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File: 1635080898469.jpg (8.94 KB, 267x181, 1393973079917.jpg)


NEVER shave your butthole. When I walk I can feel my cheeks touching each other and I can never not-feel it.


Why would you think of doing that to begin with weirdo



yeah shaving your ass is a mistake you only make once. what you don't realize until that point is that you are constantly passing small gas bubbles 24/7. when your asscheeks don't have hair each one of those bubbles makes and audible noise. also when the hair starts to grow back it will be prickly and you will be in constant agony for a while. you better hope that you don't get an ingrown hair also.
you dun goofed friendo.



Post pics cutie



i remember a very old copypasta when I was a newcomer to the internet warning about doing such a reckless thing. needless to say i have never tried it myself.

File: 1629515397695.png (374.1 KB, 954x636, 1613726670762.png)

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Cont. from autosaged previous thread heh
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>>little brother
is he kawaii?



File: 1634962979801.png (23.64 KB, 764x706, bah gawd.png)

>"They need Bitcoin, a fully established alternative currency that actually works, as a fallback plan in case they end up with the dollar fully collapsing into a hyperinflation mess before they can put out a fedcoin."



😂😂😂🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🖕🏻 ok duh



"Data to Automate Key Processes…"


will this default poorly, or does the litecoin dominance push this out for another month? monthly close is coming.



File: 1635090953254.jpeg (174.83 KB, 811x544, E640794A-D7E6-4D1C-9FEB-D….jpeg)

oops my pic got baleeted somehow.

File: 1635046617908.jpg (401.9 KB, 1434x810, 1635024305311.jpg)


Greta is going to end up a super hottie. I fucking called it


File: 1635049948483.jpg (147.38 KB, 1434x810, greta.jpg)

coon lipped that for you



i mean, if you're into that scandi mong look..



File: 1635052931877.jpg (95.84 KB, 368x468, nig_image62.jpg)

i guess you could say that



File: 1635060912671.jpg (147.68 KB, 1434x810, gretaler.jpg)

four teens eighty eighty



she does look like an actual downy but also she looks like a jailbait loli.
I would love to fuck that little cutie.

File: 1634700668450.jpg (151.72 KB, 800x450, Odyssey_of_the_Seas-3.jpg)


Are cruises enjoyable? I'm bored and started looking at them lately. Never been to the ocean, would be cool. How likely would it be that I can smash some milf?
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Cruise ships are entirely staffed by south east asians and other assorted poo people. It will be like being stuck in a downtown little somalia, except you're trapped on a boat so big that you'll die if you attempt to get off and you'll be stranded if you run away. The only wypipo present onboard besides you will be retiree baby boomers.
When cruise ships sink, everyone white dies. No pakistani room service rapist is giving up his spot on the lifeboat for you.
You couldn't ask for many worse places to be kettled in general, let alone for the sole purposes of sex tourism.
Additionally, neck yourself. /r9k/ is not your blog, coon.



r9k is whatever the FUCK i want it to be



Careful there before u slam those MASSIVE balls of urs into sum obstacles onna ground



>No pakistani room service rapist is giving up his spot on the lifeboat for you.

as opposed to my fellow europeans? lmao neck yourself racist



Dr. Wily brings up a lot of good points here ngl, the only people that usually go on cruises are fat middle-income americans

File: 1632000760784.jpg (126.41 KB, 560x452, mern2.jpg)





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lol, i just can't wait to shiv OPEN UP with your forehead. KIKE!



File: 1634981188633.png (203.85 KB, 339x340, Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at ….png)

nigger lover chicken at popeyes



Shooting guns withy brother at the gun range. Gonna see dune later today



>shooting guns



i didn't end up going, was gonna go with the same bro but he ended up feeling naseous on the way there.

File: 1629982924306.jpg (295.5 KB, 827x1752, 1629982362075.jpg)


>hoodie pulled up halfway onto head
>white shoes with high white tube socks
>"vibes" to his music making that gesture all soundcloud rappers make
>charli xcx
>100 gecs
>le tucute is a slur
>#MAPrights no cap frfr yeet
>wym lolicon is pedophilia they are just drawings baka s w e a t y
>owo uwu owo
>ok boomer ecksdee
>no cap bruh
>gods plan
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Zoomers are the first post-history and post-civilization generation.
western civilization has been decaying for well over a century



File: 1634626267512.jpg (60.16 KB, 340x528, 1633161440514.jpg)

LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO yooooo dayum bruh ngl this shit fire no cap
My gaw this shit rly lowkey slaps rn, deadass
Lmao hook me up bet we finna get litty and flex all over them vibing sussy baka skeezy hoes POGGERS chu chu chu it's hella lit af fr fr fr
Sheesh big yikes on god this isn’t poggers tho cuz it's kinda sus no cap cuh
You feel me f'am?
Bruh moment doe sussy lil bakas be malding and simpin bro
Y'all the same?
Oh and hold this ratio silly baka



"Psychology Professor Vaknin, who specialises in psychopathy and narcissistic disorders, and also has some interesting things to say about the deleterious effects on humanity of the Internet and, in particular, social media, had been doing some preparation for his 2021/22 academic year syllabus, reading the ‘literature’ — international studies and reports ‘comprising a few million people’, talking with young people and investigating under-35 and under-25 activity online.

