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So right now it looks like they're really gonna go ahead and try to evict me just as i'm poised to continue the pre-apprenticeship programme come early November.

Needless to say, if i lose my residence i also automatically get kicked out of the apprenticeship programe due to insurance regulations.

They know this full well by now thru my lawyer and went ahead with it regardless/filed the fraudulent complaint. They also did this more THAN A FUCKING MONTH ahead of the deadline they themselves had named, this basically reeks of the type of gaslighting and contemptuous backstabbery that's been a hallmark of the n!Cunt egg donor's behaviour (which is actively enabled by the couple FM's she has left at this point) for as long as i can remember back. It's so fucking funny too how she claims in front of my lawyer that she "supported me all along" and then proceeds to fuck me over royally like this by actively trying to sabotage my upcoming apprenticeship in the most blatant and hamfisted obvious fucking fashion possible.

I do not know what the future holds for me, but i know that i won't let her get away with this without putting up a (legal) fight here. There is another legal avenue available to me which may enable me yet to hold the residence and continue the program in a regular fashion, it will now all depend on whether this shittyass lawyer will be able to do his job properly or not.
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File: 1577476237687.jpg (16.54 KB, 244x248, 1531845857589.jpg)

>Cousin bailed out and went no contact long ago
>Her parents aswell
>Creatura mutt half-brother of my two aryan cousins has been bringing his turdpusher twink to yule get-togethers for years now
>No one in the toxic circle sees this as an issue
>other cousin always brings the polack she married last year
>Always highly charged + forced atmosphere at these evenings which is a typical hallmark of these kinds of dysfunctional narc circles

I very much prefer spending yule w/doggerbreh rather than with any of those shitty people mentioned above, yet i'm still being being haunted right here in my fucking room with all of these highly invasive sudden ambushes that took place over the last couple days




stfu + kys, spammerspergy



This, nobody cares about your family or your stupid 'doggerbro' you fucking sadcase



I care, doggerbreh is based heh



You're a sadcase too






You faux infantility because you're too weak to face even the minor struggles in life. This is the tragic result of growing up without a father.



Well ur the tragic result of growing up with a gay mom LOL



File: 1577500254514.png (74.43 KB, 500x531, 65.png)

LOL how can skitzospammerspergy ever hope to recover from dat dere burn



bump against toxic dwarfspam



File: 1578005165049.jpg (76.99 KB, 843x1024, butthurt.jpg)

You're so anally devastated.

You're the schizo here!





Ah great the ncunt's returned again after less den a week

Had the place barely 24 hrs for myself but better than nothing, it was sorely needed for sure



File: 1578548896201.png (85.79 KB, 500x531, 1577500254514.png)

tfw that frogjew feel



File: 1578732160790.png (12.52 KB, 465x440, 1578726138191.png)

fuckin health insurance KIKES want over 300 bucks from me again

I barely got above 500 on my account the other dhey



File: 1578745401244.jpg (12.19 KB, 215x214, nigward.jpg)

And the saga continues

Contrary to the incredibly inane and transparent gaslighting lies spouted by one agressive toxic ngmom when she ambushed me twice in late december the court proceedings are in fact not "off the table" or anything of that sort, fished a summons out of the mail when i went for a walk w/doggerbreh just now

I will not let them get away with this



File: 1578757604483.jpg (108.32 KB, 570x760, 1524452529692.jpg)

Ah great and now she's opened my mail yet again after hiding it from me for days and placed it demonstratively in front of my room

Sick fucking narccunt needs to get a life + some hobbies seriously



File: 1578757976735.png (30.63 KB, 495x500, 1537584526636.png)




File: 1579436400211.jpg (74.76 KB, 676x544, italianpepe2-768x651.jpg)

Wew less den 24hrs until my break's over

Less den a month until the first court hearing aswell



I've seen this thread probably like 100 times, and I still don't even know what the hell you're talking about heh.



This is one of the gayest and most pathetic forums I have ever seen in my life heh.



File: 1579465917516.jpg (36.79 KB, 574x502, 1579317977091.jpg)

Low brow post



File: 1579891508260.jpg (176.11 KB, 1392x1396, 1579459686103.jpg)

I have returned fellers



How are you feeling today, fella



File: 1579900637958.png (353.69 KB, 718x753, 1579878078002.png)

Eh see >>6274, otherwise i'm okayish despite the shitty circumstances i guess



File: 1579986752778.jpg (311.08 KB, 626x487, 1558036042405.jpg)


Gud shit



File: 1580063553668.png (493.79 KB, 498x641, 1495226572110.png)

Just finished paccin heh

Gonna have to get up at 4AM again l8er and catch the train at 5.50AM once moar

God i hope the thinkcentre will be suitable for lurking and alleviate most of the internet problems



Stop blaming your parents, loser. We are all a first-hand witness that you suck.



