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File: 1587170693693.png (37.21 KB, 213x210, mfwape.png)

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Please, bestow your wisdom upon me. I have a very specific problem. I can go one or two days without jackin' it, but the problem is that the more I leave my dick alone the more sensitive it gets and the more I want to jerk it. It's a catch-22. The more I leave it alone the more I think about sexy time with women. Sometimes I go two days without and end up binge jerking it on the third day.


Work out every time you feel the urge



File: 1587174232535.jpg (21.34 KB, 640x426, 11v2yt.jpg)

>he doesn't know about the tiny switch hidden inside your nuts that switches off your horniness



This, what a loser. LOL!



File: 1587184705421.gif (1.85 MB, 250x188, ....gif)

I've gone months without doing it (iirc heh); at least a few weeks. I don't think there's a secret to it, you just have to nut up heh.

>t. has been cooming at least 3 times a week for the past 6 months



Be in bed by 10pm and up by 6 and you won't want to do it.



Remember fapping can mean the difference when it comes to things like losing weight and not going bald. Take care of your endocrine system, lads.



Is this true? Man, if only I'd known heh



looks like foky was a bad influence all along



Just jerked off again

Every time I get such a strong urge to do it and almost every time I regret it. I'm torn between
1) I should just jerk off once a day as quickly as possible to get it over with it, and;
2) I should try to aim to do it once every three days, but then I keep breaking that rule

I also printed out a picture of Hitler (the mountain one) and I found pictures of him in colour with women and children. I'm trying to invent an anti-fap myth or narrative but it's not working. I'm supposed to be unloading my sperm in a woman at my age but the kikes took my women from me



File: 1587232411750.jpg (99.13 KB, 1302x733, dopamine prolactin cycle.jpg)

Have a proper sleep schedule and be aware of the times that you lapse in judgement. If there's a particular day of the week that's bad for you, try fasting that day. You can't get horny while you're hungry.

Avoid porn and all other forms of temptation.

Also you should study up on the effects of ejaculation on the male brain, and this knowledge will strongly make you want to retain your seed.



File: 1587234425022.jpg (202.73 KB, 1365x880, the-disney-princesses-get-….jpg)

Someone the other day gave me a (you) saying that fapping itself is perfectly fine long as you don't do it on porn and just with ure own imaginashen

Wonderin if dat mite b tru rite dere



what do you do for a living locknar?



I sell my asspucci in gay brothels to nigger customers



Good idea, thanks. Though I've just realized something else, I might trip harder if I stop jacking off. I've quickly looked through my trip reports and my masturbation log (yeah..) and there _might_ be a correlation. I would legit stop for a week if I had good information that doing so would give me stronger visuals.



4 days in, lads. Stay strong.



File: 1587334301444.jpg (461.53 KB, 838x961, 1581371355883.jpg)

>semen retention

Might as well go on HRT while ur at it lel



File: 1587334647494.jpg (50.44 KB, 400x552, low-testosterone-erectile-….jpg)

At the rate you masturbate, you probably have less test than these guys.



File: 1587336160318.jpg (335.65 KB, 1024x1024, 1587334583528.jpg)

U dont know my rate



also receding hair in general is a sign of increased testosterone



That isn't necessarily true. Why do trannies go bald when on HRT? why is hair loss common among pregnant women? Why is premature balding on the rise, even though testosterone levels are going down? It's nothing but a KIKE lie. In fact, DHT is often created as a response to excess estrogen. If anything it's a sign of an unhealthy endocrine system.



Also why do people start going bald as they get older, when your testosterone levels drop off with age? There is no good correlation between high testosterone and baldness.



LMAO keep telling yourself that brainlet



Okay but what about all those bald lifting fellers

Or what about jason stratham huh that guy is masculine af

LMAO kys dwarf



File: 1587343057189.jpg (893.74 KB, 1083x2054, Protein-Powder_Infographic….jpg)

Even weight lifters do things like eat estrogen packed food and drink from plastic, also while many of these big fellers are strong, they've also got a lot of fat, which again, causes men to produce more estrogen. They might even be taking roids, or drinking shitty protein powders that are loaded with BPA.

