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One of my life goals is still to have a cute East Aryan GF. It's what motivates me to work out and make money.


Same. White women are a spiritual dead end and a liability. I don't even care if it's a Chinese ploy to get us to be more easily absorbed into their hive mind anymore.




Well there's also Eastern Europe which I am considering. Hopefully by the end of next year I'll be ready to quit my job and travel.



I'm 29 years old and still haven't fugged an asian girl, only two half asians. That counts as one whole asian, right?



Your math adds up to me, but because I'm not asian I'm not sure I'm good enough at it to tell.



File: 1591669828230.jpg (53.87 KB, 960x726, FB_IMG_1576077806713.jpg)

g-d I want to stick my willy wonky between her meat melons



her tiddies look so soft and smooth

too bad 90% of asians look ugly af



File: 1592508235144.jpeg (389.62 KB, 2046x1534, EVFmb5FUUAAh-OQ.jpeg)

>too bad 90% of asians look ugly af
I don't think that's true honestly. This is something I hear a lot, and while there are a plenty of unattractive Asian women, it's like a lot of these critics are blind to all the ugly White women they see in their daily lives. They act like the teenage camwhores they see on the internet are a realistic depiction of your typical western woman in CY + 5. While I'm sure it's largely trolling and a cope, it's very silly. The less competition, the better in any case.



nah, he's right. while there def alluring azns, the lot of em are uggos heh



I'd say that the SEA mustard monkeys are pretty much unappealing by default in the same way bl*ck women are, with the rare exceptions simply testing that rule. Koreans, Japs and Chinese are okay though, especially post-op lol heh



This. It's not even genetic, Asian girls just put more effort into looking good typically. White bishes don't give a fuck and put on 300 pounds because they know some simp will still worship the ground they walk on.



File: 1593060034754.png (31.27 KB, 640x671, le-sweating-guy.png)

I have a plan to sell live chickens to Asian people in the area. Apparently there's a thriving black market in it. Maybe if I make some friends with them they will introduce me to their supple daughters.



>Buying women from their fathers with chickens



File: 1593109208525.png (673.17 KB, 942x726, 1593098713015.png)


Good plan heh



This is what i crave and why i lift



I just nutted to uralesbian.com content again on day 14 of nofap. It was the "AYUMI KUROKI & AIRI MASHIRO" preview. I was hoping to make it one more week at least for heavens' sake.



File: 1593267441565.jpg (26.65 KB, 440x600, no-sorry.jpg)

>>lesbian gooks



Haven't fapped to DYKES since I was a teen. I guess it's technically less cucked though. On the rare occasion I watch 3D porn, it's always POV.



Fellatio Japan is what's tempting me the most to look at right now. I've been clean from porn for 26 days though.

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