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>What? You said "Hi" to ME? But I don't even know you! TEEEEEHEEEEEE! Are you one of those creepy pick-up guys who talks to random girls? Like, ew, that's so CREEPY! That stuff is so 2005. Wait, hold still, lemme get a snapchat of you to send to my friends…
>*She taps her phone but then looks up*
>Ohmigod, JESSSICA! JESSICA, COME QUICK, IT'S THAT CREEP WHO WAS TALKING TO RANDOM GIRLS! Aww, we thought we'd be scared but he looks so harmless!
>*Jessica and Cynthia run over, laughing hysterically*
>Hahahaha, Stacey already has a boyfriend! He's the Lacrosse captain!
>*Cynthia, with a mock patronising tone* Awww, da widdle boy don't wanna spend his Saturday night playing Fortnite and fiddling with his weewee! He wants a real woman!
>*All three of them laugh hysterically*
>*They Snapchat your face to all their friends and put you in their stories*
>Vice, Reddit, and BuzzFeed pick up on it
>"This pathetic incel tries to pressure a female medical student for sex. Her response goes viral and gets 500,000 retweets and an exhibit in the Tate Modern!"
>"The University of Doxbridge has suspended a 24 year old student without the right of appeal after an assault on Monday that led to…"
>Emma Watson and Greta Thunberg and Stacey give a speech about womens' rights at the United Nations and Stacey's snapchat is broadcast worldwide then stored in a time capsule sent in to deep space


File: 1593467967046.jpg (473.33 KB, 2048x2028, 1593466585372.jpg)

safafsass smv






is that the gril who was on Kid's React?




This happened to me in middle school



>snapchat in middle school
You have to be over 18 to post on this site, son.

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