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File: 1634006709049.png (405.28 KB, 1024x1024, app-icons-pinterest.png)


i hate most modern websites but holy fuck pinterest is fucking gold.


never used it because it doesnt work without an account



Stop flooding r9k with garbage zero content non-effort spam



this. it would be a great place to look at cute kids though.



File: 1634019933830.jpg (572.13 KB, 1079x1064, Screenshot_20211012-072504….jpg)

its alright, got some pretty good pictures of HW from there, there seems to be more niche pictures there



IIRC their development staff are mostly orientals and they probably aren't bogged down with a ton of trannies and femoids

File: 1633996272125.png (293.89 KB, 596x631, 1633956154627.png)


I think I might be killing myself before the end of the year. I'm just about done with all of this.
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Anon dont kill yourself plot. Your life is meaningful

Don't listen to this retard. Pls don't kill yourself but if you do dont kill innocents. If your gonna do that at least kill the kike beast politicians/elites responsible. Normie sheepoids are innocent due to ignorance, willful or not.



fucking yikes man



Yikes yourself sloucher



I fapped too hard the other day and now i fear my dick is broken LOL



I mean it works but there's some funky stuff going on with the blood circulation i think im not sure idk

Could be nothing either way

File: 1630480850318.jpg (107.02 KB, 462x570, 1630475055932.jpg)


Wat u nibbas think about artflow.ai

The queue is at 700 minutes rn lol, shit's viral
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Copped a lill laff there



File: 1633843108343.jpg (26.55 KB, 345x412, 1633842293923.jpg)






File: 1633917044707.png (508.66 KB, 540x729, 1633913319352.png)

Uhm hello laff dept




File: 1633917305795.png (810.8 KB, 1080x1194, 1633915801088.png)


File: 1629804332033.png (251.02 KB, 470x340, babybig.png)


Few days ago I had Wake Induced Lucid Dream(s). Normally I wake up at 7am then sleep another 6 hours or so. This time I had 6-7 lucid dreams in a row it was hella epic. Somehow I was able to keep going in and out of them. I would feel my body on the bed, awake, then enter hypnagogia, then enter the dream state and fully feel my body in the dream state it was ebin bros.

Before this I was doing Reality Checks. Now I am at the stage where I am working on Stability: https://lucid.fandom.com/wiki/Stability
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In one of my dreams I was drinking some pineapple cocktail. At the time I was thinking about how you can do literally anything (if you're skilled enough etc) so I drank like 30 gulpfulls of some pineapple drink because it tasted nice. Didn't feel sick or anything.

In another I was rapping about niggers. This was weird because I don't ever rap or anything like that… The rap I made was really good. It rhymed really well. It was very hallucinogenic - I somehow became a rap expert and could spit out rhyming lines off the cuff.

More sex dreams.

In other dreams this time I shouted "INCREASE CLARITY" or "INCREASE VIVIDNESS". It worked this time. Maybe last time I wasn't actually "shouting" it I was merely "thinking" it. But it worked at least for a short while.

ALSO something which is really cool and weird is that I actually shouted "INCREASE GRAPHICS TO MAXIMUM" or something like that, and it worked. It even gave the dream an FPS counter. HOW WEIRD IS THAT????!!!! Sounds unbelievable but it's true. And it gave me what appeared to be bloom. How meta. Another thing is that some of the clouds in the sky looked copy-pasted, just like what the photoshopper did for the "blue marble" pic.

In all my dreams now I keep rubbing my hands and shoulder to stabilize it. Though I forget a lot.



Something I've realized recently is that I think only my very recent WILD's have been true lucid dreams. Because they were 1st person. I don't think I've ever had an actual 1st person dream before that. All of them were 2nd or even 3rd person. Meaning, they seem to be _about_ me rather than 1st person where I can actually feel my body etc.



File: 1632987416019.jpg (33.41 KB, 409x409, 1559656654073.jpg)

Fuckin nitemares again mang, every time about the same place/setting/traumatic time in mah life too

Gotta try EMDR trauma therapy or sum shit like dat inna future



>Looked at video of the place im having nitemares about
>Feel better somehow

Dat weird huh



This morning when I had my dreams I thought about how you can do anything in a lucid dream. So in my dreams I went into toilet stalls and kept pissing for a long time. Like a minute in a row. It felt like when you really need to piss, you get to the mid point and it feels really damn good. Except I did it for a minute in a row. I did that a few dreams in a row. Also shitted the same way

Lucid dreaming, raping pissing and shitting

File: 1633903248771.jpeg (278.41 KB, 1024x690, A44618D1-E938-479B-9B94-2….jpeg)


What happened to all the image search programs? We used to have shit like Image Raider and even Google Image search would give good results, but now there’s only Pimeyes for human faces.


