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Fresh nu SpraveKino fuckers

"The Fenris" - Finally. At last. Archery's New Dawn!



Expanding Germanic Broadheads



British medieval workshop guy tries out the Instant Legolas



File: 1593848442699.png (71.05 KB, 1246x505, asfsafasasf.PNG)

why the FUCK has he not listed it in his shop yet

imma need sum MSRP on this mofo stat



File: 1594085836609.jpg (240.95 KB, 890x854, 1575406824458.jpg)

Imma shoot him anuddah mail asking when one can expect this thing to hit the virtual shelves of his store

I cud totally see myself selling my xbow and changing it out for this thing if it's not prohibitively priced, compound bows in general also seem a lill easier to maintain than xbows too in a SHTF situation

Also the magazine thing has a very decent rate of fire (if you've trained with it enough that is) which in conjunction with some high quality expandable broadheads would surely compensate the decreased draw strength compared to a single-shot xbow



>1000 bucks for a fucking magazine

What the actual FUCK jesus, this thing is worth 200 at MOST. What a jew lel, gonn ask if he will do a budget version nonedeless

Hope someone ripped a 3D printer file of the instant legolas already




Wonderin if this thing takes standard bolts aswell heh



>Budget version including a bow already inna works with a target price of 400ish bucks

Based af






File: 1594087201471.png (921.34 KB, 1240x622, roids 2k17 vs 2k20.PNG)

How did he do it brös



Dis nibber claim he only eatin muscle powder lmaooo

He roidin hard



Anuddah collab w/eastern germanic bish



Dis b sum tacticool shit rite dere

Makes me want to sell my current man kung model and switch it out for dat one but i'd rather wait until the cheaper instant legolas/fenrir becums available heh



Jeez the draw weight on dat dere model is 175lbs whereas the model i have is around 130lbs i think

I mean a bolt is a bolt but moar stoppin power is always gud to have heh



Dis dood shoot across an entire field



>Found a cheapass shitalian vendor selling it for much cheaper den here
>"""carrying sling and quiver not included"""

Wtfff why lmao




God this bitch is so fuckin hot

She needs to be bred by virile germanic BWC



>For larger animals with thicker hide and more fat density such as elk, caribou and small bears, you'll want a crossbow with a draw weight of 175 lbs. or more.

Oh wow heh

Gonna try and sell my weaker xbow den



>20 bucks for 6 of deez pizza cutter broadheads

Wew greedyass chinkoids



Jesus fuck

Feller needs to release some details on the upcoming lo-cost version stat



Look at dat dere beauty



File: 1595612907504.jpg (369.7 KB, 1680x1050, fenris scope 2.jpg)

fuckin bort heh



File: 1595612924351.jpg (445.59 KB, 1680x1050, fenris (hicost ver) xbow m….jpg)

safasfasfasfasfasf saf niggerdick



File: 1595613246118.png (704.85 KB, 1232x818, me ragnarök.png)

The Fenris is simultaneously an: • Arrow quiver (capacity of 5 arrows) • Bow release with thumb trigger • Pump action repeating system • Revolutionary aiming device (in combination with optional Red-Dot sights) A Fenris-equipped bow is neither crossbow nor bow – it is a completely new arrow weapon category. It’s easier to learn than a crossbow and much faster to get ready to shoot than a bow. No other arrow weapon offers these advantages. It’s easily possible to fire all 5 arrows in less than 8 seconds. Magazine capacity: 5 arrows (suitable for expandable or two blade fixed broadheads) The bow magazine was invented in 2017 by the German YouTuber and entrepreneur Jörg Sprave and has been continuously refined over the years. Together, with the development team at Steambow, the prototypes became a mature product - The Fenris! The Fenris is a solid, featherlight, precise accessory suitable for most* modern bows. Without much training effort, the shooter achieves a high level of accuracy and marksmanship in the shortest possible time as well as an incredibly fast shot sequence. The magazine can be detached quickly for transport.