Balding doesn't necessarily mean you have low-test either. You could even have high testosterone and high estrogen, or maybe it could also potentially be caused just by extremely high test in some cases. The common trend seems to be a hormonal problem in general however, not simply high-test, and most of the bald men I see aren't exactly radiating masculine energy. Also on some level I do agree that 'it's genetic', and some people will have to work harder than others to maintain their hair, and that's why a lot of people who aren't exactly the picture of health still have their hair. Unfortunately, thanks to KIKE scientists we'll probably never know the specifics. They want to keep selling finastride after all. Nobody is going to offer me a grant to expose this bullshit, since I'm not of the holy scientists, nobody is going to legally allow me to use people as test subjects either, and even if I could, people would just whine that it's 'pseudo science' because I didn't go to a KIKE institution for the proper papers for 8 years.



Oh and another common hypothesis I've seen is an excess of omega-6 in proportion to the amount of omega-3s people eat now a days could also be a factor to baldness.



Dat b an interdastin post rite dere

I think stem cells will prolly cure baldness just like dey will cure cut foreskins heh



1 day down. I want to go 7 days in honour of the birthday of our great leader



I haven't jacced the weeniefeller either for like 4 or 5 days at this point

Been focussed on preparing for that darng video PM i need to get out soon so as to live with a good "welp at least i tried"-type of conscience afterwards



File: 1587425882184.jpg (298.33 KB, 1358x969, 4d93fdc8ef7cdecdf478f8609e….jpg)

>Also why do people start going bald as they get older, when your testosterone levels drop off with age?
Everything weakens with age, including hair follicles. It also takes many years for DHT to destroy hair, so the genetic weakness is always present, it just doesn't show up until decades have passed.
I work <20 hours a week delivering pizza. Can't find any respectable work because of my criminal record.



Keep going. Semen retention starts to feel amazing anywhere from day 14-20.



>falling for the "respectable work" meme

Being a pizza lad is plenty respectable.

>most work you do is literally standing up and sitting down in 10-20 minute increments for the four or so hours a night it might get extremely busy

>make tons of cash
>low stress-almost never "take the job home"
>evade taxes like all of life's true winners
>you're like Santa Claus to zoomer sluts

Don't let the puerile materialist normie value system ruin a good thing for you, King. Many of the people out there with all this money in their ZOG career are absolutely miserable in their personal lives and can never escape "the office" even when they're in their own home or apartment left with nothing but their own thoughts.



File: 1587434185390.jpg (166.44 KB, 850x619, 3517015 - Anna Chesare Els….jpg)

>starts to feel amazing

Liek in hwut whey



File: 1587435093689.jpg (37.36 KB, 680x400, z41cgdivdm541.jpg)




File: 1587435353707.png (258.77 KB, 464x337, mern99889.PNG)





Thank you, it is a very cozy job and I'm blessed to have it.



I fapped earlier this morning heh



Almost done with my 2nd day nofap, feeling like a huge rapist



No fap would be easy if sexy bitches weren't shoved in my face constantly every time I go online.



This to be honest. I don't fap to much of this casual exposure imagery directly if ever but it doubtless accumulates and makes me seek out fap material later.

>t. on quite a few days of no-fap but I don't remember how many

G-d I want to jack my winger dinger around rn heh





Nutted again just over an hour ago to melanie hicks getting asspucci bred



That's it, I give my SOLEMN VOW that I won't fap for 14 days!



File: 1587538626082.jpg (114.16 KB, 600x761, r0d5bp3tioiz.jpg)

Me constantly slippin between the orc and posessed theoden



hate being a cumbrain
i just have this compulsive need to do it and cant stop thinking about tight pussy and ass and fucking cum whores
like a curse



Kill yourself, nothing you type in this site is even remotely interesting



Lust feels like an itch that you need to scratch, by looking at sexy women for example, however if you give into this desire it's like trying to put out a fire by pouring gasoline on it. You need to snuff this fire out by removing all sexual stimuli.

Get an imageblocker addon if you have to and block all of the porn sites. Put your computer in a public area (living room) and leave it there. Avoid being alone in your bedroom, and go to bed on time.



Is edging just as bad as fapping and orgasming?



File: 1587600561076.jpg (380.41 KB, 700x892, 1587444192804.jpg)

my computer monitor is at the end of my bed
i use the computer in bed before falling asleep, idly flopping my naked member about as i watch anime or browse imageboards, literally the worst setup

if i had a house to myself i would isolate my sleeping area



File: 1587602943482.png (1.39 MB, 917x688, 1577135701308.png)

It's complicated. I would say edging for a short period of time is less harmful than ejaculating, however long periods of edging are probably dangerous to the brain, especially if you're looking at porn while doing it.

