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File: 1571458190932.jpg (726.95 KB, 890x1899, FireShot Capture.jpg)

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So right now it looks like they're really gonna go ahead and try to evict me just as i'm poised to continue the pre-apprenticeship programme come early November.

Needless to say, if i lose my residence i also automatically get kicked out of the apprenticeship programe due to insurance regulations.

They know this full well by now thru my lawyer and went ahead with it regardless/filed the fraudulent complaint. They also did this more THAN A FUCKING MONTH ahead of the deadline they themselves had named, this basically reeks of the type of gaslighting and contemptuous backstabbery that's been a hallmark of the n!Cunt egg donor's behaviour (which is actively enabled by the couple FM's she has left at this point) for as long as i can remember back. It's so fucking funny too how she claims in front of my lawyer that she "supported me all along" and then proceeds to fuck me over royally like this by actively trying to sabotage my upcoming apprenticeship in the most blatant and hamfisted obvious fucking fashion possible.

I do not know what the future holds for me, but i know that i won't let her get away with this without putting up a (legal) fight here. There is another legal avenue available to me which may enable me yet to hold the residence and continue the program in a regular fashion, it will now all depend on whether this shittyass lawyer will be able to do his job properly or not.


File: 1571459653273.png (181.51 KB, 761x1259, narcoverdrive aug '18.png)

Just as a reminder, *this* is basically the reason they're doing all this shit to me now and are trying to ruin my life (i was systematically set up for this legal eviction entrapment unfolding right now much earlier than that though through all kinds of lies and manipulative gestures aswell).

Just because i got up and walked away as calmly as possible lol






File: 1571810047048.jpg (68.22 KB, 540x720, 64e6795f508822a15cd9a3ce48….jpg)

Got yet another court letter inna mail yesterday

Stfu butthurtspammerspergy



Are you going to sue your N-mom for narcissistic gaslighting etc. heh



File: 1571821658094.png (1.09 MB, 1038x1074, 1570758514594.png)

No but if she goes ahead and tries to evict me i'll make her pay a fair amount of child alimony to me on a monthly basis heh

Ultimately her decision whether she wants to pay up or not



File: 1571851718275.jpg (127.78 KB, 1010x1405, 1570472939978.jpg)

All this fuckin unnecessary stress is not only fucking me up health-wise but also made me lose like 50% of my hair already

Fuck everythang



File: 1572319652074.png (5.92 KB, 414x403, 1517079605114.png)

Piece of shit lawyer is fucking around again too apparently

I have less than a week before i'm poised to turn up at the tradeskool again but it all kind of hangs in the balance right now still

Like what the fuck kind of sense would it make for me to turn up there only to lose my residence right smack in the middle of it and be kicked out again

Fuck i hate the n!cunt beyond measure for trying to fuck up my future after systematically fucking up my other future prospect + health along with a good chunk of my mental wellbeing aswell



File: 1572320165848.jpeg (42.69 KB, 1000x750, chubby_cucky.jpeg)



time palindrome GET heh!! heh



LOL y ur so analpained though



File: 1572364312574.jpg (72.64 KB, 490x333, projecting.jpg)

y u so projectinghurt LOL

*bap whap!*



y u so palindrome GET heh? heh



File: 1572387745700.png (4.39 KB, 259x93, skitz.PNG)

I have LITERALLY just hidden all your butthurt spammery, skitzoButthurtSpammerspErgY

Have sex LOL



File: 1572560174396.gif (41.88 KB, 226x223, 1514783799103.gif)

Fuck i really hope they're going to provide me with a single person dorm again

Like i really want to do the apprenticeship but if they demand i share my private space with another random asshole it's going tha b a dealbreaker fo sho heh



LOL butthurt!

*slap slap!*



File: 1572655809609.jpg (51.82 KB, 331x402, annahurt-faggot.jpg)

*schmacc schmacc*



File: 1572725174472.png (4.05 KB, 273x210, 1541438482671.png)

I'm liek 65% done paccing my shit fo de 1st week as of right now

I will throw the other shit into the bag/s tomorrow which shouldn't take that long heh



There's only one option

Become a mole person



File: 1572762330536.png (23.14 KB, 205x250, 1457193158676.png)

That is exactly the fate i'm trying to avoid and the reason i will keep fighting kek



>Needless to say, if i lose my residence i also automatically get kicked out of the apprenticeship programe due to insurance regulations.

Hop on a plane and move. What's the problem?



It isn't that easy at all guy wtf, i do not have any money to speak of in my bank account right now and they know this full well - The ncunt with her spending most of the money she earns on booze and the GC has ensured over the years that no economic freedom remains for me when she'd move in for what she must now think might be the "killing blow" (how very wrong she is in that assumption, kek).

Be glad you're not living through what i'm being forced to live through right now is all i can say to this post really



File: 1572830256318.png (8.92 KB, 375x385, 1541821762491.png)

Alright fellers my lurking break that's started in mid-September is going to be over in a couple hours tiem so i rly gotta go and get some quality sleep despite my painful ingrown nail and shit

Wish me luck for tomorrow, i'll most likely be back manning muh battlestation in the lurking cave on friday evening at the earliest if nothing else cums inbetween heh



Go get 'em, Tiger!



Got an appointment at the court next week wish me luck laddos



Good luck and nice dubs fellow



File: 1573364600696.jpg (106.08 KB, 604x657, ottohurt.jpg)

*rubs crystal butt*

I forsee butthurt inna ur future, el faggo, heh



File: 1573402632877.jpg (45.49 KB, 640x620, 1573373299454.jpg)

Gonna head out again soon lads



Also i REALLY fucking hope cum monday i won't have to share my room with this cringey genuine autist anymoar fuck



File: 1573402879317.jpg (117.57 KB, 502x640, schizophrenia.jpg)

butt ur're always gonna share a room with urself cuggy, now take ur talkin-tu-urself schizo meds heh

*slap clap whap!*



four five four palindrome GET heh!



GET heh and time 3 digit palindrome GET heh!



File: 1573849407109.jpg (8.94 KB, 244x154, 1573354541758.jpg)

I have returned once moar fellers






absolutely based



File: 1573853345124.png (202.17 KB, 639x504, 1573280089488.png)

Literally the first thing i did when i got home was pull my pants down and jerk off (after eating heh)

Goddamn autistic faggot in my room, i can't even sleep properly or fap and have basically been havin ZERO privacy these past two weeks

I really fuckin hope they finally transfer me to the external dormitory further down at the main street cum next week, shit's been delayed multiple times already at this point



File: 1573853602850.jpg (32.05 KB, 640x539, 1545323948653.jpg)

That other assburger faggot also pulled a "crisis meeting" the other night and brought the tranny faggot from down the hall in too, i totally thought the guy was a staffer at first because of his LARPy intonation and due to the way he was speaking to the other autist, only later did it dawn on me that this was another pre-apprenticeship preparation programe participant

Apparently he didn't like the external dormitory or something and wanted to "convince" the staff to not let the transfer go ahead, faggot brought a notepad with him and kept "collecting arguments against it" in an autistic fashion while i just sat there and tried to lurk on my netbook, the creepy tranny then started hitting on me and suddenly swooshed in onna chair, i still had the KC tab oben kek

Shit's pretty damn fucked

The appointment at the govt office went reasonably well today aswell, i'll be havin most of de day off on monday so i can do the lawyer appointment aswell



I had a shut-in roommate my first year in college, but it was mostly a good thing. Having a set of eyes across the room at all times kept me more motivated to not just lay around doing nothing all day. He wasn't really an autist though, just a quiet guy. It would have been much worse if he brought friends over or something like that.