Imagine this inna fenris LOL



File: 1595732963399.png (1.69 MB, 983x731, saassaf.PNG)

Im fuckin cummin laddos heh



Dis kino nibber still crankin out occasional vids aswell heh



Mfw i saw a good /k/ thread bout this the other day inna archive but diddint save it



File: 1596198250459.png (496.24 KB, 1259x869, 87076754_1059166701127438_….png)




Uh yeah imma call kino on zis one



File: 1596215762472.png (1.76 MB, 909x696, slavthot fenris.PNG)




File: 1596219119487.png (56.99 KB, 1383x258, k on jörg the big brain ni….PNG)

Zis b originel






File: 1596227303742.jpg (162.36 KB, 674x850, 1596129378846.jpg)

Oh wow just found out Jörg used to be very active onna spudfiles bortz



That's a dude.

>those dead eyes






It's weird how the fenris/instant legolas setup vid still barely only has 40k views after one week

Wouldn't surprise me if kiketube artifically kept the views down which they have been proven to do



Nu Fenris video



File: 1597405630836.png (1.22 MB, 586x758, eastern germanic thot with….PNG)

Very kino heh

They also added the hicost version of the fenris to the store now

Gonna ask him when one can expect the locost version to arrive



It's up



File: 1597766183886.png (571.1 KB, 497x757, qwwqqw.PNG)

Uh yeah dat based



Bows are obsolete sorry to tell you but they just are, their only advantage over guns is how quiet they are



File: 1597767393554.jpg (42.79 KB, 564x500, 1556800051540.jpg)

They have numerous other advtantages, especially in a TEOTWAWKI-type scenario (what we're entering now)

They can be easily produced and maintaned and arrows can be fashioned out of almost anything

Also any weapon is better than no weapon at all

If i had to decide between a fast-firing assault arrow with a magazine and a 2 shot flintlock i'd chose the former in any case



This nibber make his own instant legolas



He even added a removable magazine kek awesome



>Modern History TV Instant Legolas Review



File: 1597780290599.jpg (478.23 KB, 2016x1512, 82632582_2669707086450810_….jpg)

Oh wow dat design is actually simple af

Would be rad if some 3D printer enthusiast feller made a full size version of this

I wud totally comission a piece heh



>comparing a top of the line bow to a flintlock

LMAO that cherry picking



This design also has removable magazines



Imma contact this nibber w/sum tacticool suggestions and ask him for the production costs + whether he can upscale this thang to a full size unit w/standard bolts



The irano-germanic Panjagan



File: 1598647118474.jpg (59.35 KB, 1080x900, 1598565875410.jpg)

So the kenosha SHTF footage made me reflect on this whole Instant Legolas thang once again fellas

Like, of course it's good to have a means of self-defense at range but what good is that when you're getting rushed by multiple assailants and are falling to the ground - You could never react to this adequately with something as large as the fenris/instant legolas system… Now contrast this with the versatility and power of one of these pistol xbows that can be cooked just by pulling a little lever back (whereas you have to draw the magazine fully back together with the recurve string w/the fenris).

I'm thinking that a fully maxxed-out semi-automatic tacticool pistol crossbow w/broadheads is possibly more effective in urban self-defense situations than a Fenris, and it's probably decent enough to double as a means of acquiring game in the forests aswell heh



>this nigga thinks he's gonna be Van Helsing or some sheeit

You could try getting an honest to goodness slingshot. Both the device itself and their ammunition not only take up less volume but also you can use something improvised like a rock unlike with a bow heh



Ur comparin apples w/oranges here imo

Imagine lying on the ground facing multiple assailants and trying to draw back + aim with and fire a slingshot, it would be awkward af

Also obviously firearms are vastly superior to crossbows in terms of stopping power but when you have to make due with what u got i think it doesn't hurt to look at the possibilities under the circumstances



File: 1598665656549.jpg (491.03 KB, 1920x1080, sil_hybrid_00.jpg)

Holy fuck this based polack already managed to pull off a full-size 3D-printed version of the Instant Legolas

Last update is from july 14th and he said he would release the 3D printer blueprints this month kek



Mfw airbows require a permit now here

So fuckin gay and senseless



>The Devastating Germano-Persian Cavalry Slayer!



