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File: 1594087823285.png (180.83 KB, 1639x339, chud.PNG)


Kinemathique for this particular feel?


File: 1594090076268.png (91.94 KB, 1631x176, saasasasf.PNG)

y de nigger wahmins are liek dis



The only thing that matters of that list is a gf and even then I guarantee he would be regretting it either due to heartbreak or early fatherhood.

Work on yourself, build up your skillz, follow the wizard path and you'll find peace. Not happiness mind you, that is a total lie, but you will find peace.


Fresh nu Stevekino fellers
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Y he tremblin doe

Inb4 eating all this rotten food has given him parkinsons or smth



Check out these dubs.



how does i get deez balls?



Easy. Just close your eyes and open your mouth.



pic is ur mum durin ur birff LOL

File: 1593906518078.jpg (150.02 KB, 937x1171, 934242b15144c0f32f0ea487c3….jpg)


The light that burns twice as bright burns out twice as fast and you my dear bonbi have shone so very, very brightly.

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I mean like how else would she pay for all deez cosplays

You just know she have a sugar dadeeh



Damn, she really does look like a typical fat Mexican in that picture, and look how broad her nose is there. KIKE photo-manipulation has tricked us into believing she's attractive.



At least KIKE photo-manipulation can never obscure how hideous your mother is. I should have kept the pillow on her face after I was done fucking her and smothered her like she should have smothered you when you were a baby



I smother
ur mother
because ehhr…
she's a niggerlover




File: 1594010469422.png (159.08 KB, 270x270, 040.png)

check these dubs btw


File: 1593826350442.jpg (95.66 KB, 640x512, ken1smith.jpg)


r9k sucks balls, theres is nothing even remotely of interest on this board.
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File: 1593970721595.jpg (115.14 KB, 658x358, butthearse.jpg)

if its so comfy how come you ended up having severe discomfort where you sit?



Delete /r9k/ right now!



File: 1593986583756.png (567.38 KB, 680x738, 1592564953973.png)

my dicc delete ur mum pucci LOL



/r9k/ was never good. Put it out of it's misery.



File: 1594007425217.jpg (1.53 MB, 3840x5760, 0e811cb9f0f1f79ce442fcb898….jpg)

y ur so KIKEhurt doe lol

File: 1593988519026.png (279.8 KB, 710x842, d9435d0ea261a65628e33f60ee….png)


I cannot begin to tell you guys the amount of resources I've saved over the years to learn something from that I procrastinated on for literal years sometimes, waiting for the right moment to crack it open and absorb the knowledge only to find that it's either below my skill level or outright useless. Even worse, the sinking realization that all that time i could've continued to evolve and move on and learn even more from better places instead of wasting time.
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>that hot little number on the left



srsly though she was a such a cutie.. and they put her in those boots hnnng.



>perfectly legal image getting deleted
The absolute state. smh



The fuck is this thread

List some concrete examples OP



File: 1594006092407.jpg (372.25 KB, 1549x1360, jongsdingen-meidendingen.jpg)

>>below my skill level
tell us about your skillz OP.

I won't be silenced.

File: 1585833599550.jpg (114.98 KB, 548x492, 1390342696017 (2).jpg)

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Apparently you can change your country for free now on Tinder w/out the need to use a VPN/geolocashun spoofer

Gonna sign up again and git me sum magyaroid matches stat heh
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>"""Helping the homeless"""




>As a wise man once said, grab 'em by the pussy.




How the red pill saved this guy from a toxic gaslighting SJW bitch
>I began to connect the dots between her feminist, SJW persona and her daddy issues and toxic, emotionally abusive behavior. Pretty soon, it was very clear that this woman would destroy my life If I let her.




>I began to connect the dots between his retarded, homosexual persona and his mommy issues and toxic, emotionally abusive behavior. Pretty soon, it was very clear that redditcuky would destroy 4chon if HDV let him.



File: 1594005945963.jpg (16.33 KB, 236x421, b047d153e903022cfb2cf5d571….jpg)

OBSESSED dwarfnarc

File: 1593926186132.png (577.56 KB, 899x340, Screenshot_2.png)


I cry every time when she makes the still face and the baby gets upset

Now think of zoomer mothers on their phones all the time



babbi cri sad



And now think of zoomer daughters on their phones all the time


File: 1593913743901.png (69.28 KB, 540x473, b401f543b1c7cdf9894b1e1acd….png)


>4th of july
>sky is pitch black

man, really drives to home the state of things innit?


File: 1593915488595.png (8.14 KB, 443x474, 1593043400603.png)

Not as black as the gaping asshole of ur mum after i nutted into it LOL



This is in fact why not a single person likes you.



File: 1593917229252.png (183.02 KB, 422x472, der untermensch.png)

take your meds and STFU + kys LOL



File: 1593917558021.jpg (8.65 KB, 240x240, 1593894335876.jpg)

lol no 1 likz u



File: 1593918314606.jpg (8.64 KB, 240x240, 1593838737548.jpg)

lol no 1 likez u

File: 1593905778631.jpg (61.28 KB, 460x690, wew.jpg)


how does it feel to know that your racial beliefs aren't supported by a single scientific paper/journal and the only publications in support of these ideas are made by a strict group of people known for publishing pseudoscience on ill reputed journals like OpenPsych and Mankind Quarterly



Au contraire, my simpleton friend, studies have shown that hapas, specifically WMAF bred hapas have higher incidences of severe mental instabilities specifically in the realm of narcissism, schizophrenia and paranoia.




File: 1593908084794.png (793.21 KB, 1080x3566, reality of races.png)

kys kike lol

If the entire jewish media soyience cabal claimed that air doesn't exist and branded everyone "believing" the opposite as a hater it would still not change the fact of ojective natural reality that it does

Same with races (aka phenotypes)




fuckin KIKE keybort smdh

File: 1593766273097.jpg (148.14 KB, 1000x1019, 1593760648564.jpg)


>The streamer chick that abused the kid

El ogros de las amerikanos…
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God this musta been so horrible for this poor feller

Imagine being tackled to the ground by this monstrosity and having your peccer sucked dry/nutting right in here mouff

Poor dude



>implying it was rape



so he turns 18, he realizes he's a "loser" for not being able to afford the American dream™ like many other millennials after being kicked out by parents, not making enough money at the video game contests and having to wageslave at walmart, and now he blames everything on one short relationship he had in the past



File: 1593897844408.png (183.02 KB, 422x472, der untermensch.png)

dwarfpilled post



File: 1593898435677.jpg (17.71 KB, 300x300, taylor towel.jpg)

Yes what a human tragedy this all is

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