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I got myself in a bad situation. I work a desk IT job that I am in NO WAY qualified for. I have a bachelor's degree but I didn't learn anything in college and I while I am learning things on the job it is very apparent that I am in way over my head and I don't actually contribute anything to my organization and I get payed a lot for it. It makes me very uncomfortable and I know I won't be able to get a job anywhere else because while my resume may look impressive once we have an interview it will become very apparent that I'm greatly lacking in knowledge. I feel stuck and its a problem because I work in a downtown area and I really want to move more rural but I won't be able to get a job anywhere else since I don't have any skills. What do? I'm also in school for a masters degree in cybersecurity (job is paying for it, don't worry) but again I feel like I will graduate with a piece of paper and zero skills or knowledge so it will help me get an interview but not pass the interview.


If they haven't noticed that you're a liar yet, keep at it until you can manage to leave gracefully. At least learn some of your basic functions. What are you suppose to be doing there? You could always look things up online if you're stuck on a task beyond your level.



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most people feel this way about their qualifications for a job which they are new at or have even had for a while. the truth is you know more than you think and you will pick up what you don't know along the way. acting confident is all you need to seem like you actually know what you are doing.

also, 100% of people who graduate with a degree feel like they didn't learn what they need to know because they don't learn what they need to know. getting a degree doesn't really teach you much if anything but it is a process where you prove that you can do what is needed to achieve the degree. employers aren't dumb and they know this. having a degree is earning a degree. it is only to get your foot in the door and from here out the only thing that matters is how you perform. part of how you perform is how you handle situations that are over your head. don't panic and don't shrug your shoulders and say 'hurr I don't know'.



Both of these posts are good advice. Never let them see you sweat



When you put things into practice, that's when education starts. You go beyond your limits when you leave your comfort zone. No matter how much you study, you probably wouldn't have ever felt ready to take the leap. I bet 100% of people in your field are looking things up on stackoverflow constantly.



become a drywall installer

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