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File: 1602213777929.jpg (89.12 KB, 468x414, CIA Comix.jpg)


Why can't Q communicate in plain English instead of trying to post like its some sort of partially intercepted military secrets from a cyberpunk video game cutscene?


File: 1602213837825.jpg (65.93 KB, 827x680, aids.jpg)

cause it's a larp



and checked



File: 1602152302408.jpg (78.26 KB, 611x404, basketball.jpg)


the history of nigger affinity for basketball begins with some college athletics booster trying to get some 7' nigger ringers for the college team by bribing them with scholarships. back then niggers didn't get college for free. later on the college niggers would strut around in suits and drive fancy cars as if they'd actually learned how to read at college and they became the most admired people in the nigger community and soon every nigger wanted to be a basketball nigger.
these days all niggers get college for free, but niggers still love basketball anyway. they don't know why they love it, they just know that they do. thats how a tradition is born. niggers will continue on loving basketball until the end of time because they wouldn't want to break character, but before about 1950 or so none of them had ever even heard of the game.


You got to focus. You have to stop blaming white people for your problems and you gotta learn….to rap or play basketball or something nigga you are trapped!"




Good thing sportsball is losing popularity.



and did you just come up with that, or your racist uncle Bob told you?



File: 1602193963720.jpg (58.27 KB, 407x405, yep-thats-a-butthurt pepe.jpg)

File: 1602122524300.png (26.02 KB, 652x704, lol.png)


Join my shitty discord YuZTWq


dont click. it's a virus



Dickscord is a virus.



jizzcord is bad and you should feel bad.

File: 1602043516736.jpg (251.04 KB, 1000x1000, browns-tans-lifetime-plast….jpg)


Why buy a (((house))) for $250,000 + interest when you can buy something in the same vague shape of a house for $3,000?

>live in the pod, goy!

I don't give a frick tbh, I'd rather keep my money to spend or invest elsewhere than some bloated McMansion-at least with how the market is now. "Pod Living" in California and New York is cringe yes, but that's only in part because of the laughable concentration camp environs; the biggest issue is that these pods are a ludicrous $1,000 a month. Pod Living as a business model could have been an opportunity to provide a real alternative and hedge against conventional apartments at maybe a third to half of that price, but because people from California are heckin' retarded they get away with renting a bunk bed to the soyim for as much as a mortgage.

Any legal impediment preventing people from living in alternative dwellings like sheds, vans or storage units is immoral given the current circumstances of the real estate market, however having a bunch of people living in tents on top of whatever piece of public property they feel entitled to is a problem as well-there's got to be some kind of middle ground, right?
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>Trailer parks are NOT based they are cringe. You're paying a premium to live in a glorified RV, and paying pad rent and strata on the house you supposedly "own".

Yeah, but you don't have to live in a trailer park though. Go buy an acre for a few thousand dollars and you're all set. I don't know why trailer parks are even a thing.



It might be regulatory. I know here you can't get a permit to stick a trailer on a plot of land unless it's zoned as a trailer court. People in the middle of bumfuck nowhere still do it because the "long" reach of the law seldom applies outside of urban areas, but then you have to pay a semi to drag it out which is expensive as all heck for a house that will last maybe 10 years at most.



trailer parks are a thing because those people exist. the only people who are dumb enough to live in a trailer are those people. even a hipster tiny house would be better. I'd never even buy a house if there were trailer within 5 miles of it. No one wants to live near those people.



this guy's channel is pretty funny just hearing about all the trashy people he has to deal with as a trailer park owner and also owning a laundromat. He's making good money off of this scum but I can't imagine the hassle.




Poor guy turned into Barb Lahey. I wouldn't do it for all the money in the world.

Dealing with poorfag shit every day would be horrible.

