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File: 1593032203013.jpg (195.61 KB, 1440x1440, 66608996_2494126573959990_….jpg)


anyone else look like shit and fell off their fitness routine since covid started?


Bought excellent Rogue-knockoff rack, bench, weights for less than $1000 and cancelled gym membership years ago. No more waiting, driving, bullshit timewasting machines, mrsa bacteria exposure, ass sweat residues, can play my own music, leave my weights unracked, etc.

I don’t eat like a glutton so theres been no progress, though.



I've been running two to four miles every single day but because my diet is shit it doesn't matter (I don't look bad but I'm not "shredded" or whatever). I've also kind of stopped lifting quite as much so I need to pick that up again (figuratively and literally heh)

File: 1592965075661.jpg (2.76 KB, 125x125, 1592964792239s.jpg)


>the leader of the alt right is a manlet that is so insecure about his baldness that he wears beanies in 100f degree weather

if this is the best the alt-LITE can muster then the white race is FINISHED


People still use the word alt-right?



i still call them newggers



Literally who?

No you don't.

File: 1592972703847.jpeg (284.36 KB, 667x560, 9FEB0A9F-5B4C-4417-934F-D….jpeg)


>make list detailing why I shouldn’t feel bad about poaching /azn/ pussy
>it ends up convincing me that I should avoid them completely
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File: 1592997737559.png (68.82 KB, 857x653, 1502455447241.png)

>Asian guys give zero fucks about wm/af.

Ahahaha you mfers are delusion. They're the most autisticly tribal about this interracial shit, which is funny cuz they're also obsessed with white women.



>they would see you as potentially threatening their access to white woman and get mad.

What the heckarino do you mean by this? What access?



File: 1593007673485.jpg (33.48 KB, 815x396, 68298813_2397230007186238_….jpg)


Incels. If they were getting laid they wouldn't be posting this, unlike WN's who maintain a sense of racial preservation after having kids. In contrast, Asians are crass humanists who actually believe all the melting pot shit. Japs love those proto-weebs who settled into their society and adopted the local cultures over the past few centuries.

Incel forums are full of ethnics.


I see an equal number of AM-WF/WM-AF couples. Something like 60+% of Asia-Pacific American males in a 1990's study married outside of their race.



Some recent passive-aggression coming from them:


Also most whoremongers in Thailand are Thai men, followed by Jap men. I think whites and pajeets are tied for third. People don't realize this because only the crusty old white men stand out, heh.



File: 1593015713584.png (97.02 KB, 594x639, 1516738606971.png)

Even if we're discounting redditors, it doesn't the fact this sort of resentment is mainstream. Go look at chiggers like Eddie Huang. If you've actually been around asians, or asian countries, you'd know chinkazoids are brazen hypocrites about this shit.

Identity for asians, and by definition, is patrilineal. There's a reason the whole "crazy hapa" meme was noticeably pushed after Elliot Rodger's shooting spree. Like who the fuck used the word "hapa" in chan circles prior to 2014, or even autistically categorized them into WMAF/AMWF.


Go look at this shit where the chinkazoid attributes his failing marriage with evil whitey. Please understand that gookazoids don't share

>Asians are crass humanists who actually believe all the melting pot shit

They're some of the most brazen hypocritical tribalists, nibba. They acknowledge that on some level they're less desirable than white people, but facts are facts.

>I see an equal number of AM-WF/WM-AF couples.

Doubtful. All surveys and statistics show asian women as the most likely to outcross, even in East Asian countries

File: 1592999992292.png (428.93 KB, 334x739, 1561815621498.png)


Woah what was that?

Moon mission might be starting up boys..


Yes little goy. Dump your money into this memecoi…I mean INVESTMENT

File: 1592982825523.jpg (339.18 KB, 1077x778, Screenshot_20200624-081107….jpg)


Pic related is a great idea, imagine watching a horror movie for example that's set in some run down house IN THE ACTUAL HOUSE IT WAS FILMED IN

shit would be dope imo


Snakes on a plane in the astral plane

Amityville horror on a portable player whilst parked outside the actual house would be worth gettin ticketed by the cops over

File: 1592934442859.jpg (54.08 KB, 510x751, Tocharian_husk.JPG)


Thinkin' about how Lindsay Lohan got repeatedly raped by Hollywood (((execs))) during her formative years and tried to escape through spicdick and eventually just became a drugged out whore whose spirit departed due to unimaginable trauma. The demiurgic machine feeds on the destruction of Aryan innocence.