File: 1573856331627.jpg (27.23 KB, 866x783, 1512451937337.jpg)

I still haven't properly processed the fact that i ran across this other cunt from elementary school back on Thursday which i've last seen over 15 fuckin years ago kek

Shit triggered the hell outta me, here i am trying to escape all this shit and leave my birthplace town baggage stuff behind and then it catches up to me again in the form of said cunt

That shit's fucked up lel, the whole thing feels like some kind of kafkaesque fever dream and the eviction threat that's been looming large since april in the background makes it all that much worse



Did he also keep you up at night by constantly moving around every 2 seconds and playing on his fuckin manchild nintensoy DS till 3AM inna morning kek

This faggot is such a huge cringey manchild holy fuck

I mean the guy is 21 years old and doesn't even drink alcohol, he went to the lounge/cafe club thingy on thursday evenin and when he came back he was all worked up about it in a high-pitched voice, you can tell the guy has no experience and lives a sheltered as fuck life



There are so many semi-breedable cunts runnin around there too holy fuck, and the amount of fugly incel males who get pussy there and show it off too is pretty mind-boggling There's this wheelchair cunt i've been running into/placed into the same courses with since august and she's initiated multiple conversations with me already/came to me during breaks and stuff though i didn't pursue this shit at all, her crippled legs are a huge turnoff and this kind of relationshit wud b dysgenic and impractical af

It's getting increasingly harder to ignore my male urges even tho i've vowed from the get-go to completely ignore these filthy thotoids and just focus on my apprenticeship thang

The gal next to me seems to be half germanic/half slovenian even and has a slovenian surname apparently, shit was funny when i walked up to her/was suppposed to show her the cafeteria and when i shook her hand/told her my name the autist roomate that wuz standing next to her the entire time suddenly quickly imitated me kek



File: 1573887511528.png (453.31 KB, 908x626, 87987897.png)

Kek now i finally realize who my nu person of contact reminded me of the whole time, i had it in the back of muh head when observing her phenotypical features but couldn't quite put my finger on it till about now

Bish has a native given name and surname but looks like she just came out of the southern russian tartar steppe or something, she's also like 4 heads smoler den me heh



File: 1573887970145.jpg (129.98 KB, 1279x1082, clownburl_1_spank.jpg)

LOL apprenticehurt!

*clown apprentice pieinface slap slap!*



File: 1573955793997.jpg (239.93 KB, 1256x1080, 15nL9PKEqUg.jpg)

Ah fuck gonna have to pacc my ruccsacc and get the ticket l8er on

Luckily i have de day off on monday so i can sort out sum moar shit on Sunday too



File: 1574078320590.jpg (34.17 KB, 600x399, gigayikes.jpg)

I've just gotten back from todays' appointment which was the second in-person meeting i've had w/the lawyer guy now. Jesus what a fuckin asshole kike

Fucking unprofessional with the constant hissy fits and inappropriate/angry-esque voice tones, i'll be sure to mention that in the final review aswell

Guy does a great job at making you feel like he's representin the opposing party rather than you as his client

What a dumpster fire really. Maybe i'll be able to save my own apprenticeship despite his incompetence though



File: 1574078580978.jpg (221.47 KB, 1000x565, 2015-11-04_00052.jpg)

The game was rigged from the start, idiot! This trial is gonna be worse than Nuremberg.



File: 1574080437558.gif (68.7 KB, 220x220, 1572476924169.gif)

Stfdu dwarfcunty i kinda doubt there even will be one

They partially caved already (though with some huge narc!strings attached naturally), it's all a question of details now apparently



File: 1574085043643.png (656.15 KB, 640x852, dwarfhurt.png)

LOL midgethurt!



oneone dubs GET heh!



the last good video game



File: 1574090396558.png (259.69 KB, 666x666, 564.png)

Week 3 here we go

Wish me lucc laddos heh



File: 1574090724037.jpeg (42.69 KB, 1000x750, chubby_cucky.jpeg)

i wish u butthurt, heh

also ur fat



palindrome GET…..



also time trips GET heh, heh



File: 1574440928960.png (21.51 KB, 278x296, 1539070618584.png)

Once m0re i have returned



File: 1574441472206.png (123.91 KB, 427x350, foky.png)

LOL returnhurt! isaskingformorehurt! My devine mission continues!!

*slappy smack slapp!!!!*



off by one time trips GET heh!



day of month and month # dubs GET heh!



dubs original GET heh after several GETs, heh!!



Those are not gets, moron!



shhh, they're real in my mind, heh



File: 1575076129006.jpg (58.05 KB, 600x600, 1535490004873.jpg)

Kek i somehow actually managed to forget my keys at the trade skool dorm earlier today so i had to drive all the way back, 20-30 bucks and 4 hours pissed down the drain for this bullshit

This shit hit me like a brick wall bcuz i was so happy i was on schedule today and then all of a sudden i'm standing there liek an asshole with no key to my own room inna backpack. As if the whole court shit wasn't traumatizing enuff already smdfh

I just got up, i had barely an hour to catch up with all the other shit/take my meds/eat/shower and stuff when i came back at 8pm but somehow i managed to pull it off

Gonna go to de post office and buzz my hair later also among other shizz



you're already dead



What's with that retarded baby talk are you mentally immature?



File: 1575077266070.jpg (59.46 KB, 331x402, lol-elsahurt.jpg)

I kno u are butt hwut am i

D-don't u joek about dat feller heh



File: 1575079550085.png (191.25 KB, 331x463, lol elsa-hurt.png)

check'd heh

>I kno u are butt hwut am i

butthurt, LOL!

*slap smack!*



4 digit palindrome time GET heh!!



File: 1575211043651.jpg (7.19 KB, 205x246, 1575182977556.jpg)

Aw fuckin hell gotta be inna train in 6 hours again fuck



File: 1575215727734.png (37.75 KB, 645x773, yikes.png)

Fuckin useless POS chink tv

Luckily i got the chink to give me an 80% discount in hindsight considering it doesn't even find any channels

Hopefully i can resell it for 20 bucks or so to reimburse the full costs of getting it shipped from HK to here heh



File: 1575216231526.jpg (137.32 KB, 1000x1000, 1517516400883.jpg)

Lel it finally started workan after i put the antenna right next to the window and screwed it on thight

Pretty nice thing to have around, it might actually even be usable w/a proper DVB-T2 antenna

Think i'll keep it around fo nao n shit



File: 1575228824146.png (248.97 KB, 988x1011, 1483747381238.png)

Alright fellers wish me lucc fo dis here upcoman week n shit heh



File: 1575641173199.png (71.59 KB, 300x300, 1574878678252.png)

I have returned boyos



File: 1575663816667.png (123.91 KB, 427x350, foky.png)

*smackyy slappy whappy!*



File: 1575692693108.png (147.83 KB, 398x380, 1575672750130.png)

Fuckin hell why did i sell that LTE antenna + router, i don't have ANY fuckin reception at all

Ah well at least the money's cumin in now heh >>3640



File: 1575833017506.png (246.47 KB, 500x916, 1575459433372.png)

Gonna head out again in 40 mins wish me lucc fellers



File: 1576244067335.jpg (92.73 KB, 674x427, basically me 5 days of de ….jpg)

I have returnit fellers

Gonna finish le meal and then hit le shower now

God it feels good to have actual working fast internet again



File: 1576250677711.jpg (66.06 KB, 450x337, female-spanking-male-for-w….jpg)

LOL internet hurt!

*net connect slap smack!*



seventy seven GET heh!



nein 1 nine palindrome HET geh!



File: 1576849433901.png (314.03 KB, 600x420, 1576442001194.png)

Finally workan internet again whew

I got like 2 weeks off now due to Yule too heh



Is there a reason why you type like a 14 year old girl?



File: 1576854883828.jpg (122.28 KB, 1000x691, hope_for_autism_-_logo.jpg)

What's with that stupid gay babtalk lingo of yours, is that supposed to be endearing somehow?



File: 1576867603753.jpg (117.57 KB, 502x640, schizophrenia.jpg)

ur supposed to say it like this, fam

LOL babylingotalkhurt! take ur anti 14 yo girl tism medz, schizo!

*slap slap!*



File: 1576867684463.gif (144.63 KB, 272x267, 1447106248673.gif)

off by one time GET heh! / off by 3 dubble digit time dubz GET heh!!!!!!!!!



off by 4 time palindrome GET heh!



off by 2 time GET heh!



origitoni GET……….



File: 1576867863903.gif (144.63 KB, 272x267, 1447106248673.gif)

….heh oregano!!!