What happend to ur mum pucci when i fuck it lol


did your mom ever rub you 'down there'?

if not you were unloved and unwanted.


my mom let me suck on her nips until i was like 5 from what i remember.



that's hot af.
got any video?



Ah yes another schizo tripe thread to hide



What the fuck is wrong with Japan.

File: 1633880945411.jpg (260.21 KB, 1536x864, 0021a3f728e131fc5caa091add….jpg)


If i was a teacher I would be most interested in the kids who obviously had fucked up home lives but were still making an effort to learn. i would probably have an immense amount of pity for them too tbqh. how do teachers do it? must be a miserable job to be in a place where you're basically stuck in time.




File: 1633734087545.png (279.8 KB, 710x842, apu_desk.png)


I signed up for a local college's graphics design program, don't expect to get a job or anything with it but I'm just so fucking bored out of my mind these days. I expected a lot of things once I reach 30 but didn't realize extreme boredom was one of them lmao.
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I highly doubt that
>pop music being almost 100% about sex, love or romance
>looks are everything (photoshop, plastic surgery, makeup, Instagram)
>constant barrage of which celebrity is getting fucked and by who
>the very fact that you're judged simply by being single

youre dumb if you think the agenda isn't for more breeding to occur, they need as many workers as possible, cue the sex agenda



File: 1633823764306.jpg (129.89 KB, 811x901, 1633211685471.jpg)

Sex isn't procreation, tens of millions of people have sex multiple times a week up until their unceremonious passing of the wall with no intention of ever conceiving and for those that do they are pressured into using birth control, or abortion and taught to hate their retard family and their ancestors (an extension of the family) by the media. Just because the powers at be are pro sex including gay sex does not mean they are pro family in the slightest.

>30 here, iktftbhfam

I hate being a bald manlet with a weak jawline and small hands/forearms/feet and frame; I am pretty deficient in all of the "key" areas that women look for which really sucks because I'm not like a mutant or goblin something otherwise. Being a sperg doesn't help but I can pretend to be normal long enough to make it count, technically. I seem to only attract landwhales with bad personalities though, I could have settled for many over the years but I simply can't. Just because I'm not super attractive myself doesn't mean I'm going to hitch myself to a 2-2 1/2 and I'm sure women feel similarly about me.



I meant ">30" not "greentext 30" heh



you seem to be stuck in the 'find the one' mindset

just fuck slampigs until you get suave enough to seduce a tradthot



>Being a sperg doesn't help but I can pretend to be normal long enough to make it count, technically. I seem to only attract landwhales with bad personalities though, I could have settled for many over the years but I simply can't. Just because I'm not super attractive myself doesn't mean I'm going to hitch myself to a 2-2 1/2 and I'm sure women feel similarly about me.

respect. if you ever did you'd hate yourself, your life and the innocent children you'd bring into the world. in fact, that's probably why so many kids have fucked up childhoods, because their parents settled and were never happy to begin with.

File: 1633731699581.jpg (411.38 KB, 665x1027, Screenshot_20211008-232032….jpg)


>"lets film this animal being eaten alive for science reasons"
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in terms of being in a position to help yes, we must use our human cababilities to help those deemed 'lesser species' the human race is hellbent on being extremely self serving, I want this to change, and cunts like the OP are putting a halt on that



I think we should abolish the police but then allow people to actually defend themselves without fear of repercussions. the nigger problem would finally be solved.



ok, I see you are low IQ, you're that one buzzkill at the party aren't you



you'd get shot too… like the nigger you are avid.



probably idk

File: 1633650617119.png (1.33 MB, 1096x608, Pepe toss.png)


I went traveling for a week and I learned a lot about myself. Particularly that I need certain conditions to sleep and if I don't get them I sleep awfully and its shit.

But I thought the homo thing everyone says about traveling was that you learn about other people? In my case, no. Maybe it was just because I went around my state not overseas. Being without a PC (even though I have a smartphone) SUCKS!!! A PC so much damn faster and more efficient with whatever you want to do.


>But I thought the homo thing everyone says about traveling was that you learn about other people?
i think the meme literally says travelling is about "finding yourself".



Yeah but I thought that was some new age shit about talking to brown people squatting in shacks



File: 1633662886695.png (153.24 KB, 420x400, observe.png)

>>29588 (checked)
>brown people squatting in shacks
i have traveled from the americas to eastern europe to avoid that very thing




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