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File: 1593572378661.jpg (12.08 KB, 225x225, r9gay.jpg)


reminder that r9k has always been the worst board


Why do you say things that are mean to people that only want the best for you, huh



cuz ur mum touch herself



don't tell lies about his mum, everyone knows shes too fat to reach

File: 1589509334741.jpg (216.6 KB, 1000x1000, 1454821978101.jpg)


>look up any random android tutorial on yt
>It's a poo 50% of the time

Smartphones were such a fuckin mistake holy fuck
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>digital sieges




Poojeet hands crafted this post



File: 1593286819194.jpg (25.03 KB, 369x408, 5c50071baa13a992623fd72932….jpg)




File: 1593577803328.png (551.79 KB, 830x2646, FireShot Capture 1425 - Ho….png)

I fuckin hate indians so much bros

Two examples from today, i searched how to replace the battery in an e-scooter and was refered by jewgle to some kind of gibberish SEO keyword-ladden poojeet fake tech site

Then later on/just now i searched for file compression methods and was pointed to pic rel inna top results

This shit doesn't even make any sense, it's just pure 100% low iq shitskin clickbait mill SEO shit

Then i looked up a tech tutorial for the same topic onna yt and the same thing there, it's all just indians and shitskins

Why the fuck did smartphones have to be invented



On a sidenote, only a couple years ago it wasn't nearly this bad and you would have to dig pretty deep to come across these poojeet bait sites but now they seem incredibly commonplace for some reason, maybe they're written by some kind of AI heh, it would explain the gibberish text at least

I'm wondering if there's a search engine out there that actively filters out clickbait information garbage like this thru advanced AI algorithms


How is it that Delphane comes off as such a disgusting, fake, diseased-ridden cunt but Cherry Crush still looks fresh and tight as all fuck?


Good question, delphine has a very diseased look about her, unironically. I think the splotchy skin doesn't help.



Cherry is just naturally cute. There's no other way to put it. Top quality whore.



but that doesn't negate delphine's repulsiveness.



Absolutely doesn't. I just really want to fuck Cherry.

File: 1587510485536.jpg (78.2 KB, 609x841, omega paypige.jpg)


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File: 1592846748255.jpg (164.19 KB, 500x709, woman worshiper.jpg)

u in pic



File: 1593464793379.jpg (600.72 KB, 4000x2600, 1593464519993.jpg)

up in an original manner



Every single one of your threads is a walking corpse. Let them die in peace, retard.



File: 1593467083691.png (183.02 KB, 422x472, der untermensch.png)

>[incoherent non-contributing cat-hoarder skitzo gibberish rambling]



File: 1593552325801.png (347.7 KB, 1080x1244, 1593481925096.png)

asfsaa sasas

File: 1593467720650.jpg (375.76 KB, 1428x1790, 1591821097986.jpg)


>What? You said "Hi" to ME? But I don't even know you! TEEEEEHEEEEEE! Are you one of those creepy pick-up guys who talks to random girls? Like, ew, that's so CREEPY! That stuff is so 2005. Wait, hold still, lemme get a snapchat of you to send to my friends…
>*She taps her phone but then looks up*
>Ohmigod, JESSSICA! JESSICA, COME QUICK, IT'S THAT CREEP WHO WAS TALKING TO RANDOM GIRLS! Aww, we thought we'd be scared but he looks so harmless!
>*Jessica and Cynthia run over, laughing hysterically*
>Hahahaha, Stacey already has a boyfriend! He's the Lacrosse captain!
>*Cynthia, with a mock patronising tone* Awww, da widdle boy don't wanna spend his Saturday night playing Fortnite and fiddling with his weewee! He wants a real woman!
>*All three of them laugh hysterically*
>*They Snapchat your face to all their friends and put you in their stories*
>Vice, Reddit, and BuzzFeed pick up on it
>"This pathetic incel tries to pressure a female medical student for sex. Her response goes viral and gets 500,000 retweets and an exhibit in the Tate Modern!"
>"The University of Doxbridge has suspended a 24 year old student without the right of appeal after an assault on Monday that led to…"
>Emma Watson and Greta Thunberg and Stacey give a speech about womens' rights at the United Nations and Stacey's snapchat is broadcast worldwide then stored in a time capsule sent in to deep space


File: 1593467967046.jpg (473.33 KB, 2048x2028, 1593466585372.jpg)

safafsass smv






is that the gril who was on Kid's React?




This happened to me in middle school



>snapchat in middle school
You have to be over 18 to post on this site, son.

File: 1593510141807.jpeg (6.06 KB, 259x194, images (2).jpeg)


Ok homos listen up, I've got an idea

I'm spitballing a dating site like tinder called, wait for it…


The premise would be that people there upload photos of their turds and you'd swipe right or left depending on whether you like their poo!


u shud do a dating app where everyone can date ur mum LOL



you may have the idea, but you don't have the technical computing ability necessary to complete the task.

File: 1593495456717.jpg (73.64 KB, 650x873, 1593191452997.jpg)


Dumb narc bitch Mia Khalifa attempts a streisand effect on her porn career

… This is the same girl whose entire claim to fame was being a pornstar, the reason she has a following, a career ANYTHING is because of those videos.

Its such a parallel of how girls will go through a massive slut phase in college or in their 20s but the moment they want to settle down they want that phase ERASED. IT DOESN'T COUNT!!!

They want to enjoy having endless pleasurable sex with multiple guys and then preserve their image as an innocent pure virgin. They want to eat their cake and have it too.

It literally is the equivalent of a retroactively withdrawing consent - And worst of all, the jewish kike media is both supporting and enabling this type of female behaviour.


File: 1592622239447.png (183.02 KB, 422x472, der untermensch.png)


narcprojection!dwarfcunty will never have kids lel


File: 1592699387441.jpg (110.09 KB, 1080x1504, xkcbkurylrq21.jpg)

Wrong. I'll marry the hottest cunny in town and get her to babymakin'. And there is nothing you can do to stop me



Hey, you can't be dwarf, he told me that I was dwarf!



dwarfcunty suxx



Yeah, I imagine that Strawmen created from your schizophrenic delusions aren't too good.

File: 1593401060753.jpg (162.08 KB, 1024x961, 1593386437287.jpg)


Pro hu-White Aryan couple with their own place and homeschooled kids on pol

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>dwarfskitzo so mentally destroyed she think random posters are me

Kek based

i never use flags btw



just like you'll never use your dick



I already did though LOL (and not just on ur mum)



letting your muslim father fondle you doesn't count, retard



This is likely fake without a timestamp OP

take meds sickCunty LOL

File: 1593395123814.png (97.53 KB, 750x951, pd.png)


How should I deal with this?


I heard jenkem cures all of deez heh

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