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Realistically, what should you have achieved by the time you're 30?

Asking for myself of course.


knowing thyself



Most people accomplish literally nothing ever in life.



you should be making at least half decent money and have some sort of career underway
if you're slinging hash for minimum wage at 30, wtf have you been doing



that's one thing i have at least. something resembling a career and good pay.



File: 1600748178028.png (624.22 KB, 696x500, 1514849479688.png)

You should, in some way or other, be living independently. Doesn't matter how imo.



Income that contributes to your household
Skills that improve your life and the lives of those around you



>you should be earning a taxable income for the jews in a jewish approved profession that you saw in a jewish movie or tv show. if you're earning a taxable income for the jews in a profession that you saw denigrated in a jewish movie or tv show then you're not working hard enough to please the jews



>>be an unemployed loser your entire life or else you suck jewish crippled cock!!!
there's not shame in work. don't be a dick, dick.



There actually is a massive amount of shame in work if your taxes are going to fund people who despise and plot against you while you invest your time and effort into businesses that would de-person you at a moment's notice regardless of how well you do your job.
The only non "dick" move is doing work in your community for something less ephemeral than funbuxxx.



>5 million dollars in net worth, 2 kids with one on the way , hot wife (at least 6 feet + natural blonde), senior management position at fortune 500 company, and killed at least one (1) exotic animal on an African safari.

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