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File: 1602728750306.png (1.4 MB, 750x928, 318c0d48ecf9b04b9ead280f57….png)


Drug users should be shot.


Worse: they should be locked away and deprived of drugs until such a time they can physically and psychologically function without them.



i shot a drug user one time, he was trying to break into by house to steal my drugs, he'd just broken a window and was stepping through it when i shot his foot off. that was a long time ago, but i occasionally still see the guy around town in his wheelchair. lmao@cripples



File: 1602741637709.jpg (235.1 KB, 793x794, 1601507841416.jpg)

Best response to a NAP violation I've heard in some time heh



If we encouraged the youth to do coke society would greatly improve, because everyone would be too busy doing crazy shit in their state of mania, that Jewish propaganda wouldn't even matter anymore.



Happened to a methhead girl in my area. She immediately went back to meth the moment she got out despite having been sober at that point for several months straight.



File: 1602892645734.jpg (590.6 KB, 1080x1087, 1570041610576.jpg)

90% of working-age adults take drugs in one form or another (caffeine, nicotine et al)

It's what keeps the economy up and running basically



Caffeine is a shit drug that wouldn't be necessary if people didn't get addicted to it at a young age. It certainly is insidious for a "legal" drug though, I think anyone would agree.



File: 1602916683381.jpg (233.78 KB, 1238x697, this guy.jpg)

>working-age adults
thats right goy, your adult life should be spent hustling to get highly taxed and fundamentally worthless fiat bux from uncle sam so he can send more gold to israel. if you don't collect enough rapidly devaluing fiat money points then you're not a successful adult. if you do anything other than slaving for shlomo 24/7 you're wasting your life.
p.s. when you're not at work you should be enjoying spending your free time trying to get worthless imaginary facebook and reddit points from the jews



work (whatever that means for you) is a large part of life. you don't have to let someone profit off you if you don't like but that doesn't mean you shouldn't work.



Basically what this guy said

Work/manipulating the outside world is one of the biological prime defining factors of a man's being

Without work, a man withers



When most people say 'work' they mean wagecucekry. Wagecucks like to play semantics with the word 'work', so they can pretend that they lead a productive and fulfilling life, when really the longer you're employed, the more you're squandering your time.



sounds like you're some random burger flipper. if so, i feel sorry for you. indeed you llead a hellish existence.



File: 1603022575664.png (145.29 KB, 718x745, 1602334680835.png)

you need to get all that equality bullshit out of your head, not all people are created equal. its like that in every species, there is a division between bosses and servants even amongst insects. the chad-virgin paradigm is an inescapable fact of life. some people really are goyims, human beasts of burden, who are born into the servant class genetically fixated on being a servile worker. those people are naturally bred to be like that somehow or other, you can't talk them out of it because its a fundamental part of their soul or their DNA, it'd be like trying to talk a squirrel out of burying acorns.

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