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ehlp the urge to fap is real


Just remember, after you do it you're going to wish you hadn't.



This is true. Porn is poison. Masturbation is poison



im under the impression that if you think fapping is bad or degenerate youre not gonna enjoy it

dont follow other peoples thoughts on your own pleasure, just do it if you feel like it



File: 1620237130359.png (158.73 KB, 842x935, 1620231619961.png)

op its not too late to save yourself



File: 1620252325600.jpg (238.48 KB, 1690x1210, E0f8FNrUYAAM6D7.jpg)

Coping like a 'body positive' fat woman who can't put down the cake.



It's a very fleeting 'joy' followed by, "I just did something stupid and unhealthy for practically no reason". Poor habits produce a poor life. The best things in life require some suffering. Not holding on to the past doesn't mean using it as an excuse to justify making the same mistake in the future. I see people doing that too often.

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