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File: 1619616459011.png (121.26 KB, 559x226, 1619553804762.png)


the earth's core is hot and it cools slowly by expanding, as it expands the crust cracks and the cracks are where water accumulates.


File: 1619621466115.jpg (163.46 KB, 720x522, 20210404_140952.jpg)

does this mean i will get laid

File: 1619249867039.jpg (1.91 MB, 2000x1250, image.jpg)


I used to feel cynical about travelling, that it was just getting on a plane and going to restaraunts in new places. But that is pretty close to what I just did and I liked it. Specifically I liked having a coffee in the morning while looking at some nice views, either at the place I was staying or at a cafe somewhere.
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Oh yeah actually I should mention I didn't really enjoy eating at restaraunts. Actually kind of hated it. I felt regretful I was wasting money and I didn't actually enjoy the meals so much. Having coffees at cafes and in the morning at my airbnb's with nice mountain views was great though and I'm thinking about doing it again.



File: 1619543222261.jpg (216.45 KB, 1024x741, 1321664622481.jpg)

good going, op… though right now is not the best time to be traveling and making trips lol.
good for you for being able to change your perspective and enjoy it. i usually travel by myself too, and i find that stuff that would make me anxious/self conscious at home somehow doesn't matter when i'm somewhere else

i've been to both ireland and iceland and loved both. let me know if you want some recommendations

not true unless you are a instagram normie
i have traveled more than you can imagine and i have no social media

p kino having a good scenic destination… so even if you just want to have a lazy day you can take it all in



I want to travel but I'm a wagecuck and a poorfag



thanks, if it weren't for people like you then the bragging wouldn't be nearly as satisfying.



Just lookin' out for the homies

File: 1619605290884.jpg (13.1 KB, 250x250, uh oh big chungus stinkaay….jpg)


My gaseous expulsions have been absolutely ungodly holy fuck

This is nurgle tier i swear to god

File: 1619419956684.jpg (54.08 KB, 720x501, Trayvon_chimp_out.jpg)


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BASED thread OP. It's the first thread I've seen with a working link in ages.



>foky being a retard yet again



pretty lousy fighting, head stomps and generally swinging around like idiots

guy at the end looked tired as fuck fighting essentially 2 people lol



File: 1619482391446.jpg (109.22 KB, 739x739, 1605060399800.jpg)

>E-everyone is foky i swear

Meds, take 'em skitzocunt



File: 1619567962156.png (144.08 KB, 615x722, 1528813901625.png)


File: 1619458560119.jpg (5.72 KB, 263x192, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.jpg)


Does everyone hate me or something?
I got no online friends(also i want only female friends), and when im in a group of people, i have to force conversations, nobody wants to talk to me unless i am provoking racist discussions on imageboards.
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I was talking about online female nonsexual friends because there is no chance ill get friends IRL.



I know this feeling very well. It could be just some simple mistakes putting people off. With practice and an open mind to changing and/or accepting ones ways even the biggest sperg can probably become charismatic, but one must be willing to go through discomfort, embarrassment, etc without avoiding for long enough to start improving. The pain of loneliness and regret at not making friends has grown in me to a physical sensation that follows me around and has become a good motivator for tackling these issues where before I wasn't willing to put in the work. Every attempt has been bungled so far but I get a little less cringe each time I think.

Also making friends is supposed to be an effortless thing I believe. If you care what the other person thinks of you too much or are desperate to not be alone you won't "be yourself" and they will be uncomfortable being friends.



also I am possibly a social cripple so take my advice with a grain of salt. It is not so bad to be hated or disliked. If isolation is your lot in life at the moment you can make that work for you as well, like Neuton, DaVinci, etc.



Going door to door and being on the move is a lot different than being held captive behind a counter at McWagecucks like what is involved in most "service sector" jobs. Being ordered around by the scum of the earth all day, while there is absolutely nothing you can do about it does not inspire confidence. I had never felt shittier in my entire life than when I was working retail. All it did was sap my energy and make me very bitter. I don't know what kind of assburger you would need to be in order to find this helpful.



Notice how I specifically recommended pizza delivery. I would never want to stand or sit in one spot all day

File: 1619008014064.png (122.08 KB, 1623x308, me lol.PNG)


How the FUCK is this so eerily accurate

This guy is barely a year younger than me but i'm more or less in the exact same situation lel, even down to the dreams and nightmares from that time period and shit
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File: 1619017146865.png (934.71 KB, 1024x1448, 1606096247470.png)

Just bee yourself huh



not at all, being yourself is what got you in this mess in the first place. you need to transform and become something better, you need to sacrifice and suffer to try to achieve your true potential



did neither of you have parents? I'm not even saying that they would have been 'mentors' but if nothing else they should have stressed to you that you better have some sort of plan because you weren't going to be able to leech off of them the rest of your lives.

what this guy said. the first 10 years of being an adult for me was pretending to be an adult at least when I was around other people. a year out of uni at 24 I was a front line supervisor in a heavy industry with 30+ union retards reporting to me. 2/3 of them had worked there for longer than I'd been alive. it was honestly pretty soul crushing but it set me up in the position I'm in now. I learned very quickly to pretend to know what I was talking about and to pretend to be in charge because I WAS in charge. the reality of the role I was in trumped the feelings I had inside of not being up to the task. everyone has doubts even the people you know who seem like that are 100% in control.



So why didn't you do anything with your life


And why are you blaming others




drop the self pity my man. Women are not men and complaining about how they have it easier is just ugly resentment from gay nerds who also want you to be a gay nerd. There is great joy in taking complete responsibility over how you feel and your life. There is no reason to despair. You are only 26 right? You aren't a corpse.

File: 1619193825660.png (674.05 KB, 796x679, 03C06144-29A0-4FA5-ABA5-12….png)


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There was a national outcry about "It's okay to be White" flyers hardly even a few years ago.



It still bothers me that those retards over at /pol/ never pushed that meme. God damn I hate /pol/tards. If /new/ wasn't a ghost WE"D have made that shit count. Fucking kids.



is your husband aware of your infertility and aversion to White children?



File: 1619443858236.jpg (215.7 KB, 720x944, 20210129_073723.jpg)

its valid to question where the remote is



File: 1619458750670.jpg (317.83 KB, 1200x1899, Vasectomy_fe4c89_7401503.jpg)

He'd have to be mentally retarded not to know by now. As it stands he's simply a soyboy for voluntarily not reproducing

File: 1619456476934.jpg (298.54 KB, 678x902, Screenshot_20210426-145723….jpg)





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where da remote tho













File: 1619317648185.png (475.37 KB, 589x690, c1a91f707ff1f5c4d6485f263a….png)


R8 this drip fellas
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Kek thanks

Some of that is more on the LARPy than the functional side imo



Completely retarded



exactly, techwear is very hit and miss, its also stupidly overpriced



I, the grey man.



i like it

File: 1619274266742.jpg (393.68 KB, 1368x2048, 9bbe0eadc0133d3ef78fef0e05….jpg)


would you let your daughter dress like this
in a white nationalist society
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You're trying to tell me there's 2 feminists here?



What foky's saying is that he's a waste of existence but too much of a coward to kill himself. Slavic incel rape baby nigger fuckboi faggot.



Diddint read + hidden lol



why do you think women display their abdomen?



because they're sluts and weren't raised correctly.

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