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im feeling pretty non-depersonalised this morning, though i still have some pretty big emotional blockages in some areas.

Thank you magnesium, iron, vitamin d, vitamin b-complex and the quitting coffee.


Zinc, cod liver, iron and b12 is a good stack too



That's good to hear


Quiet, you!



File: 1598254179114.png (1.21 MB, 2000x1402, 1596185140087.png)

bought magnesium supplement, zinc, l-thianine and l-tyrosine
feel good today, slept really well, work performance was good



god dammit i want to massage her feet and legs in those leggings



it's a cartoon character you ignats.



Op here, i am great in the morning but keep getting quite tired in the afternoon.
It could be just from coffee withdrawal still, i am not sure. will report back.

What does l-thianine and l-tyrosine do?



>What does l-thianine and l-tyrosine do?
IDK, but it's good for your heart.



amino acids that reduce anxiety



Tfw while taking the vitamins and quitting coffee i got headaches and i had a feeling that i would start getting better once i started getting headaches, and i got better only days after the headaches. (mild though, not like these horrible headaches i was having years ago that put me back into depersonalisation.)

I have headaches right now and its fucking awesome because i know i am going to get even better and feel even less drowsy/blocked/cloudy.



I actually woke up not feeling nauseous for once, awesome.

gonna start taking something with extra vitamins and minerals



and take loads of iodine



went for a bike ride today first time since taking magnesium
felt like i had far more energy, rode further than i usually would



i like riding bike to absolute middle of nowhere but im also uncomfortable going more than 10-15 km innawoods on a country gravel road where a single car seems to pass once in a day because what if a tire pops or the chain snaps, and im not motivated to push it back for 4 hours and got to get back to my wagie webshit



File: 1598780158895.jpg (86.9 KB, 900x900, Ruegen-Herring-smoked-1.jpg)

went for three rides today
almost 50km all up, cant remember the last time i did that
had smoked kieler sprats for lunch
i eat tinned fish every day and those are one of the best, but expensive
herring and mackerel are cheaper



I run a lot now but because my diet is shit I still look pretty bad heh



I have very bad blinking that wont go away almost all day.
As i type this though the blinking has gone away but it will come back when i stop typing and prevent me from reading things.
Idk why it stops when i type.
Been using eyedrops and everything, had a blinking problem before but it went away, but now its back.

My mood is good though.



swallowed my magnesium pill without enough water and it got lodged in my throat somewhere but i couldnt feel it
30 minutes later i burped up a cloud of dust and wondered what the fuck just happened



Yeah… """Magnesium"""…. Heh…





I bought some magnesium fizzies the other day. what is it supposed to do for me?



Don't those just make you shit?



haven't me yet. they are tasty and refreshing at least.
been using them when I'm hungover.

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