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Do you guys remember agatha? I was watching some of her videos on an archive and it struck me how ephemeral they really were looking back. The quality was on point though, she really was genuine, most e-thots wish they could have a drop of that charm in their videos.

I think if I were to pick a couple of videos that stand out to me they would be her tour of her bedroom, her mukbang with elle, and her hairbrusshing video(the first one i ever saw). I think she was the first ASMR "artist" that really turned me into a believer of the genre.

>hair brushing vid - just her humming and brushing her hair, so cute. first vid i saw but deft not her greatest 7/10, mostly cause it' was my intro to her.


>room tour - great insight into a girls room(never seen one before this) and that she had a few interesting hobbies and pasttimes. I like her decorations, ironically this was probably one of her more personal vids even tho she isn't featured at all 10/10


>mukbang with elle - really liked their relationship in this one, the mukbang itself was very tasteful, not them gorging themselves on food like some of the fatasses you see typically doing them, nearly 45 minutes of cute elle and agatha being dainty and insights into what it's like to be a jewish girl raised under the jewish culture, 10/10






A KIKE who was cute for a little bit, but then you could see her deteriorate before your very eyes.



Please refrain from using that not nice word that rhymes with bike










This girl is freakin cute. She looks like me too.



Why do these YouTubers talk like they're getting paid per word spoken, I'd have to be coked up to the eyeballs to talk this much jeez, I bet she's insufferable to be around.



>I bet she's insufferable to be around.
She is an autistic Jew raised in a family with adopted retard and nigger siblings. What do you think?



phew I just realised your talking about Agatha heh not Grace



>Why do these YouTubers talk like they're getting paid per word spoken

They are.



>Why do these YouTubers talk like they're getting paid per word spoken
Because in a sense they are. Longer videos get more revenue. That's why videos that only need to be 30 seconds long are stretched out to beyond 10 minutes. THATS' what has changed the most between the youtube of the old and the youtube of now, that's why it feels so different, beyond the edititing and the HD quality.



I watch every video on 2X speed and it still feels too slow.



>posting videos of yourself on imageboards

Red flags abound

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