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So right now it looks like they're really gonna go ahead and try to evict me just as i'm poised to continue the pre-apprenticeship programme come early November.

Needless to say, if i lose my residence i also automatically get kicked out of the apprenticeship programe due to insurance regulations.

They know this full well by now thru my lawyer and went ahead with it regardless/filed the fraudulent complaint. They also did this more THAN A FUCKING MONTH ahead of the deadline they themselves had named, this basically reeks of the type of gaslighting and contemptuous backstabbery that's been a hallmark of the n!Cunt egg donor's behaviour (which is actively enabled by the couple FM's she has left at this point) for as long as i can remember back. It's so fucking funny too how she claims in front of my lawyer that she "supported me all along" and then proceeds to fuck me over royally like this by actively trying to sabotage my upcoming apprenticeship in the most blatant and hamfisted obvious fucking fashion possible.

I do not know what the future holds for me, but i know that i won't let her get away with this without putting up a (legal) fight here. There is another legal avenue available to me which may enable me yet to hold the residence and continue the program in a regular fashion, it will now all depend on whether this shittyass lawyer will be able to do his job properly or not.
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File: 1596217149382.png (129.35 KB, 1622x321, king.PNG)

Keep cumin back to this legend's post too

It really does put things into perspective, and this guy is below me in terms of looks + was even a later bloomer than i am in the process of becoming right now

What an absolute king heh



This insane fat compensating motherfucker literally just ran into my room and physically assaulted me over putting the shutters down (since it was already hot outside again)

I am NOT making this up, this literally just happened

He had been tailgating/stalking me throughout the house in the days preceding this so it was kind of to be expected

Still i'm glad i had my smartphone on me and recorded everything

Narcs and narc FM's are batshit unhinged seriously



Post the video to Liveleak heh



He doesn't want to expose his true goblinoid form.



File: 1596973232580.png (81.11 KB, 1876x312, Australian of the year.png)

For me it's ^



File: 1597022489603.jpg (4.69 KB, 250x186, 1588861588703.jpg)

You know what i theoretically could

I need to sort thru the narc footage anyways since it could actually be actionable in court or something one day in case one of the narcs goes completely insane before i'm the fuck out of there which doesn't seem that unlikely anymore after what transpired yesterday

But the guts of this mentally insane/unhinged motherfucker and the amount of projection he does is astounding - He even flips his shit when """i put too much salt on my food""" because apparently """only disturbed people like myself do that"", yeah okay guy whatever. I've learned to adapt and overcome/be resilient and bounce back from this type of shit a long fucking time ago already lel

Imma also start adding pepper spray to my EDC now because of this fat piece of shit, my current pepper spray stash has been expired for like 2 years already anyways heh




How and why are you in this living situation guy?




That's a question only narcicissts could answer (theoretically at least).

Basically though what happens in this dynamic is that they externalize any and all issues they themselves may have + any tension in the dysfunctional family unit onto the designated scapegoat child. Within this setting the SC is the accepted "fall guy" so to speak and abusing it through verbal/physical violence etc is actively encouraged and done regularly. The SC/golden child roles can and do switch as a rule of thumb, for example i was SC on and off and became the proper (i.e. perpetualized) scapegoat once the other previous SC's (my uncle, my father's sister and my other cousin) all went up and left because they didn't want to take the abuse within said dysfunctional narc family unit anymore. They saw through it all and did the only sensible thing to do when you're in this dynamic which is going for No Contact.

I myself have been practicing what's known as "greyrocking" for a good while now in preparation for going NC, unfortunately as it happened in this case sometimes the narcs in question get enraged by this because they don't understand why the SC isn't giving them any narcicisstic supply anymore in the form of direct reactions/engaging and putting up with their shit and so on. If you do chose to engage with the narcs and their enablers, you get trapped/sucked back into the toxic FOG dynamic and subsequently almost start back at zero again.

I recommend you read some of the RBN/Narcosphere and "Out of the FOG"-type literature if you want to understand this further;


On the upside, adult children of narcicissts/SC's develop various coping skills much earlier in life which might come in handy and balances out the various traumas which we otherwise experience since early childhood (and which also take their toll of course).