File: 1601961496728.png (463.26 KB, 541x498, 1545912740433.png)


>Why yes I consume the neurotoxic, all-organ-destroying drug alcohol
>Excuse me no I don't do mostly safe psychedelics, dissociatives or even opioids, I'm not a JUNKIE like you!
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File: 1602026512286.jpeg (12.47 KB, 225x251, 1285080928828s.jpg.jpeg)

they should all be legal
it was a shock when i went to germany and there were men in suits with briefcases and shit, casually drinking a beer on their commute home in the subway train
like, why is that not allowed in other countries?
then i thought of my own country and how people would just abuse it and the streets would be full of drunktards.. idc tho.. should be legal

this but unironically

idk man, i drink and have never gotten violent, and a large portion of people are the same.. if you are a "violent drunk", i guess tough luck pal. it sucks that you were born with a genetic predisposition to be arrested. so either, control your drinking, or take the consequences.. also i agree that it would suck for their victims.
made me think, how do we protcect potential victims without banning dangerous substances? psych exams when you become of legal age? if you score below a certain number you get.. hmm i'm having trouble with this one. seems too authoriarian (china social credit tier), but then again, this is coming from a society that already bans certain activities
another solution could be having more security? acab tho. so, like private security? i dont know guys… how do we proceed?
imo it should be engrained in people. like a cultural thing.
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Maybe I should be 4chon's drug supplier since they can't use tor apparently. Just talk to sketchy guys at gas stations, you will find someone eventually.



If anything the alcohol thing is a good indication evolution doesn't exist. We haven't evolved shit, that stuff is just as poisonous as it ever was.

Are you people even aware that with many drugs apart from alcohol you actually get an AFTERGLOW rather than a HANGOVER? I mean with DXM, once the acute effects of the drug wear off the withdrawal actually feels GOOD.



I am familiar with afterglow. I also lost two years (or more or less I don't even know) when I was totally out of reality. I also probably have swiss cheese brain.



that's don dyn'd job


What do you spend on absolute bullshit?

>every day

>every week
>every month

Money you know is completely wasted but you spend it anyway for whatever reason. Have you ever thought about how much it is or how quickly it adds up? If not, now that you have will it get you to consider changing your behavior or nah?
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Legal psychedelic



If it's legal, then you know it's trash.



File: 1601998512974.jpg (49.38 KB, 640x900, cute-baby-boy-playing-lot-….jpg)

>>every day
nothing really. I have an expense account so I don't spend any of my own money when I'm working. covid affected that back in march and april but mostly back to normal now.

>>every week

I spend probably $30 on booze a week on average. that doesn't include anything I can expense during the week just weekend booze. I spend way too much on takeout/delivery food on the weekends. it's only gotten worse since covid.. probably $40-60 a week.

>>every month

this is really embarrassing but I spend a lot of money on twitch. I don't even want to think about how much. once a month I see friends for dinner/drinks and if I pick up the tab it's usually $150 or so.

do you really think fucking around with your brain is a good idea? once you fuck your brain it will take you years to unfuck it if that is even possible. it's not worth the risk in my opinion.



File: 1602027215463.jpg (50.56 KB, 500x701, 1326976098030.jpg)




I don't think thats a smart diagnostic/heuristic.

It's definitely risky. But I would say to any young White man who has problems its the most impactful thing you could do if you wanted to make change in your life. About health and your brain, these drugs don't have much of a long term effect if you use them a couple times, though of course you will remember the trip…

File: 1601937236359.png (112.37 KB, 220x326, Shrek_(character).png)


I think people just want any excuse to be angry while driving. I was at stop sign and this ogre of a woman was very slowly going down the street, so I decided to make my turn. As a result she of course had to slow down even more as to not crash into me. She was apparently so butthurt about this she followed me to the gas station and acted like it was a life or death situation. She made it a point to mention that she has 3 kids in the car, which is frankly the worst part of this whole situation. What kind of man was having sex with this thing? I couldn't get that question out of my mind. They're not even niglets, they're actually entirely White children as far as I could tell.
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I like this picture, even though it's ugly R. Crumb K*KE-style 70s pop art the message is nonetheless a good one and one I more or less live by.

>or it's just poorfag cope idk heh



In the United States If you're able to walk from one place to another for you're daily commute, you probably live in a piece of shit city though. Nothing, but houses for 5 miles in the gay-ass suburb I live in. It's impossible not to have a car.



