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File: 1598110609821.jpg (161.74 KB, 1504x1119, 1585529999139.jpg)



The lowlife drunkard cunt just banged drunkenly against the wall again


And like a cuck you take it



I had my headphones on and was lurkan

Only heard it on the side

Fuck am i supposed to do, run outside and give her nsupply? Been over that a thousand times already throughout the years



Fuark i gotta pacc the shit for trade skool on monday later on sunday heh



Btw u goys are welcum to blog ur shit in here too



Fuckin lowlife cunt has been getting shitfaced drunk in the hallway again aswell as banging against the walls + constantly moving furniture and light switches in narc control freak fashion



Just took a 'zza outta the heckin ovenrino

Fuckin narc cunt was shitfaced again too ofc downstairs



God this fuckin cut on my finger pisses me off

Gonna put sum ointment on it l8er



Fapped 2 times in a row and now my dick is sore and it even bled wew



Jesus n*gga wtf heh. When I need to coom I just watch one of the preview videos on uralesbian.com, nut in like 15 seconds and then get on with my day. I think I'm going to try and make this another nofap month tho.



Kratom acts as a minor aphrodisiac too heh



File: 1599155624720.jpg (37.17 KB, 600x600, 2dd.jpg)

An awful lot of cute, young girls answer the door for me when no one else is home just because I tell them I'm from the government. In fact, they're by far the most receptive to answering the census. Too bad you have to be at least 15 to complete it so a lot of them don't qualify.



And den u woke up lel



Nope. It is reality. I know this, because I am not having sex with any of them.



File: 1599360506561.jpg (14.75 KB, 288x296, 1599287331539.jpg)

Just woke half an hour or so ago and drank a coffee

I slept liek way longer than i wanted to but den again i had changed the sleeping pattern up again a lill so i shouldn't be too surprised i guess heh

Still need to buy the train ticket and prep dat other stuff for monday and shit



*woke up
fuckin KIKE keybort



Just came bacc from takin doggerbreh for a mornin walk heh



Fuckin diarrhea kicking in again all of a sudaaah jesus



Ate one o' deez caffeine tablets i got the other day for the first time (8 bucks for 100 pcs not too shabby heh)

Shit's basically like cofvefe, the psychoactive effects of caffeine are a LOT less balanced out than kratom though and it has next to no analgesic effects imo



also i nutted rly hard bcuz of it heh



just take amphetamines already.



Fuckin caffeine really supresses appetite like hell

Wtf no heh



Fuarkin hell just threw in a 2nd valerian

This shit is way too strong, i already had a coffee this morning and also sum kratom so maybe that caused some sort of runaway potentiation loop heh



High doses of caffeine are worse for your heart than amphetamines, less effective, and you build a tolerance for caffeine much sooner. Kids who drink a lot of mountain dew are probably worse off than kids taking adderall.



>Lost my vegvisir (last seen inna EDC bag) somehow and have to get a nu one




Yeah coffee seems like the way to go

I just found out you can store unopened condensed milk for a couple months without refrigerashen too which is pretty neat



>Ordered a sodastream-type device earlier
>Tracking sez it's been delivered yesterday
>Not rerouted or anything but delivered to here
>Parcel's nowhere to be seen

Wouldn't be the first time the unemployed narc drunkard cunt has hidden my mail from me on purpose

Fucking incredible really



Comfyass thread about life paths


I fixed up my own CV from 18 till now to the point where there's no noticable gaps to speak of anymore, that thing the guy did in that thread saying he earned money on the side thru donating blood/yt channels is a good move aswell heh



Over 30 fuckin degrees again today




Kek i found the vegvisir again, it was inna other jacket after all

Gonna have to return the other one, 2 bucks lost on return shipping but ah well




Litrely me




This too



Just made sum 'zza inna oven



>Watch a vid
>Not even 10 mins in comes drunkenly stumbling in and bangs against the walls again

This is why i mostly watch this shit when i have peace and quiet at 3am or something

This is commonly mentioned on RBN too, it's the only time when you have true peace and quiet from the narc's constant crazed lowlife stalking



File: 1599945473261.jpg (195.61 KB, 1000x667, buy-used-furniture-13.jpg)

What's the fastest/most hassle-free way to disassemble a desk?

