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File: 1618729894199.jpg (84.24 KB, 737x1106, young-chinese-woman-prayin….jpg)


I wonder how much of what the kikes and soy science boys call "pseudoscience" is actually real?

>Wikipedia -

>Aromatherapy is a pseudoscience based on the usage of aromatic materials…

Next minute

>Pubmed -

>In the last few decades, many scientific studies were conducted to investigate the effect of inhalation of aroma on human brain functions. The studies have suggested a significant role for olfactory stimulation in the alteration of cognition, mood, and perception
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File: 1618774189070.jpg (628.88 KB, 1724x1500, 1377302109174.jpg)

Legitimate scientists get poached or assassinated. Anyone who re-invents the perpetual energy machine, finds cures for various diseases or anything else that both reduces suffering in the demiurgic prison world and allows the average Joe to live free and autonomous away from the poiwers-that-be is likely given an ultimatum: work for us or we torture you & your family to death.



>P 22. Traditional Chinese medicine has long recognized the electrical nature of the human body and has developed a system to defuse the “accumulation of electricity” that leads to disease. It’s called acupuncture. Many things that we do instinctively also help release any unhealthy build-up of current—the mother who strokes her infant’s head or who scratches her children’s backs to put 14
them to sleep, the caresses of lovers, walking barefoot on the earth, massage, even handshakes and hugs—all now discouraged by the frowny faces of health authorities.

>P 23. Illness has followed 5G installation in all the major cities in America…



File: 1619296817925.png (363.49 KB, 808x857, Screenshot_2021-04-24_16-3….png)

>Psychologist Eric Turkheimer wrote The Three Laws of Behavior Genetics and What They Mean (in Current Directions in Psychological Science in 2000).
>“First Law: All human behavioural traits are heritable.
>Second Law: The effect of being raised in the same family is smaller than the effect of the genes.
>Third Law: A substantial portion of the variation in complex human behavioural traits is not accounted for by the effects of genes or families.”


What the hell is up with these soyentists?



File: 1619298064587.png (73.2 KB, 820x555, electromagnetic-spectrum-e….png)

When it comes to 5G, people who work on telecom equipment get brain cancer all the time. It probably is a health risk. Even if it isn't killing us instantly or giving us cancer, I very much doubt that constant exposure to radiation, every second of the day, from every device in our homes is very healthy. 5G (Not pictured here) is higher on the spectrum than a microwave. It's rubbing right against infrared. They can say "IT'S NONIONZING!", but I have a feeling that if we did some experiments on animals the group who wasn't constantly exposed to this stuff would be less fucked up.



File: 1619302027573.jpg (203.07 KB, 666x1510, ooga booga.jpg)

psychology is a whole field of study that is entirely bullshit, the jews invented it and shilled it on the rest of the world in order to advance their kike agenda, thats why nothing in the field is permanent and is instead always malleable and able to dovetail with whatever else the kikes are pushing.
some of the people who study baboons and chimps have come up with decent & accurate descriptions of primate behavior that apply also to humans, their publications aren't as colored by kike political manipulation.

File: 1619023144372.png (158.07 KB, 475x285, sleeping bunny.png)


Why are you still awake germanic albion? are you still questioning if 6000000 really died in the holocaust?
Now germanic albion, you can think more about it tomorrow, so go to sleep, cutie.
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the egg meme didn't bother you until you came out as infertile



There's nothing more cringe than a married white person without children. I intentionally impregnated my wife four months after we started dating and she's currently pregnant with our second baby



Congrats fella

Also strayaskitzocunty is a gook afaik



BASED and vargpilled.



keyed af


he's a uk comedian who lived in ireland for a long time.


>Polly boiko

Immediately recognized dat qt RT bish



Also y u no post this on /new/ there's two bigass coronibber generals on there



Generals are for faggots. Ok, General Faggot?



didn't think it was newsworthy tbh, but should've, given he works for russia today. i have been following him since he was on irish tv doing the hardy bucks.