File: 1599740320251.jpg (481.28 KB, 1920x1080, sil_00.jpg)





Imagine this combined with a removable instant legolas magazine

You'd basically have a shotgun functionally speaking heh



170lbs Longbow



>5 minute sponsor segment

What the fuck that's a whole nother level



Ah jeez the fucking polack won't take any comissions for his legolini thang

Would have been laff to get an msrp from him






File: 1601131496895.jpg (511.21 KB, 1920x1080, sil_77.jpg)

based fuckin polack






Kek fucker actually stole the ammo clip idea from the polack and commercialized it without even crediting him



DIY Instant legolas demonstration video - Pump-Action Repeating Bow with Ammo Clips (3D printed)






This is basically a shitty caselman kek

I imagine with a high pressure tank hooked up and some custom pellets it could do quite a bit of damage though, more stopping power than the drozd for sure

Still the price tag is insane, you could slap together a QEV-based setup for way less than that



File: 1603599612845.png (217.65 KB, 708x792, lolwut.PNG)

What the actual FUCK did just stumble upon kek

This has got to be some very recent chinkshit or else i would've heard of it already



Kek the fucking thing actually seems to work


Still 150 bucks or whatever is a bit much, maybe for half that price if u get buyer protection + warranty for a couple years



File: 1603600080504.png (59.26 KB, 608x359, ebig.PNG)

Fuckin chinks have cum up w/a completely nu slingshot rifle concept apparently

Quite surprised that neither the spravefella nor any other prepping blogs/vlogs have reported on these things, they seem to have been available in chinkland since 2019 at the least

Maybe they have no actual stopping power for anything bigger than a fish/squirrel heh



It's functionally basically a semi-auto tacticool speargun that can also shoot BB's and shit heh

Wondering how much draw weight it has, think i read liek 80lbs on ali just now



>FPS 290,
>7.76 Joule

Eh it's barely more powerful than an air rifle stats-wise and way too overpriced for that kind of performance

Would be more interesting if it supported actual 15'' broadhead bolts but setting this thing up and seeing it in operation makes it look unreliable as fuck kek

Still interesting concept-wise though






Le fücc



Most Expensive Bow On The Planet?



Love how he shittalks the sighting computer + expensive bow but praises his own instant legolas which he gets royalties from for every sale kek



Oh wow he actually features the polack's 3D-printed instant legolas in that video too



File: 1604034765664.jpg (117.81 KB, 1600x1200, s_SL09.jpg)

Oh wow the polack even made a slingbow legolini



File: 1604035283865.png (576.68 KB, 697x477, Unbenannt5.PNG)

The v2 legolini/slingbow version doesn't look nearly as ghey as the v1 one imo, gives off a sleeker and more tacticool vibe

I asked the fella whether it supports broadheads and if it can be loaded with the speed loading magazine/clip too like the v1 one, wud b laff






Instant Rufus Pump Action Slingshot






It's interesting to witness how the instant legolas design came 2 b

You can even see how he kept the handle from the instant rufus for the instant legolas



File: 1604138158123.jpg (152.19 KB, 1112x2208, 1568054514715.jpg)

Just got a response saying that v2 supports the ammo clips from v1 and that the magazine does support broadheads, didn't specify which ones though heh but luckily the FAQ onna site gives some basic specs for compatible bolts

Next up imma try and explore the possibility of a comission for this shit from that thingiverse nibber, a semi-auto tacticool piece with a string that can be easily fixed/maintained/replaced in SHTF would be far superior in any case as a supplementation for my chink xbow heh



Based magyaroid tinkerer



File: 1604214835721.png (23.67 KB, 910x707, 1242.PNG)

>Checked out his ig
>He's apparently a turdpusher

Kek what the fuck



>dum dum xbow bolt

Sounds awesome and tac as fuck heh

That's gotta hurt fo sho



Instant Biopsy Arrow Heads



File: 1604958286515.jpg (448.07 KB, 1600x1200, Koda 025 Erin Hershey.JPG)

God i hope he brings deez hollowpoint bolt heads to market at sum point inna near future

I need deez in my life/on muh chink xbow heh



>Rediscovered: Genius "James Bond" 80's Crossbow!