File: 1576870402878.jpg (52.51 KB, 331x402, frozen2hurt-faggot.jpg)

*schmacc schmacc*




File: 1576871154719.png (191.25 KB, 331x463, lol elsa-hurt.png)

LOL no originalityhurt! can't even come up with a clever *smack slap!* LOL!

*slappy whap anal clap!*



time 4 digit ending in 4 palindrome GET heh!



File: 1576927657777.png (27.39 KB, 128x128, 1576436038653.png)

You seriously cannot make this shit up

I was literally just ambushed by two of the narcs/FM's after sitting here in my underpants just after coming back from the post office

Still need to process this shit, the fucking guts of this woman jesus

They'll be hearing from my lawyer again soon



File: 1576946009294.jpg (33.12 KB, 220x307, 220px-NARC_(video_game_box….jpg)

tldr but LOL narc hurt! stop buying ur crack aids meth from undercovers u dummy, LOL! heh



File: 1577148172062.jpg (105.53 KB, 750x924, 1513947953693.jpg)

Fuckin hell i can't wait having the house for myself again in less den 24hrs and sort some more shit out/prepare for the resumption in roughly 2 weeks tiem when de holidays are over

It's been especially bad today with the constant gaslight-stalking and whatnot, bitch came upstairs every 30m on average according to the narc log



File: 1577475048607.jpg (126.43 KB, 644x700, 1550407835873-2.jpg)

I was just ambushed in my room yet again in a bizarre and completely out-of-place fashion, second fuckin time within less than a week



stfu + kys, idiot



Tell us more about it. Was it the maleman or the milkman woman?



REMOVE DWARFCUNTY remove dwarfcunty

you are worst dwarfcunty . you are the dwarfcunty idiot you are the dwarfcunty smell.



File: 1577476237687.jpg (16.54 KB, 244x248, 1531845857589.jpg)

>Cousin bailed out and went no contact long ago
>Her parents aswell
>Creatura mutt half-brother of my two aryan cousins has been bringing his turdpusher twink to yule get-togethers for years now
>No one in the toxic circle sees this as an issue
>other cousin always brings the polack she married last year
>Always highly charged + forced atmosphere at these evenings which is a typical hallmark of these kinds of dysfunctional narc circles

I very much prefer spending yule w/doggerbreh rather than with any of those shitty people mentioned above, yet i'm still being being haunted right here in my fucking room with all of these highly invasive sudden ambushes that took place over the last couple days




stfu + kys, spammerspergy



This, nobody cares about your family or your stupid 'doggerbro' you fucking sadcase



I care, doggerbreh is based heh



You're a sadcase too






You faux infantility because you're too weak to face even the minor struggles in life. This is the tragic result of growing up without a father.



Well ur the tragic result of growing up with a gay mom LOL



File: 1577500254514.png (74.43 KB, 500x531, 65.png)

LOL how can skitzospammerspergy ever hope to recover from dat dere burn



bump against toxic dwarfspam



File: 1578005165049.jpg (76.99 KB, 843x1024, butthurt.jpg)

You're so anally devastated.

You're the schizo here!





Ah great the ncunt's returned again after less den a week

Had the place barely 24 hrs for myself but better than nothing, it was sorely needed for sure



File: 1578548896201.png (85.79 KB, 500x531, 1577500254514.png)

tfw that frogjew feel



File: 1578732160790.png (12.52 KB, 465x440, 1578726138191.png)

fuckin health insurance KIKES want over 300 bucks from me again

I barely got above 500 on my account the other dhey



File: 1578745401244.jpg (12.19 KB, 215x214, nigward.jpg)

And the saga continues

Contrary to the incredibly inane and transparent gaslighting lies spouted by one agressive toxic ngmom when she ambushed me twice in late december the court proceedings are in fact not "off the table" or anything of that sort, fished a summons out of the mail when i went for a walk w/doggerbreh just now

I will not let them get away with this



File: 1578757604483.jpg (108.32 KB, 570x760, 1524452529692.jpg)

Ah great and now she's opened my mail yet again after hiding it from me for days and placed it demonstratively in front of my room

Sick fucking narccunt needs to get a life + some hobbies seriously



File: 1578757976735.png (30.63 KB, 495x500, 1537584526636.png)




File: 1579436400211.jpg (74.76 KB, 676x544, italianpepe2-768x651.jpg)

Wew less den 24hrs until my break's over

Less den a month until the first court hearing aswell



I've seen this thread probably like 100 times, and I still don't even know what the hell you're talking about heh.



This is one of the gayest and most pathetic forums I have ever seen in my life heh.



File: 1579465917516.jpg (36.79 KB, 574x502, 1579317977091.jpg)

Low brow post



File: 1579891508260.jpg (176.11 KB, 1392x1396, 1579459686103.jpg)

I have returned fellers



How are you feeling today, fella



File: 1579900637958.png (353.69 KB, 718x753, 1579878078002.png)

Eh see >>6274, otherwise i'm okayish despite the shitty circumstances i guess



File: 1579986752778.jpg (311.08 KB, 626x487, 1558036042405.jpg)


Gud shit



File: 1580063553668.png (493.79 KB, 498x641, 1495226572110.png)

Just finished paccin heh

Gonna have to get up at 4AM again l8er and catch the train at 5.50AM once moar

God i hope the thinkcentre will be suitable for lurking and alleviate most of the internet problems



Stop blaming your parents, loser. We are all a first-hand witness that you suck.



Shut the fuck up dwarf you loser bitch, you suck at gaslighting



stfu + kys, incel loser pencil dick faggot






File: 1580069772865.jpg (44.64 KB, 331x403, asspained kike.jpg)

>He thinks foKy n' dwarf are one and the same person

LOL skitzohurt



File: 1580485045299.jpg (34.17 KB, 460x358, 1512928911400.jpg)

Once moar i have returned



stfu + kys, incel loser pencil dick faggot named foky



LOL i've just hidden ur shitpost again narCspam!CunTy



File: 1580689344250.jpg (287.84 KB, 796x422, 1536384408143.jpg)

Wew i woke up liek almost 3 hours earlier den expectid but least i can now pacc my shit mostly without any time pressure



File: 1581087309437.png (11.9 KB, 546x420, 1580625065319.png)

Jesus lads what a fuckin week seriously

The faggots over at cuckchan have essentially barred my entire ISP from posting on that one sub-board my general is on (I'm not even joking, i tested it at multiple locations throughout the region and it's blocked in every single one) so as to force me to buy a pass but the thing is i don't have a credit card to pay the shitcoin middleman service run by that one oldfag, i asked around at multiple gas stations if they had those prepaid mastercards but apparently the EUSSR made sure you couldn't buy them from anywhere anymore since last year.

Like holy heckin shit what a fucking mess really



File: 1581087516075.png (399.96 KB, 478x478, 1492581209846.png)

In other news, i had to cancel the court appointment now because said court nibbas pulled my funding for the attorney last minute without even informing me beforehand and didn't get the other guy like they claimed they would either, these assholes literally had since last fall to inform me of this formality they're citing as the reason for that now but didn't even hint at it or anything. Like seriously shit is downright criminal, i'm not even sure this was done 100% by the books but it wouldn't surprise me at all, i've been dealing with this kind of downright shady shit for a while now.

