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File: 1602436972067.gif (1.97 MB, 500x370, download.gif)


What a beautiful day today


in what way?



File: 1602445271171.jpg (69.73 KB, 960x640, 960x0.jpg)

Yeah it's nice out, I like the Halloween season, getting colder spoopy movies on TV, it's great



It is nice and breezy out. I had an enjoyable day. I finally kicked an annoying boomer out of my store too. Glorious.

File: 1600297696749.png (46.66 KB, 347x351, Bune.png)


All glories to Lord Bune, the Duke! I praise his name, Bune!

Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa


File: 1600809098717.png (563.16 KB, 569x802, 139483627938.png)



was being a faggot part of OP's plan?

File: 1600659163907.jpg (85.67 KB, 1464x824, CH8lCMsUMAAhjXN.jpg)


Should the dead remains of enemy posts litter the board, as a warning to other wretched, broken souls that would dare trespass upon this sacred ground- or should all evidence they ever existed be destroyed?



File: 1600791815506.png (25.32 KB, 992x312, votes.png)

The people have spoken. Enemy posts will be destroyed. All evidence they ever existed will be destroyed.

File: 1597378045636.jpg (228.44 KB, 2000x1323, 1559837887336.jpg)


Can we share pretty pictures or pictures that make you feel good? I'll start.
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>Watchan docukino about le tokyo sky tree just now
>See this post

Le demiurge synchronicity strikin again heh



File: 1599034354276.jpg (147.49 KB, 1200x798, hyuga_convenience_store_fa….jpg)



Comfy; I want to park my gay little Japanese car there and pick up some snacks and groceries after heading home from the Karaoke bar heh



File: 1599352456693.jpg (158.53 KB, 900x900, a9f71e687da77c23d1fc67b62c….jpg)



File: 1600791604158.jpg (189.33 KB, 720x1017, 1588128403096.jpg)

File: 1599965535064.png (373.9 KB, 1218x1215, DNA - Ancient.png)


Where my western hunter gatherer niggers at?
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File: 1600113908724.png (720.7 KB, 1399x757, floki germanic.PNG)

Mytruancestry updated my shit again the other day heh

(Not OP btw)



File: 1600114000376.png (201.55 KB, 1401x735, my ancestor2.PNG)

I am alemannic



Made a mistake there onna rite with the caption, those are the closest modern population samples compared to the alemannic germanic sample heh



File: 1600114249461.png (247.52 KB, 1405x666, muh celtic viking ancestor.PNG)



File: 1600114336369.png (500.91 KB, 1345x833, updated.PNG)

Scythoids are eastern germanics

File: 1598047810398.jpg (301.19 KB, 1000x800, 675.jpg)


im feeling pretty non-depersonalised this morning, though i still have some pretty big emotional blockages in some areas.

Thank you magnesium, iron, vitamin d, vitamin b-complex and the quitting coffee.
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Yeah… """Magnesium"""…. Heh…





I bought some magnesium fizzies the other day. what is it supposed to do for me?



Don't those just make you shit?



haven't me yet. they are tasty and refreshing at least.
been using them when I'm hungover.

File: 1595302318602.png (62.59 KB, 717x125, logo.png)



free imageboards 4 all!
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File: 1597133183802.jpg (59.46 KB, 331x402, lol-elsahurt.jpg)

LOL nice projection



wow this shit didn't even make it a full MONTH



>For various reasons I will, but why does everyone else get to shamelessly shill their website without consequence except for 4chon?

That's actually a good question.



File: 1598621938712.jpg (509.16 KB, 1515x1913, Увлеченная читательница (1….jpg)



The website is down OP

File: 1598809619289.jpg (320.96 KB, 1080x595, Screenshot_20200830-184412….jpg)


She looks nice


An ass made for sniffing



Twitch / Melina

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