Shut the fuck up dwarf you loser bitch, you suck at gaslighting



stfu + kys, incel loser pencil dick faggot






File: 1580069772865.jpg (44.64 KB, 331x403, asspained kike.jpg)

>He thinks foKy n' dwarf are one and the same person

LOL skitzohurt



File: 1580485045299.jpg (34.17 KB, 460x358, 1512928911400.jpg)

Once moar i have returned



stfu + kys, incel loser pencil dick faggot named foky



LOL i've just hidden ur shitpost again narCspam!CunTy



File: 1580689344250.jpg (287.84 KB, 796x422, 1536384408143.jpg)

Wew i woke up liek almost 3 hours earlier den expectid but least i can now pacc my shit mostly without any time pressure



File: 1581087309437.png (11.9 KB, 546x420, 1580625065319.png)

Jesus lads what a fuckin week seriously

The faggots over at cuckchan have essentially barred my entire ISP from posting on that one sub-board my general is on (I'm not even joking, i tested it at multiple locations throughout the region and it's blocked in every single one) so as to force me to buy a pass but the thing is i don't have a credit card to pay the shitcoin middleman service run by that one oldfag, i asked around at multiple gas stations if they had those prepaid mastercards but apparently the EUSSR made sure you couldn't buy them from anywhere anymore since last year.

Like holy heckin shit what a fucking mess really



File: 1581087516075.png (399.96 KB, 478x478, 1492581209846.png)

In other news, i had to cancel the court appointment now because said court nibbas pulled my funding for the attorney last minute without even informing me beforehand and didn't get the other guy like they claimed they would either, these assholes literally had since last fall to inform me of this formality they're citing as the reason for that now but didn't even hint at it or anything. Like seriously shit is downright criminal, i'm not even sure this was done 100% by the books but it wouldn't surprise me at all, i've been dealing with this kind of downright shady shit for a while now.

And i am sure as heck not going to go there all by my own vs the whole narc team and their attorney assembled, that's for fucking certain kek



just fucking die already, you disgusting piece of shit



File: 1581090202761.png (803.92 KB, 2048x2048, 1548662257227.png)

ILY too dwarfskitzobishy <3



foky cutest poster UwU



File: 1581118520023.jpg (413.29 KB, 1600x1196, 1506023124236.jpg)

Mfw i've finally been transfered to the very last course of the current programme that cums before the apprenticeship now. There's a couple retards and yet another mentally highly unstable tranny in there too. And of course you always gotta have that one spastic autistic retard that thinks he can go overboard with the quips and everything and harrass every person present in the room, might have to draw a line or two there down the road since we were told this last course would go until late spring/summer heh




File: 1581272353627.jpg (86.75 KB, 600x848, 1321676 - Elsa Frozen Hotd….jpg)

KEK i checked the national railway company's website for weather updates and there's a notice saying ALL distance lines have been canceled in the entire country now due to the storm

Wonder if my connectshun is among dose but i guess i will find out in a couple hours heh



File: 1581288446889.png (15.12 KB, 361x399, 1568752176253.png)

Jesus fuckin christ laddos this Orkan raging ousside is truly something else, fucker makes me unable to sleep and has crippled the whole country apparently. Can't imagine what doggerbreh is going thru right now heh

Those violentass winds outside are supposed to be like 100 km/h right now, they sure sound like it at least

I can't even remember the last time we had one this big hit us tbh, the air smells almost electrified in my room right now and i'm truly surprised the duct tape is holding the window frame shut (it fell outta place last summer when it was +40 degrees celsius)

On the plus side, it remains to be determined whether this weather will allow me to journey to the tradeskool at all before noon today kek

In a way it's also fitting that this weather came right at the start of this very decisive week with the first court appointment and shit (which i of course won't attend for the aforementioned reasons)



File: 1581288679672.png (453.27 KB, 920x613, 1570992824630.png)

So apparently the urban trains that stop at each station are still running (the website says that "disruptions are very likely due to the weather") but i bet they'll move at a snail's pace again - if they do at all that is - so that will be something i can pin my later arrival on too then, in any case i sure as shit am not going to risk my life venturing to trade skool kek



Truly ragnarökesque heh



File: 1581393869556.jpg (138.83 KB, 800x1200, 1581353014384.jpg)

Alrite fellers imma head out 2 le trade skool again in 5 mins wish me lucc heh






>little bit of wind and rain
>entirety of germany shuts down

master race lmao



File: 1581693372437.jpg (78.66 KB, 686x526, 1579904164274.jpg)

Once moar i have returned, fellers



Jesus two moar weeks to go until the rest of the monthly dole cums in

Need dat money to stash sum moar silver coinz before dose chineez supply chain interruptshens crash the global economy heh

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