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File: 1602728750306.png (1.4 MB, 750x928, 318c0d48ecf9b04b9ead280f57….png)


Drug users should be shot.
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work (whatever that means for you) is a large part of life. you don't have to let someone profit off you if you don't like but that doesn't mean you shouldn't work.



Basically what this guy said

Work/manipulating the outside world is one of the biological prime defining factors of a man's being

Without work, a man withers



When most people say 'work' they mean wagecucekry. Wagecucks like to play semantics with the word 'work', so they can pretend that they lead a productive and fulfilling life, when really the longer you're employed, the more you're squandering your time.



sounds like you're some random burger flipper. if so, i feel sorry for you. indeed you llead a hellish existence.



File: 1603022575664.png (145.29 KB, 718x745, 1602334680835.png)

you need to get all that equality bullshit out of your head, not all people are created equal. its like that in every species, there is a division between bosses and servants even amongst insects. the chad-virgin paradigm is an inescapable fact of life. some people really are goyims, human beasts of burden, who are born into the servant class genetically fixated on being a servile worker. those people are naturally bred to be like that somehow or other, you can't talk them out of it because its a fundamental part of their soul or their DNA, it'd be like trying to talk a squirrel out of burying acorns.

File: 1603008392600.jpg (15.84 KB, 187x250, 1422603919466.jpg)


File: 1602895709410.jpg (681 KB, 716x2965, Ugly guys are hated by wom….jpg)


If women were more honest like this man pretending to be a woman was wouldn't that be a good thing? Men are complacent today because they're delusional. Not only do women themselves lead men on but Hollywood tropes about a "plain" or even objectively ugly guy ending up with an extremely attractive woman has permeated the culture for several generations now. If more men knew the truth they wouldn't have allowed themselves to fall into such disrepair and we'd collectively be much less unappealing, which would in turn pressure women to stop being so physically disgusting as well.


Ban makeup



The thing is within a few years she's going to be the delusional wine aunt and she doesn't seem to realize it.



Do scalp micropigmentashen tatoos count heh

File: 1602917715297.jpg (547.44 KB, 1488x1488, takings.jpg)


i collected muh shrooms today
u spent the day jacking off to soyence on reddit lol


shove em up your ass



File: 1602920999420.jpg (115.14 KB, 658x358, butthearse.jpg)

rear end wrecked



Deez dun look liek psilos tbh

File: 1602435963891.jpg (49.09 KB, 540x293, f27a59ce7b93228e50efab8b54….jpg)


Chose wisely strayaskitzoCunty


File: 1602457109896.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x1350, f5bbfa7d2bfdf68fe853389cd9….jpg)

Kek which one of you made this thread



File: 1602457267187.png (168.16 KB, 1402x886, 3e93072fedc7ee68aad02ccca4….png)

I honest to dog always thought these panels were just random skitzoid gibberish but the ones posted in dat thread are actually p decent in terms of redpillery heh



looks like my ex



Gimme her number

File: 1602803159904.jpg (311.34 KB, 450x702, 1999-Pokemon-Game-1st-Edit….jpg)


>all of the cards of your childhood are now worth tens of thousands of dollars
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Yeah 1st edition is the grail in terms of pokemon and even yugioh cards



Use tcgplayer.com for most of ur cards but use cardmavin.com or ebay ("sold") to get a good idea about 1st editions heh



Don't get them graded unless they're 1st editions and in great condition, the grading process from when you send them out to getting them back takes up to 6 fucking months



Also doesn't it cost like $20 or something lol. What a rip.



Nah, it's worth 20 bucks, the time it takes to get them back though is fucking ridiculous

File: 1602804818080.jpeg (250.73 KB, 1200x1489, 961CB6D7-7AB3-4FB2-93DD-E….jpeg)


Why are speed limits even a thing, huh?

>"Nothing bad happened when you went over [arbitrary number] and for all anyone knows nothing bad would have happened and frankly it almost certainly wouldn't have but because it apparently could have you owe the government $200, LOL"

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File: 1602838133138.jpg (15.41 KB, 236x251, roads cassandra.jpg)

muh rodes mufugguu~



>we had roads, universities and a military

newsflash retard, the interstate highway system came AFTER ww2, universities were bolstered by the GI Bill, which was AFTER ww2, and the military BEFORE ww2 was a laughing stock that could barely hold it's own from indians and disgrunteled factory workers.

keep using your big words though, i'm sure it'll make you feel better.