File: 1605733138734.png (312.17 KB, 661x623, 1604010673471.png)

Some nibber onna thingiverse made an instant legolas mounting adapter for an inexpensive recurve bow

Imma cop dat shit most likely if i can find a place that will print both the instant legolas aswell as the adapter for me inexpensively



File: 1605904892337.png (926.05 KB, 963x781, 3232234.PNG)

God this shit gives me a raging boner, only 70 bucks for the recurve nibber there

I need to source a place to procure this stuff from for below 200 bucks or so



If the ancient romans had hardware stores…



The "Schweinebraten" Crossbow Challenge



The "Too Much?" Crossbow Tuning Project!



The Grand Germanic "Adder" Xbow Tuning Guide



>So easy even a woman can use it



Hunting grizzly bears with a germanic pistol crossbow?



File: 1608265573165.gif (1.81 MB, 400x400, 1608197824419.gif)

Bow bro this was you wasnt it, shooting hobo's with ur bow eh, smh bro




>Open dat link expecting to see a homeless guy get attacked like u sed
>Just some random boomer/nigger (?) driving around at nite

The fuck



It's a cop car you grug



Okay but there still isn't a homeless person LOL



Steel Bolt with "Razor Vane" vs. Triple Layer Archery Mat!



The Germanic Whip-Sword



Sliding Legolini v1 Full Assembly Guide



File: 1609302834358.jpg (45.9 KB, 511x511, 1424146149806.jpg)




Interdastan af



Props to joerg that he keeps pumping out deez kek, he already gets a lot of shit from the archery community (they rightly blame him for getting airbows banned here)

Thinkgen bout copping myself one of deez blank-firing nibbers before they get regulated/banned too



Alrite with a budget of 80 bucks i cud either get a harpoon or one of deez blank-firing guns w/sum goodies

I think the latter makes much more sense though



File: 1609549376251.jpg (245.91 KB, 1345x755, 2403.jpg)







This would be hella awesome in semi-auto



The forgotten germanic belly bow



Fuckin birds and kids ruining the audio heh



Several fresh nu Instant Legolas adapters for third party bows fuckers












>Putting a muzzle-loading primer on top of a hollowed-out crossbow bolt

KEK now that's edgy, prolly has the same amount of stopping power as an actual muzzle loader

Love what this nibber keeps coming up with



Germanic air rifle review'



How to make a germanic slingshot rifle



File: 1612985803500.png (185.92 KB, 736x478, mankung.PNG)

>The "cobra repeating" xbow is actually just a slightly modified man kung xbow model which costs 25 bucks (!)
>Nibbas slap a bolt magazine on top and now want 350 bucks for it

What the FUCK

There has to be another solution there



File: 1612987558800.png (119.44 KB, 280x210, adder 18 shot triple magaz….png)

Oh wow, there's apparently a purdy active xbow 3D printing scene in deez tubes;



These fellas are creating all kinds of custom-built bolt magazines and tacticool stocks/foregrips even for all kinds of xbow models

If i see a good offer for one including a magazine i might scoop it up heh



Tranner alert



File: 1612998585047.png (287.81 KB, 1082x589, asfasafafs.PNG)

>Look at this old vid of his from 2014
>His own version in his store ended up costing moar den twice dat amount

What a nigger kek



I'd play with his weapon.



File: 1613264221158.png (178.94 KB, 1152x906, baleeted.PNG)

Man i would've loved 2 watch dat



File: 1613264404207.jpg (124.05 KB, 1000x1000, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

Also on a sidenote i found out picrel wuz illegal here, but hi-powered crossbows that can also shoot bullet ammunition are free to cop

Can't make this up



File: 1613264508002.jpg (240.9 KB, 1354x942, pic rear.jpg)

Den i also found dis on jörg's forums

Looks like the nibber copied this design off those chineez slingbows on alibaba



Mfw dat 1k joule DIY airbow shown a the end was what got airbows banned here ultimately, what a mad fella indeed

At least car-sized slingshot cannons can still be legally owned heh



This nibba used to post on the OG chon's /new/ and advertised his vids there all the time when his channel wuz still small

Musta been liek back in early 2012 or smth heh



This goy actually came up with the whole tactical magazine shit way before jörg did, this vid is from 2009 for example

He wasn't quite as entrepeneurial though heh



This zoomie make his own xbow string

Good knowledge for TEOTWAWKI heh



File: 1613713384517.jpg (5.27 KB, 450x259, 31Vawm2SZ0L._AC_.jpg)

