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File: 1632188168820.jpg (350.44 KB, 1600x1000, 1625094701410.jpg)


Cont. from previous thread(s)

Share the preps you've already done and the ones you're planning still in this here ITT w/your fellow chonners

It can be anything ranging from buying a few canned goods more than usual to planting seeds/planning a hydroponic setup - As long as it helps you to survive the coming collapse of society it belongs in this here thread

Member goys; We're all in this ride together heh


File: 1625165498976.jpg (72.58 KB, 1280x720, e-book reader.jpg)

Prolly gonna buy another one o' deez fuckers and throw a bunch of shit on there for when the grid goes down during cyber polygon or whenever

Will prolly go well with my foldable chink USB solar panel too methinks heh



File: 1625254088756.gif (148.37 KB, 347x402, f60de9d83877276e5dfbf9e8bc….gif)

Kek wtf

You just get that off 4pol



File: 1625285163082.jpg (38.92 KB, 422x348, better drink my own piss.jpg)


(…) "This is a civilization in the midst of collapse and everything is going to start getting very bad, very quick.

The best thing you can do is be outside of the city and as self-sustainable as possible".



File: 1625382434024.jpg (53.64 KB, 325x402, germanichurt-faggot.jpg)

Well it reads like some skitzo 4cuck pasta



File: 1625441613345.png (516.35 KB, 759x594, hasbarat.png)

Whatever Shlomo suck my dick and balls



File: 1625730259827.png (353.43 KB, 500x410, 1613175452989.png)

Ordered mah first silver bar and a couple more coins now heh, +5 oz in total



File: 1625912951501.jpg (12.3 KB, 244x154, 1573354541758.jpg)

5 Specific Reasons Why You Should Stockpile Germanic Food Right Now




File: 1626102658281.png (140.64 KB, 974x998, 4235435.png)

Several Years of Highest Inflation You’ve Ever Seen Coming



File: 1626113449913.png (983.32 KB, 1270x685, MedPrep 02.PNG)

I have once more stocked up on some basic pharmaceutical necessities

Went for the 50pcs packages onna purpose heh



File: 1626197021391.jpg (52.17 KB, 480x360, 9312d7d3c902e7c957477e59e4….jpg)

>Transitory Inflation Turning Into An Inflationary Spiral


"In a nutshell, the overall inflationary environment isn’t transitory (…) we’re looking at a generational change. People who became adults in the 1990s or later have never experienced this kind of inflation.

Even if the economy doesn’t move into hyperinflation, persistent rising prices will be extremely disruptive to the economy – whether the Fed reacts quickly or slowly."



File: 1626420462762.jpg (83.55 KB, 568x508, Dees_Internet_switch.jpg)

The jews will use their internet kill switch


Back up everythang goys



File: 1626742218646.png (1.14 MB, 1039x604, elsa tickle.PNG)

As Fed And Treasury Spend $1.2 billion Every Hour (SIC) Biden Says Inflation Is "Temporary"

To the immortal words of George Orwell that "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength", we can now add that "inflation is deflation".




File: 1626743189303.jpeg (22.13 KB, 500x265, ransomware-cyber-pandemic….jpeg)

The kikes want to kill online anonymity

With many focusing on the recent Cyber Polygon exercise, less attention has been paid to the World Economic Forum’s real ambitions in cybersecurity – to create a global organization aimed at gutting even the possibility of anonymity online. With the governments of the US, UK and Israel on board, along with some of the world’s most powerful corporations, it is important to pay attention to their endgame, not just the simulations.




File: 1626851725021.jpeg (25.88 KB, 500x329, starbucks shortage sign_1….jpeg)

Artifically created food shortages continue to rampage alongside inflation




File: 1626919533808.gif (162.12 KB, 644x356, f169e663ff8f2cedbd794e9cf4….gif)

Dear City-Dweller: Yes, You’re Going to be Tortured, Yes, It Will Probably be Gay Torture by Trannies




File: 1626996212356.jpg (70.34 KB, 628x628, 1610672016185.jpg)




File: 1627263666083.jpg (909.3 KB, 2048x2044, 1580026435417.jpg)

"They are setting up a psychotronic control grid with vaxx pass and tracking grid. This system is going to be linked not just to your vaxx history and larger medical history, but to your entire personal profile. Eventually, the same smartphone app system that tracks and traces your every movement and tells you when to come in for your latest booster shot is also going to dole out your allowance money, which will be issued in the form of digital credits.

