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File: 1618064441138.jpg (177.7 KB, 640x640, 6kiyaj405io61.jpg)



a chan for autistic people


Stop spamming this everyhwere you fuck

It's not even a good chan and it's full of normoid LARPers



also iirc you already advertised this on here earlier

When spambot ban HDV



Kaspersky says its a virus

File: 1618060304892.jpeg (32.56 KB, 370x359, 8BE7B975-5D06-446D-BD07-B….jpeg)




Late stage autism





what is this garbage

File: 1618023424473.jpg (359.23 KB, 1200x1575, osf.jpg)


rip osf


she was flat as a pancake.
that isn't OSF.



File: 1616108417678.jpg (53.63 KB, 980x897, img.jpg)


Beta males promoted feminism and destroyed values in the hope that liberated sluts would be easy to fuck.

Strong men resisted this change.

Now, in feminist society’s, strong men have unlimited partners and weak men have even less than before.

Feminism was beta self sabotage.
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Funny, it was a beta male that gave us foky.



LOL the faggot is less than a beta

It's sad, the narc cunt dominates him completely and the matriarch has groomed him to be the GC from the get-go. No wonder my aunt/his sister broke off contact back then

Faggot got bullied by his colleagues back then himself so he kept taking it out on me, a defenseless kid

What a spineless worm



No flood on my watch



Kind of ironic I guess because patriarchy is really for betas.



File: 1618057991044.png (719.5 KB, 750x771, 1574980756894.png)

Just like ur mum LOL

File: 1618034129601.jpg (38.71 KB, 436x436, 1484532724579.jpg)


To a new state. If I can I will FUCK a roastie, because I've fucked tourists/as a tourist before because its so ez because wammen go on heat when they travel around or when they meet a tourist who has extra scarcity value. Otherwise I will try find a tradwife.

Do you guys have any tips or recommendations for traveling in general?
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File: 1618038812572.png (251.02 KB, 470x340, babybig.png)

Damn, I forgot to not-masturbate for the extra big dick energy, pheromones etc.

I'm looking at areas I want to buy a house in, and doing some sightseeting, a cruise (small boat, looking at cliffs etc) etc.



File: 1618039532792.jpeg (396.73 KB, 566x2048, 6A74F3AD-AE59-4720-BA02-1….jpeg)

Here’s your tradwife bro.



>tfw while your fucking whores, the tradwife that was waiting for you gets raped by niggers



Very bad image. Please delete.



>be american
>visit popular tourist spot (New York etc)
>speak in a british accent
>you're already 1 step above most Americans subsequently
>unlimited poon

File: 1618028651324.jpeg (255.59 KB, 615x1437, E1B51F38-B9FF-4EE0-A34A-6….jpeg)


>Hey Anon, I got brutally "raped" my disgusting dumb negroes, time to raise up our new baby, you married me under the eyes of God, right?


spam hidden



brappennn brapff



Probably happens to Germ-mans all the time, except they would be happy about it.



Gross and weird!

File: 1617985961828.jpeg (113.66 KB, 1058x622, 1B1073A2-6559-4C5B-AC1B-4….jpeg)


Edit this comic as you see fit.


stop spamming new threads a55h0le



My dick edit ur mum pucci LOL



Bumping against autogyneophile JIDF scat-fetishist spam.






File: 1616038783516.jpg (277.97 KB, 1200x1200, 1616037287477.jpg)


You guys heard the news? Sneedemfeedem just linked up with Pepe Shiesty. So what's it gonna be for you, need it or keep it?
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File: 1616042274487.jpg (1.47 MB, 2048x1363, 17119587110_b0d94787a9_k.jpg)

I doubt very highly that your ass will be missed at all regardless of color. Also : it's spelled "Maine" and you need to leave that great state of haunting beauty out of this.



Your autism seems to be showing so allow me to entertain myself

If I told you that air was actually a liquid would you believe me



File: 1616045714233.jpg (39.6 KB, 800x703, autistic retard (you).jpg)





File: 1616076026003.jpg (116.05 KB, 1280x720, airian energy solutions.jpg)

>liquid air
I'd ask how to invest tbh



Thou shalt not flood

File: 1615851347152.png (296.91 KB, 806x585, 1561372660331.png)


I have this recurring dream scenario where i'm in a car (which doesn't belong to me but to a relative) and am driving it but i slowly lose control over it because i can't reach the gas pedal + clutch + gear shifting knob. It's like i'm shrinking down in size in realtime or something. I then gradually lose control over the car until it spins out of control or something. In other scenarios i manage to barely hold on and drive it regardless, but there's always this undercurrent of being on the verge of losing control over it.

I've driven less than half a dozen times since i got my license in late 2011 and basically haven't sat behind a wheel since then. What gives? I think the fact that i find myself in a relative's car over and over again in these dreams probably speaks to a sense of dependency i haven't completely let go off or something
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you control what you enjoy. I drive to new york every week for work. I've done this for seven years and I still like it.



Le sigh

Maybe i shud get a moped after all, muh license allows for it least



Haha kill yourself you fucking lonely faggot kike pedophile



no u.
driving is fun. it's what men do.



flooder no floodu

File: 1615830617619.jpg (331.71 KB, 640x601, 20210315_104932.jpg)


I just want a loyal wife and children
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File: 1615864202630.jpg (1.23 MB, 1500x1101, stock-photo-picture-of-bra….jpg)

it's not gay to love boys.



It's the very definition of gay mate.



File: 1615946025849.jpg (155.22 KB, 1080x1079, a07cb0778a579be0967197f2d4….jpg)

4chon is an lg-only board. QUEERS need not apply.



File: 1615946404650.jpeg (66.83 KB, 600x400, 673A9383-DE06-4E73-AC30-B….jpeg)

boys aren't men. it's not gay.



skitzocunty is flooding this

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