And i am sure as heck not going to go there all by my own vs the whole narc team and their attorney assembled, that's for fucking certain kek



just fucking die already, you disgusting piece of shit



File: 1581090202761.png (803.92 KB, 2048x2048, 1548662257227.png)

ILY too dwarfskitzobishy <3



foky cutest poster UwU



File: 1581118520023.jpg (413.29 KB, 1600x1196, 1506023124236.jpg)

Mfw i've finally been transfered to the very last course of the current programme that cums before the apprenticeship now. There's a couple retards and yet another mentally highly unstable tranny in there too. And of course you always gotta have that one spastic autistic retard that thinks he can go overboard with the quips and everything and harrass every person present in the room, might have to draw a line or two there down the road since we were told this last course would go until late spring/summer heh




File: 1581272353627.jpg (86.75 KB, 600x848, 1321676 - Elsa Frozen Hotd….jpg)

KEK i checked the national railway company's website for weather updates and there's a notice saying ALL distance lines have been canceled in the entire country now due to the storm

Wonder if my connectshun is among dose but i guess i will find out in a couple hours heh



File: 1581288446889.png (15.12 KB, 361x399, 1568752176253.png)

Jesus fuckin christ laddos this Orkan raging ousside is truly something else, fucker makes me unable to sleep and has crippled the whole country apparently. Can't imagine what doggerbreh is going thru right now heh

Those violentass winds outside are supposed to be like 100 km/h right now, they sure sound like it at least

I can't even remember the last time we had one this big hit us tbh, the air smells almost electrified in my room right now and i'm truly surprised the duct tape is holding the window frame shut (it fell outta place last summer when it was +40 degrees celsius)

On the plus side, it remains to be determined whether this weather will allow me to journey to the tradeskool at all before noon today kek

In a way it's also fitting that this weather came right at the start of this very decisive week with the first court appointment and shit (which i of course won't attend for the aforementioned reasons)



File: 1581288679672.png (453.27 KB, 920x613, 1570992824630.png)

So apparently the urban trains that stop at each station are still running (the website says that "disruptions are very likely due to the weather") but i bet they'll move at a snail's pace again - if they do at all that is - so that will be something i can pin my later arrival on too then, in any case i sure as shit am not going to risk my life venturing to trade skool kek



Truly ragnarökesque heh



File: 1581393869556.jpg (138.83 KB, 800x1200, 1581353014384.jpg)

Alrite fellers imma head out 2 le trade skool again in 5 mins wish me lucc heh






>little bit of wind and rain
>entirety of germany shuts down

master race lmao



File: 1581693372437.jpg (78.66 KB, 686x526, 1579904164274.jpg)

Once moar i have returned, fellers



Jesus two moar weeks to go until the rest of the monthly dole cums in

Need dat money to stash sum moar silver coinz before dose chineez supply chain interruptshens crash the global economy heh



File: 1582296913960.jpg (16.33 KB, 236x421, b047d153e903022cfb2cf5d571….jpg)

I have once moar returnit fellers



how was school fren



File: 1582323457637.jpg (40.79 KB, 563x571, 1582288035958.jpg)

*Trade skool heh

Eh it's still pretty crazy, not just the thing i'm doing ovah there but also my whole ongoing narc situation over here. I dread every new email that the useless asshole lawyer faggot sends me because it's NEVER anything good and always some horrible news about some government guy or the lawyer himself fucking me over instead of doing his damn job kek. Also there's a good chance one of these days it might contain a letter from the court ordering the eviction and i still don't know how i'm supposed to get all my shit over 60km away from here with no help at all

Similarly most of the boomers at the trade skool are pretty incompetent too, these fuckers managed to create some kind of chaotic clusterfuck out of the admittance process to the work area trials (basically these trials which go for one to two weeks at a time are the direct precursor to you doing the actual apprenticeship there later on when they approve you/think you're fit to take on said apprenticeship) and they really REALLY fucking like to blame the participants themselves for all their shortcomings, this has been a constant theme since i enrolled there last july

I doubt it would be much better if the whole thing was run by the state rather than a private coorporation too heh

Also i can't stand most of the fucking people there, like 90% of them are insufferable bluepilled zoomers. They are supposedly letting me move away from that cellar dorm i share with the giga aspergers' autistic faggot but they won't give me a definitive confirmation that i can move upstairs cum end of march. Right now i'm also looking at getting a cheap street legal e-scooter for muhself because these 10 minutes walking to the main complex everyday multiple times really gets on my nerves, wud b real sweet if i cud cut that there last mile travel time in more den half over the long term/during the apprenticeship heh



i saw that image on /int/ today, too. =)



File: 1582323694480.jpg (92.23 KB, 733x736, 1498102416516.jpg)

The world is a small place indeed heh



Fuark i have to go to the bank and the post office and the hardware store innacity tomorrow mornan too

Fuckin lightbulbs burnin out on me



File: 1582344149492.png (912.47 KB, 728x960, 1581960345491.png)

So the ncunt didn't log out again when she stumbled upstairs half an hour ago completely shitfaced drunk like every night (bottles were standing there and loudly jangling together due to the new loudass washing masheen) so when i checked downstairs i saw the PC still on and perused thru the narc email account again

I could bypass the windows password in less than 2 minutes but there's no way of reinstating the original password afterwards so they'd know for sure

Anyways the lawyer they've been hiring for years is on a first-name basis with them (something i've known for a while now) and communicates with them a LOT less formal and way more direct than mine does with me with these shitty formal letterhead emails he keeps sending me that contain no useful information on how to better my position in relation to the proceedings at fucking all, the fucking asshole

They seem to handle most of their shit w/their lawyer via phone though so there was no useful info on their legal strategy to be gleaned at all unfortunately

Also, the desktop wallpaper triggered the hell out of me since it was a photo of the ncunt egg donor together w/the two favoured pampered GC enabler FM's, all three having an extremely narcish expression on their respective faces

This dog really is the only non-disgusting living thing besides me under this roof

Also the fucking internet just dropped out again wtf lel



File: 1582345918455.jpg (39.2 KB, 720x575, 1581788474605.jpg)

Mfw we actually have to do so-called weekly "group evenings" now too which consist of sitting there for 10 minutes listening to the boomers running the place

There's also this morbidly obese loud cunt and some other dude that joined the external boarding home recently, when i was right behind them they were like somehow walking thru the list of other dorm inhabitants and whether they knew them or not and the obese cunt went like "Yeah that's the turkish guy" (there is indeed one single turkish guy in the participant list) and then "That's this half/almost bald dude" and i took it she meant me by this since i have the shortest hair of everyone and have been starting to bald ever since i took the medication and got put under all this fucking stress

Still what a rude fucking thing to say about someone standing not even 5m behind you, fucking obese hambeast cunt sow lel

Gosh i need a proper steel hair clipper that can consistently keep the shit down to 3mm, this current phillips clipper with plastic guards is fuckin useless for that kinda length heh






File: 1582372856792.jpg (18.93 KB, 200x300, _46173384_basterdschristop….jpg)

I still have hair in the middle everywhere dude, it's just somewhat thinned out from the monthly Mab dose i've been taking for over a year now is all, and my hairline on the sides is noticably receding correspondingly

At this current rate i estimate there's a 50-60% chance i might go completely bald before i hit my late 30's but for some men it apparently stops all of a sudden aswell. I have no interest in "reversing" it via transplants rn, if i were the pampered GC spastic the n!cunt egg donor would have offered me to pay for it though long ago already i'm sure

Figure it's best to just """own it""" and buzz it all down to 3mm myself and then maintain it there and focus on proper beard grooming instead, many other men who are otherwise high quality with high SMV have been doing it this way too



Fuck these govt boomer assholes now want to cancel my entire allowance

This cannot be fucking happening



File: 1582591547582.jpg (32.63 KB, 405x720, 1561070277571.jpg)

Wew just finished re-adjusting my schedule planner for the upcoming work area trials since they moved the appointments around to fit me into all of dem due to dat clusterfuck they caused earlier

I'm enrolled at 6 trial phases in total which will pretty much run continuously well into April over the next 1-2 months

Shit should be getting quite interesting, it's the most crucial phase for sure since it will determine what trade i will take up

I'm a lill nervous already just thinkgen bout it tbqh heh, nothing some good quality kratom won't fix though



File: 1582898239081.png (26 KB, 569x348, 1582760977624.png)

Fuckin christ the KIKEass gook admin of 4cuck has reinstated another massive wave of rangebans across the entire site again, i was able to post in the general fine earlier on wednesday and when i woke up again and tried to post the whole thing was on lockdown once again. On /qa/ there's lots of folks complaining right now so i'm by far not the only one. My secondary ISP is also still banned aswell, shit sucks. I reckon it will take at least one and a half weeks or so until i finally get a credit card to buy a pass with but what can ya do heh

