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Where do i find more music like this, but not sung by a nigger?


Rick Astley is the only other white guy with a black guy voice I can think of but his music is more bombastic heh



Mods, kindly kick this racist out of here



stfu nigger



File: 1596327557956.jpg (114.14 KB, 564x799, 159128426378.jpg)

theres nothing "racist" about disliking niggers



The real problem is anger

File: 1595017051712.jpg (109.69 KB, 799x900, download (8).jpg)


What are your favorite and least favorite household chores to do?

Personally I don't mind washing the dishes so much; I don't use the machine because it takes the same amount of time to clean them off with a sponge and rinse them off manually as it takes to place them in the dishwasher. It's redundant. Runner up would be cleaning/dusting surfaces. I hate when my computer desk gets dusty over time and really enjoy seeing it clean every once in a while.

My least favorite chore would probably be laundry. Putting it in the washing machine and dryer isn't shit but having to fold them and put them away is hella weak.

Just today I cleaned the gutters and mowed the lawn too, goddamn the roof gets hot but otherwise nbd.

How about you fellas?
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I hate taking a shit and I prolong it as much as I humanly can.



That's a bodily function, not a chore, though I suppose in the figurative sense it is. w/e



I hate living. Easily the worst chore possible.



General picking rubbish up and putting things away
mopping the floor




Damn, that is a shitty one. I hated doing that at work

File: 1595460553248.png (773.15 KB, 1197x789, k133.png)


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Me, the fried chicken hoping to clog his arteries and put him out of his misery.



Jokes on you, I have to make myself eat these days.



Living with my parents has fucked up my diet because they eat like shit and get offended if I don't participate. The thing is none of us are fat really but I'd still rather not eat fast food every day if I could help it-I'm just not really in the place to make demands when I'm not paying rent



The same person made all of these posts.



I know you've never gotten a reply from another person in any thread you've made in your life, but you don't have to take it out on others.

File: 1595302318602.png (62.59 KB, 717x125, logo.png)



free imageboards 4 all!
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Let's start shilling 4chon everywhere then. The OP imageboard is dead and slothchan is dead. Where else is there?



Slothchan a cute. I hope they continue to be a slow and comfy place for many years to come. Even though I'll probably never browse it myself. LOL heh



4choners are persecuted minority tbh



Why is slothchan kill it was only up for like a week if I recall correctly. It had less than 50 posts when it was shilled here. "Zchan" or whatever is dead as well.



>ban finally up

Considering how 4chon is chiefly known by its spastic German, a washed-up Canadian cringe wizard, and a bunch of retarded tranny circlejerking clopper ex-mod faggots, you can't really blame other people for disliking us.

File: 1591598791158.jpg (61.23 KB, 600x847, 1590684793418.jpg)


all my life i thought barry manilow was a overweight black guy singer

man this is some baerenstein shit
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no u're wrong



Boyshorts are a lot better



Imagine existing as a living contradiction, and being nigger with the last name White when you're not even White LOL!






Barry Manilow doesn't even sound black for heavens sake. I did think Rick Astley was black though heh

File: 1595188684273.jpg (548.17 KB, 1080x1307, Screenshot_20200702-174304….jpg)


Me on the left


File: 1595268102470.jpg (33.13 KB, 300x416, IMG_1470.JPG)

Sodomite Apeling Atavism

These beings are more common than you'd think- they are simply classified under some youknowwhoish fake-science category



But the guy I posted doesn't look like her
You want me to post a disgusting white and say that's what white genetics look like?



File: 1595276458387.png (206.31 KB, 501x308, 1422185641353-1.png)



That takes me back

File: 1594670656545.jpg (316.55 KB, 1073x1063, Screenshot_20200710-215730….jpg)


Found out about these earbud things that supposedly help curtail tinnitus
Thought I'd share with you guys who may have tinnitus too

Have a nice day and remember to stay hydrated.
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I've had this ringing in my ears for decades now. I've gotten used to it



Gum has plastic in it? What the heckerino!?



