at the Toyota Test Field in Japan. The single-seater circled around for 4 minutes controlled by a pilot and assisted by a computer to maintain stability while in flight. It's designed to be a new form of transportation for urban aerial mobility. SD-03 is an electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle or “eVTOL.” It uses eight motors to aid the craft in air. SkyDrive is currently planning more flight tests outside of the test fields of Toyota.




Jesus that's kiked-up



Kek that burglar in the video should have been blacc for accuracy



File: 1601128723278.png (68 KB, 400x400, soykike.png)



File: 1601131293260.png (257.45 KB, 332x403, LOL soyiencehurt.png)






File: 1601137806055.jpg (209.78 KB, 2048x1435, reddit dystopia.jpg)




U draw that urself or is that from the chans



File: 1602367787833.jpg (311.08 KB, 626x487, 1558036042405.jpg)

Drones for Police: Australian Force Equips Motorcycles with Drones in Innovative Implementation



I wuz actually surprised how loud those fucking rotors are on the ehang when i heard it for the first tiem, they are bigger than ordinary non-passenger drone rotors though and have to lift some considerable shit so it's not too surprising i guess

Still it would be rad if they could dampen the noise somehow



File: 1603001354743.jpg (186.58 KB, 1050x700, ERKA-Autonomous-Ambulance_….jpg)

This autonomous ambulance uses a drone to clear way in crowded cities



File: 1603021634402.jpg (502.61 KB, 1600x1200, bsr philopsphers.jpg)

nice square wheels on that soiencemobile, its really encouraging to see someone thinking outside the box on wheel shape. i'm sick of seeing stupid ass old circular wheels everywhere, theres got to be a better way



File: 1603028509732.jpg (479.07 KB, 1920x1920, 1602995872834.jpg)

Yeah it's also a bad shoop and apparently a poojeet wrote that advertisement LARPing as an article, prolly a money laundering operashen methinks heh



File: 1603498455927.jpg (86.04 KB, 1024x576, EHang-216L-02-1024x576.jpg)

New EHang 216L cargo drone can carry up to 200 kg of payload



File: 1603764515569.jpg (89.37 KB, 748x532, 1603614422355.jpg)

Merck Partners With Drone Startup Volansi For Vaccine Delivery





File: 1604204551948.jpg (40.08 KB, 800x623, 64rd launcher.jpg)

Weaponized drone swarms could easily take out oil refiners, nuclear power plants, airports, government buildings, electrical grids, or even cause unfathomable loss of life at sports stadiums.

A recent paper titled "Are Drone Swarms Weapons of Mass Destructions?," argues such attacks like those mentioned above could be viewed as "weapons of mass destruction."

For example, a massive swarm of drones blew up oil production facilities in Saudi Arabia in 2019. As we recently noted, another incident was unearthed via Freedom of Information Act documents that showed mysterious drone swarms had breached airspace over America's largest nuclear power plant last year.

The question readers should be asking: Where are the layered defense systems that protect these high-value assets?

Well, we might have found one that combats and could completely neutralize a small drone attack.

Defense firm Savage Corp. has developed the SAVAGE missile (Smart Anti-Vehicle Aerial Guided Engagement), a low-cost smart weapon designed with a solid-fuel propellant rocket motor, able to travel around Mach 1, with an effective range of 3 miles, uses thrust-vectoring engines with artificial intelligence to knock small, fast-moving targets out if the sky, like drones.




File: 1604204619417.jpg (50.97 KB, 960x495, 960x0.jpg)

CETC, a state-owned Chinese company, has released a new video claiming to show the successful test of a ‘barrage swarm’ that launches 48 attack drones to saturate a target. It is described as the first practical Chinese swarming drone system.


>Yfw this is basically like when bombers first emerged in ww2 but scaled down



File: 1604677114320.jpg (105.41 KB, 852x568, swiss rega drone.jpg)

Extreme ice machines just released an EP where this baby makes an appearance



File: 1604864807947.jpg (7.06 KB, 300x155, ehang.jpg)

>New Experimental Zones Will Support UAM and the Drone Industry in China

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has announced the first Unmanned Civil Aviation Experimental Zones (UCAEZs) to help accelerate the drone industry in China. “The list of UCAEZs covers as many as 13 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Hezhou, Hangzhou, Zigong, Anyang, Nanjing, Tianjin, Yulin, Shenyang, Dongying, Anqing and Ganzhou,” says a press release from Ehang, the Chinese urban air mobility provider.