File: 1597024557620.png (158.92 KB, 874x1079, me.png)

Oh yeah and my other half-cousin (?) who i didn't get to know very much probably killed himself a couple years ago back when he was the focal point of pressure as the SC. Apparently he just lay there dead in his room one day, the coroner said there was no foul play involved but i very much doubt that narrative somehow.

There's one further cousin i'm not biologically related with that's from a previous marriage aswell and that creatura mutt turned out to be a flaming toxic homosexual aswell. The rest all died over the years so basically the extended family does not exist anymore and what's left is the handful of hard core narcs + enablers

I think my aunt divorced my uncle back in 2007 or something which was also when i used to get beat up by her brother/the piece of shit sperm donor aswell regularly

Basically i'm just really fuckin happy to leave all this shit behind and move far away from this place/general region once i'm done with my apprenticeship



File: 1597580671320.gif (46.47 KB, 864x864, 1575494737097.gif)

Gonna send off the court letter tomorrow mornan before they empty the postal box

Prolly gonna have to order a nu cartridge after i printed all o' dis jeez



File: 1597932734472.jpg (37.35 KB, 384x383, 1560449975072.jpg)

Fuarkin hell laddos only 4 days left inna heckin summer holidays

Gonna contact the alleged alimony lawyer inna neighbouring city (i picked one from there to minimize the chance of him personally knowing the lawyer of the opposing party as has happened with the other asshole) before the holidays are over



File: 1598210083244.jpg (97.44 KB, 1024x768, 1af54189c009d35dd2e77e6a1f….jpg)

Aight i'm pretty much ready to roll, just need to put the other shit in the rucksack later heh

No idea what to expect in deez last 2-3 weeks (besides the usual internet outages at the dorm and autistic zoomer dorm mate making noise round the clock for no reason) before the apprenticeship begins, if i'm lucky they'll do another lockdown which would shorten the thing considerably

But yeah imma power thru this last stretch regardless, this is the real deal



can someone give me the tl;dr?



pointless thread about someones mediocre "life"



File: 1598238232700.png (316.45 KB, 517x401, 1598215100211.png)

Alrite fellers imma head out again now

Wish me luck for this here week, see you all onna other side heh



File: 1598238325693.png (183.02 KB, 422x472, der untermensch.png)

also kys dwarfcUntY ur pointless LOL



File: 1598427508668.jpg (9.73 KB, 227x222, 1559839718450.jpg)

Aight fellas i'm back early again because i'm trying to get the appointment w/the lawyer before the end of this month

also tl;dr for the other guy asking earlier;

>Narc egg and sperm donor are trying to destroy my life

>Meanwhile i'm doing everything i can to dig myself out of this hole i've been thrown into by said narcs

That's about the gist of it heh



>literal grown man
>mommy and daddy are ruining my life!



File: 1598467115991.png (154.05 KB, 248x450, 1505865265178.png)

Fuckin unemployed lowlife cunt has literally contacted the trade skool again today at noon when i was taking a nap

I was irregularly present under the week in the past too for appointments and shit but this incident here >>13214 coupled with the recent physical attack on me during the holidays apparently emboldened the narc to further try and sabotage my upcoming apprenticeship by any means. I asked the trade skool to cease any and all future contact completely for this reason too now, let's see if they heed my request

You seriously cannot make this up though



File: 1598472192117.jpg (32.04 KB, 379x373, 1598467390170.jpg)

Shut the fuck up already dwarfcunt

You are directly inverting the dynamic that's taking place here, i've cut off any contact because unlike you i'm actually mature and grown-up lel

Not everyone has the luxury of growing up as a pampered baby in stable family units (sans domestic violence/abuse and alcohol addicts) with no actual problems in life

Some of us have real difficulties to cope with, of course you wouldn't understand this



>i'm actually mature and grown-up lel
Even Jews would be shocked by your ability to lie about such an obvious fabrication.



>Some of us have real difficulties to cope with, of course you wouldn't understand this
And nobody does, because you never even talk specifically about what your issues are. All I see is, "MY MOM IS A NARC, BECAUSE SHE DRINKS AND MAKES NOISE", and that's about the extent of it.