Fuckin boomers inna public transport pissed me off again aswell today, the other guy let us go an hour earlier so when i switched to the bus the entire terminal was filled to the brim w/zoomers (lotsa qt mulatto zoomeresses and shit in there though and the based boomer driver let me through w/a winking eye without me having to pay the fare heh) and then during the ride itself another shambling asshole boomer zombie entered the bus and i shit you not the guy literally stank up the entire bus with this massive stench of urine and alcohol, it was fuckin disgusting really and the second time within a month i had to endure something like this already

Also i hadn't even entered the door for a full 2 minutes when the other spastic came sneaking in/turned up again all of a sudden just as i was petting doggerbreh and about to take muh shoes off, you can't make this up seriously
I also can't print any of my parcel stamps right now since that cuck threw the other office PC out again and the new w10 one doesn't have a printer account yet, but i'll get to that later on

First order of business for me now is preparing for the upcoming work area trial on Monday even though the assholes already canceled 3 of those 6 trials prematurely without even remotely consulting me, i'm hoping i'll be able to do them at a later time instead then heh



File: 1582979145981.jpg (81.43 KB, 686x526, 1582945452221.jpg)

God there's yet another dorm room inspection coming right up on monday apparently inna boarding home, gotta hide my shit and the kratom mostly since they won't understand i take it for medicinal purposes first and foremost

I fucking hate this, hopefully the transfer to the external apartment (which would essentially act as my first "own" place) will go just as smoothly as the transition to the apprenticeship, there's a moderately high chance right now of me becoming homeless before the apprenticeship even starts thanks to the relentless toxic bullshit by the narc egg and sperm donors i happen to share some alleles with




This exact same fucking line, i heard it constantly too back then along with other kinds of emotional terrorism

Another one to the bucket list, it's amazing how alike narcs the world over are acting really

I swear they must be manufacturing these shitty toxic n!Eggdonors in a factory somewhere



File: 1583090023279.jpg (58.71 KB, 536x536, 1565495243587.jpg)

Jesus there's yet another storm coming up tomorrow right as the nu week starts and i have to brave the elements

There were like over a dozen similar big ones this year alone already



Fuckin hell the storm is raging in full force now ousside, luckily i won't have to get up at 4AM this time around but an hour later since the work area trial starts later aswell

No indication of canceled train lines on the public transportation website so i should be good

Gonna head to le bed 1-2 hours max heh



File: 1583499588250.jpg (45.67 KB, 492x492, 1583101290816.jpg)

I have returned fellerinos

What a week, i barely escaped coronibba quarantine today heh



File: 1583509864428.png (443.01 KB, 700x933, 1582915709159.png)

Oh, my. I can't wait.



File: 1583518116895.jpg (257.98 KB, 720x1280, 1583517082704.jpg)

Shit was effin cray man, it started on Monday when they gave us those coronibba PSA's (washing you're hands etc) in every single course like the upper management instructed the course leader guys to, then inna boarding home they started hanging up hygienic posters and shit aswell and gave a PSA there aswell during the mandatory weekly 5 minute group meeting, on Tuesday i also heard again about there being multiple cases quite near to where the trade school is physically located

We were also told at one point that the whole thing would presumably close down if a suspected case was to be confirmed, and when i planned on checking myself off the presence list in the boarding home this mornan i was greeted by the employee wearing a face mask and telling me not to stop into the actual room because there had been a suspected case now and upper management told everyone to stay put or something

Like they were so panicked he would only speak to me thru dat heavyass glass door separating the stairs from that room and the boarding home boss guy went around in a full-blown medical gown (+ mouth protectshun aswell) handing out "lunch packages"

I then headed up and asked if we were actually quarantined and whether we had the day off, the latter he answered in the affirmative but the former fortunately not (didn't make out much of what he said behind dat door) so i went for the earlier train this time around

Also inna train itself i saw two 20-something cunts wearan face masks (this was at the train station of the city where there's a couple cases in the hospital according to the papers) but nobody else basically heh, also on the bus inna home city some boomer cunt loudly complained about not being able to buy rice and pasta since people went absolutely bonkers in that regard during this past week. I myself have bought sum further medical and protective supplies aswell as a roughly a months' worth of canned food which i will most likely b further supplementin in case shit gets even worse

All in all i am pretty happy that SHTF finally arrives, hopefully this will be the big one that ushers in the nu Reich heh



File: 1583612504668.png (18.14 KB, 464x485, 1556712865711.png)

Been placed under quarantine (like thousands of my fellow countrymen rn) lads

You truly cannot escape from coronibba



File: 1583613009470.png (188.02 KB, 600x865, aabe44eba23cba70511ed6ccdf….png)

God i'm gonna be real pissed if they cancel my monthly allowance/cut it in half due to this

Not like i had any way of foreseeing there being a COVID-afflicted nibba inna trade skool



File: 1583613239649.jpg (61.42 KB, 640x477, Elsa Frozen sedih.jpg)

Also the asshole faux ((laywer)) sent me another mail yesterday apparently (which will most likely contain some bad news about the looming eviction again which i've been trying to stall so as to get a smooth as possible transition toward my apprenticeship/stop the ncunt from sabotaging it like she sabotaged my other endeveaours in the past) but i told him to fuck off while i'm officially under quarantine and will be tending to that shit again afterwards aka when i've done the remaining work area trials that had to be postponed aswell now due to this

Wew at least shit doesn't get boring



I'm depressed as FUCK right now due to this quarantine bullshit

Why the fuck does it have to happen to me

God i need that preliminal test



File: 1583912522624.jpg (431.58 KB, 1643x2048, 1583769747704.jpg)

What the fuck?

Were there other threads about your story or only this one? I remember wanting to read it about 4 months back but procrastinated until those threads probably died.



File: 1583941477915.jpg (28.19 KB, 375x385, 1564526935111.jpg)

You talking about the nuchon or hwut? Nah this and the OP screenshot (which was from 8ch still) are the only blog threads pertaining to that particular situation in my lyff heh



Where you goin feller



File: 1584221795125.png (888.67 KB, 756x715, what.png)

Why isn't FoKy dead yet? Fucking Cockroach.



I will cum down ur colon bitchRoachCunty



File: 1584491383044.jpg (108.9 KB, 768x1024, 1584452244692.jpg)

Oh wow the trade skool's completely closed down aswell now until further notice due to the ongoing SHTF pandemic situation heh



Lill save rave

I'm doing e-learning now via the trade skool's internal messaging system/remote login, shit is pretty comfy heh



Where u goin feller



Oh wow i havent done the course tasks for today yet heh



Where u goan dere lill feller

Mfw merkel sed skools and shit will prolly reopen on may 3rd heh



Ah fuckin hell those boomers got a clue now and have switched to online courses aswell now, no chance in hell i'm going to get a nu mic n webcam for this shit though

Think i'll just install that client on the netbook and play vidya/fap on the side heh



File: 1587552106842.jpg (131.16 KB, 1097x932, 1587064473431.jpg)

>Be me at 11AM
>Checking the trade skool email server
>Invite to join the virtual course cums in just as i'm about to close the tab again
>Log in, i'm the first guy there
>Realize the app automatically uses my computer name, change it, luckily no other participants beside the course leader so no awkwardness there
>Half a dozen others join, two of which are retarded cunts that show their respective faces aswell when the moderating cunt does
>Realize that shittyass course is even way moar underwhelming than initially expected
>Go play some GW2 on the side and shit and do the tasks until the course count sez i can leave the meeting after one and a half hours
>Trade skool also sent each participant a letter w/a bag of gummy bears in it and thanking each participants "for getting thru this difficult time together" yadda yadda

BIG oof from me there

I really need to get into dat chineez course instead wew, at least that one wouldn't be as pointless



File: 1587552672338.jpg (219.22 KB, 870x1390, talking-to-a-brick-wall-7-….jpg)

>this entire thread



File: 1587553790853.jpg (154.42 KB, 1014x644, schizophrenia-linked-to-so….jpg)

KEK lrn2analogies dwarfskitzobishcuNTy that's totes the wrong one

Also fuck off of my liveblogging diary-type threads instead of shitpostan in dem liek dis



File: 1587554562030.jpg (42.9 KB, 480x480, 1587248621051.jpg)

i only use ur theads for shitposting



File: 1587558837329.jpg (74.23 KB, 500x630, 1563600440397.jpg)

'pparently i'm one of the fastest/most capable participants inna apprenticeship preparashun course

Welp no big surprise there i'd say



Heh mfw during the virtual course meeting i played sum GW2 onna side again and ate a stew, shit was p comfy save for the fact that the ncunt was banging around

Also one of the other participants had a narc going off in the background loudly aswell and everyone inna meeting room overheard it heh

It's quite likely the trade skool will fully reopen in 2-3 weeks max, they've sent a nu newsletter out today saying they're already preparing to reopen in multiple stages

God i need to git dat dere ingrown toenail under control stat



What exactly are you trying to become?