File: 1604945648600.jpg (52.83 KB, 800x445, 1027051487-800x445.jpg)




File: 1604948109627.jpg (170.35 KB, 1422x1626, soy anticipation twarz.jpg)



File: 1604949518086.jpg (205.26 KB, 1200x900, 076897cbda42baee5e1393be42….jpg)

Welcum to the future bitch



File: 1604959350710.jpg (19.05 KB, 828x466, soyence overload.jpg)

>Welcum to the future bitch



File: 1604959560786.png (11.28 KB, 600x800, 1581617537356.png)

Yes dats u rite dere LOL

>inb4 meme quote



File: 1604963102569.jpg (151.61 KB, 843x1024, direct hit.jpg)

the u/maxwellhil soyence cooomer is butthurt lol



File: 1604964269277.jpg (51.82 KB, 331x402, annahurt-faggot.jpg)

yes dats u LOL



File: 1605460551871.png (394.58 KB, 800x375, lilium_taxi.png)

Germanic Firm Picks Orlando As America's First Flying Taxi Hub




File: 1605465550116.jpg (19.05 KB, 828x466, soyence overload.jpg)

>America's First Flying Taxi Hub



File: 1605466846378.png (257.45 KB, 332x403, LOL soyiencehurt.png)



File: 1605468749554.jpg (196.98 KB, 1499x1000, 3806871.jpg)

Ehang air taxi concludes test flight in S. Korea as 2025 urban air mobility initiative gets underway

French Army To Test Small Drones That Can Detect, Intercept, And Possibly Jam Communications

Sony prepares to enter the drone game with Airpeak



File: 1605940613715.png (513.36 KB, 800x431, 2020-11-15_12-44-54.png)

Boston Dynamics' Robot Dogger Starts New Work On BP Oil Rig




its job is to have sex with the female affirmative action hires



File: 1606008851341.jpg (56.22 KB, 750x750, 1580005913187.jpg)



File: 1606057659318.png (466.78 KB, 909x900, 1567980841263.png)

Navy To Test Germanic Resupply Drones For Warships




File: 1606089470707.jpg (35.64 KB, 960x495, harop.jpg)

The ‘Magic Bullet’ Drones Behind Azerbaijan’s Victory Over Armenia







heh i laff at the android founder's dogfeller






File: 1607216733531.jpg (102.45 KB, 719x1112, 35fd24926d9b73c6d548353119….jpg)

Aevum unveils smallsat-launching drone aircraft

Germanic Police Drones Are Starting to Think for Themselves





File: 1607565774379.png (661.5 KB, 905x504, 2020-12-05_07-54-01.png)

Russia Unveils New Anti-Drone Tank




File: 1607566081791.png (923.98 KB, 576x585, Unbenannt5454787.PNG)



File: 1607758412652.png (513.59 KB, 608x348, nypd boston dynamics.png)

The NYPD has unveiled a new dog-like robot it says it will use to fight crime and “save lives,” but some netizens see the gadget as another step toward high-tech tyranny, reminiscent of dystopias from ‘RoboCop’ to ‘Black Mirror’ (or the protocols of the learned elders heh)




File: 1607842037747.jpg (83.86 KB, 800x533, switchblade.jpg)

Marine Corps Want Swarming Kamikaze Drones

The US Marine Corps is in the process of acquiring portable ground-launched kamikaze drones capable of swarming over the modern battlefield to precisely takeout enemy troops, according to a new government notice.




cops get them in 3-4 years



File: 1608000792913.jpg (213.48 KB, 819x1024, 1607946074455.jpg)

Michael Jordan's New Golf Course Uses Drone To Deliver Beer To Golfers




File: 1608010765070.png (540.82 KB, 800x514, 2020-12-05_08-40-20.png)

Autonomous Drone To Launch Satellites Into Orbit For Space Force





File: 1608497499256.jpg (897.74 KB, 1242x1085, 1562455533287.jpg)

Russia is developing a helicopter drone to destroy other drones



File: 1608735393752.jpg (87.36 KB, 720x696, 1608631064070.jpg)




File: 1609217060410.jpg (124.06 KB, 980x551, 5fea9c9720302726a01c29fe.jpg)

When the city falls asleep…the drones wake up: FAA’s new drone rules to allow commercial operators to fly at night




File: 1609303173233.png (220.77 KB, 500x315, 2020-12-28_14-23-31.png)




A Chinese start-up company is producing self-driving buses, vending vans and cleaning vehicles as images shot in a mountain park show in Wuhan on Friday





File: 1609824637969.png (218.21 KB, 500x277, 2021-01-02_13-17-58.png)

The US Navy could be a couple of years away from deploying the largest unmanned undersea vehicle called "Snakehead" to scout underwater areas and gather intelligence on enemy forces.