Didn't read + post hidden once more lol



File: 1598485212774.jpg (420 KB, 1500x1101, stock-photo-sad-little-boy….jpg)

OP I'm sorry for your plight although I can't really follow the narrative totally and it's tl;dr and I'm probably missing important points from whatever thread this is continued from.

my advice to you is:
A: separate yourself from your parents altogether. you can't really complain about them shitting on you if you are still dependent on them in any way. maybe they're genuinely terrible people (I doubt that) but the only way they can butt into your life is if you let them/supply them with fuel for the fire.

B: after you are out on your own and a stable, productive member of adult society think about your relationship with your family from this new perspective. unless they are truly horrible people who want to do harm to you then you should try to reforge a bond with them. my guess is that they are doing what they think is best for you and them even if it doesn't seem like it. return to them as an adult (it's okay to pretend, we all do) and let them just be your parents but no longer in control of you or indebted to you in any way. take them out to dinner and pick up the bill for the rest of their lives. my parents haven't purchased a meal for me in decades.. they don't even try to any more.

from an evolutionary standpoint something changes between a parent and child in the years following puberty. no longer do kids constantly want their parent's snuggles and no longer do parents wish to constantly clean up after their kid's messes. this progresses from minor annoyance at 12 to legit loathing as the years pass into late adolescence and early adulthood. this is entirely normal and necessary so that young adults will want to flee the comfort of 'home' to go make a life of their own and parent's can allow and encourage their children's independence. don't make it such a deal just do it.



File: 1598485349271.jpg (84.67 KB, 680x453, 1575055208435.jpg)

On a more positive side note; I got my apprenticeship contract inna mail earlier and signed it, gonna send it back later today before or after i contact the nu lawyer guy

The apprenticeship will finally begin at the end of september, apparently even if there is a second lockdown

It's been a hard path since the end of 2018 when i started working on my path to said apprenticeship, i'm pretty damn sure it will have been worth it though in the end ultimately

Also without coronibber this current pre-occupational training programme would have been much harder, i'm very glad for this flu hoax in a way heh



Fuck you, nigger. How do you whine about something so often without even trying to explain what it is you're actually whining about? "My mom makes noises, nobody understands my pain!" I bet you made Naruto/Linkin Park AMVs as a kid.



Fella, you're not missing anything. When I tell him that nobody knows what the hell he's talking about, I'm not saying it just to get a rise out of him. Almost 11 months and I have not a single clue what his feud with his family is actually about. All I know is that his mom drinks and makes noise, and that he's apparently jealous that his brother gets preferential treatment or something. He loves to blogpost, but then never actually explains anything, and gets mad when you point it out.




>>mom drinks and makes noise

easy solution: move out.

>>jealous that his brother gets preferential treatment

easy solution: move out.

done and done.



This is why your blogs are so boring btw. There's nothing to engage with.



Yeah you defo missed a couple important details there, i do appreciate the fact that you're chiming in trying to offer help though… However i also know that most people can't really wrap their heads around narcicisstic parental abuse (or munchhausen by proxy/abusive codependency-type situations in general).

Normal parents (deserving of the title) love their children unconditionally and do everything they can to support them and give them a jumpstart in life. Abusive/narcicisstic parents don't though. There is a certain cultural bias which tends to shift the blame away from parents when something goes awry.

I'm turning 27 in a couple days, the last 4 years or so i've been working my way out of the narc FOG and reflecting on a whole lot of things. Of course not everything was always 100% bad and terrible in the past, especially during my childhood and early youth (though even that had regular narc-type episodes and abusive patterns, like with many other narc-raised children my memory is a bit spotty in that regard), but the fact that not everything was always terrible 100% of the time does not excuse in any way shape or form the behaviour that followed. I started getting beaten irregularly by my sperm donor when i was about 11-12yo.

Not a peep about this ever got to the outside of the house because, like many narcs, my egg donor loved to play the martyr role and do the whole munchhausen by proxy shtick and was very good at it too (she learned a profession that necessiated putting on a friendly presentable face at all times).

I shit you not i was dragged to a child psychologist starting from 6yo and given ADHD "medication" only to be later told that i "never had ADHD in the first place" - I live in a pretty boomerfied region with a particular mentality and culture and the fact that something might be wrong with the domestic environment itself and not actually myself never seemed to occur to any of the actors within the system (psychologists, youth welfare office and what have you et cetera). This is also why she had a huge fucking meltdown when i told her (pre-NC) about how my other "diagnosis" was fully revised. She always had this pre-conceived notion of me being the scapegoat everything bad gets projected and thrown onto, like as if my supposed dysfunction was somehow tied to her own sense of self-worth. This kind of bizarre interpersonal enmeshment is very common in abusive families too mind you.




