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File: 1579035418825.jpg (13.92 KB, 253x199, 1493436492093.jpg)


I truly wish gay people and trannies wud stop lusting after me


They would if you'd just kill them.



They probably definitely think you're also gay.

I agree with their analysis.



I wish they would lust after me. I'd like a rimjob.



I wish you're mother would stop lusting after me xD



I have Asian and Mohammedan girls lusting after me. I don't know why.

File: 1579001282950.jpg (8.12 KB, 225x225, tactical.jpg)


reminder: everyone who uses this "internet website" is a faggot and should commit suicide or be executed by the state authorities


File: 1579168850887.jpg (29.33 KB, 505x280, phanny's a kike.jpg)

reminder: bump

File: 1579105485789.jpg (171.26 KB, 900x1200, 0ec3739d0569f6c5a2c58f9460….jpg)


Wud bushy pucci b aloud in an anti bushy pucci societay
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Take skitzo meds



File: 1579121496322.jpg (14.06 KB, 227x255, 03d6fd3ce1050114b9e1015423….jpg)

Stop being closet homo and fapping to closet men, come out of the closet homo. Watching porn means you're gay. It's just as well that the "women" you've been watching were men a few years ago.



I told you, retard, there aren't even any women left. Any women you see are tranny agents of ZOG.



File: 1579125243901.jpg (126.99 KB, 1280x720, 68.jpg)

The most useless part on a woman aside from her head.



File: 1579132546242.jpg (142.46 KB, 750x937, 1563306517983.jpg)

how can this be a tranny bros

File: 1579120351387.jpg (24.45 KB, 421x549, 1579119432414.jpg)


>"Ready for quran class habib?"

Wat say


She has a fat face. I bet she's fat.



File: 1579125072348.jpg (38.38 KB, 800x600, 56985698.jpg)

Off with her clit.

File: 1575790275302.jpg (179.98 KB, 1353x1353, incel with money scoring a….jpg)


How does this make u feel
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This must strive upwards



File: 1578566835173.png (127.15 KB, 1452x858, 1578556185621.png)

Go up fellerino






It's going to be really hard to argue for the continued existence of women once artificial wombs and sexbots are perfected.



God, I hope that nigger chimps out and kills them both.


The video that made him famous, over 1 million views

I'll post some of his other videos below


This is the first of three angry car rants he did in Dec 2018.

This helped me with no fap more than anything else in my life, every time I feel like a cumbrain I just remember his desperate words here.



>Nov 20, 2019

Here's a funny video until I watch the rest and post any good ones




>I still think you would make a cool hard-ass Belfast guy in some movie tbh
>Hard man Incel lol I wanted to be that all my life a hard man, now I look it I want to be a cute guy again lmao (when I was younger 11-14 girls called me cute and I hated it, now it's the opposite, we always want what we don't have and are never satisfied with what we do).



Trip to Rome

File: 1578594631614.jpg (315.23 KB, 1075x977, Screenshot_20200109-183002….jpg)


>"In the future we'll have flying cars"


Well, it is the best thing I've seen today so far



File: 1578614816844.jpg (48.74 KB, 320x444, science.jpg)



Cuttlenibbas are some smart fellers heh


Now dats a wide boi heh

File: 1579105241160.jpg (53.68 KB, 634x609, 1579091312059.jpg)


>Zoomers suck ass at computers
>Boomers too
>Demand for IT help desk jobs skyrockets
>full employment for gen Y + X

It's like pottery

File: 1579024470620.jpg (47.2 KB, 708x578, windows_7.jpg)


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Also end of life doesn't mean anything. Even windows xp is still usable, if your hardware supports it.

Your windows 7 computer will be usable for years and years to come, so don't worry about it.



I knew that! I'm not a nigger-cattle! He still used linux for the internet and VMs



File: 1579030807852.png (343.68 KB, 585x606, 1569962714086.png)

Imagine gettin a footsiejob from nanami



Testan cross bort linkan

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