Called the Large Displacement Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (LDUUV), the Snakehead program will be an important electronic warfare platform for the service.




File: 1609927559624.jpg (41.34 KB, 1200x600, 1609882555933.jpg)

I wonder if there's going to be air drone piracy



File: 1609928560539.jpg (59.05 KB, 1200x857, evtol-aircraft.jpg)






File: 1610386606604.jpg (319.47 KB, 1500x1500, 1577465614679.jpg)

Nio Partners With Nvidia To Put Self-Driving "Supercomputers" In Its New Sedans



File: 1610785563638.jpg (7.2 KB, 400x225, commrcldrne.jpg)

In Historic First, FAA Approves Fully Automated Commercial Drones In US Skies



File: 1611005553818.jpg (23.46 KB, 320x322, 1557643658738.jpg)




File: 1611163133611.png (229.19 KB, 500x340, 2021-01-19_14-40-20.png)




File: 1612001060096.jpg (247.75 KB, 1242x1236, 1564450570832.jpg)





File: 1612009841764.jpg (272.55 KB, 768x960, 1523253279085.jpg)




File: 1612511674899.jpg (98.72 KB, 1080x1280, 1566751309325.jpg)




File: 1612898132635.jpg (39.23 KB, 524x406, 02c7170e80b89beba9c87fd9f4….jpg)

It's amazing to think how we're witnessing this huge shift in how warfare is being conducted live This is what the transition from trenches to blitzkrieg must have felt like to people back in the early 20th century



File: 1612908806390.jpg (69.76 KB, 744x389, longshot_resize_md.jpg)

China’s EHang working on medical air mobility demo

DARPA Begins Autonomous Weapon-Launching Drone Program



File: 1613350297328.png (1.32 MB, 1388x1324, 1613341864754.png)




File: 1613350626852.jpg (48.14 KB, 962x371, shut it down.JPG)

>"Mr. Schwaab, the goyim are aware!"






File: 1614059988036.png (218.99 KB, 500x268, 2021-02-22_14-33-06.png)




File: 1614274820326.jpg (78.95 KB, 548x592, 1532568214407.jpg)




File: 1614275109717.jpg (52.84 KB, 1200x780, laser weapon_0.jpg)

Fuck this pic is epic



File: 1615150447174.jpg (7.42 KB, 231x218, 1559456942814.jpg)




File: 1615341220791.jpg (153.73 KB, 600x676, 1559277236504.jpg)







File: 1615514299296.jpg (19.24 KB, 300x250, 1559596706108.jpg)






File: 1616143895246.jpg (12.83 KB, 500x294, weatherdrones.jpg)

The UAE Is Developing 'Cloud-Shocking' Drones To Artificially Boost Rainfall



File: 1616236860173.jpg (151.86 KB, 1000x661, 1616210468090.jpg)

Apparently the turkish air force has some of the most advanced combat drones inna wurrl rn



Singapore-based aviation contractor aims to build supersonic combat drone



File: 1618017295374.jpg (8.42 KB, 250x187, 1617994308969s.jpg)

Spergdrew on the robot question



File: 1618133859570.jpg (26.63 KB, 500x495, ups beta.jpg)

UPS Buying Vertical Takeoff Aircraft For Time-Sensitive Deliveries



One counterflooding bump











File: 1618682644082.jpg (105.58 KB, 1024x683, lift-hexa-2-1024x683.jpg)

The Germanic US Air Force Has Big Plans For The Hexa "Flying Car



File: 1619111373454.jpg (18.23 KB, 720x480, 262679_web.jpg)

The first US population to experience drone delivery gives it a seal of approval





File: 1619306564301.jpg (18.49 KB, 500x255, PSB7XJZZCJBINAZ2BNJLAVHM34….jpg)

DARPA's Germanic Aerial Dragnet Hunts Drones With Drones











File: 1619874588464.png (268.84 KB, 500x278, 2021-04-28_15-03-35.png)




Germanic Royal Marine With Jet Suit Practice Mock Maritime Boarding Operations



File: 1620220320986.jpeg (208.37 KB, 1386x780, ehang-vertiport.jpeg)



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