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File: 1589849036270.jpg (116.43 KB, 1023x768, hutinclearing.jpg)


rate my plan.

>Sell my house next year, when the prices bounce back from the Coronavirus hit

>Buy a cheap plot of land down south with the money.
>Build a shack kaczynski styles with my building knowledge acquired through working in the trades. Nothing fancy, the entire thing as one room, 4-5m2.
>Use the last remainder of my money to buy tools, gardening equipment, essential items/cooking equipment
>Put the property into trust in my dad's name
>Collect NEETbux due to my autism
>Only need to buy food and the occasional replacement for whatever breaks, no need to own a car
>Pushbike into Hokitika every so often to order in library books from Wellington, study whatever autistic obsession I have at the library
>Work under the table on farms nearby if the opportunity presents itself, cash in hand, aunty Jacinda doesn't have to know.
>Live the Kaczynski life, becoming as self sufficient as possible over a period of time while my accumulated NEETbux build up in the bank.

I could get a small plot of land for around $60,000-80,000, and I have that capital on me. My total cost of living would be under $120 a week and NEETbux is $220-250 for autismbuxx (Basically I'd only be paying for food and rates, and whatever breaks). If I work one or two days a week cash, I can just use that money for food, rates and essentials and let $10,000 build up in the bank a year from the autismbuxx. My only obligation would be to go to a doctor every 3 months to ensure that I am, indeed, still autistic


Sounds Vargpilled tbh. All you need is an asperger's tomboy gf that does ''whatever you say' whomst's pussi u can breed heh'



File: 1589849571239.jpg (103.17 KB, 604x286, Bicycle-Camper.jpg)

Great plan, but I would buy an RV or something too. Even if it's one of these little guys, it's better than living in a hut. They have electricity and sometimes even a stove.



Sounds like a good plan, I plan on doing something similar one day. Having a small farm is the GOAT way to live.



File: 1589851951976.jpg (112.16 KB, 2400x1738, Ted-Kaczynski-lede.jpg)

I wanted to go with a hut just so I could build it myself. I've had lots of experience concreting and have put on a few roofs in my time. The actual timberwork looks piss easy if you follow a plan. And because I planned on living without electricity and plumbing, the hard shit isn't there. The only cunty part would be installing a coal range or a wood burning stove, and also a window. But I'm sure I could achieve it.

I've been going through the government regulations and it looks like there's a bit of red tape. Even a structure at under 5m2 requires a building certificate, code of compliance and inspections if it's the main building on a property. And also fire alarms are required for all new builds, which means I have to install electricity even though I don't want it. I didn't see anything on insulation, but there's zero doubt that I'd have to pink batt the thing. The only way I can get around it is if it's a secondary build on a property with a house already on it, then I can just free build something under 10m2 and live in it. I mean, it's not like I couldn't do it, but like, that's a few thousand dollars I'm pissing down the drain for a structure that will cost me less than $8,000 to build.

But you're right, a trailer is looking like the best bet. There's something comfy about living in a wooden hut with a small wood burning stove, down south in the middle of nowhere with your veges and sausages cooking. Living in a trailer doesn't quite get me that Kaczynski experience.



Ted became disillusioned with his self sufficiency lifestyle. You probably will too. Being around other people is good for you. You need a tribe to do innawooods properly.



File: 1589852988225.jpg (769.96 KB, 2993x1691, 635951540341750013-unabomb….jpg)

The properties I've been looking at are part of small townships near forests. So it's not like I'll be 100% alone. And even Ted wasn't 100% away from civilization, he regularly pushbiked to the library to study.

The place I've really got my eyes on is only 20km out of Hokitika and is part of a small township, which means I'll be able to push bike in once a week and do my shopping, get supplies, get out library books, etc.

I'll probably join a nearby church and put a little effort into being social. But I want it set up so I'm living the trad life the best I can and being off the grid.

>You need a tribe to do innawooods properly.

Most people would compromise and before you know it, you're not innawoods, you're living like a boomer on a lifestyle block. There's no group of normal people anymore that would want to live without electricity or plumbing, or hell, even internet. When I didn't have internet at my current house briefly, I had flatties threaten to move out. People are so dependent on technology and can't derive self satisfaction elsewhere.



Yeah you don't have to worry about building codes with a trailer. Not so long ago I planned to just buy a little acre of shitty land for close to nothing and just put a trailer on it, but my housing expenses aren't so bad with roommates, so I lost interest in the idea.



will you have health/dental insurance or do you plan to wait in line at the free clinic with pedro and jama'al?



What are you 70? Health insurance is a bad meme. The only reason I have it is because my work offers it for dirt cheap and it pays for my drugs. If you aren't American you have no idea how bad the plans usually are.



New Zealand has universal healthcare, and besides, I don't plan on getting sick. And my diet will be pretty healthy, so it's not like my teef will degrade anytime soon.



yeah derp. you said 'cheap land down south' and I forgot you aren't in FreedomLand.



I am american and I know how bad plans are but I know not having it is worse.



Not really though.



generally councils aren't going to be looking for "illegal" huts
it's generally only if people complain about it that you will be served compliance notices

was motorcycling in the motueka valley a few months back and there's people living in shacks up in the bush in the hills and straight up in the plantation forest
nothing is done about it



File: 1589871032687.png (112.46 KB, 600x785, 1589275153538.png)

rate my plan.

>Fuck ur mums pucci

>splash my BWC cum deep into her cervix
>repeat ad infinitum



i can't tell if thats supposed to be soygoy or cardcrusher




Jesus I haven't thought of that epic me me in years. What a throwback.

>it's definitely a soygoy tho



File: 1589908778826.jpg (332.29 KB, 1563x872, ytryfghdfgh.jpg)

This is now a NEETshack thread




redditcucky/10. A miserable contribution to an otherwise good thread.



File: 1589940651698.jpg (51.82 KB, 331x402, annahurt-faggot.jpg)


Dwarfschiz0 is really just jealous of FoKy

She is a foreign body to the board that only started shitting it up during the smilewizard drama and she abuses it as her own narcicisstic little echo chamber which is why she won't fucking leave no matter what

She never had one of her threads stickied unlike the oldfag FoKy who has lurked on the chon since early 2012

She is subhuman compared to him, the more angry she gets at FoKy the harder this is being proven



>implying anybody could be jealous of you



L0L projection



File: 1590127093026.png (1.63 MB, 1553x634, rtydfhgfhrts.png)

Ok based



File: 1590129618438.png (102.43 KB, 380x295, 1575702647570.png)

ive looked at cheap property in aus too
but it's like ok, you turn up and buy your shack with cash
open the door, step inside and…
hang yourself in the kitchen?
where your corpse wont be found until the house is repossessed for unpaid taxes



Thats why you get a wife and kids

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