You're still triggering that addiction and keeping the fire going by playing with yourself, regardless of the amount of time spent doing it.



When you're 4 days into nofap and noporn and a cute girl appears in the Zoom class



heh iktf

That dinarid bish almost made me whip it out rite den and dere






File: 1587691868197.png (14.69 KB, 91x71, Screenshot_11.png)





File: 1587705302452.gif (857.31 KB, 415x216, cena dumbfoudned.gif)

I edged and accidentally came :(((



File: 1587706506096.jpg (21.83 KB, 583x583, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.jpg)

I h'nutted today too after over a week of honorable abstinence. I'm sorry lads, I failed-but it was my best run in quite a while. One day we'll beat this!



I'm gonna do 1 week of nofap and noporn and noedge and no penis touching (within reason). Maybe I will fail the first time but I will keep trying

Do it for HIM



Although this morning in bed I was touching my dick in a semi-awake state. Like a semi night-emission.



3 days in and I already want to fap so bad that I have a headache.



Dreams were more vivid and lucid last night.



File: 1588121734226.jpg (68.25 KB, 719x688, 36abc76ac2c0a49c40400e0c56….jpg)

Day 5::
I came while dreaming, fuck. How do I stop this? I guess I have to wait for muh brain to rid itself of all the degeneracy it has gathered over the years, through my niggerbrainish porn consumption .



>How do I stop this?

Cut ur weenie off LOL



>Day 5

Are you me?

Anyway, the night emissions can't be too bad, because its natural (inb4 "natural fallacy")



File: 1588142959571.jpg (69.38 KB, 540x810, 58787276efd86b1e656b22b3c0….jpg)

There's a bunch of stuff I've been trying to implement in the last year or two:

No penis touching
Less "conversations inside head" (which I can explain if you don't know what that is, but you probably do)
No caffeine
Carnivore diet
Less video games

I think one of the big issues with implementing all this stuff is that it has too much of a focus on NOT doing something, rather than purposefully doing something… And it leaves me a bit dead inside. Like I don't really have a major goal. I know all that stuff is good, and it's definitely good in the long term, but it's hard to work up the motivation to do it all when the benefits are long-term rather than short term. It's obviously attractive to fall back into any of those habits listed above because they're so dopaminergic.



I've been doing a little better. I can't remember what day I'm on but it's been at least a few since I've even felt the compulsion to slap my dinger around



File: 1588462359488.jpg (56.71 KB, 380x353, 1585700623130.jpg)

woke up at 4am
proceeded on cumbrain session until almost mid-day
coomed 3 times to porn
why must i be like this



Still giving in every 4 to 5 days. I think it will help a lot if I stop drinking as that's usually when I tend to tap out.



Still going strong here, I've gotten close to succumbing but I've resisted thus far. I wish I could remember how long it'd been since having made that post, my best guess is 4-5 days heh






Still haven't coomed. While I wouldn't dare say it's a direct reason admittedly I have been way more productive lately by happenstance heh



File: 1589164431035.jpg (162.33 KB, 577x951, 1588835468423.jpg)

*breaks ur dry spell*



Good G-d



The robot won't let me say it, but I want you to know >cow udders



Come on, even you have to appreciate those perfectly proportioned jubblies, Boob Hater.

>dat soft but NOT FAT body

Got damb tbh



(You) son of a bitch.




File: 1589175148097.gif (1.63 MB, 540x547, 1586991919964.gif)

havent coomed in over 48 hours
gonna try for a week or more



Gone 3 days even without edging here, new record. I did drugs in the meantime though but it STILL COUNTS.



File: 1589348868603.jpg (132.51 KB, 1440x1080, 1588442805259.jpg)

failed after 3 + days yesterday
coomed twice to teen porn on xhamster on a week night
couldn't maintain abstinence during rising manic phase, seem ok now and dont feel like cooming anymore



My sex drive went away completely a few years ago. Probably low testosterone or something. I miss being able to enjoy a good fap, now it's like all I eat is potato and water. I am free from that craving of wanting fancy steaks and lobster and good beer, but is life really worth living when all you have is potato and water?