Obviously, all of this is eventually going to be linked to a computer chip implanted in your hand. That will allow you to “move freely” if you’re vaxxed up, and allow you to pay for your bug gruel and gay discos by swiping your hand.

Bill Gates has patented a microchip – patent number 060606 – which allows people to earn credits for accomplishing tasks. This will turn reality into a kind of video game system, where your behavior is being monitored by the system and they encourage certain behaviors by automatically sending you credits.

None of this is something that is being thought of on the fly. There was a planned agenda long before you ever heard the word “coronavirus,” and that agenda is being implemented. Making people dependent on government handouts in order to survive was a big part of this plan."




File: 1627271005749.jpg (385.92 KB, 791x1186, 1627166935738.jpg)




File: 1627322469085.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, elizabeth_lail_from_ouat_f….jpg)

>"You have to get away from the vaxxed.
>They are going to come for you.
>If your family is vaxxed, then that sucks for you, but you have no choice but to abandon them, and go out with the unvaxxed to roam free.
>The vaxxed cannot be saved. They are fully doomed, and totally beyond salvation. They have surrendered their bodies and therefore their very souls to the satanic Fauci cult.
>The best thing that can happen for the vaxxed is for them to die fast. If they do not, they will have to live with the hell they’ve created for themselves."

- Andrew Anglin, 2021






File: 1628388439696.jpg (217.26 KB, 1248x710, frozenfun.jpg)

>"If more of these people start bugging out like this, you should take it as yet another sign that we are on the brink."



File: 1628544730548.png (1.91 MB, 1024x755, f84726617e252c8a96dfc645ee….png)

Tyson Foods Inc., the top chicken producer in the U.S., confirmed in an earnings call that food inflation continues to push prices higher.

Fed On Verge Of Losing Control: 25% Of Consumers Expect Inflation In 3 Years To Explode To 8%



File: 1628545358088.png (85.19 KB, 978x530, SHTF soon fellow stalker.PNG)



File: 1628838061492.jpg (194.48 KB, 736x1289, 1628833640920.jpg)



File: 1629220179659.jpg (182.72 KB, 1046x830, 1628624991991.jpg)

"Get used to hunting, fishing and riding motorcycles on rough terrain.

This is the long haul now.

You need a plan to survive.

The political stuff is irrelevant now. Now, the mission is survival."




File: 1629221334479.png (1.44 MB, 1342x752, Screen-Shot-2021-08-15-at-….png)

"If you’re still sitting around like a dumbstruck boomer talking about “well, I think we’ve got a few more years before it gets really bad,” then consider I’m telling you that your decision-making process is going to lead to you ending up in a torture camp, with tranny torturers torturing you in a homosexual way.

They are already out on TV announcing that you are a terrorist.

And look at what these morons just did in Afghanistan – they are unhinged and high on their own supply.

If you haven’t fled the city yet, you have a couple weeks to do so. They are going to block the highways out.

Just understand me: by refusing to make a decision, you are making a decision."




Anglin: The brutal [bolshevist ZOG] reign of terror in the US has already begun.


"The hammer is coming down.

This is what we’ve been waiting for and it is happening now.

First they’ll raid the people associated with 1/6, then they’ll just start raiding everyone.

If you don’t understand what is happening here, you need to figure it out quickly.

It is only a matter of time until they are kicking in your door."



File: 1629311869713.jpg (58.52 KB, 592x589, 1629303829107.jpg)

Alex Jones was right



File: 1629312001089.jpg (58.52 KB, 592x589, 1629303829107.jpg)

Alex Jones was right



File: 1629453518784.jpg (628.12 KB, 1745x1309, 1629447820422.jpg)

Saw dis onna /bst/ heh



Nah straya is just the perfect testing bed/petri dish for the ZOG shit the jews want to roll out across the west due to its geographical isolation and predominantly germanic evropean ethnic makeup



File: 1629683763522.jpg (68.08 KB, 640x640, 1585695497255.jpg)

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION! If you have not already fled to an off-grid homestead, get acquainted with someone who has. Be sure to stock up on AT LEAST 6 months-worth of canned and dried food. Flashlights, batteries, matches, firewood, and a ham radio for communication will come in handy, as well.




