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File: 1578373486054.jpg (47.74 KB, 700x545, xnigger-cat.jpg.pagespeed.….jpg)


Fast hands Ivan Wickalaevich demonstrating his mad fun drawing skillz


File: 1578351930173.jpg (63.64 KB, 877x1023, kawaiii.jpg)


One day i wanna start a female only videogame company where women follow my orders to make badass games like zelda/spyro/stanley parables and thus bringing back the glorious 90s games into the future of what we hoped videogames would have been.

I will save videogames, they will be like they were in the past but better
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whatever, heh



At least she tries, CUNT!



Prove it



show proof of penis or retract that statement



show yourself eating poop heh

File: 1578362252745.jpg (281.44 KB, 950x760, 1524016534416.jpg)


Fresh nu efukt kinoe



File: 1578362422102.png (910.32 KB, 960x960, 1577650807530.png)

fuck mfw i cant find dat kinoass japanese one anymoar where they throw confetti around and everyone just spergs out like they've taken too much mdma

File: 1578285129632.jpg (39.96 KB, 500x500, 500x500.jpg)


Why did humans go from physical punishment to mental punishment (public hangings vs jail time)

Does this override the spanking programming and subsequently create more criminals?


Jail is pretty cruel, especially for h'white people. It's probably worse than getting a lashing or something. I can understand some jail time for middling offenses, but why the hell not just put them to death if they're in for life?



File: 1578285788566.jpg (53.92 KB, 429x543, 4deca20f8a226e594b41601de1….jpg)

After the civil war prison labor became a replacement for slave labor. There was a lot of demand for more prisoners so corporal punishment and public humiliation (tar and feathers and shit) fell by the wayside.

It's essentially still like that. The prison industrial complex is a huge machine in America today. Lots of other countries (euros especially) just started aping the American system of mass imprisonment without reaping the "benefits" in a monkey see monkey do kinda way I guess.



I agree in just killing them tbh then using the saved money for something worthwhile, although it depends on the crime



Y did i go from fuckin ure mum in here mouff to here pucci LOL

File: 1578115526121.jpg (134.04 KB, 422x437, heh.jpg)


I am so gonna beat depersonalisation and relax you hear this evil spirits, i am normal now!

I am the way i am meant to be now!

Nothing can stop me from progressing and staying the same, NOTHING.

I don't need to change or fix myself, i am the way i am meant to be!

And i will fucking relax and calm down

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File: 1578239376036.png (982.7 KB, 800x800, the-new-normal.png)

look at how normal I am!
I am well-adjusted to this
I love my place in this society
I live to serve and lick their feet!
I will get used to this somehow
and then finally I'll be happy



lol i am not a slave like you

i don't even have a job yet



Normal is too much of a blanket term







Lol disgusting normie get off 4chon and don't come back

File: 1578285607409.jpg (391.4 KB, 1080x871, 1578274152272.jpg)


Try to keep all /Soyjak/ related content in this here ITT

soijak collection ready for download

image hash manager for evading image filters

filename randomizer for extra insurance against filters


Soyjack is literally you.



My massive BWC schwong is literally in ure mouff pucci bishDwarfY

File: 1578281170363.jpg (12.44 KB, 320x205, YYH9o4wmSXJfvbzRTq5BTY-320….jpg)


Since humans are OBSESSED with owning things what's the next domesticated animal going to be? My vote is raccoon


Ur mum lol heh xD



You and the 3 braincells in your noggin aren't thinking large enough. The next major "pet" will be robotic looking humanoids. It won't technically be slavery just like porn isn't technically sex but your brian will get off on it all the same.



People have been going wild (literally xd) over opossums lately.



I was talking about animals idiot



File: 1578286840647.png (1000.56 KB, 960x960, 1578271760481.png)

>be me
>save picshur of racoonfeller earlier
>OP makes this thread

Fuckin chon synchronicity

File: 1578281075000.jpg (16.49 KB, 400x400, pep.jpg)


They want to destroy everything.

>hurdur whores are sex,y innocents is not

Get fucked


whats wrong with a woman not being a whore NOTHING THATS FUCKING WHAT



My first video game character crush fit this trope heh

>look up his patreon

>Steven Universe banner
>"We Are All Made of Stars UWU" shirt
>zero muscle mass predictably accompanying the effeminate soy voice

What a loathsome human being. Apparently a child's cartoon that's literally about a bunch of space lesbians forcing an obese 8 year old Jewish kid into becoming a drag show tranny at knife point is wholesome family entertainment and an example of appropriate sexualization but an adult female character having traits that play on a man's instinct to protect and nurture a retarded woman is inappropriate sexualization-and pedophillia to boot.

I wonder how many kids this creep has tied up in his basement?



Guys 'live' spelt backwards is evil




>Jewish kid into becoming a drag show tranny at knife point




It's a bit reductionist but that's exactly what Steven Universe is (if memory serves, anyway heh)

File: 1575484579082.gif (1.64 MB, 320x240, Period, exclamation point.gif)


What would you name your firstborn son?
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he'll come out at age 6 and tell you that he wants to be a girl



Are you married? If not call him bastard because that's what he will be LMAO



stfu + kys




File: 1578267768991.jpg (70.36 KB, 630x1200, MV5BNTM5YTNmMzgtNTgxNi00MD….jpg)

If you don't name him Peter I'm calling the cops



Pretty surprised no one had said that yet.

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