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File: 1630416988931.jpg (462.46 KB, 1080x835, Screenshot_20210830-160443….jpg)




>planned to die anyway
>state is just giving him what he wanted



>Physically removed 9 niggers in a matter of minutes without a scratch
>Took the entire ZOG apparatus half a decade to have him executed by any means
>Only just succeeded
>The entire time, non-whites have been seething and will continue to seethe and fear us afterwards
Yeah, I'm thinking the white man is the alpha predator.



>death by cop
>lethal injection



you obsess of the white man, absolutely a feminine trait
are you secretly gay?








This. It is odd that when negroes kill each other in droves then it's all fine and dandy but when white people get tired of their shenanigans and start killing them it is atrocious and unforgivable. I wonder how many innocent black "people" have been murdered by stray bullets in gang related violence.



niggers killing niggers is jus dey culture.



Why does it feel like that obese whore Dog made this thread..



because youre a faggot



because youre gay



It's called double standards.





Black people only how to repeat whatever the Jews tell them to think.



tbf most wh*te ppl are the same, or half at bare minimum.



this, nigga thinks whites are robots or some shit



Words are the closest thing we have to l*teral magic and J*ws just happen to be the most verbally intelligent even if we are quite strong in other areas, ourselves heh



Dylan Roof did nothing wrong.



>killed several niggers, including a state senator



Plenty of white Americans get murdered and raped by black people every year but when one single boy kills innocent visitors in a church then everyone considers it the end of the world.



File: 1631129169703.png (194.82 KB, 363x518, 7c59eb012ac95a015770413a1d….png)

>innocent visitors



File: 1631129476910.jpg (42.22 KB, 549x584, 1630685194907.jpg)



File: 1631132302929.jpg (68.31 KB, 549x584, fbr siehed rot.jpg)

>Stop *sniffle* spamming *slurp* your fugly face on here *sniff* you *whimper* skitzo
I won't stop posting your face, Fickfehler.



File: 1631132617326.jpg (42.22 KB, 549x584, 1630685194907.jpg)




File: 1631133517077.jpg (128.91 KB, 549x584, fbr predator fine.jpg)

*krshhhk* Target locked. Ready to fire. *krshhk*









"Innocent" visitors, indeed.






Who cares if he killed some tar babies.



He was a bad person, he could have targeted drug dealers and street gangs and instead he went after black boomers whose crime spree days-which undoubtedly existed-were nonetheless well behind them.



A nigger is a nigger. All niggers should die.

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