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Five Extremely Simple Reasons Why Biden Made the Right Call Mandating Vaccines

Conservatives have collectively gone wild with rage and indignation over President Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandate for private businesses, which will require large employers to make sure their workers have either been inoculated or get tested weekly. So it seems like a good moment to point out the very simple reasons why Biden’s move is in fact entirely sensible, especially since parts of the media seem intent on framing the whole thing as just another round in America’s culture war rather than an actual matter of life and death.

Let’s start with the most obvious and work from there.

Reason No. 1: People Are Dying

You really can’t emphasize this one enough. The United States has experienced a staggering 650,000 casualties from COVID-19, with about 1,500 Americans still succumbing to the disease every day.

Reason No. 2: The Economy Is Still Struggling

In August, America’s economic recovery appeared to hit a wall, with employers adding a piddly 235,000 jobs. The badly battered leisure and hospitality industry added precisely zero, according to the government. This screeching halt occurred despite the fact that many states had already cut off the extra unemployment benefits that many business owners were convinced had kept Americans from looking for work.

Reason No. 3: We’ve Given People Enough Time

It’s possible that, over time, more unvaccinated Americans will decide that, actually, they aren’t worried about being microchipped by Bill Gates. Moreover, delta—which already seems to be cresting in some states—could wane on its own thanks to a combo of vaccinations and natural immunity. But at some point, having patience for the holdouts means trading away others’ health, lives […]

Reason No. 4: Businesses Want Their Employees Vaccinated but Have Been Too Scared to Mandate It

Big businesses have clearly wanted their workers to get vaccinated, both because nobody likes it when employees get sick and can’t show up for work, but also because severe COVID cases drive up the cost of health insurance.

Reason No. 5: Most Americans Support Vaccine Mandates

Biden’s move makes sense on the merits. But for all the caterwauling on the right, it may make sense politically. Multiple polls have found that a majority of Americans support requiring people be vaccinated if they want to be in certain public spaces. In a survey by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, about half of Americans backed mandates for people working in-person at their office, while only 23 percent were opposed.



They couldn't suck Biden's dick any harder if they tried.
>by jordan weissman



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