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The normie web has turned into one bigass validation machine for femoid frontholes at this point


Smartphones were a grave fuckin mistake indeed


yeah, basically everything now is about relationships, fucking and gossiping. gone are the neat little websites, or blogs about projects, as they were commercialized to hell(the topics that is).

you have some holdouts but the internet is basically tv now.



File: 1603038117753.jpg (107.38 KB, 1000x1000, 1553298824122.jpg)

Maybe we need ww3 after all heh



niga just like eat meat and lift dumbells for like 18-24 months to get defined chest what r u doing niga



this female will shave her head and start cutting herself out of sheer confusion because her father is absent and boyfriend is probably a male feminist bugman reddit incarnate

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