File: 1588051131211.jpg (58.31 KB, 758x711, 22ae3aabf9a9edd309ed4a58be….jpg)

I don't fully know yet lol, my dyscalculia is holding me back in that regard otherwise i could do pretty much any apprenticeship i wanted

But what i know for sure is that any apprenticeship is better than none at all/being an unskilled worker



File: 1588772499819.jpg (134.02 KB, 1532x1581, 1569361982065.jpg)

So the boomer told me that it's pretty unlikely they will resume the physical courses before the end of this month

Just got an email in saying that they're slowly starting to boot up their operations again starting next monday, my course is not among the courses being recalled though yet heh



File: 1589076719320.png (9.68 KB, 405x317, 1a4e7f588099006c1a9af9be6b….png)

Apparently they've halved our whole group in two parts now and will be rotating them cyclically for the remainder of this pre-apprenticeship programme, i.e. one week the first half travels to tradeskool and the following week the other half does (so as to "prevent the [meme] virus from spreading" lel)

That's basically the gist of their model moving forward from what the boomer told us. I told him that i'd like to join the second group that will venture back to the tradeskool at the end of this month

I would then have barely 3 months left in this current programme (including weekends/holidays and so on) which should be more than enough to get the remaining work area pre-trials done which all take up 3 days at max

The other person of contact cunt also asked me via mail if i wanted to be pre-booked into that apprenticeship i got the recommendation for back in march but i still have huge reservations in regards to the math skills required so i'm going to first clear this up and get myself evaluated befo' dat

The next step will be getting a smol personal mobility vehicle to cover the last mile with during the apprenticeship itself and then in the mid-term my completely own place at the earliest opportunity where i can systematically nourish myself personally/emotionally and flourish concurrently. I already asked them if they cud allocate me to the single person-apartment housing slot for later (which would be perfect to go NC, practice living on your own and leave the toxic n!environment behind for good with, 'specially considering the fact that i'm one of the older trade skool participants anyways) but apparently there's only very few slots available there overall



File: 1589083091409.jpg (157.08 KB, 400x271, overview1.jpg)

>So the boomer told me that it's pretty unlikely they will resume the physical courses before the end of this month
That blows, unironically, especially in trade programs where the hands on experience is essential. I would've been hella ticked off if I was told that I couldn't have that hands on exp just as I was about to graduate cause usually that's when you're really getting the advanced experience and access to the tools/labs. At least that's how it was for me, I would stay a little over after everyone else left using the shit out of the equipment. That way of thinking, the need to wring out every last minute of exp, has served me hella well in my career so far.

>Apparently they've halved our whole group in two parts now and will be rotating them cyclically for the remainder of this pre-apprenticeship programme, i.e. one week the first half travels to tradeskool and the following week the other half does (so as to "prevent the [meme] virus from spreading" lel)
You're pretty much out so you probably don't care at all but I wonder how this will affect programs from now on. Especially the ones where you just cannot work from home or from a computer where access to equipment is essential. Like the school I went to has a process control program with a full on mini refinery on site for distillation to mimic larger refinery work(pic related). How do you tell students to work from home or even on a more limited basis? It's hard enough to learn it with a full semester. I know, i mean i didn't do that program in particular, but industrial equipment and process take hands on time to get learned and familiar with let alone proficient at.

I dunno man, it just seems like a crapshoot. Here I was about to sign up for some chemistry courses(for muh job) and I would've been shit out of luck lol telling me to study from home instead of being at a lab doing shit which is what i want.



File: 1589159829547.jpg (305.2 KB, 1280x1707, 1581495367093.jpg)


Yeah from what i've been told the whole facility (which isn't a trade program per se btw but a rehab-type facility that besides the apprenticeships themselves also specializes in occupational therapy/rehab, it's functionally a trade skool though because of their core competence in offering regulated hi-skilled apprenticeships to people that have been sent there by the employment agency) has been shut down pretty much completely since mid-march except for dem skeleton crews

They also have a bigass machine shop there with CNC equipment weighing tons and whatnot too which does comissions from regular companies and the folks doing their apprenticeships couldn't do their shit there either during dat time which must succ for dem heh

Wats ur job btw it sounds like some high-wage bigass brain nibba-tier shit



That's a pretty unique setup, never heard of anything like that. I mostly know about community colleges and how they work since I've bounced around a few that are in my city.

I went to school for what's known as nondestructive testing, essnetially an industrial inspection program that taught you to use anything from basic statistical control techniques to advanced methods like ultrasonics and xrays as well as some side things like metallurgy/metrology to make sure things were going a-ok. The way it was designed is as a support program for the process control(refinery stuff) since typically like 90% of graduates from these trades end up working in the refinery complexes.

I didn't though, I eventually returned to my career path that I was doing before which was being a qa-qc inspector in manufacturing. My job now is being a mix of a qaqc inspector and a lab tech at an oil company. In most cases it would be an okay gig, still is I think, but the way the market is now and the amount of layoffs we've had I'm living on borrowed time unfortunately.



Sheeit dat sounds kino

Hope you pull thru w/dat and wont get laid off

I think companies are probably realizing though that the dievershitty hires are the first ones that have to be discarded if their biz is to survive this here crisis



It's better than refinery work yeah, it's 7 day 12 hour shifts that rotate from day to night every couple of weeks. You make bank but you sell your life away. I make less pay but I get lots of free time comparatively speaking.

We're down to a skeleton crew yeah, at this point we have the bare minimum of people need to keep things going. We lost at least 50% of our staff, most of the office is gone now. I noticed they laid off all the old people and less cute girls smdh. Shit's demoralizing not gonna lie, i'll stick it out as best i can but my end game is to jump ship to the defense industry. Something like lockheed-martin or northrop-grumman.

Shuld b laff.



File: 1589229793072.png (537.89 KB, 500x621, zz.png)

Oh wow these fuckers want everyone to wear the gatesian masks of shame inna facility now, like it's not optional and you "have" to wear one or you'll get snitched on and possibly face consequences in regards to the programme holy fuck

They're also telling us to maintain a distance of at least one and a half metres to other ppl aswell and to use stairs instead of lifts when possible



Oh wow got anuddah phone apointmet l8er



Mfw i had to wear my FFP3 mask for the first time outside my lurkan cave when i picked up the referal earlier

They also have deez plastic coverings in front like in every other store too now shit is dystopian



File: 1589625332973.png (282.25 KB, 659x635, 1589497782808.png)

>Boomer told me he filed me into the second group that will arrive later this month
>Other dorm manager guy tells me to call him back
>Says my name is on the list of the FIRST GROUP all of a sudden now, the one that's scheduled to arrive on monday
>Holy fucking shit what the actual fuck
>Precisely NOT what i had been told by the boomer who said i'm in the second group

What actual bullshit is this lel

I am more than ill-prepared for this and feel cheated once again

This isn't by far the first time i had been told one thing by a staffer there and then precisely the opposite of it turned out to be true

What the fuck really

If these fuckers really expect me to pull this off within such a short time frame they gotta give me 24 hrs preparation time at the very least

Anyways i asked that boomer asshole what is actually up now and whether he did file me into the first group after all without actually telling me



Fuarkin hell those Aldi fuckers had the scooter i'm eyeing on sale back in march but the thing sold out fast af naturally

I'd get it off ebay in used condishen but there's no warranty that way

Suspect they will start selling it again some time in early summer to get rid of the remaining pre-covid inventory



File: 1589822188058.jpg (109.91 KB, 640x633, 1589821731780.jpg)

Just got the word in today fellers my physical course at the trade skool resumes in mid-june heh

That's barely even two months before the pre-apprenticeship thing wraps up

Maybe i should get the slot for that apprenticeship that starts inna fall reserved for myself in advance just in case, i really don't want to have another gap in my CV



Wew that fuckin semi-toxic boomer arsehole gave me two presentations to do for today whilst everyone else only has to do one heh



bro just finish what you can and start applying for jobs now, the entire market is fucking SHREKT and you'll be lucky to get a job as a stock boy at the local supermarket.



