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O.U.H.T #1

Let's get swole together. - /nice/

Post Health Tips/Foods/Exercises/general Health based information ITT
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Caffeine is aids



what a waste of time. I learned literally nothing from that video. serves me right for trusting Joe Rogan.



File: 1625937518874.png (41.25 KB, 600x338, 1537549277859.png)

Joe Rogan is like some barbarian Khan from the steppes that took an interest in intellectual things and his show is basically him bringing slightly nervous scholars and magicians to come before him to explain how the world works "glasses man, you explain to Joe why sky big, and how tree grow" but he will also believe almost anything you tell him, and only recently (in the past few years) does he clap back like "Tiny hat man say otherwise, do you lie to Joe? Tiny hat man say fat not bad for you, that sugar is enemy, so which is truth? Joe thinks you are wrong" and people just nervously go "oh-oh ok h-Haha yah I guess so"

"Joe spend many moons on horseback and training with bow and sword, but joe also wonder why skyfire rise from mountains every morning, you will explain this to Joe."



File: 1625957124679.jpg (69.26 KB, 719x240, Screenshot_20210710-234508….jpg)

File: 1625692108906.jpeg (56.42 KB, 1280x878, R (1).jpeg)


Anyone here engage in creative writing?
I've always been an avid reader but never tried writer anything of my own (though I've often fantasized about it)
Well I've had certain idea for two years now and finally want to stop procrastinating and put pen to paper and get my ideas out there. Not trying to be the next stephan king or anything just want to write my story and engage on a creative project and complete it. Problem is I'm finding it difficult since I've never wrote in this fashion before.
Anyone here /write/?
Want to talk about what you're working on now?
Discuss tips and tricks of the hobby?
Talk about anything relating to creative writing

I'll start the discussion:
As a complete noob, how would you reccomend I go about training my writing skills? What are some ways I can practice and become a more proficient story crafter?


Have a skeleton narrative of what your story is suppose to follow by. Write out your rough draft. Then go back and add in details and edit until you're satisfied that what you've made is at least tolerable.



If 'omniwriter' is still a thing use that, pretty good typing tool.



File: 1625714511845.jpg (176.34 KB, 1557x1098, 1605283546417.jpg)

I used to write a lot, pretty much every day actually, and publish on several websites that no longer exist. I've been wanting to get back into it, and I even came up with a setting that seems interesting to write in. Irl stuff gets in the way though.

Why don't you write a short story for /nice/? A short story, like a couple thousands words or so, only takes a couple hours to write, and it's a great way to just get your feet wet. Just have fun with it.



File: 1625762010406.gif (1.73 MB, 400x266, 1622050885411.gif)

Good tips, thanks friends.

>I used to write a lot, pretty much every day actually, and publish on several websites that no longer exist. I've been wanting to get back into it, and I even came up with a setting that seems interesting to write in.
sounds based as h*ck. What website? Would you be willing to share any of your writings here with us? Understandable if no. Regardless I encourage you to get back on the saddle and start writing away again.

>Why don't you write a short story for /nice/? A short story, like a couple thousands words or so, only takes a couple hours to write, and it's a great way to just get your feet wet. Just have fun with it.

Not opposed to the idea. As I said I have a little project I've been mulling over for about two years now, I think I could create a little side short story to it…/nice/ would have to be extra nice though… this is a bully free zone



File: 1625762428747.jpeg (77.05 KB, 940x525, 182F7FA9-DFD8-4281-870F-8….jpeg)

This book is unironically really good, it has a lot of overlap with other media forms as well obviously heh.

File: 1618335491892.jpg (282.64 KB, 714x715, Screenshot_20210412-234446….jpg)

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old thread

post beautiful white women ITT

this is not a racist thread
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File: 1625669066882.jpg (341.58 KB, 717x898, Screenshot_20210707-154220….jpg)



File: 1625669329845.jpg (195.31 KB, 719x622, Screenshot_20210707-154446….jpg)



File: 1625669342253.jpg (199.56 KB, 719x710, Screenshot_20210707-154523….jpg)



File: 1625669353103.jpg (271.62 KB, 719x897, Screenshot_20210707-154703….jpg)



File: 1625669584879.jpg (64.53 KB, 1024x1024, 1625655896769m.jpg)

File: 1625662003122.jpg (247.36 KB, 712x597, Screenshot_20210707-134631….jpg)


salut frumos această femeie are țâțe gigantice


File: 1625663232863.png (141.76 KB, 808x675, shroomsneedjak.png)

Una sneedo…. ajajaja



File: 1625668114177.jpeg (8.19 KB, 165x306, images (1).jpeg)

tu crezi că gătim, dar tu ești gălăgiile

File: 1620010638052.png (567.75 KB, 870x485, 1616590312353.png)


Borrowing this concept from wizardchan. An anti-crawl thread is a place to make casual posts that don't fit into any of the current threads and don't warrant making a new thread

No politics or religion in here please
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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File: 1622375658119.jpg (109.22 KB, 739x739, 1605060399800.jpg)



your loss



What u mean



it works, at least for me it does anyway
ita because when youre cerebral, you take attention off your physical body

physical influences mental, not the other way round



I remembered some good advice today, "The process is just as important as the results, if all you think about is the results, you'll eventually get lazy and start looking for shortcuts instead of putting in the necessary due diligence".

File: 1625452778633.jpeg (653.56 KB, 1200x900, R (1).jpeg)


Happy 250th birthday America

How did yall celebrate the 4th?