When i was about 5yo i was yelled at for having thrown a piece of candy or some stupid insignificant shit like that, cowering in a corner and being told that "i would end up completely alone" and other horrible things along a similar vein. I don't remember all that much from my early childhood but this fucking shit has dragged me down over the years. You just don't say that to your own kid, it's traumatizing. This was alongside the physical damage/other traumas that happened to me during my early childhood. Contrast this with the preferential treatment my GC sibling got from the very get-go, it's sickening and toxic as fuck.

And the thing also is, i could vanish tomorrow and they wouldn't truly give a fuck about it (like they didn't give a fuck when the previous three scapegoats went up and left, they just got a new one until it was my turn to become the front and center-SC again), neither would i to be perfectly honest.

The fact that i don't want anything to do with them/am feeling physically sick and enter into fight/flight mode when i'm around them and am also getting sabotaged/shittalked behind my back aswell as physically attacked to this day regardless reflects MUCH more on their own past and present behaviour as parents towards me than it does on me as their son though in any case.

In different circumstances, growing up in a truly healthy and supportive environment i would have developed neither this social phobia nor the strong AvPD tendencies, and most likely not an autoimmune condition as physical manifestation (besides the mental ones) of the suffering and abuse i went through either.

I didn't chose to become a scapegoat or be born into a dysfunctional narc family and am doing my best to dig myself out of this hole i've been thrown into/set up for since my childhood.

There is nothing holding me here anymore (besides the dog perhaps but he's 10 now and will be dead in a couple years at most) and i fully plan on relocating to another place, very far away from this town and all the memories associated with it once i'm finally done with my apprenticeship, no matter in which particular living environment i will end up going through it



File: 1598487867023.jpg (394.79 KB, 683x1024, daemoness.jpg)

And @dwarfcunt i'm not "jealous" of anything really, i'm just calmly and rationally acknowledging the fact that this blatantly obvious golden child dynamic is taking place/has been taking place all this time. I find it almost amusing even, because that GC is getting set up for a world of hurt here with this kind of enmeshment + generation of co-dependency and doesn't even realize it.

Obviously i cannot move out since any and all attempt at gaining true independence (financial or otherwise) had been systematically sabotaged from early on. Heck i could've finished an apprenticeship already around 7 years ago but that particular opportunity got sabotaged aswell hook line and sinker

And no one forces you to lurk and read this thread if it "bores" you so much either way lel

Just fuck off and stop your boring spamming



I'm not your boogeyman, but I'll stop shitting on you so much, as maybe you're a real human bean after all.



File: 1598657471640.jpg (60.24 KB, 680x1024, 1583920903322.jpg)

Got a letter from the court earlier this week talking about a supposed judgement by default/in absentia which i know NOTHING about since the faggot useless lawyer didn't communicate w/me properly at all. The judge (who is a woman btw) also asked if i wanted to object which i will do of course

I also got the appointment in the other city now regarding my upcoming alimony suit against the narcs and will be venturing there next Tuesday so that's going to be running parallel to that

As it stands right now i'm being told that it's extremely unlikely i will get this single slot housing unit to live in during the apprenticeship so i'm going to do everything i can to win more time, get more financial means + independence and smoothen out the transition into the apprenticeship as much as i possibly can

These are wild fuckin times but it's all going to be so worth it in the end



File: 1598832173279.jpg (12.75 KB, 300x293, f1b5710d0961742685af2440d5….jpg)

Wew my appointment w/the alimony lawyer is going to be tomorrow after noon in the other city, going to prep dat shit first thing when i cum back later today/in the evening and stuff - Though i'll probably rest for a while first since the course is once more going to be exhaustingly boring probably

Also i'm 27 now lol heh



happy birthday heh



>paying alimony
Just kill the bitch.