File: 1618114602258.jpg (41.81 KB, 720x890, 1517230308963.jpg)


What specific time period in your life do you feel the most melancholia/nostalgia for?

For me it's the time period from around mid-2009 right up to early/mid 2011
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from 2009-2011 I was mainly into
team fortress 2 and bitcoin (this was before bitcoin became about price speculation and were mostly anarcho-libertarian 2deep4u weirdos)

I had a tumblr girlfriend who I ended up dumping to have more time to fuel my tf2 addiction

the world unironically ended in 2012 btw the mayan calendar shit was right heh



The 90's. Enough said.



I want Tom to tour with blink one last time. I just need to see them together one last time
But I guess this is growing up huh?



File: 1619126534253.jpg (84.36 KB, 640x640, R21d617dc826084e1abb36eaed….jpg)

were those two rug munchers?



Most likely i'd say heh

File: 1619095869440.png (158.07 KB, 475x285, 0B5F8874-BE69-4529-9008-5C….png)


Wow we had quite a day Germanic Albion.
We questioned the Holocaust like a boss and doesn’t afraid of nothing.
Well, time to go to go to sleep, no more Holocaust questioning for you today.
Good night cute questioning Germanic bunny. :)


File: 1619095934846.png (154.08 KB, 475x285, 2051C8C5-B585-4B1C-B036-38….png)

Awww… he went to sleep straight away.



Just have a baby already.



1. That's my husband as a bunny.
2. I have waaaayyy too much mental and physical problems to have kids as well as me never wanting kids in the first place



I will hide this skitzo gibberish spam now


I wish I had a twin sister. :3


Fuck off pedo KIKE


File: 1618780874224.jpg (25.03 KB, 432x576, rage-comic-weed-happy.jpg)


so whats the big deal with weed?

Just tried it for the first time over the weekend and tbh not impressed
It just made me a lazy retard for a few hours. I felt glued to the couch and I just stuffed my face with goldfish, couldnt do anything couldnt have an intelligent conversation, just 3 hours of retardation. at least when you're drunk you feel like you can do things. why do people chase this high so strongly? how do stoners manage to do accomplish anything in life? are there certain activities that are better when high? I watched nature documentaries and was in awe but i dont think it was anything to write home about
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My 16yr old whore neice told me straight up she spends too much money on weed.



Weed is the ultimate normie drug. It removes all ambition and makes people docile consumers



Tell her to grow her own and make money selling the stuff to others, pot is easiest cash crop ever.



Should've beaten and raped her right there and then.



on camera, in minecraft.

File: 1619017017726.jpeg (75.29 KB, 619x495, F6177167-30C9-4965-8CA6-1….jpeg)


What are the best quiz making websites?
I wanna be able to upload images with the quizzes when I make the quizzes like QUIZTRON let me. But QUIZTRON is insecure now with no users now.




worth a watch if you think men have no rights.


Tl;dw heh

File: 1618991208848.jpg (71.65 KB, 850x822, 35dfb8afbadde7e658a72723b0….jpg)


I DEMAND THAT THE GOVERNMENT PAY ME COMPENSATION FOR NOT HAVING SEX. this is the tax they have to pay me for not raping and killing women, which is my natural right. it is my natural right to secure the birth of my offspring by whatever means necessary, as all my ancestors have done for eternity. if society is unwilling to provide the social structures to secure a wife, i will have to take her by force.


Then go ahead and do it- oh wait you won't because you are a complete pussy who will never do anything. Hope you have siblings otherwise your genetic line ends with you. You let down your ancestors every day. You watch porn too dont you



My dick demand ur mum ass lol



Literally just rape somebody.



This tbh but we all know he won't because op is a little beta whiney faggot. He knows if he even looks at chads gf the wrong way he will be beaten to a bloody pulp as he deserves



These. Talk is cheap. If you were a true active rape threat, maybe the state would actually care.

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