Sorry 245th



File: 1625507193623.jpeg (409.45 KB, 935x733, 1E30D53D-EB24-4A22-8321-C….jpeg)

While I was recovering from drinking too much my dad and little brother almost got into a fistfight over whether or not he should sell his house, after things calmed down somewhat my little brother drove himself and our cousin home while being obviously wasted. Pretty worried about him ngl, don't want my last memory of my little brother to be him yelling like a psychotic retard over something that stupid tbh. Totally ruined the vibe of the evening heh



My heart goes out to you friend. Nothing worse than family strife over pointless matters. Made even worse so when its a time when family should be unified in joy such as a holiday celebration. I sincerely hope this issue comes to a quick peaceful resolution. Also alcohol is really good a destroying families be careful



Fuck the United States. Fuck the federal government. Balkanization now.



Pretty much this.

File: 1625255544005.jpg (235.46 KB, 629x570, Screenshot_20210702-205213….jpg)




That setup is a disaster waiting to happen. It would make me very uncomfortable to be in that room.



File: 1625263395665.jpg (24.45 KB, 211x371, Screenshot_20210702-230301….jpg)

ansert me



You didn't ask anything.



File: 1625269018757.jpg (24.45 KB, 211x371, Screenshot_20210702-230301….jpg)


File: 1623788673831.jpg (531.39 KB, 588x784, Skunk girl.jpg)


Every industry sucks, independent business is mostly dead, and probably nothing I like to do is ever going to make me any significant amount of money. Before industrialization they didn't have this retarded, hourly-based, wagecuckery nonsense. You simply worked with your hands to produce what you needed. I used to wonder why anybody would leave their farms for the city, but apparently subsistence farmers were forced off the common lands they relied on after they were bought out by private companies. These industrial KIKES destroyed generations of would-be healthy communities and forced them to slave away in their mills. Pretty sickening. Anyway, I keep my costs low, and I'm thinking about getting some chickens. I'm hoping I can convince my sister to help me sell eggs at a local farmer's market, because she's cute and people generally don't think I'm very friendly. I don't expect to make much, even if it works out.
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Move somewhere else. With an RV you can go anywhere



I'm moving to a place that's about an hour and a half from where I currently live.



thanks for the loosh mundane



Same. Ive never put shorts my entire life because small calves no matter what i do and ive done it all. Today ive had enough as I was listening to a motivation video on youtube I started crying at how stupid I had been all these years in middle of summer hiding my legs out of shame. So I took some old jeans and cut them into shorts. Put my shorts on and left the house my head held high. Never again was I going to hide myself out of shame. I am me and I love me. I got to the park with an incredible feeling of pride and dignity as I was walking I noticed no one was laughimg at me or pointing at me. That was until I passed infront of 5 guys with calves like picrel having beer near a table. The first one started laughing at me and said " look at this motherfucker's calves LOL" then his friend called me a faggot calvelet. I started crying and they laughed at me even more. As I was trying to flee one of them threw his beer botle at my head. I fell and was bleeding a bit. The biggest came to me and hit me multiple time in the face yelling " you aint got no calves you fucking weak faggot" . At this point I was all bruised and on the verge of having a heart attack. I was so scared. Then the biggest one ripped of my shorts and said " now youre gonna pay" as he inserted his dick in my anus and started violating me I had a flash of what the guy in the video said earlier " be yourself". I stood there and took it as the 5 guys were passing me around while all the bypasser where pointing at me laughing " look at that guy with no calves LOL" " good for him what a faggot" " fuck him good that calvelet". Once they were done I couldnt really walk so I called my father so he coukd come get me. When he got there I gave him my hand so he could help me up. He slapped me saying " arent you ashamed to walk around showing these skinny ass calves to the entire world" he turned around and left. Im still in the park waiting for the pain to stop so I can walk back home.



I tried to grow some potatoes. It's been over 2 weeks and they don't seem to be growing. It's probably because of the harsh sun here. I didn't put mulch over the soil.

File: 1625181379369.png (1.9 MB, 828x1012, 1624294044898.png)


What did you get up to today /nice/? Are you enjoying your summer so far?

I'm sitting comfy with some cold cider and reading a book.
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Yes I am
I don't drink alcohol



File: 1625196758497.jpg (44.55 KB, 570x760, il_570xN.571126752_n1ss.jpg)

you sound dull tbqh.



I am



Alcohol just makes me tired. I still get wine sometimes, but I never feel like it was worth it. Nobody I know drinks anymore either. The herbal jew destroyed social drinking.



File: 1625209076963.jpg (52.72 KB, 1082x1500, 1624605309167.jpg)

is the middle of winter
spent all day installing epoxy grout
felt like shit, up since 4am, considered friday night vodka like usual but decided against it lest it make me feel worse. dunno whether it was the right choice now though..perhaps i just need a good night sleep..think ill have some coffee

File: 1619802035027.jpg (81.49 KB, 640x828, 726065817511513.jpg)


ehlp the urge to fap is real
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chronic fapper since like 11 and balded in my 20s



>destroyed penis
this is hyperbole surely



I wish heh. Prone masturbation as it's called and as I'd done it as a young lad feels based as heck but enjoy never being able to maintain an erection for conventional intercourse or masturbation again.



>prone masturbation
What so fapping while laying down? Whats so horrible about that



you lay on your front and do i

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