You're supposed to take the wrapper off but some people…






Sarcasm should be a bannable offense on /nice/.


File: 1593659391869.png (852.23 KB, 1559x1600, 21b4fc0042534a6c20f8f7c5c1….png)


so for the first time in my life I think I may actually be addicted to alcohol. I started drinking at 14 but really didn't have that many opportunities until college. my froshman year I went hog wild and almost flunked out. turning 21 was pretty anti-climatic because drinking was old hat by then. I was just a moderate drinker for a while after college because I was working all the time. I didn't drink on work days, rarely drank two days in a row. I do most of my drinking alone because I do most of everything alone. the times I was drinking with others I treated it like a competition for some reason. I always felt like I had to drink more than everyone else and that kind of became my reputation. it lead to more than a couple really embarrassing moments with friends.. but since I rarely hung out with friends it wasn't that big of a deal.

nothing really changed until the last several years my work became easier and easier while I cared about it less and less. drinking for me has never been about 'why' but 'why not'. 'I can't drink today because I have things to do tomorrow.' all of these came to a head when covid arrived and I was home all day every day. now there are zero expectations from my work. I've been bored out of my mind and the only thing that makes the time pass is getting drunk then playing guitar or fucking around online.

I wake up thinking, 'fuck I drank too much last night I should give it a rest today' but by 5-6pm that feeling has gone and I start thinking 'it's no big deal.. let's have a drink.' occasionally I decide to make rules about how I drink like only drink a pint of liquor or only drink when I'm out with other people. this never works. if I skip a day of drinking then the next day I feel like 'shiiiiit you didn't even drink yesterday so getting drunk tonight is cool.'

I don't think I have physical addiction yet but sometimes I'm not so sure. sometimes I wake up with the shakes. a lot of mornings after drinking I wake up and my heart is pounding and I'm super anxious. I'll have to take a benzo to keep from having a panic attack. I don't feel like I have to quit but I know I'm overdoing it and I'm afraid I'll reach a point where I won't be able to stop. if I do ever stop drinking though what little social life I have will stop because that is what all of my social activities have been based on. my friends are really just drinking buddies.

can anyone relate?
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File: 1594501067941.jpg (265.59 KB, 850x1202, d32d7bc4e0631a6168e00aad4c….jpg)

do you think alcohol is actually that bad for you? if you're european?
i think alkies just start to neglect other aspects of their lives and dont even realise it
or just have weak genes



Considering that sugar is as bad for your liver as alcohol, Amerifats are just compounding their problems when they drink.



this is true but I'm mostly on a low carb diet, no sugar.
but drinking this often is definitely affecting my overall mental state and memory.



only monday night but already thinking about drinking on friday
literally the highlight off the week



why wait until friday? celebrate Monday!

File: 1594477833843.jpg (70.76 KB, 395x450, this nigga roosevelt tho.jpg)


Are you having a /nice/ weekend so far, /nice/? I'm just getting up now and looking forward to a productive day.


It's a beautiful day, and just over 70 degrees, perhaps I'll do some shopping



File: 1594491301139.jpg (197.64 KB, 606x606, 0befbdb5230c824a04d95309b3….jpg)

I stayed up til 3 AM discussing determinism on /pol/ and couldn't fall asleep until 5 AM. Absolutely fucked my sleep schedule over on the silliest of things. Now tomorrow I have to be at work at 11 AM.

It's not like I had a choice in the matter though, heh



I'm hung over now. Oof, today is not going to be a /nice/ day by all appearances.



Yeah, the weather was perfect for a stroll around the bay of the river near where I live.


I think boys are pretty /nice/.

what are some /nice/ things you like?
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you seem to really like this image, you post it often.
to each their own though bro.
if you think that's /nice/ more power to you.



you seem to really like this image, you post it often.
to each their own though bro.
if you think that's /nice/ more power to you.







if you can't love boys what can you love?

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