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/fa/ thread




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I only bought it because it was alpaca and made in peru. I'm determined to never buy chinese clothing again. fuck chinks. it's the only hoodie I've ever bought. I think I had a red hooded sweatshirt when I was about 7 though.



just buy a champion reverse weave hoody and seam rip the logos



File: 1619482788960.jpg (33.43 KB, 474x474, OIP.AbAyh-edGLWJG2W_NCDclw….jpg)

while we're talking about /fa/ I'm looking to replace my undies. I only wear boxer briefs and the like.. gotta support the boys. a couple years ago I spent about $300 to buy a bunch of different Bjorn Borg undies because that's what I see all the cool kids wearing. I like the flashy fabrics but they are also chinese made shit.

anyone have recommendations?



I'm okay with teh champion logo but where is that shit made?



theres boxers with pockets for your testes



>I spent about $300 to buy a bunch of different undies
Lol nothing against people into fashion for its own sake but it seems like such a money pit.



for certain. I was willing to pay more because I thought they'd be quality but was sorely disappointed.

that doesn't sound comfy. seems like you'd always be falling out.



i mean its a dick pocket my bad



(moderately) expensive boxer briefs are my fav thing to blow money on too



>paying the textile jew to strangle your gonads and turn you into an infertile gaysoy
>not letting your stinky balls hang loose and pop out occasionally to intimidate women and lesser men



File: 1627916634362.jpg (242.79 KB, 1440x960, mr-robot-season-2.jpg)

it is until you find the shit you like
for me it was just saying fuck it and embracing doomer, all black, focusing on siglouette etc



it ranges, ive had champion made in USA champion made in Italy, its ranged but probably the made in USA is better, the made in italy piece i had is thinner material and a more contemporary cut



I dont believe that is possible, therefore it doesn't manifest for me.



File: 1627930977519.jpg (12.36 KB, 399x399, chaddoge.jpg)

They started putting zippers on pants because it chafes against your peen if you don't wear underwear, thus forcing you to wear the jewish castration devices known as "tighty whiteys".

t. knower



button fly and go commando like a true alpher



File: 1630546651309.jpg (150.66 KB, 737x1077, Screenshot_20210902-023111….jpg)

finna cop these

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