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I just went on a beach holiday and hung around with my 6yo niece, we went like chest high (for her) into the surf and she wanted to hold my hand half the time and kept asking about sharks lol. Damn shes so cute it kills me. Her voice is so sweet its like honey. She collected dandelions.


So did you molest her or what?



File: 1602733936326.jpg (261.95 KB, 1500x1833, le ogre is like le onion h….jpg)

This thread is creepy af, smh



It can be no other way on a place such as this.



If she's cute, make sure she stays that way. Then marry her when she's 14.



post pics.



File: 1602819356766.jpg (165.83 KB, 800x820, women are stupid.jpg)

women are "cute" in the same way that puppies and other stupid shit are. i guess some people probably think down syndrome victims are "cute" too because they're also helpless retards.



Sorry we're not homos like you.



You have been Judaized. Very sad



Whats the other kind of cute?



i'm telling you this nicely: stop being a stupid cuck



Guy you are talking like all of the other retards on this board. Say something coherent.



File: 1603210212451.png (213.49 KB, 600x567, 1596049375662.png)

i want to cuddle a smol squid-girl



14 is honestly too old. Girls start having sex around age 11

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