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is that 4chan voter fraud shit real?


i know how it is doing a governmental 'initative' project CRUD system with random custom requirements likely on your free time when the client underpays you and other dev(s) 10x (and while like 18 other 'managing' people are on the project payroll) and doesn't give a shit about anything but finding ways to pocket given gov money and look good in conferences

nobody will be held accountable kek



File: 1603021110773.jpg (22.13 KB, 360x270, ron paul blond afro wig.jpg)




What happened ?



Nothing, just a false flag to justify shutting down 4chan and further consolidating Twitter and Facebook's influence



File: 1603041336201.png (484.06 KB, 856x854, 1602615338466.png)

maybe it is bullshit, haven't got into details, but half of the internet is in this really weird state of damage control (incl 4c /g/ for some reason) where they must prove at all costs that
>hur dur retards you can t just like hack and abuse a shitty outsourced insecure website api using windows cmd and some python script thats just impossibru, like thats just literary not how every on-the-spot made website scraper or bot ever works



File: 1603042935638.jpg (166.44 KB, 850x619, 3517015 - Anna Chesare Els….jpg)

This post has been debunked by snopes already



it's also been debunked that comrade tv goy jim carey is allowed to make fun of joe biden and, in fact, that was just an accidental mistake



File: 1603044076187.png (343.68 KB, 585x606, 1569962714086.png)

Actually this has been debunked a while ago

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