File: 1590465254171.jpg (74.84 KB, 677x677, 1520506378805.jpg)

Yeah i know that realistically speaking the current system is fucked in the mid-term but i try to not let it affect my actions in regards to the trade skool too much heh

The apprenticeship slot i got reserved the other day is in e-commerce which is booming thanks to COVID, still have no word on whether i'd be able to do this apprenticeship as a full-blown dyscalculic but in case i won't be able to finish it i'd try and pick the next best thing, some sort of automatization-proof trade that also plays to my strengths and shit

Unless the employment agency sponsoring this whole program pulls the rug from under my feet i'll be carrying this thing thru fo sho



Just got the final confirmation that june 16th is the deadline for muh arrival, i'm pretty much going to be wrapping up shit from this programme by then and will try to do as many of the remaining work area trials as possible

If i'm really lucky i'll be able to cop an e-scooter until den too but it's extremely unlikely heh



Mfw all the librarian slots for this year were taken already fuu



Oh wow the xiaomi scooters will becum legal here soon, they've already been approved apparently

Gonna wait and see how much they will cost though, i won't be spending more den 250 bucks (including shipping + insurance) on one o' deez things



File: 1591262931352.jpg (50.94 KB, 640x464, asfasf (3).jpg)

Oh wow the ncunt is trying to sabotage my apprenticeship/has directly contacted the trade skool via email apparently, just like in those other RBN threads where the n!egg and sperm donors contact the SC's professional/workplace environment to "get to them", it's fucking disgusting really. In fact i warned the person of contact that this would happen months ago, i think it was late last year in fact

My main person of contact sent me a reply to said narc!email in my inbox for some reason so i assume it's up to me whether i forward it back to the narcs or not, at least i don't see any other way to interpret it really

On a sidenote if i'm really luccy i'll be able to get the last mile-type scooter i'm eyeing for real cheap, it fully depends on whether the guy is a reliable seller attempting to jew me out or not



>>10 easy high paying jobs
>>all but two are $60K and below



I only make $14,000 after taxes heh

(I only work 3 days a week tho)



>nevermind it's $18,720




File: 1591537475575.png (33.85 KB, 684x528, 046ba672726b9fb4639913c797….png)

Got myself the e-scooter EDC carry strap from some chink for under 10 bucks now

When the money for this month cums in i'll purchase an e-scooter + the mandatory insurance from that, i'm not fully decided on whether i'll purchase an used or nu model though but i'd be happy to pay 50 bucks extra for 3 years of added manufacturer warranty heh



Do not slide this



This is a piece of shit thread and non one cares about your dumb trade life you fucking blue collar TRASH



File: 1591590889492.jpg (52.26 KB, 331x402, butthurt-faggot.jpg)

Obv you do spammer kike






File: 1591633343413.jpg (67.88 KB, 800x1066, 1589817418066.jpg)

Got myself a pretty spacious stacking shelf the other day, paid less den 15 bucks in total including shipping which is pretty neat

Basically it's my first piece of furniture that i explicitly bought solely for my own place later on, i plan to mostly use it for storing EDC-type items and other important stuff

My current mancave has these massive wooden shelves that basically are too heavy to move out with on my own but the desk, the bed (same one i deflorated my practice whale on 11 years ago heh) and said shelf should all be easy enough to carry once fully disassembled. I think said heavy shelves make the task of moving places seem way more daunting than it's probably going to end up being, i'm currently expecting to pacc no moar den one and a half dozen boxes in total (my bike, the router etc will all go separately ofc)

Right now i'm looking for a decent floor planning software to map the basic gestalt of my future mancave abode out with (prolly going to base it on the current familiar layout and go from there) but haven't found anything decent, i'll prolly have to use the oldskool mspaint method after all methinks heh



File: 1591889626370.jpg (566.52 KB, 2048x1648, Elsa.the.Snow.Queen.full.2….jpg)

Just got the arrival date confirmed earlier today, next up i'll be ordering the train+bus tickets and pacc everythang up for tuesday mornin

I hope the printer won't break down during transport or something either heh

I'll very likely order the chinkphone before the e-scooter aswell since it's going to take a lill while for it to arrive here i reckon. Also i will go for an used e-scooter most likely if i can get one for the right price because if it should break down at some point den paying for the repair should still be cheaper overall than going for the full-priced retail model i think



File: 1592113374509.jpg (16.18 KB, 399x400, 1565424476239.jpg)

Mfw i still gotta pacc the shit for tuesday later on



Why didn't you post a picture of the actual shelving unit in question rather than the stupid irrelevant image of the dog you fucking shitsucker



It's still inna packaging and also pretty unremarkable, just a basic black unit made from plastic

Supposedly holds liek 20kg though



File: 1592236547119.png (90.28 KB, 461x403, 1391068793483.png)

Gonna pacc my shit starting at 8PM so i'm ready to roll before 12AM

Bus cums at 5am heh



File: 1592578967128.jpg (73.2 KB, 554x511, thungollem.jpg)

I have returned once moar fellers

in a totes original manner



File: 1592685313914.png (151.07 KB, 1580x1692, 2142.png)

Jesus the dude selling that scooter apparently got it from yet another previous owner who also changed the battery out at least once - Think i'll pass this one and wait for the money for this month to cum in and buy it nu with warranty and everything. Would be 80 bucks moar but worth it in my opinion for 3 years of full warranty by de manufacturer nibbas

Also i hope i'll be hearing from the legal assistant i requested in this comin week, guy is supposed to help me out getting paperwork done at all kinds of government agencies which i generally dislike dealing with ('specially the clerks themselves which tend to be dismissive jerkoffs)… I hope i can get the alimony i'm legally entitled to this way because the single slot housing units inna trade skool are only reserved for a very select few apprentices apparently so i'm gonna have to rely on something else for at least another 6-10 months or so.

So yeah the name of the game now is to get alimony in the form of money/continued housing from the ncunt until i can either find and get my own place in a location which i like or until the trade skool assigns me to a single housing unit (which is *extremely* unlikely and again, only if i like it there too).

Afaik i cannot be legally evicted rn since there has been no formal eviction trial opened, they only did the pre-trial checkups and wouldn't pay for the lawyer beyond that so everything kinda stopped in that regard back in February and it's kinda in limba now but from what i was being told there's currently no way for them to obtain an eviction title from the court, so at least i'm not becoming homeless in the middle of the pre-apprenticeship programme's final stretch which would suck ass heh



Kek epic

This is the scooter i'm eyeing and this dood just pimped the hecc outta it in this here vid



File: 1592740767792.png (1019.17 KB, 796x863, 1590443324832.png)

God i'm so glad when the groups rotate again in two weeks and i get to attend the programme from my mancave again, i don't even have proper internet at the dorm and the boomer fucker doesn't let me use the DLAN there even though it would likely fix most of the problems

Also i gotta take a shit, prep the rucksack for tomorrow 5am and go over the hair once moar now



File: 1592794120020.png (161.86 KB, 680x717, 1592769616760.png)

Aight fellers imma head out now in less den 20mins

Wish me lucc fo dis here heccin weekerino



File: 1593175904718.png (161.86 KB, 680x717, 1592769616760.png)

I have once moar returned fellerinos



File: 1593230120733.jpg (93.12 KB, 427x640, 1593148715167.jpg)

Mfw i came across a smol chubby cunt from the trade skool onna dating site by setting the local filter and looking for clues inna image (the rubbish bins in all the dorms are the same kek) and sure enough she was from there too, supposedly even does her apprenticeship right next to me come september - Which does make me a little uncomfortable tbqfh…