NoFap is a guilt trip bullshit meme. Just fap dude.



My sex drive returned when i fucked your mom LOL



I lost to the ghost nipples on May 10th after roughly 15 days of no-fap glory but now I have the antibodies to defend against future intrusions. I'm three days in and ready to make it at least 20 days more.



Fapped after getting drunk again last night. I have to make a commitment not to buy alcohol.



Holy macaroni I could really go for a wankerino right now. MUST BE STRONG



File: 1589463489171.jpg (121.78 KB, 1024x1470, cc80d45070b192136b8edfce88….jpg)

fap fap



File: 1589463537340.jpg (58.21 KB, 612x612, 0d325e5da6e5b82c70bff93c2b….jpg)

Uuuh fap department



File: 1589463595050.jpg (72.72 KB, 682x1024, 1f704cebf712d737f0d569e1fc….jpg)

Yeah im thinking it's fap



File: 1589463759419.jpg (165.02 KB, 800x1155, 1467090364729.jpg)

Was it fap?



Too bad you have shit taste, or maybe I would have been effected.



File: 1589501094482.jpg (78.71 KB, 680x680, 1584284860781.jpg)

>Too bad you have shit taste, or maybe I would have been effécted.



4 days without being bothered at all. 3 more should be easy.



Get a hobby to pre occupy your time where you would usually masturbate. Also make sure you don't go to places online with hot bitches on them, 2D or 3D.



File: 1589676979056.jpg (229.34 KB, 1600x1200, two0-9-033.jpg)

got drunk again and coomed three times to amateur porn then once again in the morning
its fucking insatiable wtf



God i want to sniff and cum in that ass

Reminds me of my other cousin who almost pulled her pants down completely in front of me one time and demanded i watch her pee next to a tree outside

I also used to massage her feet onna sofa



Up now feller



Officially on 11 days since the ghost nipple holocaust heh



File: 1590057359241.jpg (39.02 KB, 640x403, 1589876480176.jpg)

The hwut now xD



3 days here. t-taking it day by day



12 days and going strong. I have impulsively diddled my dinger here and there a little bit but I haven't gone so far as to "edge" or coom; more like I've just been checking its pulse once in a while heh



File: 1590179603683.jpg (92.24 KB, 733x736, 1498102416516.jpg)

> more like I've just been checking its pulse once in a while heh

I laff



I'm on 16 days nofap. hit pretty much rock bottom was fapping to all the worst fetishes for 3 hours a day. have almost an heroed multiple times. don't know how long it'll take me to recover or if it's possible since I essentially murdered my own soul



File: 1590216137405.png (102.43 KB, 380x295, 1575702647570.png)


16 days is pretty good

that feeling when it's basically mid day and you've been had an epic wank session since waking up drunk at 4am after cooming while drunk the previous night then drinking more in the morning and having and coffee and just watching a hundred videos of increasingly depraved material and cumming and cumming and there's cum socks all around the bed and you're sweaty and drunk or hungover you can no longer tell and it's daylight outside and you're just like what the fuck am i even doing





Well lads, it's been 8 days somehow. I hardly even thought about it. I haven't been online very much is why.



Thx for ure service :'l



I think that was the thing I was looking for… I found something like this years ago but never bothered to read it. I was trying to find it. Thanks



File: 1590413181906.jpeg (41.77 KB, 750x796, 30B505D4-9D2E-4E42-B5FA-D….jpeg)

15 days here, I'm feeling pretty good. The only thing I'm worried about is that the last time I've extensively nofapped I started cooming in my sleep lmoa



on page 20 now



I'm liking it, very interesting and provocative. Will finish by tonight




This guy tends to mention having a partner you can have sex with. And he mentions men who have partners but jack off to porn at the same time, sometimes hiding themselves from their wives while jacking off. That is completely not me… I would have absolutely zero problems if I actually had a wife I could sex with. I mean mass immigration is what is causing the White incel and porno problems, NOT internet video porn. Hell, I used to jack off in the uni bathrooms between lectures. Would ejaculate into the toilet.



Fvg I did that a few times at work. The unisex bathroom is basically a private stall and I can just nut hard into the toilet if I want. I will NOT succumb to the temptation tho heh



File: 1590509534896.png (249.78 KB, 1024x1024, 1590427036505.png)

>Nutting into recepticles for the fecal matter and piss of other men

Uh… ghey?