I need to take this fucker with me if/when i finally get my own place

(Either that or find a unit with the exact same measurements heh)



It sucks how there isn't a 3rd party search engine listing the entire soyflix library, i'd love to skim thru dat for a bit and see if i can find anything worth watchan



Kek one of the resident faggot lowlife autists in the general on 4cuck tried to doxx me by triangulating what he suspected to be my IRL location, he's completely wrong though luckily



Wew anuddah fuckin heatwave just started in the middul of september

Got the AC on the ready heh



Just nutted wew

in an originel fashion




Ich heccin läfferino



Fuckin lowlife cunt is drunkenly stumbling around + banging against walls loudly again



Just took a shit wew



Fuckin soda just sprayed all over the floor and my groin when i opened it thinking it wuz a waddah bottle heh



Nutted again wew



I have nutted once more



I read a boring blog thread today. The guy who made most of the posts didn't even have anything substantial to write about.



File: 1600624693681.jpg (6.17 KB, 196x196, OIP.Vzsjymh4qUgrmdNODJNp5w….jpg)

what is your favorite way to nut and source of inspiration?



God i have to roll the router firmware back once more because the pampered GC spastic clicked "yes" on the update prompt that supposedly cums up network-wide

There is no reason to update this shit save for aesthetic reasons and i fucking hate that nu flat mobile cancer design they did with the router UI, already had to roll it back once in the past

No i mean nut as in splashin BWC cum all ovah de place heh



Mfw gonna eat sum breakfast in 15m



Just delayed the breakfast/pushed it back an hour because the GC spastic got up and was running around again 3m before the alarm was supposed to go off

The drunkard cunt also demonstratively stumbled upstairs again at 3am and prepped the table for him, the GC spastic is almost 24yo and still gets pampered like the immature spoiled manchild he is



It's finally starting to feel like autumn and I'm in a particularly good mood right now. For a brief time the awful Florida heat and humidity has subsided. I am reminded once again just how much of a shithole this state usually is.



God the nailbed still hurts like fuck onna finger, just threw in an ibuprofen



Just took another massive explosive shit jesus fuck

Gonna put some powder on my asshole due to the hemorrhoinibbers heh



File: 1601112535281.jpg (66.39 KB, 640x438, 1601110254141.jpg)

Yeah fall is p comfy if i do say so mahself heh



Had to put anuddah bandage on muh dick after fapping

Fuck this shit isn't getting better imma need sum serious skin repair creams stat



Goddamn i've bit on my canker sore whilst chewing gum and it became really fucking swollen rly fast fuark



Fuckin employment agency shud hurry up with the allowance, i'm below 300 again rn onna account

Gonna shoot the alimony boomer lawyer asshole guy anuddah email later before i pack aswell



File: 1601130169617.jpg (1.74 MB, 4389x5427, gw2 nornfu.jpg)

This is powerful and i felt that



Fuarkin hell i need to git dat dere presentation for monday done within the next couple hours



Fuarkin hell just had diarrhea again

Was like the 4th time i did a sharterino today in total



God it pisses me off that i can't find the other duck tape roll anymore

Prolly laying around in sum hidden corner when it fell down




God i hate this normo pseudo-meem format



God i just wanted to rub one out again quick but somehow the crazed unemployed narccunt snuck back in again (or maybe she was hiding the entire time upstairs idk) and started banging around in the connecting room

Like seriously what the fuck, right outta the blue and with no audible warning (car doors slamming et cetera)

Shit is crazed af



File: 1601758807059.jpg (148.24 KB, 634x845, 2755877700000578-3028252-i….jpg)

Fuck doggerbreh is getting old bros

Prolly better if i don't follow his decline closely and get my own place, he's the only thing still drawing me to this one (besides my property and lurking masheen ofc)



Sorry to hear that fella. My dog is turning 3 in 5 months, and even though I know he's gonna probably get 13 years more at least I still get sentimental thinking about him getting older once in a while heh.