File: 1598930907489.png (13.89 KB, 341x372, 1568916500775.png)

Wew 8-ish hours to go until the lawyer appointment/my train goes, gotta pack dat bag now

Can't even have breakfast either because the cunt is absolutely shitfaced again at 5AM in the morning, it's not like she has regular employment she has to be at the under the week either

Thanks my amerikaner friendo heh




File: 1598986033214.jpg (32.63 KB, 405x720, 1561070277571.jpg)

Came back from the lawyer appointment earlier (also took doggerbreh for a walk right after since i had some calls to do anyways onna field, love the peace and quiet there)

The guy seems to be a whole lot more capable at his job than the other asshole lawyer, didn't even wear a suit or nuffin and had some bigass book with judicial text and a dictating machine right next to it

Basically if the narcs will go ahead and utilize the eviction title they got (IF they got one that is, guy is accessing the records at the court asap) this will trigger my alimony claims

Otherwise if they don't the alimony gets lessened by the fact that my registered adress will be this one still for the time being

Either way when u think about it i cannot really lose no matter which way it goes heh



File: 1599184464666.png (563.41 KB, 773x533, 5cc539cfd2ce4e00a7c6e4381a….png)

That judge cunt responded really fucking fast, i sent the letter out on monday and today the response was inna mail already - In a yellow envelope no less which probably doesn't mean anything good but imma try and get the appointment with the lawyer guy for next week first so he can push thru my claims and obtain the alimony title as fast as possible, sure as hell won't open the thing before that since i have enough other shit to worry about rn and this is just more unnecessary stress on top of it

Also imma head out again for the commute in an hour heh, only one more week after that and then i get another week off before the apprenticeship begins from what i was being told



File: 1599714493545.jpg (293.67 KB, 965x1294, Kunst_dem_Volk._Wehrmachts….jpg)

Took the penultimate day of the programme off because the internet and central heating in that other shitty dorm place is still broken, that whole house is also getting renovated and it's hella noisy so even if i wanted to i couldn't really concentrate.

Also i had to move the heavyass monitor in advance so i wouldn't be subjected to it on friday when i need to clear the dorm, now there's just some stuff left in the cabinet and the uSFF thinkcentre desktop of course which i'll be real careful with tomorrow heh

Gonna check out what the court and other lawyer wrote me when i commute there tomorrow aswell

The thing is i would probably even put up with the senseless bullshit of this current programme if the pay is right but it really isn't, gonna be a real problem if the alimony doesn't get approved for whatever reason during the apprenticeship and if push cums to shove imma have to fall back on the contingency plan methinks (relocating and starting over completely on my own somehow in central Germania that is)



>central germania

is rent cheaper there or something heh



File: 1599722086834.png (118.4 KB, 399x225, zusammenrc3bccken.png)

Not just renting but real estate itself too, in fact it's the cheapest in the whole country and this likely won't change since the bugmen all gravitate towards the densely packed areas inna blue banana and so on

It's also still predominantly white, my birthplace town is literally dying in front of my eyes whenever i take a random bus tour and look at the demographics onna street and within the bus itself, same goes for trains et al. It's actually insane because not even a decade ago seeing a negroe in public was somewhat of a freak occurence but now they're fucking EVERYWHERE i shit you not (shitskins have been a common sight since i was little but increased noticably within the last decade or so aswell). Can't imagine what living in france must b liek being white since it's ten times worse there kek

There are various pro-white initiatives that advocate for patriotic germanics to relocate there too, sort of a tactical retreat to strengthen the folk body so to speak. If you imagine a southern/neo-confederate version of the NWF that advocated for whites to move to the rural south en masse it would be comparable to that in terms of the dynamics and socio-historical national divide at play

The thought of just packing my shit and moving there for a completely clean slate reboot far away from most of the baggage of my past is tempting as fuck i have to admit, it's easier said than done though unfortunately heh



File: 1600010353729.png (910.32 KB, 960x960, 1577650807530.png)

>Apprenticeship begins in just over one week
>Still have NO fucking idea whether i'll be assigned to the single slot housing unit/my own apartment there or not
>Last thing i saw from the judge cunt was some sort of court order, didn't even bother to read thru it all and just refered it to my boomer lawyer guy who's trying to obtain the apprenticeship-based alimony claim + title

It all kind of hangs in the balance still as of right now

Imma try and make the very best of it, i've come too far to let it all be destroyed now by factors not under my actual control heh



File: 1600020738853.png (427.2 KB, 637x514, 63e.png)

i would once again like to offer foky some weed heh.



