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I unironically like shopping for clothes now. I've thrown out a lot of my old wardrobe when it hit me how much I still dressed like I was a teenager. I'm talking cargo pants, converse clown shoes, jeans that were baggy as FUCK, etc.

Replaced my jeans first, threw out the cargo pants, I actually like waering khaki pants more than jeans tbh. They just go well weith everything. I still have some old jeans/shirts I need to get rid of but I'm making my way there.

What's your style like? Have you made any changes, maybe it's time.
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>"Ready for our date anon?"

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I just rite nao got dun making mai furraffinity account did I leik it heh
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does you liek thor!?
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Imagine gettin tackled and violated by her heh
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> 11.5 yo cousin comes over
> wants to watch movie in my room
> mom says to leave the door open
movies for this feel?
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is wine based or cringe
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Our entire lives are spent trying to achieve a good turnout at our funerals
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heh memes

Bish nigguh
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Wud Lana Rain b aloud in an anti lana rain societay
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Alcoholism on r9k

>Just look at r9k, there are tons of young white men in their teens and 20s who are already alcoholics. Their parents and families seemingly don't give a fuck. They don't go and get them any help and support. The parents are busy on Facebook while their sons give themselves a liver disorder in their 20s.

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Corona Virus Streamers

With all of the news reports about rising corona virus infections, there has to be a lot of infected trying to cash in on their sickness while they are recovering in stay at home quarantine. Has anyone found any interesting quarantine streams? Any e-girls or grifters broadcasting their battles with the infection? I want to see thots coofing and grifters larping for donations. Post links ITT.
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Cast her fellerinos

Also find a single friggin flaw heh
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Wuts de best whey 2 shave ur facial hair quickly and cleanly w/out razor burn
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Seeing as how trumpbux is gonna happen and i'm getting $1200 I'm debating how to use them:

>a pistol

in case the govt collapses
>1oz gold coin(i'd put up the difference)
to hedge my bets of the dollar failing/inflation due to the stimulus itself
>saving it in cash
I may very well lose my job and could deploy the money elsewhere quickly
>pay down a loan
Shit is high interest and this would make a nice dent in it

Which should i choose?
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Since at least the 1950s, the US government has been dominated by globalists. In light of this obvious oppression, a large number of New Religious Movements have formed to enlighten people, to wake them up. All of these movements have been attacked and labeled "cults."

Charles Manson was redpilled on race, knew about Jewish control, and targeted Hollywood Jews. He never hurt anyone, yet he was thrown in prison.

Groups like Scientology and Mormonism have accrued power free from the hands of globalists, and the Mormons effectively control the state of Utah. This is unacceptable to the Jews, so these are both attacked constantly, to wrest power away from them.

Jim Jones created a society free from globalist influence. His example was so unacceptable that the globalists literally declared war on him.

The Hare Krishnas and the Twelve Tribes are both completely redpilled on race and the Jews, so they're derided as freaks.

Just watch, next white nationalism itself will be declared a "cult." Yet all these "cults" (new religious movements) have the truth, and are there to wake people up.
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My heavyass cold symptoms have been progressin steadily since saturday

I unironically very likely have contracted this shit and need to get tested for it asap fuck

i am afraid as FUCK of the next stage of the illness and any complications that may result from it
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weird anal orgasm

So, I was doing this exercise for a few days and feel something there going on.

Today I dreamt that something got into my anus and I had something like an orgasm. I wake up and it felt like something's coming out of my butt. Afraid to find feces I touch and it's clean. Now I do this exercise again and feel the same sensation again. wtf…
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Society is collapsing
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>Fresh nu Sprave Xbow Kino fuckers

Finally! A commercial Instant Legolas.