File: 1601759730565.jpg (206.55 KB, 1024x1024, 1560294742424.jpg)

Yeah well doggerbreh wuz a lill heckin pupperino back in early/mid-2010 so he's over 10 years old now and the avg life expectancy of his breed is like 14 years, though there are outliers that get 17 even

The neighbours had the same breed and theirs became like 14yo too i think

I mean all the signs of canine aging are there, he's generally a lot slower and less energetic/enthusiastic about taking walks and shit and seems constantly tired and sloppy, he also has trouble walking the stairs and seems in frequent pain, oh yeah and his paw joints seem swollen somehow

I just don't want the fella to have any more pain den necessary

Wat breed is urs btw



He's a husky, he's extremely athletic and wants long af runs every day but he's also lazy when we gets home heh. He's sleeping onna couch rn heh. What breed is doggerbreh if you don't mind me axin' heh



File: 1601768391388.jpg (253.61 KB, 1066x800, appenzeller.jpg)

Pic rel heh

They're loyal little fuckers but den again so are all doggerbrehs to a fault



Wew it's stormy as shit ousside rn

Luckily i already took doggerbreh for a walk earlier on saturday






Just threw in anuddah diarrhea pill

Fuark i shud prolly switch to gluten-free huel/mana



That fucking canker sore just above my upper lip inna mouff still hasn't gone away jesus

Gonna have this checked out or smth if it persists



U been garglin with warm water with salt in it? Tends to help those clear up quick



Fucking mobile phone network buzzing inna headphones has been getting on my nerves the last 30m or so

All my smartphones are off so it's prolly coming from the GC cunt who's over again



File: 1602296358076.png (14.55 KB, 633x585, aa982d5d0713ab1fc6e196e4e4….png)

Yeah i shud prolly try dat heh



Mfw the lowlife drunkard cunt has been obsessively stalking + stumbling around in front of my room again for almost an hour again now



>Bring down dishes at fuckin 5AM
>unemployed drunkard cunt is stumbling around there again in front of the dishwasher

Because of course kek

What a lowlife jeez



Nutted yet again wew



God it's so fuckin cold w/the radiator not workin

Fuckin cunt had a whole week to call a HVAC and fix the central heating downstairs jesus



Why am i always getting disturbed when i want to rub one out quickly

It is utterly kafkaesque



My dad walked in on me fucking a banana skin, thanks for triggering that memory



File: 1602889781977.jpg (33.66 KB, 600x600, mfw it hurts.jpg)

Oh shit, i'm sorry bro ~



Literally freezing my ass off here wew

Imma run that space heater thing on full blast first thing soon as i cum back from the home improvement store tomorrow



Just came back from the improvement store and the other shit inna city

Holy fuck there were so many shitskins and niggers walking around, the only whites i saw were old decrepit boomeroid ladies

Western germania is fucking lost



h-how old were you?



File: 1602967128234.jpg (323.7 KB, 1080x1349, 1602701860012.jpg)

Fuck this space heater seriously smells like ass

What the fuck do they put in there

I hope i didn't get a bad/returned model or something, the casing has a light bruise/smear on it



The robot is gay, keep it away!



File: 1602971862366.jpg (21.8 KB, 425x521, e-moped.jpg)

Mfw i used a DHL parcel locker for the first time today, shit is convenient af and much better than going to the NPC-run post office imo

I cud totally see myself doing most if not all of my shopping that way soon as i devised some death stranding-tier carrying/transportation solutions (a bigass e-bike basket or something liek pic rel seems ideally suited for this)

Ah geez it's this guy again

I will watch this heh



Fuckin lowlife drunkard cunt is loudly listening to music again in the bathroom upstairs at fuckin 5AM in the morning wtf



Just nutted wew




what was your inspiration?



Something from the sxyprn backlog i think

Assfuckery ofc since that's the only thing that gets me off in porn (besides thighjobs and throatpies) heh

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