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I've been clean of caffeine for a week now. The fog is starting to lift from my mind


ive gone non caffeine before and not noticed much real difference
only a bit easier to get up in the morning



isn't it insane that most of the global workforce is actively hooked up on drugs like deez and literally cant function/get ouf of bed inna morning without dem

The jews really did a number on the hapless soyim



Coffee tastes nice but the way it makes me feel is horrible, it's liquid anxiety, decaf is the way to go



Yeah, I hate it when I'm on my commute and get pulled over by a rabbi who force feeds me coffee.



I drink 3 cans of Mountain Dew a day. Drinking a carbonated, caffeinated beverage is the highlight of my morning.

May as well drink non-alcoholic beer while you're at it.



It's more the like rabbi controls your life so much that you resort to stimulants to keep up with the wagecuck life style.



I love coffee but stopped being able to abide caffeine about five years ago. I still love my decafe.



I have a caffeine addiction. I drink two to four sodas a day either diet or regular. If I don't I get headaches, a clear sign/symptom of withdrawal. It's bullshit, I shouldn't be coerced by my bodily functions into doing something that I don't really want to do anymore, but I'll have to endure significant pain and discomfort to make myself regular again.



just enjoying a mug of nice ceylon loose leaf
only average grade bop but better than bagged

some of my favourite tea is a taiwan sun moon lake
it's good shit
and blended with a stong ctc kenyan or tanzanian is the best



File: 1592722012228.jpg (127.79 KB, 984x1306, ea27c9918777e0beaa1fe3c283….jpg)

went on an escalating bend once with caffeine pills, onto way too much when cold turkeyed

about 24 hours later (it has a long half life from memory) i was fucked, like i had a cold virus and finding it difficult to function. i got home and took some ibuprofen and some coffee and the relief was incredible



Eugh, starting to have another terrible headache from the lack of caffeine. I'm not out of the caffpit yet



Sage because you're derailing the nice thread.
If you're admitting that you're controlled you need to subsequently admit defeat.



Yeah, same. I usually went my day with drinking 2 to 3 cups and end up feeling exhausted.



I've been yoyoing with caffeine. I actually preferred being off it though.



File: 1592868164295.jpg (120.89 KB, 1079x853, 1592854935961.jpg)

cutting out caffeine is one of the best things I've done in my life

I try to limit to 30mg per day now (of tea)

lowkey miss those manic coffee highs but those inevitable panic attacks aren't worth it



I used to drink tons of coffee and soda (diet) but when I started having panic attacks I had to just quit altogether. Now I drink decaf drinks and seltzer mostly. I miss the bit of lift from that first cup of coffee in the morning but I don't miss the headaches and urgent need to shit that came along with it.



Being a wagecuck is pure punishment. Imagine being disrupted from your natural sleep every morning before first light by a loud beeping alarm, and then groggily force feeding yourself a stimulant just to make it to work in 15 minutes so a manlet jew doesn't yell at you.



Wageslavery truly is horrendous. I only work 19 hours a week on average, but that's still 19 hours too many. It's crazy to know most people work more than double the hours I do.



work makes your free though. what do you do in your spare time when not working?
probably not much. make what you do for work meaningful, no shame in that.



True. I'm playing way too much WoW on a private server right now



I've only been working about 33 hours myself (3 days on, 4 days off). Admittedly I waste most of my time when I'm not working. I could have probably accomplished a lot by now if I'd stop being such a lazy faggot tbh



> I could have probably accomplished a lot by now if I'd stop being such a lazy faggot tbh
why do you leap to the conclusion that you have any potential when you're unable to demonstrate that potential? why do you assume that you have the ability to stop being a faggot when its never happened in the past?

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