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File: 1615680728337.png (84.14 KB, 241x207, noise.png)


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This is my favorite thread right now



File: 1617250371632.jpeg (149.85 KB, 1300x957, C1C20081-BAB5-4591-9987-8….jpeg)

I'm asking /nice/ ly, please unpin this thread.
I use /4chon/ and this is at the top every refresh even though no one is posting in it.

thanks friend.



Just hide the thread, MORAN!






I went to the effort of creating this formerly pinned thread and it seems like going to the trouble to produce pinworthy content is unappreciated.
i guess you all to prefer to stew in a soup composed exclusively of jidf maxwellhill reddit soynece & porn advertisements, any other content causes complaints.

File: 1617819190326.jpeg (282.71 KB, 603x1116, 9C6CCB69-4D79-49A6-837F-2….jpeg)


Wholesome… we don’t deserve her bros ):


>i'm fertile
<my pussy is dry



She need her holes filled w/BWC cum

File: 1616803290880.png (820.95 KB, 738x534, Screenshot_13.png)


Here's your tradwife bro
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>the bitch in op is trying to look as much like a media model professional man as she can without being accused of being a crossdresser
You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. The girl in OP is what happens when a woman has zero role models or positive influence in her life. It's an autistic, asocial recluse trying to dress herself



>It's an autistic, asocial recluse trying to dress herself
don't know who elisabeth breuning is and have no idea what to really think about the pic op posted without knowing what she looks like from the neck down. her face doesn't look that far from average to me. the only thing jarring about her appearance is the lack of styling, makeup, and a current year photo filter. if she has a fit body then i'd find her superficially perfect. honestly prefer legitimately strange and intelligent quirky looking weird girls to cardboard cutout 9s or 10s, but to each their own.



I want to post a bunch of twitter memes about her but that would lower this imageboard tbheh



Some1 gimme QRD on this bitch even



File: 1617792419467.jpg (68.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

My grey mouse

File: 1617208893162.png (21.27 KB, 780x546, please pay attention.png)


It's come to my attention recently that a lot of people don't know how to wipe properly. When wiping one's anus it's extremely important to insert your finger covered with toilet paper about half an inch inside of your anus to clean out the fecal matter present there after defecating. The anus is not a static organ, and moves inwards and outwards slightly as the body goes about its daily motions

If one only wipes the outside, then when one sits or stands and the anus moves, it will present the fecal matter to one's clothes and leave brown streaks in the underwear and/or pants

For this reason always insert your finger (covered in tissue) slightly, and also make sure to spread this knowledge to all of your loved ones who may be suffering from incorrect wiping
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Up you go there lad



what is the point of this? why bump a thread on a dead imageboard unless you have something to add?



Because it's a JIDF scat-fetishist thread.



I recently learned that every time I go to the toilet, the legs of my hair are probably licking the underside of the toilet lid, i.e. touching piss or otherwise unclean stuff. So whenever I exit the bathroom and go lie on my bed or something, the piss and bad stuff is spreading to my sheets.

Totally gross, I could make an image to show it if someone wanted me to.



What are you trying to tell us exactly? An image would probably help us understand better

File: 1617452995981.jpeg (105.44 KB, 1280x720, R62adc5a4e191913513595b67….jpeg)


So all the guys at work are talking more and more about the vaccine. They're all getting it or have already gotten it. It will be available for my age withing the next couple weeks I'd reckon and they will all be asking me if I had gotten it yet. How do I say I'm not interested in it without them flagging me as a dissenter?


Also theyre all 50 or older and I'm mid 20s



tell them you have a medical condition that is life threatening. there should be no questions asked. you could say you had deep vein thrombosis in the past and the astrazeneca vaccine causes clots for instance. or maybe you are a haemophiliac and the vaccine would cause uncontrollable bleeding.



man up and tell the truth?



There's plenty of ways out of this.
1. Tell them the vaccine doesn't prevent catching or spreading covid, and you have a 0.01% chance of dying from it, which is less than the flu, so it's pointless
2. Tell them you've already had covid so the shot is pointless
3. Tell them you have a medical condition and can't get it
4. Tell them you're jewish and the shot isn't kosher because it has pork and aborted fetuses in it
5. Print out some of the covid vaccine cards and fake having gotten the vaccine

File: 1614353726990.jpg (244.44 KB, 686x747, Screenshot_20210226-153604….jpg)


Contextless pictures
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She's 18 and he's likely the same age or a little older



File: 1616873677021.jpg (123.72 KB, 600x613, two nonlegs.jpg)

>retards need to be treated like equal humans
>retards are people too
>retards should have sex
>retards should breed
>decent, normal humans should be forced into poverty via taxation so that the government can subsidize retard breeding, those tards aren't about to go out and get jobs to pay for the kids' needs
>retards' children needs should take priority over normal kids, those normal kids have all the advantages to begin with
>retards' children deserve hiring preference over normal kids because retards came from an economically disadvantaged background where millions of whites were enslaved via taxation to pay for retard gibes
thats the slippery slope you're on.
back in ye olde europe - before the jews' effeminate amoral version of morality took over - when a retard was born they'd tell the mother "oops, looks like the stork made a mistake and brought the wrong baby. lets just take that wrong baby and put it out in the forest so the stork can collect it, hopefully next time the stork will bring the right one." and then wild animals would eat the baby and everyone was cool with it because they weren't stupid enough back then to worship retards like the modern world does.



I just went off on a tangent about this guy dating a retard for 16 months before even kissing her once. Ultimately you're entirely correct. Dysgenic babies should be flung off mountainsides like in Sparta. It's the kindest for the parents, for society, and ultimately even for the child itself

If they had aborted Hotwheels maybe he would have reincarnated by now into a healthy human being



If he didnt he wouldnt know about it



File: 1617152052049.png (225.22 KB, 297x570, jiSTm6M0.png)

File: 1616877754771.jpg (53.12 KB, 720x590, 144482d7ef90eb1e.jpg)


When, long ago, the gods created Earth
In Jove's fair image Man was shaped at birth.
The beasts for lesser parts were next designed;
Yet were they too remote from humankind.
To fill the gap, and join the rest to Man,
Th'Olympian host conceiv'd a clever plan.
A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,
Filled it with vice, and called the thing a Nigger.


Lovecraft is awesome



Lovecraft more like basedcraft heh

File: 1616819009762.jpg (1.4 MB, 1268x713, Untitled.jpg)


What're yall's's drinking tonight? I'm on my second gin and tonic right now and playing wow on some shitty private server


I only drink tea and water



File: 1615403389415.png (432.33 KB, 796x1169, 135044.png)


About to trip my balls off on the psilocybin jew, 3.5 grams
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Dang, I was hoping you'd create some 4d obscura may may



Afaik it doesn't work like that, ego death is a spectrum.



At the apex of the spectrum there exists no self, nor other



>>>/nice/31466 thinks you're nigger cattle

File: 1616608401028.jpg (181.71 KB, 612x828, 64af80c0a76d68220e558eaa89….jpg)


Testing a new thread
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File: 1616608758057.jpg (232.62 KB, 850x1273, beba79887151825f91863b4727….jpg)



File: 1616608773601.jpg (1.73 MB, 1200x1697, cb05392bfb1f1d501785938e37….jpg)



File: 1616608781461.png (1.25 MB, 1000x1390, d47d4f4174dd142a4741d8c5bf….png)



Good thread tbh



File too large makes a blankpost and doesnt upload the img, take a screenie of the pic to down scale it and upload that

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