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NASA To Spark "Lunar Gold Rush" In Move To Break China's Monopoly On Rare Earth Metals

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> Space battles are the stuff of science fiction, but recent technological and political developments have done much to make the prospect an ever more likely reality – and it’s clear the UK wants to get in on the action.



File: 1617028038034.jpg (231.17 KB, 600x585, 1617023298247.jpg)

Why sleep pods are science fiction: Long-term space travelers need high-intensity exercise to protect their hearts, study says



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Remains Of Alien Planet Lurk Deep Within Earth's Mantle, Germanic Researchers Suggest




Big if true



no word on if earth had developed life before theia impacted.



File: 1618102818673.jpg (140.95 KB, 960x720, ec648b20804779a7ac0556f901….jpg)

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Fresh nu UFO footage fuckerinos



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File: 1618596674399.jpg (96.18 KB, 750x716, 1563658058974.jpg)




File: 1618667974633.png (765.77 KB, 640x626, 1618619819078.png)






File: 1618683133894.png (897.23 KB, 2048x1994, 1bd6c5f782acaa523ba0b8bf07….png)

We may find signs of life on other planets in next 5 to 10 years’ thanks to powerful new telescope, claims germanic researcher



File: 1618857856982.jpg (13.15 KB, 262x234, 1563139894142.jpg)

NASA celebrates first ever powered flight on another planet, as Ingenuity helicopter rises above Mars





File: 1618877750524.jpg (148.28 KB, 1024x670, 1618871286737.jpg)






File: 1619110767409.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1499, 1572648140531.png)

Artificial intelligence is teaching germanic-made robots to evolve autonomously so they can pioneer exploration on distant planets




File: 1619306958499.png (133.63 KB, 500x372, 2021-04-24_08-12-48.png)




File: 1619411868387.jpg (60.09 KB, 640x640, 0bc5536cdaa4ed42e5d36ef343….jpg)




File: 1619468177846.png (160.94 KB, 400x225, Screenshot_12.png)

Musk On Mars Colonization: "A Bunch Of People Will Probably Die, But It's A Glorious Adventure"




File: 1619469017519.jpg (631.43 KB, 2048x1957, MaterPorn.jpg)

Germanic Oxygen has been created on Mars for the first time in space history



File: 1619473634668.png (289.81 KB, 580x346, mars2.PNG)

Incredible germanic video shows NASA’s Ingenuity fly farther and faster than ever before on Mars












File: 1619676848846.png (153.92 KB, 353x469, 1578853567276.png)

Germanic Supersoldiers & AI generals? Top Space Force scientist says Pentagon must adopt ‘human augmentation’ tech to beat out adversaries




File: 1619677109404.jpg (91.75 KB, 980x551, 608a28f42030277cc55e0884.JPG)

China launches core module of its planned PERMANENT space station into orbit (VIDEOS)



File: 1619753843623.png (192.64 KB, 500x276, Tiangong space station.png)




File: 1619915717008.png (322.5 KB, 640x602, 1584684645195.png)

Bidet administration picks Kamala Harris to head National Space Council, touts her as ‘perfect person’ to lead US space policy



File: 1620132773556.jpg (45.21 KB, 500x375, asteroid 2021 earth1.jpg)




Nu kurzgesoyd



File: 1620214104809.png (222.47 KB, 396x396, 1619679361535.png)

>Doesn't even mention white holes and that quantum theory which states that once black holes have collapsed sufficiently they kick in reverse gear and blow up into white holes




File: 1620214918285.png (761.3 KB, 1334x579, fff3.PNG)

Germanic NASA is now Planning a Mission to go 1,000 AU From the Sun, Deep Into Interstellar Space



File: 1620215073729.jpg (578 KB, 900x720, Reactormalfunction.jpg)

Antimatter Stars Could Be Lurking in Milky Way

>Germanic Astronomers using data from NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have identified 14 candidate antistars — stars made of antimatter — in our Milky Way Galaxy.







File: 1620274843364.jpg (17.83 KB, 545x525, 080faa8ac3c46d572d5ab33c7d….jpg)

>On 5 May 2021, Starship Serial Number 15 (SN-15), the fifth Starship prototype to be equipped with 3 Raptor engines and launched to an altitude of at least 10km, successfully landed back at the SpaceX launch facility near Boca Chica, Texas (and did not explode after landing, as Starship SN-10 had done previously).[18]
>Transport use in space is expected to use a vacuum‑optimized Raptor engine variant to optimize specific impulse to approximately 380 s (8,300 mph; 3.7 km/s).[

Almost 4 km per second holy fuck

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