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Good vibes anti-modernity checklist

Have you cultivated relationships in real life, worked with your hands/body, eaten good food, abstained from casual sex and drugs, drank your water, and been into nature today?

That's all it takes to be happy, anon. That over and over.


first one seems impossible.






Maybe I will heh. Sounds like a nice day.



Maybe I will heh. Sounds like a nice day.



I just want to sunlight, eyes too big dont want to look like a celebrity ripoff with sunglasses either, debating whether to google sunglasses contact lense



Drunk 4 tins of 12% gutrot then jerked off 4 times to vile porn while sucking on a vape



>cultivated relationships in real life

>worked with your hands/body


>eaten good food


>abstained from casual sex

Yeah sure, I "Abstained", heh.

>and drugs

Drugs are for normies, ngl.

>drank your water


>been into nature

Yes, I brought my pupper around the lake 2 days in a row and I normally take him on very long walks every day. I would like to take him tomorrow morning as well. He is a good boy.



Pornography counts as endorsing casual sex.



porn isnt casual sex its professional sex



Gym's back open lads

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