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The creme de la creme of the h'white race
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Buyer's Remorse General

Post times you got BTFO for having the audacity to purchase something (and no bringing eachother's moms' p*ssies or other orifices into this you KIKES heh)

>Buy $100~ Sennheiser 4.40 Goytooth® Headphones because the audio jack on my computer broke for no reason a couple weeks ago, turning my BASED Sennheiser HD 595 pair into a paperweight overnight

>literally every few minutes they have this protracted static/feedback sound that lasts for 15 seconds or so and they're uncomfortable as fuck

Feeling pretty butthurt rn, I think the only time I've ever been owned worse was when I bought that $300 large format scanner that was DOA and there wasn't a goddamn thing I could do about it.
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Report this gook

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book review

I just finished Stalin's Daughter. It was okay, I guess. I'm sure there are worse books and worse authors out there. It's a fairly tight biography for most of the book. We go from Svetlana's childhood, her mother's suicide, her brother getting abandoned by Stalin, Stalin's death, and then afterwards the author seems to struggle with admitting how much of a stupid egotistical mentally unbalanced whore Svetlana actually was. Svetlana never had two children by the same father and she never stayed with the same man or husband for more than a few months. There's comedy in it where Stalin warned her to stay away from Jews and was disappointed in her life's direction, and he ended up being totally right about it. The only thing she ever really achieved was ditching her first two kids to go right a book in Murrica after tricking the Soviets to let her into India to spread her shitskin hubby's ashes, only to immediately lose all the money she made doing so because she got involved in a commune in the midwest. Which, btw, is where she had her third child in her mid-40's with some architect who was famous for being an absolute tool. When she immediately ditched him, she took advantage of people she met to move every few months to new locations doing fuck all with herself except piss off the friends she made with her insane breakdowns. It's funny how the author tries to defend this. "Yeah, she was like this, but you must understand she was a very tortured person". Surely enough, she went through some shit while she was in the USSR, but there's only so much you can blame on being Stalin's daughter. And if it really was such a traumatic experience, WHY DID SHE GO BACK TO THE USSR? The final few chapters are a real bore, it's just a cycle of breakdowns, losing friends, gaining friends, losing friends, getting poorer, moving to different poor houses, until the old bat finally died of cancer with fuck all to her name in the mid 2000's. What a wasted life. "Oh poor me, I have everything but I just want to hang out with Jews and subhumans, I'm such a victim, I don't mean to treat everyone including my kids like shit, it's all my dad's fault, boo hoo why can't I keep any money, what do you mean I can't take back money for the hospital trust fund I set up in my Indian husband's name, oh I'm so mysterious and misunderstood". And now you're fucking dead and you're daughters an even bigger sack of shit. Well done.
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Elephants are extremely intelligent, they remember every memory, every moment, every song, every bad thing you do to them. And it sticks. They can enjoy music, they even cry out of their temple when one has passed. They have ceremonies for the dead. They had trauma. They have scars. They feel love and hate.
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Rollan originally
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>ywn be this pretty
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Those comments heh

Apparently the nibba took the original down a while bacc
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Imagine acting like this over a fucking made up film, what an immature fucking cunt.

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God i love kratom
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>new has over 13,000 posts
>r9k has less than 10,000 posts
how come r9k is so much less entertaining than /new?
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Joker review garbage

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Be sure to keep your regular sleep patterns even if you're not at work, if this covid bullshit gets sorted you'll be absolutely fucked if you're expected to leave earlier
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Rate my Dorito
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>Balding men can't look goo-
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Fighting For My Future (cont.)

So right now it looks like they're really gonna go ahead and try to evict me just as i'm poised to continue the pre-apprenticeship programme come early November.

Needless to say, if i lose my residence i also automatically get kicked out of the apprenticeship programe due to insurance regulations.

They know this full well by now thru my lawyer and went ahead with it regardless/filed the fraudulent complaint. They also did this more THAN A FUCKING MONTH ahead of the deadline they themselves had named, this basically reeks of the type of gaslighting and contemptuous backstabbery that's been a hallmark of the n!Cunt egg donor's behaviour (which is actively enabled by the couple FM's she has left at this point) for as long as i can remember back. It's so fucking funny too how she claims in front of my lawyer that she "supported me all along" and then proceeds to fuck me over royally like this by actively trying to sabotage my upcoming apprenticeship in the most blatant and hamfisted obvious fucking fashion possible.

