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wife wants a tattoo "to honor her grandfather". she loved him and he passed away from cancer a while back. She was very close to him, in many ways he was more of a father than her actual father.
I don't want her to get a tattoo because I don't like them.
She is respecting my desires but is pretty upset.

I want her to honor her grandfather, I recognize and respect that wish. but frankly I think a tattoo is a very inefficient (and ugly but I can't really tell her this) way to honor someone.
I tell her honor your grandfather by loving and taking care of his kin- your family. Honor him by raising loving children.

How can I get her to not be upset?


On what part of her body does she want to get the tattoo?



tattoos are gross and trashy. good on you OP.
tell her to stop being a bitch.



She really wants it on her wrist but has said a few times outside of her ankle
At this point I'm almost willing to compromise with her and allow the ankle



tell her to get a full back piece of her gramps riding a tornado chasing f15's



Try telling her that tattoos come with a big risk of hepatitis. If she wants to have kids later she will have to get tested for hepatitis because she would pass that on. That, possibly together with the stress of finding a hep-free tattoo parlor might make it too much hassle for her in the end. I just hope it's not a "friend" who is going to do her tattoo.




look at dis ere paranoya lel



>tattoos are
Tattoos can be but can also be tasteful. European ancestors had tats, they can be trad as fug.

What kind of tat does she want to get?



>europeans had them
>that meams thwyre cool!

you dont see the cuck in this?



Sounds like the cuck is you, retard.



>What kind of tat does she want to get?
She's a bit of an artist so she designed it herself. Its simply a glass of wine with a peach slice. Under that is text in the old tongue that translates literally to "My blood"

You see, her grandfather was a bit of a drinker. Every night he would finish a bottle of wine himself, also he would slice up a peach and put it in the glass.
The phrase my blood is a term of endearment for one's kin. He would use this term often on her.

So the tattoo is designed by her and has very real meaning to her, which i respect.
The design is not ugly per se but as a permanent print upon her skin would be ugly to me.



ok then answer this

do you find pride more in history or other people than yourself?



get jar jar binks gargling chili sauce while yoda masturbates atop his head



>> Its simply a glass of wine with a peach slice. Under that is text in the old tongue that translates literally to "My blood"

that's trashy af bro.



I agree. Like I said the idea of it on her skin is very ugly and off-putting to me



File: 1630450231196.jpg (381.67 KB, 1079x843, Screenshot_20210831-234955.jpg)

meanwhile on VICE, the hippies have officially taken over



OP ok I got one, a good one this time too

get giga gramps suplexing godzilla while tony hawk vomits playstations in the background



Make a shrine to her grandpa that she can actually see and appreciate



Yeah. That tattoo should be a full back piece!!! Everytime op taps it from behind he too can remember grandma FOREVER!!! SO HOT!!



youre trying way too hard



Reads like a Dw*rf post smdh



im 6 foot 1



Requesting an update

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