File: 1629874272131.jpg (296.89 KB, 1024x720, 1629350746045.jpg)

Largest US Food Distributor Having Trouble Keeping Shelves Stocked; Price Shock Imminent




File: 1630195291598.jpg (414.26 KB, 750x925, 1630163090030.jpg)

Holy Cow - Australian Beef Prices Hit Record High As Food Inflation Concerns Persist
>After decades of low inflation and relatively cheap food prices, those days appear over as food inflation soars worldwide. The latest observation that food prices are out of control is in Australia.

Lads, i think i'm gonna hold on to my silverino and start stacking again for now



File: 1630209739110.jpg (349.38 KB, 1080x1103, trad.jpg)

The wheat is being separated from the chaff and next comes the winnowing. Stand strong or be carried away by the wind

(…) We could have hyperinflation, a civil war, a false flag terror event or all of the above. We could see horrors that we can not even imagine today. What is important, though, is the ability to wait out those horrors or to be able to jump in at a time of your choosing when your opponents are at their weakest. Make no mistake, this IS what we’ve prepped for and the time to put those preps to use is NOW. Do what you can to avoid becoming a victim.




File: 1632165287761.jpeg (172.4 KB, 1080x2246, Qwq0RuAv.jpeg)



File: 1632273456192.png (645.69 KB, 621x758, ssh.PNG)

>Tried 2 attach pic rel pdf
>File too big for le bort


Anyways you goys should check out that e-book it's quite good



File: 1632365297651.jpg (1.43 MB, 1125x1107, 1632285075031.jpg)




File: 1632521350106.jpg (30.08 KB, 500x282, Empty-Shelves-Pixabay-800x….jpg)

Before They Were An Inconvenience, But Now The Shortages Are Really Beginning To Sting

Have you noticed that store shelves are starting to get emptier and emptier? During the panic shopping that was sparked by the start of the COVID pandemic in 2020, there were very intense shortages of certain items, but those shortages did not last very long at all. But now there are widespread shortages in just about every sector of our economy, and they are starting to become quite painful. Unfortunately, we are being told to expect the shortages to intensify as we head into the holiday season. That is extremely alarming, because in many areas the shortages are already quite severe.




File: 1632535885511.jpg (109.9 KB, 980x551, 614e411c85f54011b9379c88.JPG)

Motorists queue for petrol across UK, nearly 400 stations impose £30 limit amid ‘unprecedented demand’




File: 1632540179910.jpg (55.63 KB, 500x667, water-storage.jpg)

Costco to impose buying limits on toilet paper, bottled water amid ‘uptick in Delta-related demand,’ CFO says




File: 1632606868745.png (259.05 KB, 500x357, shortage 1.png)

One day after oil giant BP warned about rationing gasoline and diesel at UK service stations, Brits began to panic buy fuel as the government tried to calm fears.



File: 1632715383235.jpg (49.11 KB, 720x703, 1632635490314.jpg)

"You have to leave the cities and wait for this system to collapse.

It will collapse.

It is already off the rails.

There is zero chance that this transhumanist globalist utopia is going to come to fruition.

But they are going to hurt a lot of people in the process of trying to establish it."




File: 1632752489099.jpg (138.72 KB, 734x642, 254.jpg)

Panic-Buying Could Leave 90% Of UK Gas Stations Dry; BoJo Considers Calling In Army To Resupply



File: 1632921181433.jpg (21.04 KB, 500x215, uk gas.jpg)

UK To Deploy Reserve Tanker Fleet And Military To Ease Energy Crisis







>Stocked up on some more food and got a couple of other preps in order

Wish i could fully focus on this for like a full month or so to really cover all the basics but i'll make due regardless



File: 1633718216907.jpg (128.88 KB, 500x421, dees 3.jpg)

Global Food Prices Hit Fresh Decade High



File: 1633751391323.jpg (79.58 KB, 822x960, 1633738340016.jpg)




File: 1634077697225.jpg (45.9 KB, 511x511, 1424146149806.jpg)




Are you preparing for the challenges that you might face this winter? What will you do when the power goes out? Need a little bit of help? This video is for you!



File: 1634447090848.jpg (891.18 KB, 1560x2744, vaginnigoids vs men in sur….jpg)




Wtf he spilled the lid on the Bunker under Denver airport exist that can house 500k people

multiple huge domes in mid and west side of U.S with connecting rail trains, up to 7 domes.

Worse news is bunker pricing is tripling due to the collapse speeding up. How fucked are we?



This nibba have a good color coding system for his buckits

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