Today i learned there are dedicated bolts for decocking an xbow nibber



File: 1614273212130.jpg (80.43 KB, 1024x577, man kung shredder w.ek arc….jpg)

Oh wow the man kung nibbers also did some cobra copycat models

I'd totally snag one if the price wuz rite but i can't even find it in stock anywhere



Jesus fucking christ these harpoons have been sharply rising in price since airguns got banned here, a couple weeks ago they were at 70 bucks and now they sell for over 100 bucks on amazon

Shit is insane



Nu n fresh




>Refuses to shake hand cuz of le coronibber
Fuckin soy boomeroids



These nibbers fillin arrows w/black powder



File: 1616147067511.jpg (463.61 KB, 720x720, 1616003235191.jpg)

Tactical muzzle-loading flintlock heh



Uhm epic

Gotta recreate this test when i have my own harpoonerino heh



Lol this boomer nibber hit himsef w/the rubber



He make a CNC chain sword lol



Ovah 300 psi even on de smaller models, that's nawt bad at all heh




Reverse draw xbows are interestan



Also on a sidenote when i pumped up the bicycle tyre yesterday and all the air went out at once when i removed the valve that loudass sound reminded me of a QEV rifle firing heh



Imma try zis out






The germanic BVLL chad vs the anglo-saxon twink chud



This nibber make a co2 blowgun



Dis boomer make asplodin blowgun darts lol



Gosh i'd really love to build a QEV but i can't be arsed to cobble together all the parts

It's a shame no one is offering pre-built QEV's or something along those lines



The Misplaced Extreme Gelatin Video?



Apparently steel ball ammunition for real action marker-type weapons is freely available here kek

You always learn sumthing nu



God what annoying af editing

Must be aiming for the zoomer audience there

I did laff at the indian accent though heh



Very based and kino



Dat seems overengineered as fuck



just remembered the time my old friend filled an empty water cooler with deodorant, lit it and it burn his hand to shit, even blew one of his fingernails off kek




It's amazing how men are driven by ambition and to action like this while cunts just sit on their asses and gossip all day



This shizzle is interestan af to me too

Nibbers were running around w/deez air rifles inna 18th century



Nibber needs a wind-proof mic



Gud vid heh

Should've used an actual HPA tank and steel components though instead of this lo-powered shizzle



>Using a tyre inflator in conjunction with an air duster handle

Kek 1st time i've seen that kinda setup



Fuarkin hell

This thing looks like it can rival the instant legolas almost



Based oversized chink tac slingbows

I think these are actually legal here but i cud b wrong



This boomer managed to somehow combine a speargun, pistol crossbow and bottle of pepper spray into one weapon, w40k orc style

Pretty epik ngl



Nibber shud replace the pepper spray with something more heavy-hitting like gasoline heh



Nibber shud replace the pepper spray with something more heavy-hitting like gasoline and then do a flammable broadhead for the xbow heh



Aaand the piece of shit board won't let me delete the post again so i will have to hide it manually

Fuck this



File: 1618850870720.jpg (44.99 KB, 816x459, DIY tacticool pistol xbow ….jpg)

Just copped muhself one of deez quick-loading pistol crossbows from man kung after i saw an ass-cheap offer for one earlier which i just couldn't resist against heh

18 bucks sans shipping for a 50lbs model with almost half a dozen bolts included is pretty neat (rule of thumb is that anything over 40lbs can take on mid-sized game and onwards IIRC), i'll see if i can procure broadheads and plans for a DIY magazine from somewhere too

I almost bought a cheap harpoon for under 30 bucks instead (cheapest one i cud find anywhere onna internet in fact with shipping included) but this thing makes much more sense overall imo






Oh wow this former /new/sman reviewed it too

I wonder if the guy is even aware of the nuchon



Full auto screwdriver-powered slingshot



File: 1618962269542.png (1.04 MB, 1079x529, nibba.PNG)

Jesus imagine scaling this up to hunting crossbow size with actual broadhead bolts



I have purchased broadhead bolts for this lill nibber just now

18 bucks w/shipping for 3 bolts is ass-expensive and way overpriced but i can actually afford to piss it away now LOL



asffasasfasf brappen originell



Full auto scalpel-shooting nerf rifle



God that's heckin awesome

I'm almost tempted to cop one and try to do this mod mahself + make it look all tacticool and shit