>muh roads
Already addressed, there was nothing wrong with how things were before we were paying 40% of our income to the government for some asphalt they laid down 70 years ago

>muh universities

Universities are shit now and were shit then. Without the step stool of government loans tuition rates wouldn't be into the tens of thousands today and we wouldn't have a bunch of faggy, gender-confused racial flagellant retards running around making a nuisance of themselves.

>muh military

Who cares? Our military is bigger than ever and we're still getting fucked six ways from sunday on all of our trading relationships https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_largest_trading_partners_of_the_United_States

We're spending three quarters of a trillion dollars so that asia and europe can have access to middle eastern oil (we get a mere 17% despite our vastly disproportionate investment).

tl;dr fuk the government and fuk you're mom xd



>for all anyone knows nothing bad would have happened
[citation needed]



>fuck your mom lolxd

this is why no one takes libertarians seriuosly. you resort to crass insults when someone challenges your views. but whatever, keep dreaming of your taxless utopias while in the REAL world we know what works.

File: 1601545419015.png (472.1 KB, 521x504, WHITER THAN LARRY DAVID!.png)


Maybe expelling human wastes feels good because its good to get the bad stuff out of your system. I'm talking about defecating, popping pimples, or even flushing your ear with a syringe (I have to do it all the time because I use in-ear headphones, google it if you don't know what I mean. Feels so damn good to have a blocked ear then flush out a clump of sticky/solidified cerumen). Though I don't know what this says about the thing thats going on itself. I mean, maybe doing big poos feels good because you're getting all the fiber out of your body (only fiber causes big shits, and fiber is bad imo). And its not like popping pimples is a good idea unless you are very careful about it.
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Coffee might be giving you morning shits, if you drink it, or caffeine or whatever stimulant, but I imagine you know that already…



Coffee is trash I never drink that shit, when I used to yeah a couple sips and it's potty time for sure



File: 1601671572936.jpg (89.01 KB, 645x794, Profile_-_Elsa.jpg)

I thought about fuckin ur mum today LOL



You know what feels even better? Having a big fat cock to penetrate all your orifices and fill them with cum, until you're just a nasty cumslut with no self respect. Feels so damn good to have a tight anus then stretch it out into a gape. Though I don't know what this says about the cock thats going in itself. I mean, maybe big fat cock feels good because you're getting all the testosterone into your body (only test causes big gay, and test is good imo). And its not like anal gaping is a good idea unless you are very careful about it.



File: 1602865832654.jpg (4.81 KB, 128x128, ded0008c66db104a0b88eb9d03….jpg)

Kek i remember you shitpost-spamming this pasta

File: 1602673585124.jpg (15.07 KB, 441x411, 1483627555081.jpg)


>Remaining Jews have been almost completely run out of the ethnostate
>After the Great Reset of 2021-2025 and establishment of the New Internet in 2028, little is known of the attempted White genocide and the surviving zoomers tell tales of their oppression under Jewish rule
>"Yes sonnerino I swear those Jews hooked us up with all kinds of drugs and continually flashed us with images of naked sexy ladies… we were forced to masturbate to them three times daily… literally thousands of naked ladies were presented to us - of course no man could resist wacking off to them"
>"Come on dad we know that shit never happened"


File: 1602684175312.png (239.97 KB, 1982x1931, IMG_20201010_224750.png)

I'm looking forward to telling my fair share of "up hill both ways" tall tales about J*wish oppression to my half-plushie children in the future.

>…and if we didn't have a job we'd only be paid $400 a week, get free food and comped rent until we could get back on our feet. It was a l*teral holodomor!




Who gets 400 dollars a week?



Generations of n-words and wh*te "single mothers" of n-words heh


File: 1602675013934.jpg (33.41 KB, 409x409, 1586891073494.jpg)


Whats worse, diahhreah or constipation? And could you spell the first one correctly from memory i.e. without using spellcheck?


I think it's "Diarrhea" but I'm probably wrong heh






dihhearea is worse by far



it's spelled doodoorhea




you'll die from dehydration with diarhhea but you can stave that off. with constipation you'll get blood poiinsoning as the fecal matter hardenrs and it will slowly kill you painfully.

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