Felt a sense of kinship with her, as a child, before my intuitive faculties were overcome by the spirit of desolation, gradually chipping away at me. The Path of the Hero demands we keep the memory our people in our hearts, and to turn away from despair.

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File: 1592964848726.jpg (23.98 KB, 412x412, _methode_times_prod_web_bi….jpg)


Day of the cunny, when?

There is unironically truth in what you are saying. Beauty will save the world.



And Jews demonizing Hitler (unintendingly?) are making him into the most important person who ever lived.



That's entirely a subjective opinion.



File: 1592975431226.png (218.6 KB, 968x832, 1590212276305.png)

>All opinions are subjective!



File: 1592981323851.jpg (648.35 KB, 790x1000, 017.jpg)

File: 1592965331612.jpg (39.42 KB, 1080x953, 774592e22b85c1f597c82f0df6….jpg)


suck it…suck it dry

File: 1592816048608.gif (12.55 KB, 220x222, 115786d19cdb1d7c50bccac86c….gif)


I just had a dream where I was torn to shreds by lions.
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Lel seems like I always wake up at the exact moment of death. Is that the same for you? Is there a reason behind that?



when I was like 8 I used to get hella nightmares

I learned how to become lucid in the middle of nightmares and wake myself up

I'd dive head first into walls or the cement or whatever is in my immediate environment and that would wake me up cause irl I'd be banging my head into my pillow

t. big brain



File: 1592860480504.jpg (91.06 KB, 640x480, Image17.jpg)

>A dream
You class that as a dream?



File: 1592933367533.gif (1.45 MB, 400x256, 1446063536134.gif)


Did the same thing 'cept I would hit myself in the head with my fist.



Stimulants can do this. It might be some kind of jerk e.g. hypnic jerk or just myoclonic jerk.

File: 1592905113087.jpg (9.07 KB, 333x333, EEOlfvnT_400x400.jpg)


>tfw layoffs continuing at my company

"small" one happened yesterday, we're less than a skeleton crew left. each time it gets closer and closer to me lol. feels like the place is just slowly shutting down lol. i'm just wwaiting to get laid off myself so that i don't lose out on those sweet unemployment benefits.
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Everything you just posted is one of the reasons that, while I don't actively support gay mafia shit obviously, I don't go after it too much either (though I draw the line at the obvious attacks on healthy children and endeavor to expose that shit all the time): it's imperative that a lot of people don't breed and the ones stupid enough to join the pseudo-religious gender cult are a great start. We need the population to recede for the good of the species and the planet. The problem is instead of letting the population recede organically (((they))) intend to rapidly replace them with communist-sympathizing brownies.



faggots are poison, holocausting them reduces population even more than letting them live. their disgusting degenerate faggot culture should be wiped out and forgotten.



there has to be a point where there's just too many people unemployed no? or when the benefits go on too long? they can't keep this up forever without SOME sort of repercussion.



>>I'm about to lose my job
>>wat do
um.. find another (better) job. don't wait for it to just happen to you.



i thought there aren't any jobs

currently getting muh a+ though, see if i can become an it monkey

File: 1592896915244.png (1.47 MB, 1458x467, 1592889660639.png)


Let's assume china fails for whatever reason, what products should I stock up on that only they produce that are of actual importance?

Computers and computer parts ofc, but what else?


What is data pic



Literally anything man, like electric shavers, toaster ovens, air fryers, anything you can think of comes from China. I still think the dam going is a big meme but if companies start gravitating away from them we might face more artificial scarcity anyway so it's good to be prepared. We literally only make guns here now (which is BASED but I digress)



>artificial scarcity
how is it artificial if it's real lol. like if there isn't enough product to buy then there just isnt' enough product lol.

i see your point though, i guess everythign comes from there and we're just gonna have to deal with it one day. maybe this solves the problem of excessive trash.



That's a good point; scarcity is scarcity and I think I used that term wrong in this context anyway.

>i.e. people hoarding toilet paper causes "artificial scarcity" but that doesn't make the scarcity itself any less real



its the latest chinese fake news sensation, haven't you even heard about it yet?
apparently zoomers still believe news that comes out of china, a lot of people seem to think its real

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