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File: 1601757246727.png (445.71 KB, 664x718, 463c8c08bf6473398eef278ab3….png)


Women literally want to invade EVERY male domain

Even if they shame it relentlessly

Remember how being a "nerd" was the early 2000s version of being an incel and now every other cunt NPC claims to be "so le nerday teheeeeee xDD"

This is all repeating now with the autism shit

Fuck do i hate these frontholes lel


File: 1601781621856.jpg (826.51 KB, 2404x1260, eternalseptember.jpg)

women are dumb, they're like niggers, they can't think up new stuff for themselves so imitating the white man is their only option. women are not men, they have substantially reduced intellectual capacity compared to men and can't be expected to behave like men do.

File: 1601770928132.jpg (157.24 KB, 1125x1948, 1601657521314.jpg)


Epic reddit moment right there


Nu bald and bankrupt vlog from Prague
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File: 1601674940023.gif (1.99 MB, 437x255, 1323032563210.gif)

i was just watching a bunch of his stuff yesterday
have you seen the ones where he just walks around slums like it aint no thang? dude is retarded af or has balls of steel. my guess is he's just "A-type" personality where you're so normie you just ascend lol.
i know people like that, and i wish i could be a bit like that lol




my work colleague is like that
high level charisma and can quickly build rapport with people
it's an amazing skill, im very poor at it
maybe it was all the mdma he did back in the 90s idk



He basically walks around shithole slums all the time heh



He's picking up spic chicks in this here vid from 5hrs ago

Still has the PUA game down from his old days



maybe i should start dressing like baldnbankrupt
im already bald but my beard isnt as nice

File: 1601574413428.jpg (58.38 KB, 426x600, palpatine-a-star-wars-stor….jpg)


Saw a thread on pol about diet and like 1/3 people it seems are now pushing the carnivore diet. Based as hell! https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/279783106#
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File: 1601599003088.jpg (21.64 KB, 344x336, 1601217050976.jpg)

>taking nurtional advice from a twitch thot

OP embrace veganism you disgusting ogre.



Veganism is shit, invest in the cultured meat industry if you want real change you sentimental CUCK heh

>I like animals too



Milk makes me tired does anyone else notice that? I think cream does it too. Less so butter.



File: 1601710554491.png (82.71 KB, 232x372, Screenshot_2.png)




Me btw

File: 1601698303786.jpg (8.79 KB, 200x203, 1590212241858.jpg)


Chon synchricity strikes again. I was just going to make a thread about how its October 2050 already


Wtf I made my own thread




File: 1601759900241.jpg (54.33 KB, 500x333, daddyus neanderthalensis h….jpg)

imma slap ur ass raw laddo

File: 1601686667413.png (44.91 KB, 300x250, 1601413869938.png)


There are only 3 months left before 2020 is over.


Thanks, I hate it heh



maybe the kikes will decide to change the calendar and add a few extra months



That's a forth of a year. That's a long time, idiot!



not if you're over 15 dumbass



>2010 was 20 years ago

File: 1601608937471.jpg (36.83 KB, 360x450, 7f86510d070fb967ed0be4154e….jpg)


How do you advance in your field without a college degree?





This. I might suck balls at drawing STILL but at least I don't suck balls at drawing AND have $40,000+ debt like many of my peers do. I hope people are still sharing these images I'd made a long time ago.



File: 1601614568702.jpg (366.35 KB, 2149x702, Lois van Baarle.jpg)

>l*terally all of them are over 2mb except this one

LOL heh



>giving a single shit about a college degree when it's the end of the world



File: 1601670521482.jpg (119.82 KB, 1118x783, end-is-near.jpg)

depends on the field. in the fields that EARN a degree isn't necessary. if you want to be a lab tech or something you need the paper.

don't be a pu55y

File: 1601457881974.png (88.02 KB, 220x294, 220px-Samhydetedtalk2070_(….png)


thoughts on rape?
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What's so great about it?



Looks like my ex. Who was your mom.



File: 1601589578489.jpg (425.16 KB, 721x720, 1323010678899.jpg)

nice. always a good feel
i'll have to think of something. in the meantime… know that you owe me!



Why did you want to see it? We are curious



It's one of my favorite pictures of 4chon's halcyon days. I just find it so aesthetically beautiful too but I didn't Know what it was from although now that i reverse image searched it it's from a Venice mask festival.

File: 1601552223004.jpg (24.87 KB, 360x260, 05_power_500.jpg)


Thoughts on power wastage from overhead powerlines? Apparently 5% of total loss every year


Isn't the 5% simply degradation simply from the electricity moving the miles and miles from one point to the other?



It's the best tech we have. there is talk about hvdc but that comes with it's own technical hurdles. hard to beat a proven hundred year old ac transformer design.

I have this weird idea of upgrading the globalist container ship fleet to electric with lithium cells to reduce emissions.



Don't vehicle-grade lithium batteries get fucked pretty quickly in the context of commercial use? Yeah less than 10% degradation in 100,000 miles isn't bad for a CONSOOMER car but it could definitely be a problem for a shipping company that puts that many miles on its vehicles in just a few months?



from what i understand lithium batteries lose 10% capacity per year, but i also heard that when charge level is kept between 25% and 75% then there's minimal degradation.
There are newer techs coming out, elon mentioned he was aiming for his car batteries to last 1 million miles.



Elon musk will tell you his products cure AIDS if it means you'll buy it

>1 million miles


File: 1601359016073.jpg (230.72 KB, 1066x990, you probably like this cau….jpg)


i bet you sissies will have a good time discussing this gay as fuck image


>bunch of retarded sissy-wizard shit



way ttfl;dr



Read about the OCEAN traits, they actually make sense. But you would have done that already if you watch JordanP videos.



>But you would have done that already if you watch JordanP videos.
lmao ur a faggot



The author of the king magician warrior lover book killed his wife a few years back. I read his book a few years ago but cant remember much about it.

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