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Fresh nu SpraveKino fuckers

"The Fenris" - Finally. At last. Archery's New Dawn!

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File: 1618850870720.jpg (44.99 KB, 816x459, DIY tacticool pistol xbow ….jpg)

Just copped muhself one of deez quick-loading pistol crossbows from man kung after i saw an ass-cheap offer for one earlier which i just couldn't resist against heh

18 bucks sans shipping for a 50lbs model with almost half a dozen bolts included is pretty neat (rule of thumb is that anything over 40lbs can take on mid-sized game and onwards IIRC), i'll see if i can procure broadheads and plans for a DIY magazine from somewhere too

I almost bought a cheap harpoon for under 30 bucks instead (cheapest one i cud find anywhere onna internet in fact with shipping included) but this thing makes much more sense overall imo






Oh wow this former /new/sman reviewed it too

I wonder if the guy is even aware of the nuchon



Full auto screwdriver-powered slingshot



File: 1618962269542.png (1.04 MB, 1079x529, nibba.PNG)

Jesus imagine scaling this up to hunting crossbow size with actual broadhead bolts



I have purchased broadhead bolts for this lill nibber just now

18 bucks w/shipping for 3 bolts is ass-expensive and way overpriced but i can actually afford to piss it away now LOL



asffasasfasf brappen originell



Full auto scalpel-shooting nerf rifle



God that's heckin awesome

I'm almost tempted to cop one and try to do this mod mahself + make it look all tacticool and shit

How does this nibber keep coman up w/dis stuff



Back when arrow rifles were still legal in Germania… Vgh



He very likely used this vid as a reference to find out how to take it apart and replace the spring/modify the chamber and shit



That nerf pistol reminds me of this speargun pistol, it's the only spring-powered speargun that's available onna market rn afaik

Still the modded nerf thing is a lot more effective in comparison with that semi auto/revolving magazine and shit



This nibber modify his paintball gun



File: 1619044828154.png (1.68 MB, 1478x840, mankung2.png)

Found this on some obscure boomer channel, apparently the man kung 180 can be modified to carry a DIY magazine on top too



Imagine if this was all scalpels too LOL



Powerful asian autism



I've ordered that exact nerf gun and those blades he used now kek, will report back w/results



Kek there's even holsters and shit for deez nerf nibbas

Im thinkin kino



This shitskin stole Jörg's idea apparently

He's even using the same exact scalpel heh



nice nigger



File: 1619243303426.jpg (547.29 KB, 2400x1800, 7c57e7fd4984925ce5bcd41821….jpg)

… As in "that's nice, nigger" or "that's a nice nigger"?



as in that's a nice nigger you posted there.



Eh idk he looks liek a mutt to me



The Great Germanic Repeating Bow Shootout!



File: 1619872489716.jpg (156.95 KB, 1024x683, FC2CZJLHRPNBJPQ.jpg)

Tested this lill nibber out earlier, pretty surprising how hard that spring actually hits even in unmodified state, definitely reminds me of my spring-powered chink air rifle

Also i laff at dis

>all versions of the Strongarm released in Australia and New Zealand feature a gray instead of an orange trigger, which signifies modified internals that results in a reduced performance to conform to stricter local safety standards. The packaging of the single release advertises a range of only fifteen meters (as opposed to the Canadian version's twenty-two meters and the European version's twenty meters), although the Australian two-pack, which features two gray-trigger Strongarms, still advertises a range of twenty meters.



File: 1619872769377.jpg (76.98 KB, 569x640, a51ab46e71e93348fd86ef2033….jpg)

Yeah that was the look i was aiming for



Deez nibbers essentially made a pneumatic spud cannon



This nibba make nail darts



foakae gonna take on the hoards with a foam dart gun



When the gubbermint has collapsed you can pretty much do and build anything you want in minecraft but a literal scalpel launcher ain't a bad prep in the meantime



I mean like, imagine one of deez nibbers coming at you with almost 30 meters per second

I wouldint want to be on le receiving end of dat heh



This nibber shoot darts from a paintball gun somehow



File: 1621467885669.jpg (30.98 KB, 616x365, 1621467258180.jpg)

This one entered the market recently, apaparently it has two rails wtf lol

MSRP is a hefty 2k so the instant legolas is still the better option in any case

Idk if the strings get launched separately or not though



Self-Cooking Wooden Slingshot Ragnarök Pistol



This boomer is quite goofy in general but he does come up with neat stuff every now and then



I laff at le soy thumbnail



Tiny Germanic Compound Bow



>Try to download the plans
>The specified key does not exist.

Fuckin polack KIKE prolly sent out a DMCA or summin heh



Wish there wuz some kind of piratebay but for 3D printer files so i cud download the mini legolas thing



He's finally gotten around to reviewing one of these chinese-made slingbow rifles heh

Apparently holding off on buying one wuz the right call on my part



werde den ganzen Faden hier dem BKA melden uezs, freu dich schon mal, Windelgollum ;)



File: 1623461210838.jpg (44.88 KB, 485x590, 5c643f9eeb3ce83c3d004415.jpg)

Speak english you retarded kraut

The fuck are you assholes coming from, this is worse than the polish pope spammer back then



Some moar chineez slingbow shit from aliexpress heh



This based kinoass tinkering germanic boomer just did anuddah dual shot crossbow contraptshen too






4-barreled speargun

Kek that's awesome



Eastern germanic kievan ruthenian dive shop owner demonstrates double-barreled pneumatic speargun






This nibber make a hex nut bow




asfasfasf disboriginal

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