>implying nutting into an unflushed toilet
The fuck is wrong with you, Krautkike



File: 1590513217917.jpg (45.07 KB, 447x589, 3d2d436b8d6202f428fc90f3e6….jpg)

>I would have absolutely zero problems if I actually had a wife I could sex with
Coolidge Effect. Even if you have the greatest food in the world in front of you, eventually it'll get old and you'll want to eat something else. You can eat salmon, steak and lobster but eventually there will come a day when you just want some shitty Taco Bell.

I had a particularly stressful day Sunday and when I got home from work I got drunk for the first time in quite a while. It was a very foolish decision and I played video games for multiple hours then looked at porn for a couple of minutes. Porn and sex are two completely different things. Sex is a lot of work, even just the act itself. When I was 19 years old some nigger told me "when you have sex with a girl, don't worry about pleasing her, just beat that pussy up as hard as you can. Make it hard for her to walk the next day and she'll constantly be thinking about you." and his advice has always worked out very well.

Sex is work. The hunt, the act. Porn on the other hand is nothing but pleasure at absolutely zero effort and there's infinite diversity to experience. It's all highly poisonous and crippling, but nevertheless it's on the exact opposite end of the spectrum from sex. That's how some married men still fall prey to it while having active sex lives.

Monday morning, waking up hung-over, I felt extremely looshed from drinking alcohol. That's another terrible poison that leads to terrible decisions.



File: 1590513357175.png (75.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200526-124022.png)

Forgot I was gonna use this image heh



File: 1590515110735.png (224.26 KB, 640x814, 1588615788146.png)

LOL ur still gay asf though if you do this

Imagine standing in the middle of a room filled with the stench of other men's piss and shit and sweat and you get off to it LOL



You're the one who couldn't stop talking about fugging a tranny for days.



If your IQ were above room temperature you would have actually understood my posts explaining in detail how skylar piela passes as a woman because unlike other trannies "he" (i use that pronoun lightly in this context since this thing is basically androgynous due to the extensive changes it underwent and is basically infertile at this point + thinks like a woman 99,9%) cheated his own development cycle by taking HRT way fucking early and stuff

Also it wasnt for "days" lmao



Actually the bathroom is more frequented by the nubile hair salon girls who are right next to it, most of the male mall-goers drop a deuce either the nearby men's room or the cafe's bathroom. You're just a typical projecting kraut shit enthusiast lmao



File: 1590531912872.jpg (59.46 KB, 331x402, lol-elsahurt.jpg)

didnt read LOL

*slap slap*




Yeah the author keeps talking about how the willpower method doesn't work. His whole idea is that porn is not something pleasurable, its something destructive. He talks about people who do what you're doing (pedestalising porn). I do it too. I didn't find his argument totally convincing though so I'll read the book again. His argument was based around porn being a supernormal stimulus which our brains aren't made to handle. The truth for me, though, is that I would just jack off to my imagination anyway, or even to photos (which I often do anyway, in fact thats probably my main material (xhamster amateur photos)). I can jack it to facebook girls easily.

I have literally zero percent doubt that I would have no problems with porn and jerking off if I had a wife. I had a girlfriend for 1 1/2 years who I lived with and had sex with every 2nd day on average. I definitely got "bored", but the boredom I felt would be like a normal well-adjusted guy eating a burger telling a starving homeless guy that he's getting bored of burgers. Yes I started getting bored of my girlfriend even though she was very hot, but the truth is that pussy just feels good.

I usually jacked off in the uni library bathrooms when I was getting so distracted by the women around me that I couldn't study. Though sometimes I jacked off in between lectures, for the same reason, its hard to sit in a lecture theatre when you have a hard-on for the roasties sitting nearby.

And have any of you actually thought about this fact? My uni had literally thousands of women. LITERALLY THOUSANDS. And yet I couldn't find ONE who would be my girlfriend. The truth is that I had standards, but still. I wanted a virgin and I was disgusted by non-virgins, and I made no attempt to hide it. So I pushed some of them away, its true. I don't think any of us are "true incels". Unless you are actually a jogger or a pajeet (in which case you have no right to complain, because you should be in your jogger or pajeet country).

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