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I managed not to masturbate compulsively yesterday. It was hard. I'm an addict with deep psychological problems/wounds.


I should be posting here regularly through the rest of the month, 4chon family.



So stay tuned.



One of my fantasies or aspirations is to find a black male's mom on a dating site and embalm that black momma with my nut. Anybody know which dating site has the biggest user base?



I just found this really cool/badass nigger music. Enjoy:




you can delete this thread now



Get out, bully!



managed to go another day without masturbating compulsively. how much can i succeed in life??



Just use tinder. Black females love White men



I'm not White. I'm a Sand-nigger. Half-White though. Half-White, half Sand-nigger.



That's close enough. Just use a white name on tinder

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