He has emerged ashen-faced from this rabbit-hole, declaring: ‘I must say that I’m shaken to my foundations.’

'He found that the post-millennial generations live in a personal hell-on-earth, having rendered redundant every existing psychological understanding about human beings (…) They are walking dead who live in a dystopian hell, a psychopathic landscape… They have no higher functions, no intellectual life, no interests or hobbies. They are incapable of meaningful conversation. Their speech is flat, comprising dismissive one-liners with no depth or background.’ They are, he says, ‘as dull as drying paint. They are zombified, the walking dead.

‘The people I talked to, the people I read about, what the studies show — these people have sex without commitment, without emotion. They openly admit that the sex is perfunctory, fast, meaningless. In 20 per cent of the cases they don’t know the name of their sexual partner. They regard the partner’s body as a masturbatory tool — a dildo or a sex doll. Many of them abstain from sex altogether.

‘The rate of relationship failure is mind-boggling. First of all they have an average of nine relationships before they reach 30. And what they call relationships is also in great doubt and question, but even these exact fake imitation relationships don’t work. All of them fail, with no exception.

‘It’s an absolutely psychopathic landscape. Devoid of empathy. Devoid of connectiveness. Devoid of emotions. Devoid of meaningful sex. Devoid of meaning — at all. Rates of anxiety and depression among these age groups have quintupled, and this was three years before the pandemic. We know that the pandemic has tripled this rate. . . . More than half of young people binge drink to the point of alcoholic blackout every single week.

(…) A textual analysis revealed that 91 per cent of all [zoomer] chats are comprised of one-liners and emojis. And the average length of the one-liner is thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



no cap fr



ikr smh tbh fam ngl

File: 1634841627044.jpeg (72.16 KB, 800x472, 030C58A0-DB7C-4B21-9D5C-0….jpeg)


Thingken about getting a scooter in advance of the inevitable six gorillion dollar-a-gallon gas that's certain to take effect within the next couple of years. What are your plans to endure the coming soy state?
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Yeah I'm not sure why they're getting rid of the Focus and others it's like these companies can only see two or three years into the future. Ford apparently never fixed the transmission problems they were having in their compact cars since the early 2010s either smgdh.



Why not convert your existing vehicle to run natural gas?



File: 1634979576081.jpeg (24.63 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpeg)

here's some nickles, now go to the cartoons and watch y'all some popeye



wasn't there a time around the late 00's where everyone and their mother had a mini motorcycle like this? everyoen on my street(except me lel) had one it seemed.

File: 1634914465018.jpeg (394.61 KB, 1998x1332, CDD161A5-DC36-497E-BC0A-B….jpeg)


>>last night, horny
>>haven't stuck anything in my butt for a long while.. in the mood
>>charge up anal vibe and find some appealing audio visuals
>>lube it up and start trying to work it into my ass
>>damn this is harder than I remember and hurts
>>ok, relax… open up and push
>>suddenly shit all over the towel, all of the vibe
>>run to the bathroom dripping liquid shit everywhere
>>takes 20 minutes to clean up, horny mood ruined
>>put vibe away, wtf was I thinking

how do fags do it? do they actually enjoy the smell of shit and playing in shit. I did not need to shit. I had a normal shit a couple of hours earlier and figured everything would be okay. they must deal with this sort of thing every day.


What a disgusting thread

Kys fag



just answer the question fag



My cum is Black



tf is this thread, smdh kys tbh famalam heh



nigger cum??


when the time is right my dude.


>A soviet vagina

I laff at dis

Good to see dis nibber's still at it and didn't quit cold turkey or summin
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Anuddah recentass collab



Poojeet tiktok kino is back on le menu



Looking For A Drink In Deepest Siberia 🇷🇺



you stole my digits posting in this completely pointless thread that nobody looks at except yourself rude tbh lol



File: 1634918370507.jpg (52.26 KB, 331x402, butthurt-faggot.jpg)

>gets BTFO
>deletes his thread + whines about it

Pic rel is you lol

File: 1632535732155.jpg (53.07 KB, 500x667, 1510235936380.jpg)


Elon Musk and Gr*mes split up


Imagine being one of the richest and most desired men on the planet and you're still getting cucked lel

White womanoids are officially completely out of control now
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File: 1633725983262.jpg (76.98 KB, 700x1011, sub-buzz-6487-1620787506-1….jpg)




File: 1634623814873.png (342.4 KB, 486x573, 1634620870546.png)

Musk-sama i kneel



Even trillionaires are not good enough for white women now


It's over we need to restart with white shariah



File: 1634796230955.jpg (53.59 KB, 600x726, btc.jpg)

based wealthy mememan



Nooo this cant b happening elonbros he was supposed to be the chosen one

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