I do not know what the future holds for me, but i know that i won't let her get away with this without putting up a (legal) fight here. There is another legal avenue available to me which may enable me yet to hold the residence and continue the program in a regular fashion, it will now all depend on whether this shittyass lawyer will be able to do his job properly or not.
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Fun fact: Even if you're a 7 or 8 out of ten and desperate post-wall women over 30yo contact you first on dating sites and you then start exchanging messages there's a very high chance she will still ghost you when she generally probes you and finds out your socio-sexual market value is lower than her own overall

Unless you're exceptionally good-looking younger chicks won't be interested much either

It's really a catch-22 type of situashen, so start working on dat SMV if you ever want to breed a bish fellers (getting a job is a gud start heh)
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Dark brown and very smelly steamy urine
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https://vid.me/ Shut down


What the ?
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Have a big dick.

Or you'll be an inadequate lover and jump in front of a train thinking about your crush's "nigger-dick orgasms" like Terry.
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Conspiracy theories containment

Post them! Terry's are welcome
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what did I miss?

left imageboards about a year ago.
Graduated college, got a full time tech job for a large organization, got a gf whom I am planning to marry. saving for a house. signed up for a marathon in 9 months.
What have you boys been up to?

also what did I miss? what happened to 8chan and what in the goddamn is 8kun
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nothing feels normal anymore

I'm convinced there was a major timeline shift recently
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Stuck in the 2000s

In my dreams, in my thoughts I'm still in the 2000s. 2010 sounds like a far future and yet it's already 2020. In my mind it's still 2005. In my dreams I'm still at high school that I attended in the 2000s and my dream characters are people from that time. My cousin is already a boomer-tier dad but still a fucking preteen in my dreams.

Every. Fucking. Day. I. Dream. Of. School.
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Ration essential items during your prescribed lockdown in order to avoid necessitating trips to the grocery store.
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When was the first 4chon offically born?

I remember Moot deleting /new/ and /r9k/ in early 2010, we must be approaching the anniversary.
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>when you get put into a class and you get the chair at the back next to the wall so you can swing your chair back and lean against the wall like a pro
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We weren’t supposed to see this many women in one lifetime then be this alienated
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This is unironically me and part of why i've become obsessed with phenotypes in general i guess (despites the obvious pro-white/eugenic aspect to it) heh
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Really joggs the ol' nogg heh
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If you think about it

The person you catch coronavirus off is like your reverse soul mate

Far out.
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should i buy this in case where i am goes into lockdown?
only so many times i can refresh imageboards..
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Wud germanic belgian harp-playing women be allowed in an anti harp society
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China needs to send its young women to young european men as reparation for the pandemic damages
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dogstralia, draw us a picture of ur roastie and tell us what it smells like
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Don't forget you skinnyfat nigger-cattle

Do daily kettle bell exercises or Hitler wins.
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I refuse to make a corona virus comic.
Its all bullshit
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Effin hell laddos i had a murderous cluster attack just now again which was luckily cut short/aborted by the triptan

Literal lifesaver, gonna need to stock up on it again
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Wat de monkee meen wit dis heh
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In the face of the spreading Corona virus epidemic remember to follow basic hygiene rules as well as WHO approved prevention techniques such as social distancing or keeping away at least 6ft from other people. Avoid public areas and work from home if possible. Do not stockpile or hoard essential items such as medical masks and disinfectant. Stay tuned to your local governments and follow their directions and do not panic.
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Was it advanced autism?
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Foky learns to communicate
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What are your thoughts on the new /tv/ e-waifu

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Should I fap to this?
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The virus is designed and engineered by the Rothschilds to wipe out all the non RH Negative bloodlines in the world, so that only their clan inherits the Earth. The weapons have been unleashed in all the countries and they will soon reveal themselves. This was all posted by a Rothschild on /pol/ by the way

If you are RH Negative you are immune to this virus. Everyone else is doomed. It will keep attacking your immune system and reinfecting until you die. The RH Negative bloodlines will inherit the Earth because they have Fallen Angel Blood
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Fresh nu viralass laser dood video
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main office has put their people on furlough for 60 days.

means that for me, a worker drone in a satellite facility, i'm gonna be canned probably

found this out through a website for layoffs lol, how embarassing.

applied to a couple of new jobs and reactivated my indeed account

fucking sucks to look for a new job.
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Something that annoys me

Thanks for listening to my opinion

Its that whenever I read an article about some shit, the first half of it is always some super basic obvious mickey mouse shit.