Being a pedestrian is dangerous as fuck because of n-words and having a car is based though heh. The image in its literal sense shows a guy in a car and whatever, sure, but that's not how read it. To me it shows a man consumed by his work with little time for himself, he's considered "successful" by others (SOCIETY) because of the fancy car he gets to drive at 5 mph for 30 foot increments on his commute to and from "the Office" and his nice suit he's pressured into wearing there. On the other hand, the unsuccessful man (as defined by others) is just walking around enjoying life doing and dressing more or less as he chooses. If he does have a job it's just something in the background and doesn't define or interfere in his life outside of it often.



the art style is ok, i like it. reminds me of mad magazine

the problem is it's a boomer comic. just instead of the classic "phone bad" it is "car bad". altough i'ts not just whinig about cars and traffic, and more on the entire rush hous thing.. like 'o wow really, traffic sucks?, tell me more you enligthened boomer?' smh



rush hour*

File: 1601837211539.png (604.49 KB, 640x705, 1601831655676.png)


Is bimbofication good for you
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objectively hotter on the right



you have bad taste in everything.



how can you tell if her father has more money in the right pic or left one?



i hope you die for disagreeing with my opinion



KIKES just have a terrible eye for anything aesthetic. They can't even understand art. It confuses their reptile-like brains.

File: 1601386291800.jpg (244.1 KB, 1039x1036, 1599892801708.jpg)


- I can't stop masturbating daily
- I can mostly control my use of caffeine and other drugs, though I've been on and off with caffeine (on decaf tea for a week now)
- Perhaps I could stop playing video games but there isn't much motivation
- The same with diet ^, I rebound due to a lack of motivation

I think a woman would straighten me out. I really can't see myself playing video games ever if I'm living with a wife and a child. And apparently with kids there is always something to do. I think I would enjoy bringing them up, teaching them, going hunting with them, and I would obviously enjoy daily SEX with a woman. And a woman would help motivate and inspire me to work on my personal projects.
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File: 1601671530592.jpg (57.9 KB, 720x949, 1601209650244.jpg)

KEK women don't do shit on their own

You are molding them not vice versa

Completely the wrong mindset, you have to look for and find the impetus and strength to change and build up urself within ure self fella

Your own woman later on is just the crowning achievement, you are the prize for her once you have peaked in SMV thru hard work and dedicashen



Also, a man who wants to be "straightened out by a woman" (an insult to nature itself btw) WILL inevitably end up raising his wife's mulatto cuckold son or right next to his son's gender reveal party surprise box after him having been turned into a tranny by the crazed cunt



File: 1601707387454.png (45.3 KB, 829x184, Screenshot_1.png)


Dare I ask, do YOU have a woman? Why keep posting this TRP shit? Promiscuity is degenerate.

>Your own woman later on is just the crowning achievement

No I literally need a woman, and when I say literally I mean it. This TRP stuff is fake and gay. A wife is not a side thing. A wife is a man's property, it is a part of HIMSELF.



no ur wrong




File: 1601917416973.jpg (363.71 KB, 2048x2000, 1532414574813.jpg)


This is gonna be me in 2080, considering all the drugs I've done.

File: 1601842928282.jpg (116.61 KB, 2000x1333, 0001.jpg)


On the old 4chon i was linked to a catgirl webcomic that was updated once every two weeks. i lost the link please help.
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Were they blue? I think it's something me and Liberal Feline reminisced about once. Actually I don't recall if they were catgirls or not come to think of it heh



I think so. iirc the art was anime style not computer generated.



The comic I'm thinking of had blue space girls, several having white hair (I think), it was in a sort of Euro-anime style iirc. It wasn't particularly lewd but it seemed like it was maybe open to going in that direction someday (hot tbh). From what I recall the main character was a blonde Brad and he was rescued by the blue space girls after his ship and crew were JUSTED in an explosion. From what I recall it ended abruptly and was never heard from again.

I think it was on-if not "keenspot"-than some other legacy comic content aggregate of internets past that used to host stuff like "Purple Pussy" (heh) and "Harpy Gee"-maybe. I have NO fucking clue what it was called or where to find it these days, but I'm probably going to be spending the rest of my day looking for it now. THANKS

If you like that there's also the Drow Tales space arc which was basically porn and which I may-or may not-have basically h'nutted to many times years ago heh



File: 1601860426760.jpg (32.28 KB, 450x559, gay.jpg)

>please help me masturbate



File: 1601862672915.jpg (48.57 KB, 700x850, 1601760093900.jpg)

>please help me masturbate

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