From the begininng i had vowed not to "shit where i eat" so to speak when it cums 2 wahmanoids and while i've seen cases there of apprentices literally maintaining a relationship at the 'workplace' before i find it pretty cringe and distracting in any case. Probably not the best of ideas to pursue something like this, like imagine if your relationshit goes to tatters and you're still in close physical proximity to the cunt every day (something i also witnessed in real time, poor fella had to learn the hard way kek)

Ugh imma just straight up ask the bitch (who also liked me bacc now) if she has something serious or loose in mind - Except if she really is into darkwave/the schwarze szene like i suspect then she's a keeper heh, though there's nothing to indicate she isn't just yet another one of those pseudo-edgy hipster sloots



>They told me presence course resumes onna july 16h which is a thursday

Shit is nonsensical af they musta gotten the daet wrong or smth



Well, it's been a week or so. What happened? heh



I ended up not asking what she's looking for at all and just closed the thing off in a face-saving manner for the both of us, partially because the responses she gave stopped being as enthusiastic and quiccly turned into these one-liners so very characteristic of roasties and/or low-quality women and partially also due to the above-mentioned "don't shit right where you eat/are supposed to do an apprenticeship for the next 3ish years" rule heh

Also she's not particularly attractive and prolly liberal



File: 1594041676605.jpg (211.85 KB, 1685x1086, e765f878bbd2bdd4d965077911….jpg)

Gosh dat virtual course shit was exhausting af again today, mainly because mostly there was nothing to do thanks to the complete ineptitude of the leftist boomer cunt leading the whole thing (or pretending to)

Least the other cunt showed up and gave me some great stills of her tits heh

But still i'm happy af when this current programme wraps up and the heccin apprenticeship begins in earnest, even shortened down signficantly thanks to coronibber the mind-numbing retardation of said programme is barely bearable (it wouldn't be nearly as bad if the other participants weren't drooling brainlets aswell)



File: 1594084733419.png (41.53 KB, 300x250, 1ad303c7b3d52400bf80707a13….png)

Gonna be interdasting to see where i end up cum September, i've got it confirmed now that during the apprenticeship i won't be living at the current dorm place anymore which is alright with me since the staff there are unfriendly incompetent assholes for the most part and internet, TV, central heating aswell as the bathroom sink all barely work or don't work at all there… Also the house rented by the trade school's parenty company as an external dorm is quite old/has mold issues and there's always noisy motherfuckers running around being loud into the night and shit. I couldn't even dry my huel shaker in front of the bathroom window without the fucking boomer cleaning lady constantly placing it somewhere else shit you not (t only stopped when i put a note in front telling her not to misplace it).

More likely than not i will end up in some kind of group living situashen as outlined in >>13907 for the better part of/the entire apprenticeship so it's paramount that i get in a group not consisting of assholes until i can move on to something better

On a sidenote the trade school's accounting dept (which is staffed by boomer women aswell from what i gleaned) finally transfered some o' dat missing money i was about to ask the person of contact cunt about, haven't compared it with the statements from my bank account fully yet but it all seems to be there. Now i only gotta find a scooter in new or nigh-nu condishen for a gud price heh



What course are you doing now? When I wsa doing my trade program pretty much none of them would've been able to be done online becasue I wouldn't have access to the equipment. I can only image doing my metallurgy courses without the metallography aspect, what a fucking WASTE that would've been. Those handful of courses literally got me to where I am now, the experience was gold.

>Gonna be interdasting to see where i end up cum September, i've got it confirmed now that during the apprenticeship i won't be living at the current dorm place anymore

that's something that really bugs me, my brother is going to a public university in a large city and even thought they're acting llike it's gonna be open and business as usual come the fall I have a strong suspicion that it's all an act and when the time comes you'll be hearing one college after another pull the rug out and say that they will be doing nothing but online or something like that. I would really hate for that to happen to him though, he has a full ride and will miss out on the experience. fucken breaks my heart because i don't want his hard work in High school to go to waste, what a fucking terrible life lesson that would be I dunno.



File: 1594102067586.jpg (114.46 KB, 736x1051, 6ddc4a4d9cda58be9e4dbd252d….jpg)

>What course are you doing now?
Gay prostitution.



>What course are you doing now

See >>11870 heh



File: 1594609365617.jpg (165.96 KB, 1013x1013, 1594577310110.jpg)

Alrite fellers imma head out again now

Wish me lucc for dis here heccin weekerino



File: 1594895273610.jpg (121.56 KB, 546x491, 1594576419948.jpg)

I have returned fellas



That's too bad.





File: 1595024042791.png (51.2 KB, 1212x458, ACoN's in the workforce.PNG)

>For 20 something years I had to deal with crazy people being awful to me, at least now I'm getting paid!

I laff



You've been talking to yourself in this thread for 10 months now. When are you getting evicted? You can't die on the streets soon enough.



File: 1595027159328.png (183.02 KB, 422x472, der untermensch.png)

LOL stfu narc!skitzo dwarf



File: 1595214322599.png (291.56 KB, 919x737, 1595188723260.png)

Aight fellas this gonna be a longass week prolly but it's the penultimate one of this here programe before the summer break so here i go heh



Good luck heh



File: 1595594715595.jpg (42.79 KB, 564x500, 1556800051540.jpg)

Once moar i have returned

in an original fashion heh



>Almost a year later
>still not evicted
If your mother needs a witness I have over 10 months worth of proof that her son is a narcissistic psycho who keeps talking to himself.



wb heh



File: 1595785849556.jpg (44.2 KB, 900x527, heh (4).jpg)

Wew gotta pacc the shit again now

Last week befo de heccinass summer break



File: 1595819005249.jpg (186.64 KB, 900x901, 1595447481639.jpg)

Wew just managed to finish the backup with like 15m to spare and stuff

Aight fellers imma head out now heh



I genuinely hope you die. I don't think you have a single redeeming quality and the entire world would better off, especially the users of this site,



File: 1595912182444.jpg (389.66 KB, 2320x3088, jaqwght4y3841.jpg)

I would miss the updates

I would not miss grumposts.






File: 1595914245607.jpg (145.89 KB, 523x640, 20-07-28-01-28-33-156_deco.jpg)

>Grumposts : typically acknowledged as grumpy-posts, may also constitute posting in the character of Grum



File: 1596194421117.png (364.71 KB, 642x361, 1595797433569.png)

Finally summer breakerino heh



File: 1596216288054.jpg (43.9 KB, 393x863, 6c21736aba907df8b71fdc35ae….jpg)

My second request for legal financial aid has now been approved by the court fellas

Next up before the apprenticeship begins in earnest imma conact them again directly (in part also because the narcs contacted the trade school earlier and that person of contact cunt pressed me to answer the informational request about when my apprenticeship begins rather than ignore it) and plead my case in full since the useless as fuck lawyer asshole as a courtesy to his colleague (the narc's lawyer) seemed to have sabotaged me at every step and refused to lay out all the arguments in front of the court, so before the court decides in my absence or something i'd rather make sure they're going to hear it all from me personally rather than filtered thru some lawyer asshole

Parallel to this i'm going to explore the alimony route as laid out above with anuddah lawyer if possible and see what's possible to sue for in the form of financial or material assistance, it's the least i'm entitled to after these decades of abuse and sabotage really

Shit is still on edge somewhat but for the time being i'm glad af the court seems to be sympathetic to my case, they didn't even let it come to an eviction trial either. I also have NOT received a formal cancellation of any supposed rental agreement (again which couldn't exist in the first place for a multitude of reasons, my previous lawyer agreed with this assessment of mine too) which means the whole eviction process has been highly fraudulent from the start, not to mention the papers themselves…

Anyways i'm glad i have 3 weeks off now, more than enough time to get all this other shit in order/blast thru my backlog and stuff heh



File: 1596217149382.png (129.35 KB, 1622x321, king.PNG)

Keep cumin back to this legend's post too

It really does put things into perspective, and this guy is below me in terms of looks + was even a later bloomer than i am in the process of becoming right now

What an absolute king heh

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