How does this nibber keep coman up w/dis stuff



Back when arrow rifles were still legal in Germania… Vgh



He very likely used this vid as a reference to find out how to take it apart and replace the spring/modify the chamber and shit



That nerf pistol reminds me of this speargun pistol, it's the only spring-powered speargun that's available onna market rn afaik

Still the modded nerf thing is a lot more effective in comparison with that semi auto/revolving magazine and shit



This nibber modify his paintball gun



File: 1619044828154.png (1.68 MB, 1478x840, mankung2.png)

Found this on some obscure boomer channel, apparently the man kung 180 can be modified to carry a DIY magazine on top too



Imagine if this was all scalpels too LOL



Powerful asian autism



I've ordered that exact nerf gun and those blades he used now kek, will report back w/results



Kek there's even holsters and shit for deez nerf nibbas

Im thinkin kino



This shitskin stole Jörg's idea apparently

He's even using the same exact scalpel heh



nice nigger



File: 1619243303426.jpg (547.29 KB, 2400x1800, 7c57e7fd4984925ce5bcd41821….jpg)

… As in "that's nice, nigger" or "that's a nice nigger"?



as in that's a nice nigger you posted there.



Eh idk he looks liek a mutt to me



The Great Germanic Repeating Bow Shootout!



File: 1619872489716.jpg (156.95 KB, 1024x683, FC2CZJLHRPNBJPQ.jpg)

Tested this lill nibber out earlier, pretty surprising how hard that spring actually hits even in unmodified state, definitely reminds me of my spring-powered chink air rifle

Also i laff at dis

>all versions of the Strongarm released in Australia and New Zealand feature a gray instead of an orange trigger, which signifies modified internals that results in a reduced performance to conform to stricter local safety standards. The packaging of the single release advertises a range of only fifteen meters (as opposed to the Canadian version's twenty-two meters and the European version's twenty meters), although the Australian two-pack, which features two gray-trigger Strongarms, still advertises a range of twenty meters.



File: 1619872769377.jpg (76.98 KB, 569x640, a51ab46e71e93348fd86ef2033….jpg)

Yeah that was the look i was aiming for



Deez nibbers essentially made a pneumatic spud cannon



This nibba make nail darts



foakae gonna take on the hoards with a foam dart gun



When the gubbermint has collapsed you can pretty much do and build anything you want in minecraft but a literal scalpel launcher ain't a bad prep in the meantime



I mean like, imagine one of deez nibbers coming at you with almost 30 meters per second

I wouldint want to be on le receiving end of dat heh



This nibber shoot darts from a paintball gun somehow



File: 1621467885669.jpg (30.98 KB, 616x365, 1621467258180.jpg)

This one entered the market recently, apaparently it has two rails wtf lol

MSRP is a hefty 2k so the instant legolas is still the better option in any case

Idk if the strings get launched separately or not though



Self-Cooking Wooden Slingshot Ragnarök Pistol



This boomer is quite goofy in general but he does come up with neat stuff every now and then



I laff at le soy thumbnail



Tiny Germanic Compound Bow



>Try to download the plans
>The specified key does not exist.

Fuckin polack KIKE prolly sent out a DMCA or summin heh



Wish there wuz some kind of piratebay but for 3D printer files so i cud download the mini legolas thing



He's finally gotten around to reviewing one of these chinese-made slingbow rifles heh

Apparently holding off on buying one wuz the right call on my part



werde den ganzen Faden hier dem BKA melden uezs, freu dich schon mal, Windelgollum ;)



File: 1623461210838.jpg (44.88 KB, 485x590, 5c643f9eeb3ce83c3d004415.jpg)

Speak english you retarded kraut

The fuck are you assholes coming from, this is worse than the polish pope spammer back then



Some moar chineez slingbow shit from aliexpress heh



This based kinoass tinkering germanic boomer just did anuddah dual shot crossbow contraptshen too






4-barreled speargun

Kek that's awesome



Eastern germanic kievan ruthenian dive shop owner demonstrates double-barreled pneumatic speargun






This nibber make a hex nut bow




asfasfasf disboriginal

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