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Stupid white people building islands for soccer fields 'n shit while Africa is invading
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>"paying 50% of your income in return for a two year degree in transgender lesbian interpretive dance is GOOD"
>"maybe someday Norway's government will pay out their $30,000 a person oil surplus or lower their taxes proportionally and I'll finally score"

If anything I'm jealous of the country of Georgia that has a low tax rate and still provides the same level of service Northern European countries do. Being an irrelevant low population backwater with no responsibility and living under the umbrella of more powerful states has its advantages, Swedetards and Cuckwegians just aren't as good at taking advantage of them as they think they are.



File: 1578192053850.jpg (272.59 KB, 1024x680, gigamaru.jpg)

Georgia is epic and pretty much always has been as far my knowledge of history goes. Speaking of which, the latest sumo rankings are out and Tochinoshin might be destroying motherfuckers at Maegashira 6 west is his various injuries aren't hampering him, he probably has a good shot at winning his second tournament championship if hes healthy and fighting from that rank. His first win in 2018 was on the upswing from a knee injury recovery when he was ranked M4.



based, hopefully he can get his Oezeki rank back heh



Norway has no military to defend its citizens against rapefugees but it's building an underwater tunnel costing over $1 trillion




File: 1577349780100.jpeg (33.8 KB, 636x333, Ty Beeson.jpeg)


Watch this guy https://www.youtube.com/user/bondinfo/videos

This video first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqHlWymUnok

He explains how women before the 60s used to love their sons and today's mothers are all cancer because they only "care". And that's a dangerous word because they only care if you're doing exactly what they want out of you, if you go against their wishes and follow your dreams they become furious but afterwards stop caring completely and don't bother you. "Caring" people actually get mean and vicious when you don't do what they want and then couldn't care less about you when you show them you are not their bitch. Once you start to understand this it will change your life and you can become a man without being subconsciously castrated by women because you have the energy of your mother.
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Happy new years



Stefan Molyneux is wandering around the Chernobyl zone?



Not funny








What happens when a gaymer gets married
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Can't wait to see Pewd's video.



>murrican too stupid for nordic life, gets btfo



Americans are literally subhuman.



i like the part when she mocked his mutilated penis. LOL




File: 1575682638908.jpg (83.57 KB, 600x451, imageboard_brain.jpg)


you've mastered nofap, now it's time for


imagine how clear your mind will be after a few months of replacing banal data fog with things that nourish your soul

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File: 1577543082774.png (490.03 KB, 976x3072, cbe442e16d742439d1e60e4a58….png)

4chon and krautchan ruined my life



File: 1577543166841.png (1.43 MB, 1700x2200, congress damage control.png)

btw krautchan and its successor kohlchan is even more toxic from being full of incels and degenerates than 4chon was.









File: 1578882711591.jpg (79.62 KB, 893x895, oreki_vector_by_fncombo-d5….jpg)


There's a blizzard outside, so I'm stuck at someone else's place and can't get home tonight. Having a day off like this makes me appreciate how nice the NEET life is. I've just been staring outside at the snow as it blows around, and reading books and drinking tea. All my so called responsibilities just don't seem to matter much anymore.

Any of you fammos have similar experiences?


I only work three days a week which is a blessed existence in which I not only make plenty of money but have way more freedom than most, but I've moved back in with my parents so I'm basically locked in a gorilla cage with needy boomers heh

Speaking of that it's snowing here so I'm probably going to shovel either before bed or before work.



12 years of being a NEET here. Comfy is life for a loser like me.



File: 1578938921526.png (107.06 KB, 400x400, AnimuThinku.png)

Not bad anon. Very few people can sustain the NEET lifestyle that long.

Do you enjoy it?

File: 1578906361461.jpg (12.9 KB, 342x348, 71dR8V0Y8cL.__AC_SX342_QL7….jpg)


Shaved my pubes for the first time in 2 yrs lol


I need to trim mine. I also need to shave my ass hair.



I didn't know 4chon was full of cute twinks.



Shaved my legs and ass hair a couple days ago. Feels so nice, like my skin is super sensitive and soft now.

File: 1578930114191.jpg (156.98 KB, 600x365, Scooby promotes Double Gul….jpg)



Wait, wasn't he supposed to quit YouTube for good?



Scooby looks suspiciously like a female to male tranny

I'd need some pictures of his young bodybuilding self to confirm

File: 1578836531278.jpg (47.72 KB, 470x471, sos21.jpg)


Anime is cancer. Games and game boards are cancer. Anime boards (4chan) are extreme cancer.

Why do imageboard weebs still think they're counterculture like they're permanently lost in 2009, when it was somewhat avant garde and normalfags would chimp out at them for posting their anime garbage?

Half of zoomers are posting shitty jojo memes and fapping to hentai, women are making hundreds of thousands posting themselves with elf ears and making hentai meme faces, zoomers use words like 'senpai' etc. Then you weebs have the gall to call anyone that questions your obnoxious posting 'normies'? When your fad is now as normal and popular among teenage virgin nerds as star wars and star trek used to be? If you showed a highschool chad your favorite hentai doujin nowadays he would probably say "YOOO BRAH I TOTALLY FAPPED TO THAT I LOVE ANIME TITTIES HIGH FIVE!".

You cringe fucks aren't edgy anymore. Your ironic weeb faggotry was adopted by the mainstream for the same exact reason (it's annoying, overtly sexualized, infantilized, and 'ironic').
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File: 1578837095941.png (287.52 KB, 692x794, 7cee765e224195bae5f3c3d0e0….png)

My biggest regret is wasting my time on imageboards, you are disgusting virgins and you will never be anything but terrible people.



Okay, Dwarfmer



[ - ]




File: 1578853451498.jpg (85.69 KB, 455x675, highest laughter.jpg)

psychological projection



File: 1578929955730.png (406.19 KB, 713x662, e1c5ebc8f40ee0c5a33039f154….png)

You manchilds will get your reward

File: 1578911495754.png (1.52 MB, 706x777, bukkit03.PNG)


God i wish this sultryass bitch would do porn already

She could easily make an A list breakout in the industry


File: 1578911508318.png (1.05 MB, 753x690, 1255454.PNG)

Just imagine hnng



Aw gawd im gonna coooommm


Wud germanic qt's buzzing they're hair b aloud in an anti 3mm buzzcut society

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