I google "social distancing"

One result titled: "It's Time To Get Serious About Social Distancing. Here's How"

Article starts: By now, LOL, you've heard le advice about slowing the coronavirus in the U.S….

Dumb fucking article spends half of it repeating some basic shit. And OF COURSE after I've scrolled half way down it hits me with a popup asking me to sign up to its gay ass newsletter.

World IQ keeps lowering
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makes u think
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Feels vent thread

How you guys copin with shit hitting the fan the world over due to coronibba lung AIDS

It's probably not TEOTWAWKI but still a SHTF situation regardless imo

Me i will go over my preps again and hope to Odin my other non-perishable food orders arrive before the mail guys shut down their services aswell for the foreseeable future heh
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Stop wasting your life.
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take the (((tengu))) pill

Google "Tengu", Japan literally had their own ashkenazi/annunakim jews way back in history.

Ashkenazi jews are literally demonic aliens whomst have been controlling the Demiurge's matrix system since its dawn. They are known to have the power to shape-shift into human beings.

>A tokin (頭襟 or 頭巾 or ときん) is a small black box worn on the foreheads of Yamabushi – practitioners of Shugendō – or Tengu, dangerous yet protective spirits of the mountains and forests from the Japanese mythology. It is not only worn as a head decoration, but also used as a drinking cup. The Tokin is an evolution and miniaturization of a full-sized hat of the same name worn earlier in the Kamakura period, and is _coincidentally_ similar in appearance to tefillin worn by Orthodox Jews.

pic related it's a Japanese depiction of (((Tengu)))👺
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oh no no no no

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What compels a man to being a simp?

Do they really think some girl is going to marry them if they send them $50? There has to be something very primal at play here in the subconscious mind of these people because logic is going right out the heckin' window.
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should i get some timbs?
R: 8 / I: 0

self defense tbh fam

is it ever ok to hit a woman
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Why is big picklechungus so wholesome lads
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greenpurrp here. left japan. smoking some dank h'ueed now.
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My school just shut down. I guess summer vacation is starting early.
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Have a 3 months supply of non-perishable food and water for emergencies.
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>Doggerbreh 0.000000001 nanoseconds after i open a yoghurt and he hears me eating it from ousside:
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Seek out new experiences.
R: 3 / I: 0
Find a constructive hobby.
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Nature has the best prepping method built into us already.

How many calories do you have stored in your fat reserves? At 3500 calories per lb of fat I have 145000 calories ready to deploy for the white race. Are you prepared the way the fuhrer wants you to be?
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Boomers are narcicisstic babies
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A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. Remember to be mindful of your surroundings.
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me the traditionalist picking up women heh
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The body was too short
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Internal combustion engines are cool.
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What is this insanity?


Sheboon bitch, shut the FUCK up. American Alpinized-Germanoceltic mutts and Negroids have no authority to speak on our behalf on to address us on anything involving our identity. It is our identity, not the identity of you racial aliens to do as you please with. You have no place to tell us what we are when we are not even the same species at all. We do not care what you niggers are against. We are hybrids. It is OUR category and our place to speak on behalf of ourselves. You are out of line and you should have stayed in your fucking neo-Marxist ape place. If someone is 50% white and 50% black they are not Black or White. By calling them black, you are being ignorant of their white heritage a.k.a., "racist," by denying them of the right to celebrate their full heritage and telling them that they are only one. If a child is born from the womb of a white woman or was made with the sperm of a white man how can you possibly be so ignorant as to say they are black. Fuck you apes, fuck Southerner snownigger inbreds and Kikes pushing the one drop fallacy. No one dares push this shit on Eurasians and Mexicans and if they did, Hapas and Spics will fight it. From here on out, so will we. GET FUCKED AND ENJOY YOUR DOX.
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I wanna wear flashy nose rings.
R: 9 / I: 3

Nu bald'n bankrupt fuckerz

Would You Ride The Coronavirus Express?

The western world is in panic at the invisible enemy out there, holidays are being cancelled and people are being forced to stay home in self quarantine. And so I thought it would be the perfect time to head off on holiday to the Caucasus and board the midnight train to Georgia. And then I realised that it's not just the west that is worried about the big Corona…Oh and I discovered an abandoned military base too. Random vlog time.