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So now ‘Covid anxiety syndrome’ is a thing? (RT OpED)


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India's COVID-19 Crisis Leads To Black Market Price Explosion

>…the $80 price for a standard 50 liter oxygen cylinder has climbed as high as $1,330 on the black market while the cost of an oxygen concentrator has nearly tripled…




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Jewinited Cuckdom Hiring COVID Marshals To Patrol Streets Until 2023 Despite Lockdown Restrictions Supposedly Ending In June



File: 1619676615560.jpg (67.45 KB, 725x390, telegram.jpg)

>“We are veterans of the Bundeswehr and the NVA. We have come together to put ourselves peacefully in the front row between demonstrators and the police, following the example of our comrades in the Netherlands.
On the one hand, this is intended to give the demonstrators symbolic support, and on the other hand, it should show the police what it means to stand by the oath once taken on the free democratic basic law and that veterans are ready to protect the people (…) We look forward to all veterans who want to take our side.
… the more we are, the better! "



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Red Ice TV: Meet the Covid-19 mRNA Vaxx Enthusiasts



File: 1619685241819.jpg (487.01 KB, 2586x1010, peak NPC bugman.jpg)




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File: 1619752976275.jpg (76.47 KB, 873x950, Alois Pepemaier.jpg)

"The group is on the verge of reaching the 10,000 mark. And the operators see Germany in a state of war:

“Comrades, the channel is temporarily muted due to the huge onslaught. We are now setting up country groups. The (currently existing) country groups can be found above in the group in the attached messages. It is still silent there for the time being. When everything is in place, we will tell you how to proceed.

Here you have the chance to network, to meet and to serve the fatherland true to the oath. We expect respect and esteem.

We're not going to war. We are at war. It is important to break the spell.

A good soldier is characterized by patience and reliability ”."



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UK Will Release Digital "Vaccine Passport" & "Green List" Of Travel Destinations Next Month



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File: 1620147336620.jpg (47.02 KB, 900x507, 1577641164777.jpg)

"It is worth taking a closer look at the new Infection Protection Act - also known as the “federal emergency brake”. At the very end of the law is §74 (criminal regulations).

Thereafter, anyone who intentionally does something that is mentioned in Section 73 (1) or (1a) numbers 1 to 7, 11-20, 22, 22a, 23 or 24, and thereby spreads Corona is punished with up to 5 years in prison.

The §73 again refers to the §28b, and there you can find what you can go to prison for 5 years.

For example: For not wearing a face mask where this is required.

Or a shop opens that has been closed due to Corona.

Or eat a sausage that was sold to take away and not move far enough from the sausage stand.

Anyone who does this can be arrested and force-tested immediately.
If the test is positive, imprisonment threatens.

The GDR was nothing compared to this"

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