File: 1600634982766.png (259.69 KB, 666x666, 564.png)

Aight fellas, imma b heading into the dawn of the final 10(ish) hours now

This is quite literally the most importang thing i've ever pulled off in my life so far - I've prepared for and worked towards this shit for almost two years and am now getting a chance to show my mettle despite these insane external circumstances being foisted upon me by forces beyond my control both in my private life aswell as on the macroscopic/societal scale as i take on this here apprenticeship (which i'm hoping won't take up the entirety of 3 years but if it does then it is what it is and i'll roll with it most likely)

I'm naturally also a lill nervous since i've got no fuckin clue what to expect down there tomorrow but i've been thru worse in that regard…

Here's hoping the Alfather watches over me and won't let me walk the hardest path possible once again for no clear reason as has happened so many times in the past heh



File: 1600673481911.jpg (197.04 KB, 874x1400, le doomer nibress.jpg)

Aight fellas imma head out now

I'll be steppin out into that kiked-up world out there content in the knowledge that i'm now officially an apprentice as of today and reached dat position 100% thru my own effort and strength despite the odds heh



File: 1601063924266.png (34.24 KB, 1200x764, 77d73c4f5d83289bc294403271….png)

I'm back fellas heh

That there 1st week has been pretty damn fucking rough, not only did i not get the single slot housing unit but they also transfered me to a shared apartment almost 5km away from the trade skool which sucks ass to be frank, means there's this shitty commute i have to undertake for the foreseeable future now, and during fall/winter no less. For this reason during the whole first introductory week of the apprenticeship i relied on public transportation completely (which was shit) to get to the trade skool but cum next week imma bring my bike with me and do the commute that way.

These fuckers really suck at organizing their shit and it's all been pretty chaotic, i don't even have a key to lock my room with right now and the place also has no kitchen or anything installed yet kek

The apprenticeship course itself unfortunately has 3 cunts in it (unlike the one i visited during early March which was male-only and also smaller/comfier in general) and one of those 3 bitches is an overweight crazed kind of alpha female with cutting marks on her arm that never fuckin shuts up, gonna be a fun 3 (max) years there i can tell already heh. At least i'm going to have that lill corner all for myself cum Monday, course trainer already gave me the green light to reseat the table and errythang. I also found an alternative entrance that's way shorter than the other one and which cuts the time to get to the apprentice area down dramatically which is perfect, gonna ignore any of deez bitter boomer NPC cunts that holler at me "for walking against the floor arrows" shud they turn up but it's unlikely since that staircase isn't as frequented and it's only one single flight of stairs anyways heh

My finger also hurts like hell and has been constantly inflamed + bloody as fuck all day long, i can barely type rn because of this shit lel

All in all i've got mixed feelings about the whole thing, it wasn't totally terrible but i wouldn't call this an ideal or even pleasant first week by any stretch of the imagination either tbqh



New situations can be difficult in even ideal circumstances, stick with it for a while and see if it works out for you heh



File: 1601067416785.jpg (231.09 KB, 1024x768, 1556139189306.jpg)

Dood as i wrote above i've been preparing for this shit for 2+ years and my whole future depends on it, ofc imma stick with it heh

Imma give it 110% all the way thru. The first official evaluation will take place in 6 weeks or so when they will be deciding who is actually fit to advance to the next stage of the apprenticeship's curriculum heh

I also asked the instructor regarding shortening of the apprenticeship due to my IT certificates and whatnot and he sed he'd look into it so that's gud i think, even so i think those 3 years would fly past pretty quick all thing considered

Thing is the situation with the narc's eviction threat is far from resolved aswell (the new lawyer guy is in the process of backstabbing me right now in the same exact manner as the previous laywer, i shit you not) at this point so i'm being burdened by that aswell still. I'm hoping i can get my own place thru another route but it likely entails applying for a government program once again. Then afterwards it's payback time in the form of the alimony suit, maybe i'll sue for the bodily harm he's done to me earlier aswell we'll see

It would just be so fucking noice to have my completely own place for the first time, with no one walking around all of the time in the same living space. I truly believe things would slowly but surely all fall into place once i've accomplished this and when i'm in the process of becoming an adulting pro free from any and all tethers to any narc abusers or other toxic influences

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